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Re: The Seven Colours
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wehdonne bro 8)  8)

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Re: The Seven Colours
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I am Clinton! Act Now! I hope you love my stories.

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Re: The Seven Colours
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Episode One Hundred And Fifteen (115)

Crush And Lust Versus Lily: No Victor!! X Angel Appears!!

As Crush and Lust were fighting with Lily who was a squad leader, Sniper and Juliet had saved all the babies in two houses that were burning.

Juliet: I'm so happy that they are all okay.
Sniper: Me too. Do you people have a baby factory here?
Juliet: Not exactly, but many people give birth at the same time in the kingdom.
Sniper: Wow! And why is that?
Juliet: It's a secret!
Sniper: Okay, do you have a baby?
Juliet: My uhm is too small, so I don't do the ritual.
Sniper: What is too small?
Juliet: Shut up and don't be a pervert!
Sniper: (Smiles) Let's take the babies to somewhere better.
Juliet: Yea.

Angel had told lady Magaret who she really was and she and the three guardians were suprised.

Diva: It can't be! You look exactly like her, and your aura is the same with hers.
Magaret: Yes, two people can't be exactly the same. Even if you are twins, your aura must be slightly different.

Angel: Hmm, when I first came to the Black Zone I felt like I was two here.
Magaret: Lady Diana always said she was a half, but now I understand what she meant.
Angel: Huh?

Lady Magaret immediately kissed Angel and licked her tongue.

Magaret: You are the other half of lady Diana, and that means you are still lady Diana even if you go by the name Angel.
Diva: Yes, and we can find the other lady Diana through you lady Diana.
Pearl: Lady Diana will finally become complete.
Eve: Yes, and she wouldn't be sad any more.
Angel: You guys are great!

Crush and Lust were still busy in their fight against Lily, after standing up from Crush's punch she kicked the two of them and they moved back a little.

Lily: You girls are tough, but I'm a squad leader! I will defend my squad with my life!

Lust: We are not trying to kill each other here.
Lily: I don't care. Water bullets!

Water bullets immediately started firing at Crush and Lust and they started dodging it when they saw one of the bullets destroy a wall.

Crush: Those bullets are destructive!
Lust: Crush!!

A water dragon was about to swallow Crush but Lust pushed her away, and was swallowed instead.

Crush: Lust!!

Ahhh!! Crush screamed as a water bullet struck her left arm and she bled.

Crush: Damn you!

Crush charged at Lily and started punching her but she kept on dodging the attacks.

Lily: You are too slow!!
Crush: You are going down!

Lust immediately appeared behind Lily and kicked her as she screamed, and Crush gave her an uppercut that sent her flying high into the sky.
Lust finished the work as she held her fists together and struck Lily who crashed to the ground with a heavy thud as she screamed.

Lust and Crush joined their fists together as they both smiled.

Lust: We did it!
Crush: Yea, for a moment there I thought you were going to drown.
Lust: (Touches her hairs) I can't go down with such a small attack.

Lust and Crush smiled as their faces were coming together, but then they felt that their feet were wet and they jumped up immediately.

A water snake dragon immediately came after them and they jumped on a roof.

Lust: I guess that wasn't enough to buy us some time.
Crush: Yes.

They jumped on another roof as the water dragon destroyed the house they were in, and the people ran outside.

Crush and Lust both punched the air again and destroyed the water dragon, but it reformed into two.

Crush: Should we use our powers now?
Lust: No, not yet. Let's have more fun.

They destroyed the two water dragons and it reformed into four, which was destroyed again and it reformed into eight.

Crush: We are surrounded.
Lust: Yes, I wonder where that Lily is.

They both stayed back to back as the eight water dragons surrounded them and Lily jumped on top one of them as she smiled.

Lily: Are you looking for me? Here I am!

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Re: The Seven Colours
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Episode One Hundred And Fifteen (115) Continuation

Crush and Lust were quite suprised that Lily had no scratch on her body.

Lust: (In her mind) She's strong!!

Lily: What's the problem? Cat got your tongue?

Lust: You are good a fighter, but you haven't pushed us to use our ability.

Lily: (Angry) I'm a squad leader! You will pay for your insolence!

The eight water dragons immediately started hitting Crush and Lust as they screamed, and Lily was standing on top a water bubble floating in the air.

Lily: (In her mind) She's right though. I will be in a lot of trouble if they use their soul manipulation, I might not even be in control of my body. I better beat them while they are cocky. In case they don't know, I'm also holding back!

Crush and Lust crashed into another building as the water dragons attacked non stop.

The duo stood up as the water dragons disappeared and Lily jumped down before them.

Lust: What's wrong? Are you bored with the water dragons?
Lily: No, I just want to show you girls a little demonstration of power.

And just then Crush punched Lust but she grabbed her hand.

Lust: What's the matter Crush?
Crush: I lost myself for a second there.

Lily: (Laughs) I control water and a higher percentage of the human body is made of water, so I can use you two as my puppets. Now fight each other!

Crush and Lust pretended that they wouldn't fight each other, but they punched Lily instead but she didn't fall.

