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Re: The Seven Colours
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Episode One Hundred And TwentyOne (121) Continuation

Gold moved back after seeing that just striking Lighter with a normal blade was useless, since he doesn't give opening.

Lighter: What are you doing Gold boy?
Gold: I'm about to show you real lightening!
Lighter: Hmm??
Gold: Blade of Thor!!

Gold immediately summoned a white lightening blade, with strong lightening running through it and Lighter was suprise but he din't want to show it.

Lighter: What is that toy going to do? Have you forgotten that I'm a lightening user?
Gold: Thor slash!!

Gold sent a white slash from the blade of Thor, and Lighter dodged it but the slash sliced eight buildings into two at the same time.

Lighter: What the hell!!
Gold: I'm just getting started!!

Gold charged at Lighter, but instead of Lighter tanking his attacks like before he was now dodging it because he knew Gold was holding back.

Lighter: (In his mind) If he seriously cuts me, then I'm a goner! I have to use a new strategy, I can't win like this!

Gold's slashes were destroying the area where they were fighting, and just then Lighter jumped up very high in the sky.

Lighter: Lightening big ball!!

Lighter formed a heavily charged big ball of lightening and directed it at Gold who just smiled.

Lighter: Take this!!

And just then Gold sliced the giant lightening ball into two leading to a heavy explosion in the air, and Lighter dodged the slash with just a hair breath.

Lighter: That was too close for comfort!! Let him dodge this. Rapid lightening ball attack!

Lighter immediately started sending hundreds of explosive lightening balls at Gold, but Gold just turned the blade of Thor in 360 degrees and all the explosive lightening balls went back to Lighter and he screamed as it all exploded around him.

Gold: Hmm, it feels so bad to be hit by ones own attack. At least, he will stop calling me Gold boy. My hairs might be golden but I don't really like the nick name, for now that is.
The smoke from the explosion cleared out, and Lighter was alive and he was panting heavily with injuries all over his body.

Gold: Wow, he's still alive and moving. He must have defended himself with a wall of lightening, but that won't matter he have taken too much damage to continue fighting.

Lighter: Gold boy! You are going down!!

And just then Lighter fell down from the sky as he crashed into a building and passed out.

Gold: I'm done with him. I hope the others are doing well, I can barely sense Red's magic energy but he's still alive. I will be getting to the castle first.

Yellow was having a showdown with Lightman inside a dark abandoned building, and their sparks of yellow and blue lightening respectively brightened up the place as they both clashed.

Lightman: I will be taking you down!
Yellow: I will be taking you up!!

Yellow immediately gave Lightman a breath taking upper cut and he was sent flying out of the building through the roof as he screamed, but Yellow went after him and kicked him back into the building as it collapsed but Lightman charged up and destroyed all the stones that wanted to fall on him using the lightening ball rapid attack.

After that he started panting and Yellow appeared before him smiling.

Yellow: You are pretty tough and strong.
Lightman: I can say the same thing about you.
Yellow: I guess we are on the same page then.

Lightman and Yellow continued looking at each other as they were waiting for who would attack first, and lightening was running all over their bodies.

Lightman: (In his mind) Seriously! This guy is just too brutal, maybe one of the Four Pillars will make a good opponent for him.

And so the showdown between the four of the Seven Colours and the Five Fingers have just gotten more intense as Red is down for the count!

Watch Out For The Next Episode!!
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Re: The Seven Colours
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Re: The Seven Colours
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Episode One Hundred And TwentyTwo (122)

Bubble And Michelle X Green Gets Serious

Back in the kingdom of Lust, Bubble (a member of the Fifteen Powers) was in the gate's keeper tower where Michelle was and she was chewing a gum.

Michelle: Come on sis, you have to get out of here.
Bubble: Relax, nothing is going to happen. After all, you are my sister and they will be okay with it.
Michelle: No way! You are friends with Fury, and he's not in good terms with lady Magaret.
Bubble: So you are worried about me huh?
Michelle: (Looks away) Hmm. Why should I be worried about you? I don't even care.
Bubble: You don't know how to ie.

Bubble immediately lied her head on Michelle's laps as she smiled.

Michelle: What are you doing?
Bubble: I'm trying to have a nap on my little sister's laps.

Michelle smiled but faced the other way so that Bubble won't see it.

Michelle: (In her mind) She's so adorable, I just wish she will live in this kingdom. Fury is always going after strong opponents he can't handle, and my sister have been near death twice. Please stay with me sis.

Michelle started carressing her sister's hairs as they both smiled.

Bubble: Hey, Michelle.
Michelle: Yes?
Bubble: I know you angry with me for leaving you alone and.....
Michelle: No, you don't have to say that. I have forgiven you a long time ago. After all, you said you would come back for me, and I believe in you.
Bubble: (Smiles) Yea, I love you Michelle.

