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It Has Been A While
It has been a while buddies, enjoy my latest poem.

I almost forgot what I do
It was almost slipping from my memory
Many times I did try to remember
But something keeps pushing me back

I'm losing inspiration
My urge is no more
What's happening?
I can't tell
Always excuses from everywhere
Any time I try to remember they develop

I'm afraid I'm getting rusty
With the rate I'm loosing inspirations
My zeal might be broken
I might not be able to put them in writings any more

My thoughts might just remain in my heart
And never voiced out
I'm hanging in there
I want to keep the fire burning
I want to keep it burning forever
So you won't forget my writings

I'm afraid
I pray I'm able to hold on
I hope you will remember my writings
I hope my words shall be etched in your hearts
Because it has been a while!
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