Lust: That wouldn't work on us.
Lily: Okay then, it's time to finish you off!

Lily flew up high in the sky and a heavy breeze started blowing and the sky got darker.

Lily: It's time to say goodbye! I will show you my true power.

That's enough!! Angel said as she jumped on one of the roof.

Lily: Lady Diana!
Lust: Big sis!
Crush: Mum!

Lust and Crush jumped to the roof as they hugged Angel.

Lust: I miss you so much!
Crush: Me too, I'm so happy to see you again.
Angel: Yea, I'm sorry for making you guys worry.

Lily stopped what she was doing as she was confused, but Diva spoke to her telephatically through lady Magaret.

Lily: I see.

Lily met them and Crush and Lust went berserk mode and made to attack, but Angel held them back.

Angel: It's okay girls.
Lily: (Bowing down) I'm sorry my lady, I never knew they were your friends.
Angel: Don't worry, it was fun watching your fight. We have to find Sniper now.

And just then Sniper and Juliet appeared on the roof and she hugged Angel.

Sniper: I'm so happy to see you, big sis.
Angel: Me too.

Juliet: Lady Diana, Angel, I received the full report.
Lily: Me too. Everyone one has. We shall accompany you back to the castle.

Angel: No. I will be fine with my girls.
Lily: Okay.

Lily and Juliet immediately left .

Lust: Big sis, where are they keeping Maker and the others?
Angel: Nowhere bad. Let's head over to the castle.

Medusa went back to the ice sector of the dungeon and gave Maker and the others frozen food.

Maze: How exactly are we supposed to eat this?
Medusa: You can use your fire now.
Maze: Thanks alot.

Cards: Why the change of mind?
Medusa: We know that you are friends of lady Diana other half.
Cards: Huh?

Medusa immediately left them as they warmed the food and ate it every fast because of the ice there.

Cards: This is delicious!

Back in the castle of the kingdom of Lust, Crush, Lust and Sniper were so suprised on how beautiful lady Magaret was.

Sniper: You are a  Goddess!!
Magaret: I like you girls.

Diva: They are strong no doubt, but they need to get stronger to survive here.

Pearl: Yea. What about the intruder?
Margaret: Don't worry about him.

Fury came out of the kingdom of Lust and threw away his disguise.

Fury: So she's Diana's other half. If they meet will they fuse? I just have to keep an eye on Angel, and I will find my Diana. I know who can do the job.

Meanwhile lady Diana was all alone in the rain at a far away kingdom.

Diana: How does it feel when you meet yourself?

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Re: The Seven Colours
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Episode One Hundred And Sixteen (116)

The Kingdom Of Lust: History!! X Lady Magaret's Past!

After a long night or morning rather, Angel woke up at dawn and jumped to the top of the castle as she looked at the kingdom of Lust.

Angel: Wow! The kingdom is really large, and I can see only ladies. It's really the maiden kingdom. Time for a hot bath!

Angel immediately dived into a hot spring where Lust, Crush and Sniper were through her portal.

Crush: Mum!
Angel: Crush, you girls woke up early even after your fights.
Crush: Yeap.

Aww!! Lust moaned as Angel pressed her boobs.

Lust: Big sis.
Angel: You are alive.
Lust: Pervert!

And just then lady Magaret showed up as she pulled off her clothes.

Magaret: A nice hot spring bath with you girls will be fun.
Angel: Yes.
Lust: (In her mind) Both of them are perverts!

Maker, Maze and Cards were taken out of the prison but they were still handcuffed as they went sight seeing with Angel and the other girls around the kingdom of Lust, and Diva was their guide.

Cards: Big sis, can you tell them to remove these cuffs?
Angel: Every kingdom has rules, you can manage it.
Cards: Yea, I guess so.

As they went sight seeing they discovered that the kingdom of Lust was full of activities just like any kingdom, but it was ladies only and their loyalty to lady Magaret and the kingdom couldn't be shaken.

Maze: Look at all these ladies!
Maker: Someone is getting too excited.
Sniper: This kingdom is great!

Angel: (In her mind) Everyone in the kingdom all seems to be battle ready, they have all been trained to be ready at anytime. I got some questions for lady Magaret.

Angel and her squad returned to the castle as the boys were made to bow down before lady Magaret, and not raise their heads up.

Angel: (To Magaret) I have a question.
Magaret: Sure. Go ahead my lady.
Angel: How did this kingdom become ladies only?
Magaret: (Smiles) It all began many years back.


The kingdom of Lust was formerly known as the kingdom of Sodom.

Lady Magaret was an orphan who wandered around the street begging for food, as the kingdom back then see women as sex tool.
She was forced to do rough house works and was raped on many occassion, and she cried out but still her suffering continued.

She ran away from the kingdom one day and went into the forest as she wanted to commit suicide by hanging.

Magaret: I rather die than to endure all this sufferings. I can't take it anymore! If fate won't be kind to me, then I shall take my own life and escape from it's grip!

As Magaret tied the rope and her suicide attempt began as she started suffocating, then the rope was cut off and she was suprised.

