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Re: Clinton And The 7 Witches Season Four
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Episode Fourteen (14)

Don't Mess With Our Hearts!

Three groups were done with their challenges and headed for Rain but Clinton and Temi were still in the second level of the underground.

Temi: I wonder what our challenge would be like.
Clinton: My sword is still gone.
Temi: I'm sure Rain know where it is, when we are done with the challenge he will give it to you.

Clinton: I hope....

Clinton was shocked for a moment as he heard something from Chinnunu, "remember your promise", he said.

Temi: Is there anything wrong?
Clinton: No, I will just make a blade from my fire.
Temi: Cool.

Temi felt Clinton powers increasing as he made a sword with his fire.

Temi: (In her mind) Did I miss something?
Clinton: (In his mind) I remember the promise Chinnunu, I will fulfill it. I will get more stronger.

In case you forgot, in the season 3 of the story Clinton went to Chinnunu's realm where he met the great red dragon mistaken for Ekwensu by everyone, they both became friends and he vowed that the he would break him free from his chains.

Clinton was done making the sword with his fire, he made it just to look like the dragon flame blade.

Clinton: I'm done.
Temi: Nice work there, let's move ahead.

Clinton and Temi started walking as they got ready for their next challenge and also checking for a way to get higher up.

** Witch Bola And Witch Haruna **

Witch Bola and witch Haruna were both flying with their brooms as they made their way to their home town of EdeOjor.

Witch Haruna: My Queen, the resurrection process for Nkem will require a sacrifice.

Witch Bola: I know, I have that part under control.
Witch Haruna: Yes my Queen.

Witch Bola looked at Haruna and laughed in her mind.

Witch Bola: (In her mind) You idiot, why did you think I choosed you to come with me.

As witch Bola and Haruna both flew to their hometown, back at their castle at the island of Elu preparations to attack Alimadu kingdom with a much greater force than before was in place.

Witch Ngozi: Very soon our preparation will be done. We will take down Alimadu kingdom in no time.

Witch Kitana: Yes, there is no way they can beat an army of hundred thousand witches and with the two of us commanding them.

Witch Ngozi: Of course, after we are done with them our next target would be the Dragon tribe.

Witch Kitana: There will be no need for Nkem's resurrection when we do that.
Witch Ngozi:  Yea, we have be fast so that pure evil itself won't be awaken.

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Re: Clinton And The 7 Witches Season Four
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Episode Fourteen (14) Continuation

Clinton and Temi got seperated without them knowing.

Temi: Where could my love be? We were walking side by side.

Clinton: Where did Temi go to? This must be Rain's doing. We are supposed to be together.

Dokubo group and the others had met and they were making it to the tallest tree in the forest where Rain said he was.

Apha: I wonder how long it would take Clinton and Temi to catch up with us.

Moon: Don't worry, since love is involved they will be here very soon.

Queen Chika: I have this strange feeling, Rain called Clinton and Temi two lovers.

Moon: Yes. So what are you getting at?
Queen Chika: It's possible that he could test them base on that.

Dokubo: You may be right, let's just hope they catch up with us very soon.

Clinton was walking and he saw Temi draw her sword out and rushed trying to kill him.

Clinton: Temi!
Temi: Shut up! I'm going to cut you to pieces.
Clinton: (In his mind) If Rain is responsible for this he will pay!

Clinton closed his eyes as Temi made to strike him.

Meanwhile the real Temi on the other side was searching for Clinton and then he saw him rushing at her with his sword drawn.

Temi: Clinton, what's wrong?
Clinton: Nothing is wrong, I just want to kill you.
Temi: Stop it!
Clinton: No!!
Temi: (In her mind) This is not my Clinton, this is Rain's doing. How dare he mess with my heart.


Temi screamed out Rain's name as she got very angry and agitated as lightening ran through her body, and the same time the fake Clinton vanished.

The real Clinton was standing before her with his eyes closed, and she tapped him.

