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The City School
The City School is an interesting adult/sex story.
It's about a boy from the countryside coming to the city, when it was time to choose a school he choosed the one that had 90% female population for obvious reasons.

I'm going to spank some hottie ass , he said.

So get ready for the interesting and erotic adventures of Tom!
I am Clinton! Act Now! I hope you love my stories.

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Re: The City School
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Episode One (1)

Off To The City!

Hello, hello!

Tom's mother-Mary shouted (if her low tone could be called loud) at Tom who was still sleeping.

Mary: Tom wake up!
Tom: (Still half asleep) What's it mummy?
Mary: Have you forgotten what day it is already?
Tom: We can talk about that later.
Mary: You little.... Today is the day you would be following your Uncle to the city.
Tom: (Jumps up from bed) Oh, yes the city. (He remembers the naughty dream he had last night where n.aked school girls gathered around him) What a place of awesome opportunity. I need to prepare mum, Uncle isn't the type that waits for long (He hurriedly left the room).
Mary: That's more like it son.

Tom walked to the bathroom to brush his tooth and take his bath.

"Boobies, huge boobies. I'm going to bury my face in them", he said while having his bath.

Tom: Last night dream was so awesome, I bet my hommies over here would be so jealous after I would be done telling them how I spent my time with a lot of city ladies.

He kept talking dirty as he had his bath.

It was now 0800hrs and Tom was eating breakfast with his mother.
His father (Mark) was out of town because he went to secure a contract that would hopefully change the life of his family for the best.
While his elder sister Marie was out of the country in a tour that she hoped would also change her life for good.

Tom fondly called his parents and his sister the Triple M(s)!

Why didn't Dad give me a name like Matthew, Mathias, Morgan or just any name that starts from M? He sometimes asks himself?

Thanks for the food mum, he said after he was done eating breakfast.

Tom: Now I just have to wait for uncle Thomas and I'm going to zoom off to the city. To a new adventure!
Mary: You seems to be very happy child.
Tom: Yes Mum, but I'm going to miss you and your cookings.
Mum: Well, you have grown into a man. I knew one day you were going to leave I and your father.
Tom: Relax Mum, it's not like I'm going to get married very soon. (He smiled as he imagined himself being the centre of attraction in the class and all the girls talking about how cool he is) I'm sure going to live a good life over there.
Mary: I'm sure you will child, after all uncle Thomas would be there for you.

Suddenly they heard a knock at the door.

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Re: The City School
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Continuation From Episode One (1)

Tom went over and opened the door, right in front of him was his uncle Thomas.

Tom: Wow! Uncle Thomas.
Thomas: Hi Tom.

Thomas exchanged pleasantries with Tom and his mother, (Tom's mother is the elder sister to Thomas).

Mary: We didn't hear you drive over here Tom. (She usually called uncle Thomas Tom for short).
Thomas: Well big sis my new car don't make much noise. It's super cool.
Tom: Super cool? It's going to come at a higher price than the one you bought last year.
Thomas: Yes seriously.
Mary: So what's the car worth?
Thomas: Just 20million.
Mary: What? You spend that amount just to buy a car despite having five cars.
Tom: That means he's now richer than last year.
Thomas: Yes, I made some cool cash buddy.
Mary: Hmm, I hope you do make savings.
Thomas: Yes I do.

Actually it a lady that made Thomas to buy the car. She was really pretty hard to get and so uncle Thomas spent all his savings then to buy a new car.

Ladies love super cool things, he always said.

Uncle Thomas: Tom I hope you got all things already. It seems it's going to rain today.
Tom: Sure.

Tom went inside to get get his belongings.

While he was away Thomas and Mary engaged in a conversation.

Mary: Now tell me the truth Thomas. Which lady made you to buy that car for.
Thomas: Hey, come on sis. It wasn't a lady, I just needed to upgrade.
Mary: You can lie to others but not me. I know you very much.
Thomas(laughs) Well, who knows.

Mary went inside as uncle Thomas was alone.

Damn that big sis, she's always at my neck. And the worst she just reminded of Lady  Ox.

When I didn't mention it, even after buying the car Thomas couldn' still be Lady Ox.
She was with another man which also had an expensive car. 

Tom's mother came out with Tom as they both carried his luggage.

Thomas: Tom! We need to move now, there's is a drizzle.
Tom: Sure.

Clinton hopped into the car with Thomas.

Clinton: This's cool.
Thomas: It's all about money.
Mary: You shouldn influence my Tom behaviour.

Thomas started the car and they zoomed off to the city.

Tom: I'm gonna miss you mum.
Mum: Me too.