And just as Michelle was about to respond, the door to the room they were was opened and she was scared that lady Margaret must have sent someone to kill Bubble.
They both looked at the door and saw that it was little Violet, and she was trying to adjust her spectacles like she always does.

Michelle: Violet!
Violet: Uhm, I'm sorry for not knocking on the door.
Michelle: It's nothing, did lady Margar.....

Bubble immediately stood up and patted the shy Violet's head.

Bubble: Hey cutie, do you have any message for me?
Violet: Yes, lady Margaret invites you to her castle.
Bubble: Wow! Sis, check it out. I'm invited by your Queen.

Michelle: Hmm, she must have her reason. The Lady is always right. Violet why didn't you use of power, instead of coming here.
Violet: I'm sorry, I just wanted to walk.
Michelle: It's all right, you don't have to apologise for everything.

Bubble: See you later sis.
Michelle: Yea.

As Bubble left with Violet, Michelle remembered that it were the words her sister said to her when she brought her (Michelle) to the gate of Lust.

Michelle: *Smiles* (In her mind) I'm just glad that you are okay.

Meanwhile at that time, Yellow, Red, Green and Gold were having their fight against the Five Fingers in the Lightening kingdom, with Red being defeated by Racy and Gold won against Lighter.

Yellow and Lightman faced each other as they stayed ontop the rubbles caused by the both of them.

Yellow: What's the problem Lightman?
Lightman: I have no problem at all! Lightening circle!!

What the!! Yellow was suprised as he just noticed that he was standing in a lightening circle, but it was too late to react.
Aaahh!! Yellow screamed as he was being struck by blue lightening below and above and it was just concentrated in a small area making it a more lethal attack.

Lightman: Good! That should take someone as strong as him down. I'm glad that he uses yellow lightening instead of blue. Yes!  I did it! I took him down!!!

Gold who was heading to the castle in search of Raiden looked back in suprise as he felt something.

Gold: What happened to Yellow? It's like he has gone back to the basics. Green will be angry. Well, I have a prey to catch.

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Re: The Seven Colours
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Episode One Hundred And TwentyTwo (122) Continuation

Lightman continued laughing as the lightening stopped and the magic circle area was filled with smoke.

Lightman: Yes! He's down! He's nothing but a pile of dust. That was my strongest attack and it never failed me except against the Pillars, and this guy is not in their level.

Lightman was shocked as he saw blue lightening sparking around the magic circle, and he saw two blue eyes.

Lightman: What is this?

Yellow stepped out of the magic centre with blue eyes and blue lightening, and Lightman moved back.

Yellow: It's too bad if that's your best attack.
Lightman: Impossible!! How can you use blue lightening?
Yellow: You must have missed your magic lessons. Yellow lightening is superior to blue, one can always change the form of their lightening as they evolve. As one can evolve from blue to yellow to red, one can switch back too.
Lightman: I haven't heard of anything like that before.

Lord Raiden smiled as he heard what Yellow said.

Raiden: He's truely a strong lightening user.

Lightman started moving back as Yellow walked towards him.

Yellow: And in case you didn't realise, I sucked in all your lightening after reversing to blue. So get ready because I'm going to give back all the power I took from you.
Lightman: No!! Stay back!

Lightman made to run by amplyfing his speed with lightening but Yellow caught up with him and kicked him away.

Yellow: Take back your power!
Lightman: No!!! Aaaahh!!

Boom!!! The entire area was blown away as Yellow released all the lightening he sucked from Lightman, and Lightman was nowhere to be found after the heavy explosion and Red moved his fingers as he lied down near Racy.

Yellow: It's time to move on.

Bon and Clay were still going head to head against Green, as they kept on throwing lightening balls attack but he kept on destroying them with earth pillars.

Bon: This one is tough.
Clay: Yea, let's show him what we are made of.

Green: These kids are seriously wasting my time.

Pigi was watching at a close distance and he was suprised on how Gold was handling the duo.

Pigi: Wow!! They can't even get close to him.

Ace: Hmm, Bon and Clay are really in trouble here.

Bon and Clay immediatediately faced each other and started creating a tiny lightening ball together and they were putting everything they got into it.

Green: Wow!! That's concentrated!!

Bon & Clay: Take this!!

The duo directed the tiny lightening ball at Green, and before he knew what was happening the lightening ball grew 100 times its original size and swallowed him up leading to a very large and loud explosion that caused the Lightening capital to shake and Pigi was shocked.

Pigi: Green!!!!

Bon: That's what he gets for underestimating us.
Clay: Yes.

And as the smoke cleared out, a large and deep hole was in the spot of the explosion and the duo smiled.