Temi: Clinto is that you?
Clinton: Yea, it is me Temi. I know it wasn't you who attacked me.
Temi: Yea, and you are not also the one who attacked me.

Clinton: He's messing with our hearts, he must pay.

Clinton body was filled with fire as lightening ran through Temi's body.

Clinton: Let's show he that whoever mess with our hearts must pay.

Rain: (Smiles) I'm in trouble!

Clinton and Temi turned into fire and lightening as they stormed out of the underground and made for Rain.

Dokubo and the others saw a flash of fire and lightening pass them with great speed, and then a heavy explosion rocked the tallest tree.

Dokubo: What was that??

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Re: Clinton And The 7 Witches Season Four
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Bro, have you tried putting your stories on wattpad or Okada books?


You should you know...more awareness, more money !😂😂
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Re: Clinton And The 7 Witches Season Four
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Bro, have you tried putting your stories on wattpad or Okada books?


You should you know...more awareness, more money !

I understand.
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Re: Clinton And The 7 Witches Season Four
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Episode Fifteen (15)

The Power Of Love Explodes X Rain's Identity

During the course of the challenges, after three groups were done with theirs and proceeded to meet Rain at the tallest tree in the forest he crossed a line he shouldn't have.

He messed with Clinton's and Temi's heart and that enraged them making them to attack him.

As Dokubo and the others were heading to the tallest tree a flash of fire and lightening passed them at great speeed and then an explosion rocked the tallest tree.

Dokubo and the others wonder what that was.

Queen Chika: Let's check it out.

They ran and saw three figures fighting up in the air and then they realised that it was the enraged Temi and Clinton who were attacking Rain.

Dokubo: What the? Look at those power levels and why are Clinton and Temi attacking Rain?

Queen Chika: It's just like I feared he must have messed with their hearts, causing them to go into rage and unlocking more powers.
Moon: If that's it then he deserves every beating he's going to get.

Dokubo and Boss were more concerned about Clinton and Temi's power levels.

Boss: Their power levels have skyrocketed.
Dokubo: They have finally surpass us.

Boyo and the other commanders in Alimadu kingdom could feel the duo new power level.

Boyo: Hmm, something hot must be going on out there. Their power levels have reached the sky.

Timo: This is amazing! I'm going to make them tell me the secret to their new level of power.

Aisha: Hmm, this must be the power of love.

Ebuka: Wow! Their power level is insane, they must be eating something very sweet I don't know about.

Clinton and Temi continued attacking Rain non stop and that made him surround himself with his strongest barrier.

Temi: How dare you mess with our hearts!
Clinton: You are going to pay!

Rain: Come on, I'm sorry.

The pressure was too much on Rain and he started moving down as he was on the defensive and there was no space for him to attack.

Rain: (In his mind) Damn it! They have gone really stong. Almost as strong as Shadow!

Clinton and Temi continued punching him as he moved down and was trying his best to block their punches.

Rain: (In his mind) Once my leg touches the ground I can escape.

Clinton: Fire dragon!
Temi: Lightening dragon!!

Rain: No!! Don't do this.

Clinton and Temi both summoned living fire and lightening dragon and struck Rain.

Rain: Heaven and earth shield!


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Re: Clinton And The 7 Witches Season Four
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Episode Fifteen (15) Continuation

Boom!!! A heavy explosion shoke the entire forest as Rain shield himself from Temi and Clinton's attacks but not without feeling the effects.

The others opened their mouth in shock.

Queen Chika: We need to stop this before it gets bad.

Dokubo: Yes.

Dokubo and the others rushed to the sight of the explosion.

Rain: Ahh!! That would have killed me if not for the aliyelu shield!

Rain fell on the ground in pains as Clinton and Temi found him.

Rain: Relax guys, I said I'm sorry.
Temi: You intentionally did it!

Clinton! Temi! Stop!