Expect The Next Episode  As Tom Adventures Are About To Begin
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Re: The City School
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Episode Two (2)  
Uncle Thomas' Girlfriend

Tom and his uncle Thomas finally reached the city at noon. This was his first time of being in the city since two years.

The day they arrived on the city was on Saturday, Tom would be registering at any school of his choice on Monday.

Tom kept looking outside through the mirror as his uncle drove in the city.

Tom: The city have since changed alot from the last time I was here.
Thomas: Yes, it has changed. A lot of beautiful things is in the city, like beautiful cars and ladies (winks).
Tom: I'm sure the school girls are going to be beautiful too.

Uncle Thomas was the only one in the family who Tom could discuss ladies with.

Thomas: Sure, I envy you boy. Those school girls are very young and soft.
Tom: Don't tell me you haven't tasted a school girl's cunt.
Thomas: Hahaha, ofcourse I have. I'm a man who love adventures.
Tom: Hmm, lucky you.
Thomas: Sure, I'm a lucky man. To be honest with you, school girls p.ussy are the best.
Tom: Wow o!
Thomas: Trust me boy, they are so tight that you will feel a suden surge of sexual feelings.
Tom: What about their butthole?
Thomas: Nah. My d.ick is too big for them. Their buttholes too tight.
Tom: I see, this all sounds so interesting. I can't wait just to have a personal experience.
Thomas: I trust you my boy.

They reached uncle Thomas' house in the middle of the city.

Thomas: Here we are are. Home sweet home!
Tom: Yea, it's cool.
Thomas: A cool home for a cool man like me.

Tom started carrying down his luggage which uncle Thomas also assisted him.

Tom: Woh! A house break? Your door is open.
Thomas: It's nothing to worry about. There's a lass in.
Tom: Wow!

Tom and uncle Thomas carried the luggage inside and were greeted by a young girl of about 17 who was wearing nothing but a polo which didn't fully cover her ass.

Oh my Gad! Tom said to himself as he saw the girl. Her name was Faith.

Faith went over to hug Thomas as Tom watched, uncle Thomas pressed her visible ass as they hugged each other.
He opened his mouth and shut it when the girl looked over.

Faith: Hey, you must be Tom.
Tom: Yes, I am.
Faith: It's nice to meet you. Thomas has told me alot about you.

I hope he told you that I love ladies, Tom said to himself.

Tom: That's nice of him. Well he hasn't told me anything about you.
Faith: Really?
Thomas: I wanted it to come as a suprise.

Faith: Well, that's Thomas for you. Come let me show you where you would be staying.

Tom followed her and uncle Thomas gave him the "don't dare" eye sign and Tom smiled.

Tom looked at her visible ass as she led the way. He imagined grabbing it and burying his d.ick down there.

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Re: The City School
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Continuation Of Episode Two (2)

Tom was still in his imagination when Faith opened the door leading to his room.

Faith: We are here.
Tom: Wow! The room is nice.
Faith: I knew you would like it. Enough space for sex (wink), your uncle told me all about you.
Tom: Yea, that's cool.
Faith bent down to drop Tom's luggage and her butthole and p.ussy was now visible to Tom.

His dick became much erect and  very visible. He couldn't remove his eyes from Faith's cunt.
Faith turned back and caught his eyes and laughed.

She walked up to him, watched the visible erection and held it.

Tom: Aah!
Faith: You want to f.uck right?
Tom: Yea.
Faith: Well, it's too bad. My p.ussy belongs to your uncle.
Tom: Come on, we are just going to be brief.
Faith: (Closes her eyes) No.

Before she could open it Tom hugged made to kiss her.

Faith: Come on, what are you doing? We could get caught by your uncle.

As Faith said that they heard a car making to drive out. Tom checked and it was uncle Thomas.

Tom: (Smiles) You see? We are free.
Faith: Okay we better be fast about this. He will be back soon.

Tom pushed her to the bed and removed her cloth. Her two large oranges greeted him.

Wow he said as he feasted on them. Faith moaned as he licked her tips.

Faith: Ah, ah.
Tom: You got nice boobs.
Faith: I hope we can do this later because your Uncle would be back very soon.
Tom: It's just a quickie, I'm going to fasten things up.

Tom brought our his erect d.ick.

Faith: Ahh, that's huge.
Tom: Yea, you like it?
Faith: I love it, now fvck me with that d.ick.
Tom: My pleasure.

Tom placed his d.ick inside her cunt and it was tight.

Tom: Wow! This is going to be maximum pleasure.

Tom started hammering his d.ick inside her p.ussy as she kept moaning out loudly.