Bon: And that's the end of him.
Clay: Yes, let's go and deal with the other of his friends.
Bon: Yes. 

And just as the duo were about to leave, trees grew around them and they were suprised.

Bon: What's happening?
Clay: I don't know bro.

And suddenly the trees disappeared and Green jumped out from the deep hole with just a scratch on his face, and the duo were angry.

Bon: Why didn't you die?
Clay: We are going to finish you off now.
Green: Let's see how that's going to happen.

The duo didn't see Green so they turn back and saw him behind them as his fists were directed at them because he had finally decided to get serious.

Green: I don't like fighting kids, but you two are an exception!!

Pigi: Go!! Get them Green!!!

With fears in their eyes, Bon and Clay watched helpless as a serious Green was about to punch them both.

Ace: This is awesome!!

Watch Out For The Next Episode!!!

Note: I will be resuming on the 17th of this month, this is to make you guys happy
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Re: The Seven Colours
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Episode One Hundred And TwentyThree (123)

The Castle Above 

Bon and Clay were terrified as Green was about to punch the two of them with his fists concentrated with aura, but they managed to dodge and jump on a roof as they were suprised.

Bon: How could he have survived that?
Clay: I have no idea!!

Green immediately jumped over to where they were but they also jumped off to another building as Green's body was enveloped with his aura, and Yellow and Gold who were both heading to the castle wondered what must have made him mad.

Gold: Green boy is finally going to end his fight.

Yellow: His opponent is a goner.

Racy was also suprise at the power coming out from Green, and she couldn't hide it.

Racy: A Free Zoner is this strong??

Lord Raiden was laughing on top of his castle as he was felt Green's power.

Raiden: Finally, a worthy opponent. I will have to get to the battle myself after he defeats BonClay.

Ace: This is strenght! Just like the Pillars or maybe even stronger.

Pigi: Green is this strong?

Bon and Clay were both surrounded by Green's wood clones, and there was nowhere for them to run.

Green: Give it up already! I'm not in the mood to be kept waiting!

Bon: He's too strong!
Clay: Yea, we have no choice. Let's do it!!

Bon and Clay immediately joined their fists together and were both enveloped by a combination of their aura, and a bright light and lightening surrounded them as Green couldn't see what was happening but he could sense that there was a surge in power.

Green: What's it? Fusion?

Racy: They are doing it?

Ace: Let's see how the Free Zoner will do against BonClay, the strongest of the Fingers.

Gold and Yellow smiled as they made their way to the castle as they knew how the battle would end.

Gold: This will just end with one punch!! There's nothing stopping him when he's serious!

The bright light and lightening disappeared, and standing before Green was just a single individual (BonClay) instead of two, but he just smiled.

Green: Fusion! How interesting?

Fusion is the merging of two beings into one, and the new being will be X100 stronger than the former and will have both their powers. For a fusion to occur, the two beings must be suitable for each other and some requirements must be made. And the fusion only lasts for five minutes.

BonClay (fused Bon and Clay) walked towards Green with lightening running over his body, and Green was just smiling.

Green: Fusing together wouldn't change the outcome of this battle, I was X100 more stronger than the two of you from the beginning.
BonClay: We just have to see about that.

BonClay started making a very concentrated little lightening ball just like before, but this one was X100 stronger.

Green: The same attack won't work on me twice.

BonClay: BonClay balls!!
Green: Balls?

Suddenly they fired the little concentrated lightening ball at Green, and before he knew what was next; the tiny concentrated lightening ball divided into hundred and each grew a hundred times bigger.

Green: This is certainly a suprise.

And boom!!! Hundred of explosions engulfted Green as the Lightening capital shaked, as BonClay looked at the smokes.

BonClay: No one can survive this.

And before he knew what was going on Green was behind him.

BonClay: How did you get here?
Green: It's game over!
BonClay: No way!!

BonClay and Green charged at each other, and BonClay could sense an infinite amount of energy surrounding Green.

BonClay: I won't lose!!

Just as Green was about to punch him, he ducked and jumped behind Green blasting a large ball of lightening behind him but Green appeared above him.

Green: You are good kid!!
BonClay: I'm won't lose!!

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Re: The Seven Colours
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Episode One Hundred And TwentyThree (123) Continuation

BonClay fired another large ball of lightening at Green but he dodged it, and BonClay started firing rapid fire lightening ball and Green kept smiling as he dodged them all.

Green: Like I said before, your fusion wouldn't change the outcome!

BonClay: (In his mind) I'm almost out of time, this is my last chance.

Green: Good bye BonClay!!
BonClay: No way!!

Green and BonClay charged at each other and just before impact BonClay split into two, and both Bon and Clay fire lightening blasts at him but he redirected them above and a loud explosion rocked in the sky.