Queen Chika shouted as they approched the duo with Rain.

Queen Chika: Stop it you two.
Temi: He messed with our hearts.
Clinton: And that's unforgivable.

Queen Chika: I understand, but please stop it.

Clinton And Temi: Yes my Queen.

Clinton and Temi both powered down and Rain stood up.

Rain: Thanks alot, I almost thought I was a goner.

Clinton: We are sorry.
Rain: No, I should be the one apologising. I'm really really sorry.

Temi was still a little bit agitated.

Temi: No problem.

Rain: All right, I believe all of you want to know who I am.

Clinton: Yes.

Rain: Well, you all know my mum and dad actually. My mum is the witch Bola.

All: What??

They all shifted back except Clinton and Temi.

Clinton: Where you sent by her?
Rain: No, I was actually sent by my father and you father before they died.

Clinton: I don't understand.

Rain: My father is the great wizard Emeka.

Clinton: What?? Does that means he married Bola?

The others were suprised at this amazing revelation.

Rain: Yea, but they both went their separate ways after my mum and his other wives started practising dark arts.

Queen Chika: Who are these other wives?
Rain: The seven dark witches but now they are four.

The others were suprised at the amazing revelation.

Rain: I was told to aid you people if you needed help against the witches.

Temi: Wow, we are sorry again.

Apha: I have questions for you.
Rain: I know, you want to become a master too.
Apha: Yes.

Rain: All right then, I will meet you people in the kingdom tomorrow. The witches are going to attack tonight so you better hurry back.

** At The Witches Castle **

Witch Kitana: We are ready to move out.
Witch Ngozi: Tonight we shall burn down Alimadu kingdom!

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Re: Clinton And The 7 Witches Season Four
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Episode Sixteen (16)

A New War At The Corner??

Clinton and the others returned back to Alimadu kingdom but Dokubo and his squad went back to the Dragon Tribe realm.

It was almost nightfall when they returned back to the kingdom and Queen Chika ordered all swordsmen to return to their position as the witches would soon arrive.

Temi: See you later Clint.
Clinton: Sure.

Clinton went over to his division where Rita was waiting for him.

Rita: Welcome back commander.
Clinton: Thank you, tell the men to go back to their post. There's going to be an attack tonight.

Rita: Sure, I will do that.

As Rita left to tell the swordsmen of the first division to get ready for battle, Boyo met with Clinton.

Boyo: Hello buddy.
Clinton: Hi bro.

They both exchanged greetings and smiled.

Boyo: So what's up with your crazy power level?
Clhnton: You felt it huh? It's the power of love that made me activate it.
Boyo:  Maybe I should fall in love.

Clinton: Let's have a drink, I will tell you what happened.
Boyo: Allright, let's have a mini party before the assault begins.

** At Abdulrasaq's House **

The dwarves were also getting ready for another battle.

Kanu: Voski I think you should relax, the seven commanders and their swordsmen can handle the situation.

Voski: No, I must avenge my brethren. I must fight to the death, no matter what it takes.

Boski: We are with you!! Doski: Yea, we will fight side by side and destroy them all.
Kero: Lead the way boss!

Kanu: I seems nothing will change your mind. Just try to stay alive.

Voski: We are going to come back just fine.
Kanu: Good.

Kanu looked up in the sky as the dwarves left.

Kanu: Something bad is going to happen but I don't know what. It's not about the witches coming. It's entirely something else.

** At An Unknown Location **

Shadow and the six other dark sage gathered together.

Shadow: There is a plan to resurrect Nkem and that will affect our plans.

Sage2: A plot to resurrect her? Who are those behind this.

Shadow: The four remaining dark witches of course.

Sage3: Well, you are right. Her resurrection will affect our plans and I'm even tired of waiting.

Shadow: So what do the house what me to do concerning this threat.
Sage4: Make sure the plan never see the light of them day. And also take care of those trying to initiate the plan.