Faith: Ah, I love this. It feels good. Don't stop.

Tom continued fucking her very fast so they wouldn't be caught.

Tom: This feels some great, I feel like blowing all the loads inside.
Faith: Come on, yea don't stop.

In two minutes time they heared a car approaching the house.

Faith: Oh shit!
Tom: I'm almost there.

As Tom was about to blow the loads he brought his dick out and poured the warm semen near her v.agina.

Faith: Oh yes, that was so good.
Tom: Sure.

Uncle Thomas stepped out of the car and they noticed.

Faith cleaned up the semen with one of Tom's cloth and Tom also cleaned himself and hid the erection.

Uncle Thomas walked in and they pretended to be engaged in a discussion.

Faith: Welcome back darling.
Thomas: So what you two talking about?
Faith: He wants to know more about the city.
Thomas: He better choose a school soon.
Tom: Well I already have a school in mind. The City School.
Thomas: (Smiles) That's just like you.
Faith: Wow! That's my school. I'm in class 6 now.
Tom: That's cool.
Thomas: Faith I got something for you.
Faith: (To Tom) See you later.

Faith and uncle Thomas left the room.

Tom: This is just perfect!

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Re: The City School
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Episode Three

The City School

After the hot sex with Faith, Tom lied on the bed.

Tom: Oh mahn! This is too good. I'm going to be f.ucking some holes both in school and at home. Just my luck and uncle Thomas has no idea. Well I remember him saying the school girls buttholes are so tight, who cares I'm going to f.uck them.

The next day was Sunday, only uncle Thomas and Tom went to church together. When Tom woke up Faith was nowhere to be found, and so he decided to ask uncle Thomas.

Tom: I can't see Faith anywhere.
Thomas: Well, she went back to her house for the time being.
Tom: And here I thought she lived with you.
Thomas: Well you can say most of the time you know, she's a student and got parents. She have to make some excuses before she usually come over.
Tom: You are going to be in hell the day the parents finds out.
Thomas: I hope they do find out when she's eighteen. I hope you haven't started having interest in your uncle's girlfriend?
Tom: Come on, she's a hottie.
Thomas: You better get your own girlfriend.
Tom: Don't you worry, she's going to be younger than Faith.
Thomas: That makes it more fun.

On the church that day the priest was teaching about sexual immorality, he said all those who have committed sexual immorality should come forward as he would pray for them and they would live a holy life.
No body in the church stepped forward.

Tom: Well Uncle, it seems everyone here is a damn f.ucking saint.
Thomas: Don't mind them, it's because their spouses and lovers are watching.
Tom: Hahaha, that makes sense.
Thomas: Like we both are any better.

Sunday service ended and off they went. They both bought porn magazines and videos as they returned from church. That night Faith wasn't around, Tom made out by himself.
I wish I had a girlfriend, he said.


And then Monday came, rise and shine!

Uncle Thomas drove him to the school. On their way they had a brief conversation.

Tom: I just can't contain my excitement.
Thomas: Well you should know that it's going to be a paradise for you. Some of the school girls skirt are just long enough to only conver their butts.
Tom: Oh my..... This so great.
Thomas: Tell me again, why are you carrying that porn magazine to school?
Tom: Simple! To feed my eyes when I get bored.
Thomas: Hmm, Tom you should remember that though you are free to have adventures your number one priority should be your education.
Tom: I will commit that to my memory Uncle.
Thomas: Good. Here we are.

They had finally arrived in the school.

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Re: The City School
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Episode Three (3) Continuation

They finally got to the school and Tom saw a crowd of many girls with skimpy school skirts.

Tom: Wow. This is just perfect. I can hardly see a boy in the crowd.
Thomas: The school have 90% female population  and 10% male. Though I think the male population is just 5%.
Tom: Wow! A boy to many girls. That's what I call cool.

Though Tom application had been accepted online he had to meet with a staff who handed some texts to him.

Thomas: Bye Tom, I will back by 2pm to pick you up.
Tom: Sure.

Thomas drove away.

Tom went to his class and his seat was at the right back of the class.

Tom: Perfect, just the best for me.

He looked round the class and saw that all eyes were on him, he smiled and looked around. He spotted a fat guy.

Tom: (to himself) Just a guy? Perfect and he's fat.

Tom walked up to his seat and waved at some girls who smiled at him.

He rested his head and took a deep breathe.

He remembered what uncle Thomas told him earlier about how education should be his number one priority.

I hear you uncle, he said.
First class began and it was Physics.

Tom: Physics is just the thing to start the day with.

After the first lesson was over as they waited for the next teacher Tom engaged in a conversation with the girls around him.
They were talking about the countryside and how he saw the city.