Green: Hmm. You both have promising talents that's why I didn't finish you off myself.

Bon and Clay who could barely walk smiled at Green.

Bon: What do you mean?
Green: You guys are not evil.
Clay: Is that why you didn't finish us off when you could do it with one punch?
Green: Yea.

Green smiled as he powered down and carried the two of them on his shoulders as they passed out.

And just then Yellow and Gold saw a flash of lightening pass above them.

Gold & Yellow: That's their boss.

Green saw the flash of lightening and immediately created a clone who carried away Bon and Clay. And Green kicked the lightening away and it crashed into a building.

Green: This one smells of evil.

After the smokes cleared out, Raiden stood up as he laughed.

Raiden: You are strong for a Free Zoner. I have to put you in your place.

Everyone in the capital of Lightening kingdom were glued to the magic mirrors as they were suprised that Lord Raiden was going to fight.

Racy: Lord Raiden?
Ace: This is bad! The Free Zoner is going to die!!

Green could feel lightening all over the place and he wondered why it was so, since the atmosphere was normal.

Green remembered that they saw sparks of lightening in the sky when they were headed for the kingdom.

Raiden: Get ready Free Zoner for your burial.
Green: Who are you?
Raiden: I'm lord Raiden. The ruler of this kingdom.
Green: Really? Why are you so different from the others.
Raiden: I'm different because I'm stronger.
Green: I see.

Meanwhile above the sky of the lightening kingdom, there was a castle floating.
Four men with lightening running all over their bodies were looking at the fight below.

Sharplit: It seems the kid (Green) can sense evil and see through deception.
Lit: Yea, you are right.
Litman: We just have to crush him.
Thunder: Yea.

Raiden was still looking at Green when Gold and Yellow met him.

Yellow: What's wrong Green?
Green: The atmosphere. It's normal but something isn't right. I can feel some presence, just like his.

Racy: What is he talking about?

Green: There's only one way to know.
Gold: Let me handle this.
Green: Okay.

Gold summoned a sword and infused his aura into it and slashed above, Raiden tried to stop it but Yellow was blocked him.

Pigi ran over to where Green was and Green patted his head.

Green: Nice one Pigi. The truth will be known. The real battle is just about to begin.

And just then Gold's slash sliced through the castle and the four people there screamed and the castle started falling to the capital of Lightening kingdom and all the citizens were suprised.

Ace: What's that???
Racy: That aura!! It's the same!! There's no mistake!!

Raiden: Damn you Free Zoners!!

Gold: I see now. So that's what have been happening here.
Green: Yea, we will need Red.

The people in the falling castle started screaming as Gold's slash was too fast and they were taken by suprise.

Litman: Damn you Free Zoners!! You are going to pay for this!!

And so a new turn of event have taken place as an ultimate showdown is about begin.

Watch Out For The Next Episode!!
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Re: The Seven Colours
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Episode One Hundred And TwentyFour (124)

The Truth About Raiden

Red and Tracy opened their eyes after the falling castle shoke the sky of the Lightening capital, and the entire citizens glued their eyes up.

Red: What is happening? Damn it! I allowed that girl to beat me.

Tracy immediately jumped on top of Red's body as she was panting, and she pinned his hand to the ground.

Red: What's wrong with you?
Tracy: I not going to let you stand up from here.
Red: Well, it doesn't matter. I got a nice view here.
Tracy: Huh?

Tracy noticed that Red was looking at her boobs so she slapped him and stood up.

Tracy: You pervert! I wonder what's falling from the sky.
Red: Me too.
Tracy: Shut up! We are still enemies.
Red: We were never enemies, I believe everything is a misunderstanding.
Tracy: What do you mean?
Red: My brother (Green) would have wrecked you already if you were evil.
Tracy: I'm untouchable with my big sister. And where's she?

Raiden was angry that the castle was falling from the sky and he made to move but Green looked at him and powered up, and his body was overflowing with aura.

Green: Stay where you are if you don't want to die!!
Raiden: I don't take orders from you! (In his mind) This guy is terrifying!!

Aaaahh!! What the hell!! Sharplit and the others in the falling capitals kept screaming as they were almost at the ground, and for some reason Racy was sweating.

Racy: They are the...!!

Sharplit: Why don't we crash with a bang?
Litman: Yes.

And just then a huge lightening explosion occured as the castle fell on the ground, but Green and Yellow stopped it  from spreading.

Ace: It can't be!! They are here!! But how could it be possible?

Tracy was shaking and she made to run off to the crash site and she almost fell, but Red caught her.

Red: Where are you running off to? You are still beaten up.
Tracy: Please take me to my sis, they are here. They are going to destroy our kingdom.
Red: Who?
Tracy: Please just take me to my sister!!
Red: Okay, no problem.