Shadow: Sure. I will do as the house says.

** At The Dragon Tribe **

Dokubo and Boss were thinking about Clinton and Temi's power levels.

Boss: The duo have finally surpassed us.
Dokubo: Yes, it came as a shock but that only means that we have to train harder.

Moon: Their new found levels wasn't gotten by training. Rain pulled a trigger.
Nkiruka: Moon is right. Their power wasn't gotten by training, but also we can acheieve that level by training.
Dokubo: Yea, I'm going to try my best.

Suddenly Asari walked up to them.

Asari: What's up kiddos?
Dokubo: Actually, we were thinking that it was about time we get some action.

Asari: Just relax, something gives me the feeling that this war will end very soon and another one will begin. 

Dokubo: I have that same feeling too, this war seems too boring.
Asari: Exactly, something big is coming up next and it will shake the entire world.

Dokubo: (Smiles) I can't wait for that to happen.

** Back At Alimadu Kingdom **

While they were having some drinks Clinton told Boyo and Timo who joined them about their new level of power.

Timo: Wow! Love must be really great.
Boyo: I love the Queen, but I don't know what to do.
Clinton: Hahaha! You can do it buddy!
Boyo: Thanks for the encouragement but how will I go about it?
Timo: Hmm, just do as you mind say.
Clinton: Sure.
Boyo: All right, after tonight's assault I will tell her.

Shadow was flying in the sky as he was going to cause what would change the war.

Shadow: Rain, it seems like you are going to be alive after all when we go on rampage.

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Re: Clinton And The 7 Witches Season Four
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Episode Seventeen (17)

The Course Of The War Is Changed X A Truth Revealed X Temi Is Pregnant!  

All commanders and swordsmen of Alimadu kingdom were all ready for the clash against the witches.

Meanwhile Shadow on the other hand had intercepted witch Bola and Haruna in the air as they were making their way to their hometown.

Witch Bola: What do you want Shadow?
Shadow: Your life mother.
Witch Bola: What?? How dare you? Rain is way better than you.
Witch Haruna: You realise it's two against one.

Shadow: I do not care about the number of the enemies before me. I will just crush them. The plan to resurrect Nkem will affect the plan of the seven dark sage in taking over this world.

Witch Haruna: You and your brothers?
Shadow: Yes, but that loser Rain is not with us. Get ready to die!

Witch Bola: Let's give him hell.
Shadow: You two are already dead.

Suddenly witch Bola and Haruna both had chest pains and started coughing out blood.

Witch Bola: But how?
Shadow: I struck you two so fast in the chest that you didn't even notice.

Witch Bola: Damn you!

Both witch Bola and Haruna fell down and were pierced by spikes made by Shadow.

Shadow: I'm done here.

Rain and the two remaining dark witches felt the disappearance of witch Bola and Haruna presence.

Rain: Who that hell happened? I did feel Shadow's aura for just a while. Hmm, something tell me this war is going to be something else. I better get to the kingdom now.

Witch Ngozi and Kitana were charging with their army of a hundred thousand when they felt the disappearance of the two others.

Witch Ngozi: You did feel that.
Witch Kitana: Yes. They probaby erased their presence themselves so that they can't be found.
Witch Ngozi: I hope so.

Clinton and the others were still awaiting the witches, unknown to them there were six people above them in the sky.

Queen Chika: Hmm, something doesn't just feel right. Could I just be feeling uneasy about the war? No, that's not it. It's something else, I hope everything would be okay in the end.

The seven commanders were all at the north gate because ther combine powers will cut down the witches very much than them staying in different positions.

Clinton was feeling on unease about something and so was Temi.

Clinton: Hmm, something is bothering me but I don't know what.
Temi: Me too, it seems something different is going to happen here.
Clinton: Let's stay strong!
Temi: Sure.

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Re: Clinton And The 7 Witches Season Four
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Episode Seventeen (17) Continuation

Suddenly a very large number of witches could be seen coming from afar in the moonlight and it shocked everyone.