Tom: (In his mind) They should be asking when I'm going to press their boobies. I have to change the topic!

Tom: So girls, is there any welcoming party for new people in the city?
Venessa: You missed it. It was last weekend, but you can still hang out with me if you want.
Tom: (Exactly, just what I wanted to hear) Sure. I would love to. So when will you be free?
Venessa: This evening by 5pm.
Tom: Okay, where can I meet you?
Venessa: The X-Cafe.
Tom: Sure I will be there.

It was break time and Tom went to check the school out.

Faith came over.

Faith: Hi Tom.
Tom: Oh Faith.
Faith: (Drags Tom) Come over.

She dragged Tom to class 6 female restroom.

Tom: This is the female restroom.
Faith: Yes we have to finish what we started.

They both entered a toilet where Faith made Tom sit as she brought out his dick. She shaked it up and down.

Tom: Oh yes. This is good.
Faith: Yes, we are going to f.uck ourselves out.

Faith gave him a mind blowing handjob and then blowjob.
She swallowed his dick whole and Tom moaned loudly.

Tom: Aah! This is unreal.

Tom released semen inside her mouth and she licked them all.

She then sat the toilet as Tom ate her p.ussy.

Faith: Ahh! Ahh! Eat it more. Lick me.
Tom inserted his two fingers, he fingered her vagina as she moaned loudly.
She then had a loud moan.

Faith: Oh God! This is great.

Tom sat on the toilet as Faith climbed him, he inserted his dick into her vagina as he held her and fucked her.

They fucked in that position both moaning and screaming in pleasure, Faith got another orgasm before Tom so he kept f.ucking for a while until he emptied his loads inside her pussy.

Tom: Oh yea, that was so good.
Faith: Yes, you are pretty better than your uncle.

They both looked at the mess they made.

Faith: You came inside me, that was hot.
Tom: Yes, I loved it too.

Just then they heard footsteps in the restroom and that means people must have heard them.

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Re: The City School
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Episode Four (4)


As Faith was on top Tom and the mess they made they heard footsteps in the restroom.

Tom: Are we in some kind of trouble?
Faith: No. Don't worry. Let's just clean up.
Tom: Okay.

They both cleaned up.

Faith: If I didn't drag you first another senior girl would have.
Tom: Really?
Faith: Every girl in the senior class is looking for a d.ick to pound their p.ussy.
Tom: Wow, that means we can have a threesome.
Faith: Sure, why not?

The both of them stepped out of the toilet.

A girl with a huge ass which was almost revealed because of the skimpy skirt she wore approached them. Her name was Amanda.

Amanda: Hello Faith. So this is guy f.ucking your brains out.
Faith: Yes.
Amanda: (to Tom) Do you want to pound a huge ass?
Tom: Sure, I'm game!
Faith: Hold on, he's my boy so I suggest we have a threesome.
Amanda: That sounds fair enough. Follow me.

They both followed Amanda to an empty room there with a little bed.

Amanda: (holds Tom) Please bang me harder till I pass out.
Tom: Hmm, just don't worry.

The trio pulled off their uniforms as they got ready for the threesome.

Tom lied on the bed as Faith stroke his d.ick to get harder, while Amanda climbed Tom's face as he licked her p.ussy. Amanda's ass was huge and her pussy tight but Tom managed to lick it.

Amanda closed her eyes as she moaned, Tom kept on digging her pussy with his tongue.

Amanda: Yes, just keep it coming, keep it coming.

Tom proceeded to use his finger and Amanda screamed.

Amanda: Ahh! That's too good.
Tom: Yes, your p.ussy is very tight.

Tom fingered her v.agina as she moaned loudly that those in the restroom heard, and then in moments Amanda reached orgasm as vagina fluid poured on Tom's face.

Amanda: I feel good.

Amanda climbed down as Tom pushed Faith to the wall, grabbed her hands and thrusted in his hard dick in and out of her v.agina.

Faith: Aah, oh my god!

Tom f.ucked her vigorously as her b.reasts dangled with the vibration and intensity of the f.uck.

Faith: Oh my.....

Tom continued giving it his all as Faith cried in pleasure.

Tom continued pounding her pussy until she made a loud moan and vagina fluid gushed down.
After that Faith laid on the floor tired.

Amanda made Tom lie on the bed as they did woman on top.
Amanda grabbed his dick into her pussy as she shouted.
She moved up and down as Tom dick keep strucking in.

Amanda moaned very loud and everyone in the restroom heard.

Amanda: I love your dick.
Tom: Your p.ussy does the work.