Red carried her on his back and he smiled.

Red: (In his mind) Hihihi! How boobs are pressing against my back! Hahahaha! I wish I could get this close to Angel.

Angel immediately sneezed in the kingdom of Lust as she was in a training section with Lust and Crush, and Violet with Bubble were present.

Angel: Someone is talking about me.

Aaahh!! Angel screamed Lust and Crush kicked her to a wall.

Lust: Pay attention big sis.
Angel: Ahh! Your kicks are strong!!

Tracy noticed that Red was smiling and she knocked his head.

Tracy: Move already pervert!
Red: Okay! Here we go!

Racy, Ace with Bon and Clay were shocked as they felt the aura at the crash site.

Ace: All this time! They were up there!
Bon: What's the meaning of this?
Clay: Damn it! We are out of gas!
Racy: The Four Pillars!!

And just then the four people in the castle started walking out as the smokes cleared out, and Pigi shivered but Gold carried him.

Green: Don't worry Pigi, I got this.

The dust cleared out and Sharplit, Lit, Litman and Thunder were seen and the citizen were suprised.

Citizen1: It is them!! The Four Pilars!
Citizen2: They are here to destroy us.
Citizen 3: Don't worry, lord Raiden will save us.

Racy: All this time, they were above us?

Sharplit: Hahaha! It's time for the show to begin.
Lit: Yes.

Sharplit created a ball of roaring lightening and threw it at Green, but Green tanked it with one hand and threw it into the sky, and a huge explosion rocked in the sky and it started raining.

Sharplit: Not bad. Raiden, it's no use hiding anymore.
Raiden: I guess you are right brother.

Everyone in the Lightening capital were shocked as Raiden caused Sharplit brother, and he went over to meet the Four Pillars which had been terrorising the kingdom.

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Re: The Seven Colours
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Episode One Hundred And TwentyFour (124) Continuation

The citizens were still in shock as Raiden joined the Four Pillars, and declared their leader as his brother.

Bon: Lord Raiden?
Clay: No. It can't be.
Racy: We were being used all this time?

Green: Now, tell them the truth.
Raiden: Before I do that, how exactly did you find out about my little secret?
Green: I can perceive evil, and it's also thanks to my little friend. Pigi heard some rumours and he discovered something. Every time the capital was attack it was from a particular point above, and one can assume that there was portal above. But I sensed people and not a portal. And also I perceived that they were evil.

Raiden: Nice one. Now it's time for my own side of the story.

The Four Pillars were formerly known as the Five Pillars, and Raiden was one of them.
They were a group of strong magic knights with no kingdom so they hatched out a plan to kill the former king of the Lightening kingdom.

After the death of the king, Raiden showed up as a saviour and helped the people fight against the Four Pillars.
In recognisation of his efforts, he was made king and from that day he had been secretly been disposing of other elements users in kingdom.
And fights  have been staged so that the people would see him more as a hero.

Raiden: .....I have been deceiving you all this while and have been preparing for the day I will make this secret come to the open. And thanks to you Free Zoner, the day came sooner than I expected.

Racy: Lord Raiden!!

Racy ran over to meet lord Raiden but he slapped her away, but she still stood up.

Racy: Tell me it's not true!
Raiden: You the so called Fingers were just tools for me to carry out the plan.

Racy's rage increased and she dashed over to Raiden with a huge lightening ball as he just smiled.

Racy: Damn you!! You deceived us all!!

Raiden tanked the lightening ball and redirected it ball to her, and Racy was blasted as she screamed and vomitted blood.

Raiden: What a fool! She was just a tool!!

Bon & Clay: Damn you Raiden!!

Bon and Clay charged at Raiden with the little energy they had left, but he grabbed their hands and threw them away.

Green: It's of no use, they are too weak to fight back.

Yellow: What do you say?
Green: I will take care of them.
Yellow: Raiden is mine.
Gold: I will pass.

Sharplit: Well, well. Let's get the party started already.

Before the Four Pillars knew what was happening, four pillars emerged from the ground and knock them away and Green immediately went after them leaving Yellow with Raiden.

Raiden: So it's the two of us.
Yellow: Yea.
Raiden: I will finish this in one second.
Yellow: You can try.

Raiden moved very fast using flash steps and tried to stab Yellow with a lightening saber but Yellow grabbed it.

Raiden: Not bad.

Gold yawned and lied down under a shade and started sleeping.

Ace: He's sleeping at this time?

Sister!! Tracy screamed as she rushed over to Racy who was badly beaten.

Red: Hmm, the rain huh?  I need to recover my energy.

Hey!! Ace screamed at Red and threw down a ball of fire.