Clinton: Wow!! They really mean business this time.
Temi: Yea, they do.

Queen Chika: They are over a hundred thousand.

Kpra! Kpra! Boom!! Voom!! Vu!! Kprararara!!

In a matter of seconds all the witches were tosted by lightening, fire, witch, earth and many other attacks and they all started falling down to forest.

Witch Ngozi: Ahh! What happened to us?
Witch Kitana: I don't know.

Both witch Kitana and Ngozi fell down dead with the rest of the witches.

The swordsmen, the commanders and the Queen were suprised on what just happened.

Queen Chika: What just happened?? It's unbelievable!
Clinton: For some reason I don't like what just happened.

Suddenly the six dark sage flew down in front of the commanders and Shadow followed them immediately, making them seven.

Shadow used his lightening rope and made to drag Temi but Rain appeared and knocked him away.

Temi: That was too close.
Clinton: Who are these guys?
Rain: The seven dark sage, they want to rule the world just like the dark witches.

Shadow walked back.

Shadow: Rain! Why don't you let me take what belongs to me?
Rain: Shut up Shadow!!

Clinton: She doesn't belong to you!!
Shadow: Really, you can ask Rain if I'm lieing. Temi is just an illusion created by me!

Clinton and Temi heart skipped.

Shadow: But for some reason she refuse to cease to exist, your love is almost making her real and I won't tolerate that!

Clinton: Shut up! Temi is real and she's my love!!
Shadow: I can make her disappear now!
Clinton: I won't let you!
Shadow: Stop me!

Shadow made a fire in his thumb and blew it away.

Shadow: Now she's a goner!!!

Everyone looked at Temi and she didn't disappear.

Shadow: Is the love that strong to neutralise my power.
Temi: Yes, I love Clinton.

Clinton: Temi, let's send this idiot to hell.

Shadow: If you didn't disappear two things are involved. Your love is very strong and you are pregnant.

Temi: Of course, I am pregnant for my love!!

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Re: Clinton And The 7 Witches Season Four
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Episode Eighteen (18)

The War Begins!!

Everyone was suprised when Temi said she was pregnant.

Clinton: Are you really pregnant?
Temi: (Smiles) Yes.

Clinton immediately hugged Temi as everyone watched.

Clinton: I'm going to be a father! I'm going to be a father!

Rain: Ah!!
Timo: I said it! I knew they had been doing something, I knew all along.

Rita: (In her mind) What the hell? My chance is gone and they are both madly in love with each other. I give up!

Shadow: You two are too young!!
Boyo: 18 is not too young buddy.

Ebuka: Wow, Temi really need to eat more food for the baby's growth.
Aisha: You are always about food but you are quite on track this time.

Queen Chika: Congrats in advance!

Shadow shot a flame in the sky to make everyone remember that they were there.

Shadow: Now listen! We are still here! We are the seven dark sage! Our plan is to take over this world and your kingdom seem to be the only resistance. We are going to burn it down.

Just then Clinton power level got high again, his whole body got covered in flames and Chinnunu roared at his realm.

Clinton: I wouldn't let you touch my love or destroy this kingdom!

Shadow: (In his mind) He's strong, hmm at least I got a challenge.
Rain: (In his mind) That's the way to go boy.

Clinton: Now get out of here!!

Shadow: No. When we set our eyes on something, we usually get it no matter what.
Clinton: It's going to be different this time.

Shadow: Really! Let me introduce you to the seven dark sage. I am the leader Shadow. The others are Sun, Moon, Fire, Thunder, Water and Air! The idiot Rain used to be in a group of ours long time ago.

Chibueze: I would love to fight fire but since you are the leader I have no choice.
Shadow: Maybe a little demonstration of our powers will help you! Sun show them.

Sun: Yes.

Sun raised his two fingers up in the air and shot a golden beam.