They switched to doggy style, her butthole was tight but Tom managed to thrust his d.ick inside.

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Re: The City School
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Continuation Of Episode Four  (4)

Amanda gasped as Tom's dick made it inside her tiny asshole.

Amanda: Aah, I can feel it inside me.
Tom: Get ready!

Tom started hammering deep down inside her anus as she kept on shouting.
Tom took her hands as they were in the doggy style and fucked her vigorously till she squirted on the bed.

Amanda: Aah! You are so good.

Tom knew he would soon cum so he made Amanda lie at the bed and he fucked her vagina roughly, Amanda kept moaning out loudly on every thrust in.

Tom couldn't control the sudden surge in sexual feeling that he released his load inside Amanda's v.agina.

Tom: Aah, that was so good.

He then sprayed the remaining cum on Amanda face.

Tom: Yea. This experience is great.

Tom himself was tired so he lied naked on the bed with the girls.

After resting for a few minutes the trio cleaned themselves up.

Amanda asked for Tom's home address and he gave her.

Amanda: You are good.
Tom: Now show me that ass one more time before I leave.

Amanda raised her short skirt up and Tom spanked her ass.

After they went on their separate ways Tom realized that break time was over and it was just 30 minutes remaining for the school session of the day to be over.

Tom: Damn it!

Tom went into the class and met the last teacher of the day.

Teacher: Where have you been young man?
Tom: The sick bay.
Teacher: I see.

The school session for the day ended and Venessa reminded Tom of their meeting.

When Uncle Thomas came for Tom, he dozed off in the car on their way home.

Thomas: This young man must be up to something, I hope it wasn't Faith.

Uncle Thomas woke him up after they reached home.

Tom went straight to the bathroom and had a very thorough bath. He went to the dining table and finished the food their.

Thomas: Oh man, what's up with you? That was for the two of us.
Tom: Sorry, I just needed to regain my strength.
Thomas: Meaning?
Tom: I enjoyed myself so much today. I f.ucked a girl in the toilet and released inside her.
Thomas: Oh man, in the toilet? I haven't tried that.
Tom: That's not all. I still had threesome with the same girl and another fat ass girl. I fucked the fat ass girl and she squirted.
Thomas: You are really a lucky guy.
Tom: Yes. That's for sure.
Thomas: So did you manage to see Faith?
Tom: Yes during the break, she introduced me to the girl I f.ucked.
Thomas: Wow, you really need to rest son.
Tom: No. I got a date this evening. So I will be having some energy drink.
Thomas: Hmm, I wish you goodluck in your adventures.
Tom: Yes sir!

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Re: The City School
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Episode Five (5)

Meeting With Vanessa

After eating with uncle Thomas Tom went to his room and brought out the porn magazine he bought.

Tom: Wow. It's good being a pervert. Yummy pussy.

He used his tongue to lick the vagina part of one of the pornography picture.

Tom: I hope Vanessa will let me f.uck her. Where are we even going to fuck? Will she even agree to come over here? Hmm, it's just the first time I'm going to meet her, maybe I should remove sex out of the equation. But who knows? I will give it a try. And what of Amanda would she come over? I hope she do, I want to screw her tight asshole again. 

Tom dozed off but uncle Thomas woke him up around 5pm.

Thomas: Hey you man. Will you wake up?
Tom: (Half asleep) What?
Thomas: Have you forgotten you have a date today?
Tom: (jumps up from the bed) Yes man. Thank you very much.
Thomas: Go and make me proud son.

Tom went to the bathroom to wash his face and brush his tooth. He drank a can of energy drink should in case he would have s.ex with Vanessa.

He went to the parlour to meet uncle Thomas.

Tom: Uncle I will need some cash and direction to X- Cafe.
Thomas: Some cash huh? Go over to the table and take as much as you need. You can ask the taxi man for direction.
Tom: Thank you uncle, you are the best.

Tom took the amount he needed and went out to wave down a taxi.

Faith who was coming to see him and uncle Thomas saw him.

Faith: Hey.
Tom: Hi Faith.
Faith: I'm cool, so where are you going to?
Tom: I'm going on a date.
Faith: Really? Well goodluck.
Tom: Sure. I really enjoyed f.ucking you and your fat ass friend Amanda.
Faith: Yes, me too. I will want us to try it again somewhere else.
Tom: Anything you say, I love your p.ussy.
Faith: And I love your d.ick.

They looked at each other and almost made to kiss.