Ace: Take this!!

Red immediately caught the ball of fire and started eating it, and his magic energy kept increasing.

Red: Thank you kid!
Ace: Yea. Go and beat them!

And so an ultimate shutdown is now inevitable as the tuth about Raiden has been revealed.

Red's magic energy hit the roof once again and Gold opened his eyes.

Gold: Hmm. I wonder how Silver and the others are doing. They are a powerful bunch, so maybe I shouldn't worry.

Watch Out For The Next Episode!!
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Re: The Seven Colours
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I'm will be very busy through out the week, please stay with me.
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Re: The Seven Colours
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Re: The Seven Colours
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Episode One Hundred And TwentyFive (125)

An All Out Lightening Attack!! X Green Kicks!!

The Four Pillars all crashed to the ground as they didn't see Green earth pillars coming, and they stood up as they dusted their bodies.

Sharplit: What was that? We didn't see that attack.
Litman: It was just a fluke.

And just then they looked up in the sky and saw Green descending on them with giant snakes made out from the earth, and they were shaken after feeling his infinite amount of magic energy.

Sharplit: This guy is no joke!

Green: Earth serpents!! Serpent dance!!

The giant snakes went after the four Pillars who immediately powered up.

Sharplit: Lightening avalanche!! Ball of roaring thunder!!

Lit & Litman: Lit balls!!

Thunder: Roaring thunder!!

The earth serpents immediately attacked them, as they countered with their moves.

Sharplit's body was filled with lightening more than the others, and he had created a huge ball of lightening with a lot of magic energy.

Just as he thought that the earth serpent would come for him directely, the earth serpent circled around him and pounced on him.

Aaah!! Sharplit screamed as the ground around him caved in and he was wounded in the chest and unable to move.

Sharplit: Who is this guy?

Lit, Litman and Thunder all crashed into a building as they screamed and Green made the serpents to vanish.

The trio could barely stand up, but they tried their best as they shaked.

Litman: There's no way I'm going to get beaten by a Free Zoner!

The three of them were immediately shocked to their bones as Green was closing in on them with an intimidating force, but they immediately powered up with lightening running all over their bodies and went after him.

Lit: There's no way that we are losing to a Free Zoner!!

Thunder: Roaring thunder!!

Thunder made a roaring ball of lightening and tried to blast Green, but he reflected it back at Thunder and Thunder screamed as he was blasted back by his own attack.

Lit: (In his mind) There's no way this guy is a Free Zoner!
Litman: (In his mind) It's just impossible!!

Lit and Litman made to kick Green with their lightening leg but he blocked it, and just as they were about to punch him, he kicked them to the roof of a buiding and they came out in the open.

The roof was slippery since it was raining and they fell to ground, and were almost pierced by spikes on the ground.

Litman: That guy is unbelievable!!

The citizens of the Lightening capital were shocked as they watched in the magic screens, how one person (a Free Zoner) could take on the Four Pillars so easily.

Ace: That guy! He's badass!

Racy, Bon and Clay smiled as they looked up at the screens.

Bon: Give them hell!

Tracy: Sis! You are alive.
Racy: Of course, I am. I promised to take care of you, so I can't die yet.
Tracy: (Smiles) That's my big sister, you are the best.

Raiden was visibly angry as he saw the way Green was wrecking the Four Pillars, so he immediately destroyed the magic screens.

Raiden: Damn it!! I will deal with him.

Yellow: Don't forget that I'm here, ignore me and you will regret it. FYI, you can't beat my brother Green, he's a hundred times stronger than I am. He haven't even used a glimpse of his powers.

Raiden: Don't mock the Pillars.
Yellow: Bring it on!

Raiden immediately powered up and blue lightening started running through his body and his hairs were a bit spiky. And just then he went after Yellow, and as their fists clashed in the rain there was flash of lightening in the sky and a loud roaring as they were now getting serious to battle.

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Re: The Seven Colours
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Episode One Hundred And TwentyFive (125) Continuation

Red was done eating the fire ball given to him by Ace, and he had gone back to his normal power level and red flames enveloped his entire body.

Red: It's time for some action!!

Tracy: Pervert!!

Red turned back knowing that he was the one Tracy was referring to.

Tracy: Get over here! My big sis is asking for you!
Red: Okay.

Red went over to where they were and saw that Racy was beaten up badly and her cloth were torned from a blast, so Tracy covered Racy's boobs with her hand and Red smiled.

Tracy: Don't look at my sister's boobs or I'm going to kill you, pervert.
Red: (Smiles) Sure. (In his mind) Who am I kidding?

Racy: There are two more enemies, you are going to need my help.
Red: Relax, I can take care of them. Besides, you can't do anything in the shape you are in.