Shadow: Just wait and see. Hahahaha.

Temi: Hmm, let's see what you guys got.

Shadow: Just have a little patience. You will see what we can do.

Suddenly the sky started clearing up and the night turned into day leaving everyone suprised.

Temi: (In her mind) Is this some kind of trick or he created a sun. No, someone can't create the sun. At least the person would be a God and not a mortal, the question is what just happened? It is real, night has turned into day.

Shadow: Hahahahaha! This is just a little demonstration, imagine the terror ahead.

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Re: Clinton And The 7 Witches Season Four
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Episode Eighteen (18) Continuation

The dwarves were on their way to the battlefield when the witches were destroyed, they rained on them and they managed to survive.

After that they wondered what could have caused the witches to fall, and just then night turned into day and they were shocked.

Voski: This is unbelieavable! Strange things are happenning.
Kero: What should we do?
Voski: I have a feeling that something bad is about to happen. Let's head back to Abdulrasaq's house.

Dokubo and his squad had appeared in the realm and was watching what unfolds.

Dokubo: That guy just turned the night into the day.
Boss: That's so serious power.
Moon: Wow! So Temi is pregnant. I'm so happy! She's going to have a baby.
Nkiruka: Moon! Concentrate on what is in front of us.

Clinton was still looking at Shadow with no fear.

Shadow: The destruction of the kingdom starts now!
Clinton: No way!!

Clinton rushed at Shadow at struck him a blow that sent him flying into the forest.

Clinton: All right guys! Hold the fort here. I'm going to take care of things in the forest.

Temi: Got ya!

With his body covered in flames Clinton went after Shadow in the forest.

Sun: We can still destroy the kingdom without our leader.
Temi: Not when the commanders are here!

All commanders had their elements running through their bodies.

Sun: Hahahahaha! These are the seven commanders huh? I must warn you. I and the other dark sage are equal in strenght except our leader Shadow who is the strongest. It doesn't matter who you each choose to fight!

Temi: Fine by us.

Apha: (In his mind) These guys are tough, anyway I prepared for this situation! I'm very much prepared.

Ebuka: (In his mind) Well, I ate alot today. I will show them that I'm not a weakling! 

Rita: (In her mind) I will help them if they need me.

Sun: Are you commanders afraid?
Temi: No. Let's fight far away from here.
Sun: No problem. Anywhere you choose!

Temi: Follow me then.

Temi and the commanders with the remaining six dark sage raced off to where they were to fight.

Rita used another route so that they won't know she was coming.

Rita: I will help them!

Dokubo: Let's go guys.
Boss: Yes.

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Re: Clinton And The 7 Witches Season Four
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Episode Nineteen (19)

Shadow Versus Clinton

Clinton rushed far deep into the forest and saw Shadow standing so he stopped.

Shadow: I allowed you to punch me, so don't think you are stronger than me.
Clinton: We just have to see about that. I won't let you touch Temi.

Shadow raised his hand up and Clinton moved back.

Shadow: I'm more stronger in the night but Sun just turned the night into day time. Well, that wouldn't matter in the end.

Clinton: Stop talking already and get serious.

Shadow: As you wish.

Shadow immediately disappeared without any sign.

Clinton: He just vanished! Where could he be?

Clinton looked around but he he saw no sign of him and then suddenly a heavy blow landed on his back sending him crashing to a tree.

Clinton: Ahh!! That punch came out from nowhere.

Shadow: No, it came from somewhere.

Shadow walked towards Clinton laughing.

Shadow: You stood no chance of defeating me from the outset. Let me tell you about my power. I can teleport myself to any shadow, a tree shadow or even a human shadow.

Clinton: I see, so you came out from my shadow and struck me.

Shadow: Yes. Tell me how you will dodge my attacks. You are now my personal punching bag.

Clinton: (In his mind) Hmm, this ability is going to be a pain. If he can teleport via shadows it doesn't matter if I run.