Faith: Oh we are in the road. You wouldn't want to get caught would you?
Tom: Sure, I don't. Uncle Thomas has no idea what's happening behind his back.
Faith: It better stay that way. Thomas is a jealous man, so you have to lay low. He has a gun in his room.
Tom: Oh man! Thanks for telling me Faith.
Faith: It's nothing. I have to go now.
Tom: Okay, me too.

Tom waved down a taxi and asked the driver to take him to X-Cafe.

Meanwhile Faith entered Mr. Thoma's house.

They both hugged each other.

Thomas: How are you doing darling?
Faith: I'm fine, Tom is a stud.
Thomas: What? Why did you say so.
Faith: I watched him bang my friend till she squirt on the restroom bed, and also she cried during the act.
Thomas: That's Tom for you. So why don't we don't get busy.
Faith: Yea.

They both started kissing each other.

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Re: The City School
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Continuation Of Episode Five (5)

Faith and Thomas both striped off their clothes.

Faith climbed on Thomas laps and inserted his dick into her v.agina.

Faith: Ahh.
Thomas: Let's rock and roll.

Faith moved up and down as uncle Thomas's d.ick thrusted in.

Meanwhile Tom had reached X-Cafe. He turned around and saw Vanessa waving at him, and he went over.

Vanessa: Hi, you made it.
Tom: Sure, I would never miss a date with an angel like you.
Vanessa: (Blushing) We are just hanging out that's all. So let's go inside.

They both went inside and ordered for some light food.

Tom: I must say the city has a lot of delicacies but the ones at the countryside tastes more better.
Vanessa: Really? I would love to try the countryside delicacies some day.
Tom: Maybe I can take you there during the holiday.
Vanessa: Wow, that's nice.

Both of them talked much about the countryside and how different it was from the city. They laughed at different occassion. They were both having fun and developed some likeness for one another.

When they stepped out of X-Cafe it was almost 7pm.

Vannessa: Wow, I really enjoyed spending time with you today.
Tom: Yes, me too. I learnt alot about the city.
Vanessa: And I also learnt alot about the countryside.

They both took a walk to an open field near X-Cafe, they both sat on the wooden chair there. The street light was on.

They were the only ones there at that time.
They both kissed each other, as Tom was about to pull her gown Vanessa stopped.

Vanessa: No.
Tom: Why? We are just getting started.
Vanessa: It isn't right to do it here.
Tom: That makes it more fun.
Vanessa: And besides I need to be sure you love me before I open my virgin p.ussy for you.
Tom: Virgin p.ussy? That's great.
Vanessa: (Kisses Tom) Maybe during our next meeting we can do it at your house.
Tom: So, when will that be?
Vanessa: This weekend.
Tom: Great. I will be getting ready for you.

They had a brief talk and Tom walked her down as she boarded a taxi and zoomed off.

Tom: Just great, well I can still wait till weekend.

Tom reached home and found out that Amanda was waiting for him already.

Amanda: I have been waiting forever.
Tom: Amanda.
Amanda: Do you want to follow me to a strip party?
Tom: I thought it's only for 18plus.
Amanda: Don't worry that's a secret one that the cops don't know about and they allow minors.
Tom: Alright, I'm coming. Let me tell my uncle.
Amanda: Don't worry, you can text him later. He's f.ucking Faith.
Tom: Okay then, off we go.

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Re: The City School
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Episode Six (6)

The Strip Club

Amanda and Tom stepped out heading to the strip club.

Amanda: So you went on a date.
Tom: Yes, I enjoyed it. It was fun talking about the city and the countryside.
Amanda: Is that what you call fun? So you two didn't even f.uck.
Tom: Yes. She said she had to be sure I loved her.
Amanda: What a naive girl. You need someone like me.
Tom: Well, she said she would be coming over this weekend. I will f.uck her for sure.
Amanda: That's it boy. I got some tablets for the both of us.
Tom: Tablet? For what?
Amanda: It's going to make us f.uck till we pass out.
Tom: That's interesting.
Amanda: We will take it when we get to the club.
Tom: Okay.

They reached a certain place and Amanda told Tom to follow her to a corner, they kept changing directions corner by corner.

Tom: Why are we going corner by corner?
Amanda: I told you the strip club is hidden right? It's in a place the police wouldn't even suspect.
Tom: Hmm, that's great. You sure know your way around here.
Amanda: Yea. I have been here a lot of time.
Even your uncle came here once with Faith.
Tom: Really? The old man must like adventure more than I thought.
Amanda: (holds Tom's dick in his trouser) I can't wait to have this inside me.
Tom: Me too.

They walked for a few minutes and came in front of a church building.

Amanda: Here we are.
Tom: A church?
Amanda: Not exactly. It was designed this way to fool any passerby and few of the club members do pretend to worship here on Sundays.
Tom: Wow, that's creative.