Racy: Yea, transfer a little of your magic energy to me.
Tracy: Sis! You don't mean?
Racy: Yes.
Tracy: No way! He's a pervert!

Red: You don't really have to fight, you know.
Racy: I have to! This is my kingdom and I can't let you guys save us without doing anything!
Tracy: Huh.
Red: (Smiles) All right, you just convinced me. So.....

Before Red knew what's next, his lips was locked against Racy's and they both kissed as he transfered some of his magic energy to her.

Tracy was shocked with her mouth wide open at the way Racy was kissing Red.

Tracy: This can't be real!!

Red was out of this world, and Racy stopped as she licked the saliva dripping down from her lips.

Red: (In his mind) This must be one of my daylight dreams.

Tracy: You didn't have to kiss him that way you know. You have never kissed me that way before.
Racy: I did what I had to do.
Tracy: (To Red) Don't think that you are now friends with my sister, you are still our enemy. Pervert!
Red: We are friends now!

And just then Racy shattered ice spikes directed at them with her lightening, and the three of them stood up.

Standing before them were New and Newman who were overflowing with their aura.

Racy: Tracy, go somewhere safe.
Tracy: Bu....
Racy: Just go!
Tracy: Okay.

Tracy left and it was now Red and Racy against New and Newman.

Racy: I will take the ice user.
Red: I will deal with the fire newbie.

New: Choose your words wisely.

New's body was engulfed in flames and he went after Red.

Red: It's time for fun.

New and Red clashed their fists and the water below them evaporated.

New: Flames temper.

New sent very hot red flames at Red, but Red just stretched his body.

Red: You call that hot flames?
New: Flames dragon!!

A red flames dragon immediately descended on Red but he grabbed it and started eating it to New's suprise.

New: (In his mind) He's eating flames??

Red was done with eating the dragon flames and his power level increased as his flames got hotter, and New move back a little.

Red: I'm fired up now!!

Racy and Newman clash had already started as she was dodging his ice spikes.

Racy: You are not going to stop me Newman, even my kid sister can deal with you.

Meanwhile, Tracy came out of hiding and moved closer to the battle ground, and she was with Pigi.

Tracy: There's no way I will leave my sister alone.
Pigi: I guess we have one thing in common. I like those guys.

Ace grandpa meet up with him in the tower.

Grandpa: I guess it's not exactly like I said in the story.
Ace: Yea, but all that matters is that the heroes are here.
Grandpa: Yea, you are right son.

And so the clash have finally began!!!

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Re: The Seven Colours
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Episode One Hundred And TwentySix (126)

The Battle Is Over X The Dragon Summon!

Racy continued dodging Newman's ice spikes as she was running towards him, and her body was filled with lightening.

Racy: I'm going to show you that it's not a good idea trying to mess with my kingdom.

Racy used her lightening flash steps and appeared before Newman, and landed a punch on his face as she smiled.

Racy: I got you now.

But just then Newman shattered into ice and she realised that it was a clone, and that the real Newman was behind her.

Racy: Shit!
Newman: Goodbye! Ice sword!

Newman created an ice sword and made stab Racy from behind at close range, and Tracy was shocked with her mouth wide open.
And just as the sword almost touched her, she turned into lightening and disappeared.

Newman: Where the hell is she?

Aaahh!! Newman screamed as Racy descended from the sky and kicked his neck and he fell down as blood gushed out from his mouth, and he couldn't move.

Racy: This is what you get for underestimating me. Now sleep!

Newman couldn't move an inch as his neck was broken, and lightening shock paralysed his entire body.

Newman: (In his mind) I'm going to die!

Racy was making a concentrated ball of lightening just like the BonClay ball, and she remembered about the news of many elements users missing.

Racy: This is for all those you and your boss killed.

Pigi: Is she really going to kill him?
Tracy: Maybe.

Racy: Die!

With rage in her eyes Racy blasted Newman with her concentrated lightening ball and he screamed as a huge explosion occured.

Racy wiped off her tears and looked back at the explosion scene.

Racy: He's such a weak ice user.

She then turned over to where Pigi and Tracy were watching her, and they both hid themselves.

Racy: What a stubborn brat. Whatever, I knew she wouldn't listen.

New went after Red and he gave New an explosive punch in his belly and New screamed as he started vomitting blood and was on his knees.

New: (In his mind) He just got stronger after eating my dragon flames. But how?

Red continued walking toward New as he managed to stand up.

New: Free Zoner! I'm going to beat you!

Red just smiled and stretched out his hand created a huge ball of fire, and it very very hot that New started sweating despite being a fire user.

Red: If you are really a fire user, then eat this.

New: What??

And boom!! Red fired the large ball of fire at New who tried to stop it but was pushed back, and engulfed by the flames as he burned to ashes.