Shadow: Are you out of steam? You were the one eager for a fight and I'm ready to give you one, but you are now shying away.

Clinton: I will find a way to beat you!
Shadow: Hahahaha! Keep dreaming! I can't be defeated in anyway..

Clinton: Let's see about that!

Shadow vanished again and Clinton knew he would be coming out through his Shadow but there was nothing he could do.

If he changes direction it doesn't matter because his shadow will still be fixed and that wouldn't prevent Shadow from hitting him.

A kick landed at his back he made to face back but another kick nearly landed on his face so he turned away.

Clinton: This is not funny.

Shadow appeared before him.
Shadow: Of course, it is not funny. It is real!

Clinton rushed to land him a punch but he jumped on top a tree.

Shadow: I can play with you day, or maybe all night and you still won't be able to beat me. Hahahaha!

Clinton: Hmm, you are a pain you know that huh?
Shadow: Are you trying to talk your way out of the fight?
Clinton: No, I'm not a coward like you.

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Re: Clinton And The 7 Witches Season Four
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Episode Nineteen (19) Continuation

Shadow was agitated as Clinton called him a coward.

Shadow: What did you just call me?
Clinton: A coward, all you have been doing is running and sneaking. Only a coward does that.

Shadow: You idiot! You think this a play? This is a battle to the death. I can use any means I can to beat you.
Clinton: Now, I know why you are the leader. No one could dodge your cowardly sneak attacks.
Shadow: You piss me off!

Suddenly Clinton had a pain in his chest and he coughed out blood.

Clinton: Ahh!! What just happened to me?

Clinton knelt down in pains as he held his chest and Shadow started laughing.

Shadow: Hahahaha! You are too weak. I just gave you an attack on your chest but you don't know what happened. That's so pathetic.

Clinton fell on the ground in pains and he was trying to move up.

Shadow: I don't have to waste my time with you, you pathetic loser! Get ready to die.

Shadow walked closer to where he was and made a shadow bomb.

Shadow: Hahaha!! This shadow bomb will devour your shadow and then the sun will obliterate you from this world. Hahahaha!!

Temi and the other commanders had reached a spot far away from the gate of the kingdom. They were in the grass plain Clinton burnt when he was possesed.
In her mind she knew Clinton was in some kind of trouble.

Temi: (In her mind) Please stay strong my love. Once I'm done here, I will come for you.

Sun: What's up with the delay? Are you guys now afraid?
Temi: No, we are ready to take you on.
Ebuka: Yes, we are going to take you guys down. I'm the air God!
Air: Air God huh? I will take you on then.

As Temi and the other commanders were ready to take on the six dark sage, Rita was watching them from a tree.

Rita: I will rush in when I'm needed.

Meanwhile Shadow still got his shadow ball pointed at Clinton.

Shadow: There's something you need to know. Once I'm done with you, I'm going to kill your darling Temi and your unborn child.
Clinton: I won't let that happpen!

Clinton stood up immediately and kicked the shadow ball into the sky.

With flames all over his body Clinton looked at Shadow straight into his eyes.

Shadow: Your power level went up again. Impressive.
Clinton: You won't touch Temi!
Shadow: Like you can do something about it.

Clinton rushed at Shadow and he also rushed Clinton as their fight was about to get more serious.

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Re: Clinton And The 7 Witches Season Four
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Episode Twenty (20)

The Seven Commanders In Action

After Shadow threatened to kill Temi and Clinton's unborn child, Clinton got angry and his power level rose up and a serious clash between him and Shadow began.

Clinton struck his fists with Shadow's and their clash created a shock wave which brought down a few trees around them.

Shadow: I must say I'm impressive for an ordinary human......
Clinton: Shut up!

Clinton landed a blow on his cheek making him to crash on a tree. As the tree was about to fall both Clinton and Shadow went out of the way.