As they walked into the club Amanda dropped some cash to a bouncer. It was payment for her and Tom.

There was music in the club, all the girls were n.aked as they watched the strippers dancing on stage.

Tom: This is paradise.

A full grown man was f.ucking a 14year old girl in the stage. The girl was enjoying it as she kept saying fuck, f.uck, f.uck me harder.

There was a section for girls with big ass like Amanda, they gave lap dance while naked to the men who prefer them.
They were even ass f.ucked as most of them were screaming as their assess were being pounded by huge rods.

Tom: This is really interesting.
Amanda: Yes, it is.

Amanda went over to a water dispenser as she brought the tablets she told Tom about earlier, they both swallowed it.

Tom kissed Amanda as the both licked each others' tongue and saliva.

Tom pushed her to one of the largest soft chair, as he continued the kissing.

He pulled off his clothes as well as that of Amanda's.

He kissed her neck as she she said aww.

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Re: The City School
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Continuation Of Episode Six (6)

Tom pinched her nipples and she moaned loud. He then started sucking her breast.

Aww, aww, Tom you are good.

He kissed from her belly down to her v.agina as she spread her legs wide open and wrapped it around Tom's back.

Tom licked her v.agina as she moaned out loud in pleasure until she screamed out loud and her vagina fluid poured on Tom's face.

Amanda: Uhm, I really love you.
Tom: Me too.

Amanda stood up and made Tom sit on the chair as she grabbed her dick and started moving it up and down.

Tom: Ahh, ahh. Suck that d.ick.
Amanda: Yes master.

Amanda sucked Tom's dick as she swallowed it whole and coughed.

She brought the dick and of her mouth and used her tongue to lick the tip of Tom's p.enis.
She continued licking his p.enis tip as he moaned.

Tom: That's it baby. That's it.

Amanda switched over to lick his balls.

Tom: Ahh! Ahh! Ahh! You are damn f.ucking pro.
Amanda: You like it?
Tom: I love it.

Amanda left his balls as she went back to suck his penis again.

Amanda: Cum on my fucking face. Cum.

Amanda stroke his d.ick so hard as Toom cum and the semen poured on her face. She licked them.

Amand: Yummy.
She turned her ass facing Tom and he spanked her.

Amanda: Aww.

Tom held her ass and inserted his dick into her vagina. He relaxed on the chair and held her two hands as she went up and down thrusting his p.enis inside her v.agina.

Amanda: Aah! Aah! Aah! Mummy.....

Tom let go of her hand and huggged her as he f.ucked her v.agina as they stayed in the chair.

Amanda: You are killing me, I can't take this anymore. Ahh.
Tom: Ahh, you are too sweet. Ahh! You are good.
Amanda: F.uck! F.uck! F.uck!

Tom smiled as he continued hammering her v.agina.

Everyone else in the club were also busy having s.ex.

Amanda: Oh my Lord!
Tom: You want my d.ick, and now you got it.

Amanda opened her mouth wide as she had orgasm again, and her vagina fluid poured on Tom's joystick.

Amanda: Two orgasm in a roll. You are good Tom.

Tom stood up and Amanda laid on the wide chair with her legs wide opened.

Tom penetrated her with much force.
Amanda: Ahh, f.uck, f.uck, f.uck, f.uck me harder.

Tom increased the intensity of his thrusting and that made Amanda to scream that it echoed around the whole club.

Tom: Ah, ah! Ah!

Tom came and released his semen inside Amanda's vagina.

Tom: Ahh! This feels good.

Amanda's v.agina was filled with his semen as  some were dripping down.

Amanda: I love it baby.
Tom: We are not yet done.
Amanda: I can't wait, bring it on.

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Re: The City School
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Episode Seven (7)

Faith Joins The Party

After Tom poured his semen inside Amanda's v.agina he told her that they were not finished yet.

Tom looked around and saw two iron poles near the wall, he then searched for ropes.
He carried Amanda to the poles and tied her hands and legs very tight.
Amanda couldn't move in that position.

Amanda: Oh yes, I'm tight here. Show me no mercy.
Tom: I don't intend to.

Tom inserted his d.ick which have been solid erect again into her v.agina.

He thrusted in and out of Amanda's v.agina, Amanda couldn't move all she could do was vibrate and moan.

Amanda: Ahh! Ahh! I love this shit! Give it to me, give it to me!

Tom smiled as he pounded her v.agina so hard.

Tom: This is once in a life time opportunity. I love this, yea.

He kept on f.ucking Amanda as v.agina fluid kept dripping down.

