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Re: The Seven Colours
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Episode One Hundred And TwentyOne (121) Continuation

Gold moved back after seeing that just striking Lighter with a normal blade was useless, since he doesn't give opening.

Lighter: What are you doing Gold boy?
Gold: I'm about to show you real lightening!
Lighter: Hmm??
Gold: Blade of Thor!!

Gold immediately summoned a white lightening blade, with strong lightening running through it and Lighter was suprise but he din't want to show it.

Lighter: What is that toy going to do? Have you forgotten that I'm a lightening user?
Gold: Thor slash!!

Gold sent a white slash from the blade of Thor, and Lighter dodged it but the slash sliced eight buildings into two at the same time.

Lighter: What the hell!!
Gold: I'm just getting started!!

Gold charged at Lighter, but instead of Lighter tanking his attacks like before he was now dodging it because he knew Gold was holding back.

Lighter: (In his mind) If he seriously cuts me, then I'm a goner! I have to use a new strategy, I can't win like this!

Gold's slashes were destroying the area where they were fighting, and just then Lighter jumped up very high in the sky.

Lighter: Lightening big ball!!

Lighter formed a heavily charged big ball of lightening and directed it at Gold who just smiled.

Lighter: Take this!!

And just then Gold sliced the giant lightening ball into two leading to a heavy explosion in the air, and Lighter dodged the slash with just a hair breath.

Lighter: That was too close for comfort!! Let him dodge this. Rapid lightening ball attack!

Lighter immediately started sending hundreds of explosive lightening balls at Gold, but Gold just turned the blade of Thor in 360 degrees and all the explosive lightening balls went back to Lighter and he screamed as it all exploded around him.

Gold: Hmm, it feels so bad to be hit by ones own attack. At least, he will stop calling me Gold boy. My hairs might be golden but I don't really like the nick name, for now that is.
The smoke from the explosion cleared out, and Lighter was alive and he was panting heavily with injuries all over his body.

Gold: Wow, he's still alive and moving. He must have defended himself with a wall of lightening, but that won't matter he have taken too much damage to continue fighting.

Lighter: Gold boy! You are going down!!

And just then Lighter fell down from the sky as he crashed into a building and passed out.

Gold: I'm done with him. I hope the others are doing well, I can barely sense Red's magic energy but he's still alive. I will be getting to the castle first.

Yellow was having a showdown with Lightman inside a dark abandoned building, and their sparks of yellow and blue lightening respectively brightened up the place as they both clashed.

Lightman: I will be taking you down!
Yellow: I will be taking you up!!

Yellow immediately gave Lightman a breath taking upper cut and he was sent flying out of the building through the roof as he screamed, but Yellow went after him and kicked him back into the building as it collapsed but Lightman charged up and destroyed all the stones that wanted to fall on him using the lightening ball rapid attack.

After that he started panting and Yellow appeared before him smiling.

Yellow: You are pretty tough and strong.
Lightman: I can say the same thing about you.
Yellow: I guess we are on the same page then.

Lightman and Yellow continued looking at each other as they were waiting for who would attack first, and lightening was running all over their bodies.

Lightman: (In his mind) Seriously! This guy is just too brutal, maybe one of the Four Pillars will make a good opponent for him.

And so the showdown between the four of the Seven Colours and the Five Fingers have just gotten more intense as Red is down for the count!

Watch Out For The Next Episode!!
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Re: The Seven Colours
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I am Clinton! Act Now! I hope you love my stories.