Shadow: I hope you haven't forgoten that my power makes me to teleport to any shadow including yours.
Clinton: Go ahead and try it!

Shadow teleported to Clinton's shadow but he jumped out screaming as Clinton's shadow was very hot.

Shadow: Ahh! What the hell! How did you make your shadow so hot?
Clinton: It's a secret but it's quite obvious if you are really a sage as you claim to be.
Shadow: How dare you mock me??

Shadow rushed and him with great speed but Clinton blocked his punch.

Shadow: (In his mind) His power level is crazy! He's stronger than the other sages. I need to do something very fast!

Clinton: Is there anything going on in your mind?

Clinton punched Shadow and he coughed out blood.

Shadow: Ahh!! What makes you this strong huh? What's the secret! Tell me!
Clinton: There is no secret!

Clinton punched him and that sent him flying away.

Shadow: Ahh!! Ah! Damn you! You will regret what you just did!

Meanwhile as they were fighting Rain was watching them.

Rain: Hmm, that kid is something else. He better finish him off really quick.

Also the other commanders were about facing their opponents.

Temi: I will fight Sun.
Aisha: I will take Thunder.
Ebuka: Leave Air for me.
Apha: I will be taking Moon.
Boyo: I will take Fire.
Timo: I guessed I'm taking Water then.

Sun: You people select us af if you can beat us. Well, we accept your challenge! Get ready to die!

The six commanders and the six dark sages clashed as an all out battle begins.

Rita was still near a tree and watched as both sides were about to clash.

Dokubo and his squad were on top a tree and they watched as the fight began.

Sea: Let's go and help them. Together we can beat the dark sages.
Dokubo: You are right but it's not yet time. Let's relax and watch the fight.

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Re: Clinton And The 7 Witches Season Four
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Episode Twenty (20) Continuation

As Sun and Temi collided she grabbed him and sent him flying up with an uppercut and she started shooting him with lightening spikes.

Temi: Lightening spikes.

Ahh! Ah! Ahh! Ah! Sun screamed as the lightening spikes hit him.

Sun: (In his mind) This girl got speed and power. It's more than I expected.

Immediately Temi jumped up and struck him down with her two fists.

Ahhh! Sun screamed as he was sent crashing to the ground by Temi.

Rita: Yea! Temi is so amazing!!
Dokubo: She's good!
Moon: Yea, it must be the power of love running through her veins.

Boyo and Fire fists both collided and they looked at each other in the eyes.

Fire: I don't know what your ability is but I'm going to use my fire to burn you down!
Boyo: You wish!

Boyo made the earth to hold a grip on Fire's legs and he couldn't move.

Fire: What the hell? I can't move! What have you done to me?
Boyo: Nothing special. How are you going to burn me when you can't even move?

Boyo immediately turned Fire to his punching bag as he screamed.

Fire: Ahh!! Ahh!! No body told me you were this strong!!
Boyo: I see, take this!

Boyo punched him with earth in his hand and Fire was sent away flying.

Dokubo: Something is wrong here. They shouldn't be beating the dark sages this easy. 

Meanwhile Moon (dark sage) and Apha clashed and they both grabbed each others palm as it turn to be a wrestling match.

Moon: (In his mind) Damn in! Sun should better remove his sun trick, that trick weakens all of us.

Ebuka faced against Air but he easily threw Air away with his own air.

Ebuka: What? I never knew I was this strong! I didn't even break a sweat.

The other dark sages were getting beaten up.

Sun's day power had weaken their energy level to forty percent, they had thought that they would need just forty percent of their powers to beat the commanders.

Temi: (In her mind) Something is wrong, this is not the power level I sensed in them earlier.

Sun: (In his mind) Damn it! I can't move! I never knew they would strike us down with forty percent of our powers. I need to do something very fast.

As the seven dark sages all lied down almost defeated something was going on in the sky because of Shadow's shadow ball Clinton kicked up in the sky.

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