Red: This guy is pretty weak. I can't believe that he was the one who burnt down the entire Pigmen kingdom.

Ace: It seems things are going well Grandpa.
GrandPa: Yes, but this is just the beginning for the Free Zoners. Someone like Sunday, Godson, Joker the Clown, Ceaser and Swapper will easily take them down. I just hope they don't attract their attention.
Ace: Yea, you are right.

Yellow and Raiden were still clashing their fists as they were both fighting almost on equal terms as strong Lightening users.

Yellow made to kick his face but Raiden ducked and made to make him lose balance by kicking Yellow's other leg, but Yellow appeared before him and kicked him to the ground.

Aaahh!!! Raiden screamed as he almost fell down and he floated on the air as he sent a blast of lightening at Yellow, but Yellow slapped it away.

Raiden: (In his mind) Yellow lightening is indeed superior to blue. But I won't go down so easily, I won't go down!

Aaaahh!! Yellow screamed as lord Raiden jumped on to of the roof and gave him an explosive blue lightening punch, and it struck his entire body.

Raiden: Die Free Zoner!

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Re: The Seven Colours
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Episode One Hundred And TwentySix (126) Continuation

But just then Yellow's eyes turned to yellow, as he was very angry and he immediately gave Raiden a devasting punch as he screamed.

Just as Raiden was about to fall off, Yellow used his speed ability and gave Raiden a thousand punch. And just as Raiden landed to the ground, he was no longer of that world.

Yellow: Is this really all that Black Zone have to offer? No. There should be people like Fury.

Ace GrandPa kept looking at the Colours with suspicion and Ace noticed.

Ace: What's the problem GrandPa?
GrandPa: Take a look at the Free Zoners! They are not affected by the gravity or power reduction. It only means one thing.....
Ace: What?
GrandPa: They are no Free Zoners!! They are from the Black Zone.
Ace: What? That's impossible!
Grandpa: It's just my deduction kid, but I'm sure of it. That boy (Green) just got stronger because of our atmosphere.

Thunder was still writhing in pains after being taken down by his own attack, and Sharplit chest injury couldn't let him stand up. And it was now up to Lit and Litman to take care of Green.

Lit & Litman: Lit balls!!

The duo fired huge blast of lightening at Green but he slapped it away. So they jumped up and started firing rapid lightening balls but he kept on dodging them, but to the duo he didn't even move an inch.

Lit: What is this guy?

Meanwhile in the kingdom of Seven, Green's mother had a worried look on her face.

Elena: What's the matter Nature?
Nature: It's happening.
Elena: I see. Remember he got a part of you in him, so it will take time to manifest.
Nature: Yes, but Seven.

Elena went over a hugged a worried Nature.

Elena: Hey sis, as long as I and here you got nothing to worry about.

Nature: Thank you so much, Elena.

Red's mother started clapping and laughing as the others turned back.

Elena: Why are you laughing fire girl?
Love: I never thought I would see my hard hearted sister being so compassionate, it makes me remember the good old days. Maybe meeting with your daughter brought you back.
Elena: I don't know what you are talking about.

Elena took her hands off from Nature, and made to walk away but Love appeared before her.

Love: It won't hurt to share your feelings.
Elena: You are such an annoying red hair.

Elena smiled as she tapped Love and said "later" before walking away.

Elena: (In her mind) Good old days huh? We are failing our children and we must correct that before going back to those wonderful time. Seven will not have his way with them.

Love had a blush on her face as she watched Elena go and Helen tapped her.

Helen: Wow! Someone is in love.
Love: She just called me my old nick name! Back when we were kids, isn't that great?
Helen: (Smiles) Our Elena is coming back.
Nature: Yea, she is.

Lit and Litman kept firing their lightening balls at Green but he just stood at the same spot and looked at them.

Green: It's time for the final dance! Earth dragon!!

Yellow and Red turned over to Green's direction as Gold who was sleeping woke up as they could feel a new aura coming out of Green.

Gold: What?? He's going to destoy the entire capital and kill innocent people.

Red: When did he get this strong?

Yellow was shaking as this had passed surpassed his expectation, and Silver and the other Colours far away could feel it too.

Silver: Green!!!
Blue: This is quite impressive or rather disturbing.

Fury who have a body link with the Seven Colours was also shocked at Green's developement and he laughed.

Fury: So he's the heir to the throne. An evolution!!

And just then a mighty snake dragon appeared above the sky of the Lightening capital, and everyone was shocked to their bones as Gold was visibly shocked.

Gold: The Dragon Summon! This is no ordinary Earth Dragon! It's time I get serious!!

GrandPa: You see son, these guys are from our world.
Ace: Yes, such power!!

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