Amanda: I'm in heaven! Ahh! I'm in heaven! This is the heaven I want and your d.ick is my god.
Tom: Oh yes, you are too sweet.

Tom brought his d.ick out and took a bottle and placed it inside Amanda's anus.

Amanda: Oh yes, you want to f.uck my ass next right?

Tom removed the bottle and inserted his d.ick into her anus. He grabbed her breast as he f.ucked her tight asshole.

Amanda: I can feel it inside! I can feel it inside me. Ahh, ahh. Keep it coming.
Tom: Ahh! Your ass is the best part of your body. I love it when I dig in there.
Amanda: Me too.

Tom continued fucking her ass until he blew his loads inside her anus.

Tom: Ohh, that was great.
Amanda: Yea.

Someone hugged Tom from the back, he turned back and saw that it was Faith.

Tom: Faith.
Faith: Yes.
Amanda: You made it.
Faith: Yes, I couldn't miss the fun.
Tom: What about uncle Thomas?
Faith: He's fast asleep.
Tom: Oh great.

Faith was wearing a miniskirt that barely covered her ass and a cloth that just covered her boobs.

Amanda was still tied to the poles and Faith inserted her fingers inside her anus as Tom watched in delight.

Amanda: Ahh.
Faith: You like it?
Amanda: Yea baby.

Faith kept thrusted her fingers in and out of Amanda's anus and she kept on moaning.
She brought some oil and sprayed it on Amanda's ass and spanked it.

Amanda: Ahh.

She then bent and started licking her p.ussy.

Amanda: You are f.ucking torturing me. Ahh. I love it.

Amanda poured her v.agina fluid on Faith's face and she swallowed it.

Amanda was untied by Tom and she grabbed Faith's bum and made her to bend down as she removed her miniskirt.

Amanda licked Faith's ass and she moaned.

Faith: Yes, just like that.

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Re: The City School
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Episode Seven (7) Continuation

Tom who was tired of watching pulled off Faith's cloth as Amanda licked her ass. He pinched her nipples and she moaned.

Faith: Ahh.

Faith grabbed his d.ick and started sucking it as Amanda was still licking her ass.

Tom: Ahh! Suck that d.ick.
Faith: Yes, I will. I really miss it.

Faith sucked his d.ick so hard that he wanted a taste of her pussy. Amanda stopped licking her ass as Tom carried Faith to the large sofa where he sat down with Faith on top of him as he penetrated her p.ussy.

Faith: Ahh! I really miss your d.ick. Ahh, I love you.
Tom: I love your p.ussy too.

Amanda was p.ussy f.ucking herself with a coca cola bottle as she watch Tom banging Faith.

Faith: Ahh! Give it to me baby. Ahh! I feel so good. I feel so good.
Tom: Oh yea. Me too.
Faith: You are great. My p.ussy shall forever serve your d.ick.
Tom: Ahh! Ahh! It's coming.
Faith: Yes, pour it inside my p.ussy.

Tom f.ucked her with greater effort and he released inside her p.ussy, and at the same time Faith reached orgasm as her v.agina fluid flowed down.

Tom would have normally gotten tired by now but the tablet Amanda gave him made he more strong.

Faith got down and licked the semen on Tom's penis.

Faith: Yummy! Yummy!

Faith gasped as Amanda suddenly inserted her fingers into her ass.

Faith: Ahh!

Amanda brought her fingers out and licked them.

Amanda: So sweet.

Amanda also inserted her fingers into Faith's v.agina and took some Tom's semen and licked it.

Amanda: Yummy cum.

Tom knew he couldn't keep on fucking for a more longer time so he told the two of them to climb on the sofa and put their behind on display.

Tom f.ucked their p.ussy turn by turn, spending a minute in Amanda's p.ussy and the next minute in Faith's p.ussy.

Amanda: Oh yes, I love this shit!
Faith: Me too.

Tom was about to release so he brought his penis out as Amanda and Faith rushed down to lick his semen. He shaked his p.enis as little semen came out (because he had released alot) and Amanda with Faith licked it.

Tom: Ahh!

Tom lied down together with girls on the sofa tired.

Tom: I really love your cunts.
Amanda: We love your d.ick too.
Faith: Yes, you are the best guy I have ever f.ucked.
Amanda: You are the only one that can handle my ass.
Tom: Thanks girls.

They all rested for a while, Tom checked the time and it was 5am.

Tom: We better start going home now.
Amanda: Yea, the club will soon be closing.
Faith: We really enjoyed ourselves.

Tom spanked their ass as they stood up.

Tom: I really enjoyed you two.

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