Magaret: What happened? Why am I still alive?

Suddenly she looked up and saw the seven Queens, and it was Sophia (Gold's mother) who cut the rope.

Sophia: You are such a sweet girl, why would you want to take your life?
Magaret: I don't want to live anymore! I have been abused my entire life!
Love: You come from Sodom right?
Magaret: Yes, I don't want to go back there anymore.

April: Let's take the poor kid with us.
Elena: No. Let's her stand on her own.
Love: Hmm, Elena you should try to be cool.

Elena: (To Magaret) Do you want to survive and and also save the other girls suffering?
Magaret: I can't! I don't have the power! I just want to die.
Elena: It will be a waste for someone like you to die. We shall stay in this forest and train you for a month, then you will have to choose your own path.
Magaret: Will I be powerful enough to kill all the men?
Elena: Yes.
Magaret: Okay. Please train me! I want to get strong and kill them all!

Elena: Your training begins now!!

Magaret began her training with the seven Queens and she realised that she was a Guru (she can use many magic abilities), so she continued to harness her skills.
Day after day, she trained with the seven Queens as she got stronger with every passing hour.

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Re: The Seven Colours
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Episode One Hundred And Sixteen (116) Continuation

Magaret woke up a month later in the forest, and the seven Queens were nowhere to be seen as they had completed their part.

Magaret: (Smiles) I shall kill all men and create a world for only women!

Magaret entered the kingdom of Sodom, and he was recognised by a man who had raped her many times.

Man: Hey sl*t! I missed your p**** so much.
Magaret: (In her mind) He must be killed!

Magaret immediately summoned a sword and chopped his head off as she smiled.

Magaret: Yes! I must kill more! I need to kill them all!

She proceeded to the part of the kingdom with most brothels were and girls were sold for manual labour and sexual slavery, she slaughtered the men and didn't spare the young boys present and she liberated all the girls.

Girl1: Who are you?
Magaret: Magaret. If you want to survive follow me!!
Girl1: Yes, we want to survive!

Words got to the king of Sodom and he sent magic knights after lady Magaret, but she slaughtered them all and fed their bodies to beasts.

News got to the entire kingdom that a single girl was leading a rebellion against the men, and she had slaughtered all the kingdom's magic knights.
The king and the rest of the men immediately started running out of the kingdom in droves, the women got their voice back and started attacking the men with whatever weapon they were with.

The king almost escaped but she sliced him into half without giving him the chance to speak.

Magaret was soaked with blood all over her body as she had slaughtered countless men, but she still wanted more.

Magaret: (Laughing) Yes! This is what all men deserves! They deserve to be killed. They are all scum! I need!

Lady Magaret returned back to the kingdom and was surrounded by the women who hailed her.

Magaret: Today I shall destroy this kingdom and we the women shall create a new one. And the name shall be Lust!
All: Yes!!

And so Lady Magaret destroyed the entire kingdom of Sodom, and rebuilt with the ladies.

Lady Magaret's tale was told all over the Black Zone and she was ranked the strongest female magic knights after the seven Queens.

** Back To The Present **

Magaret: That's how it began.

Angel and her girls shed tears as they listened to the story of her past.

Magaret: Diva was placed into my care my Sophia, I took Pearl and Eve away from their abusive parents. The kingdom of Lust is the heaven for women!

Suddenly someone started crying, and they all turned back as Lust recognised her to be the girl who was asked to take care of them.

Magaret: Violet!
Violet: Lady Magaret! I love you so much!

Violet raced over to lady Magaret's arms as she cried, and her tears were wiped away.

Magaret: Don't cry Violet.

Angel smiled as she wiped away her own tears.

Angel: I and my squad will be staying here for a while.
Magaret: That's great! You are going to love it here lady Diana.
Angel: Sure. I know I will.
Margaret: Diva, remove the handcuffs on the boys.
Diva: Yes my lady.

Immediately the handcuffs were taken off, Maker, Maze and Cards rushed over to Angel as they hugged.


Meanwhile in another part of the Black Zone, Gold, Green, Yellow and Red were running away from some wild pigs.

Green: Someone should tell me why we are running!!
Red: Those are not normal pigs! They can talk and use magic!!
Gold: Let's have them as lunch!!
Yellow: Seriously? Are you going to eat something that can talk?
Gold: Let's continue running then.
Red: Yes! The girls are surely going to laugh at us.
Yellow: I don't care, those pigs are not normal! They are creepy! Pigs don't talk or use magic.

As so four of the seven colours, Gold, Green, Yellow and Red continued running away from the weird pigs as an amazing adventure awaits them.

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Re: The Seven Colours
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Episode One Hundred And Seventeen (117)

Pigmen Kingdom!!

Gold, Green, Yellow and Red had finally lost the pigs and were resting in a forest.

Red: I wonder where we are.
Gold: Maybe I should cut down the forest.
Yellow: No way. The pigs will come after us.
Green: I wouldn't have allowed it. Mother nature should be given the respect she deserves.

Green immediately camoufladged them as some pigmen were passing by, they were with swords and different type of weapons.

Pigman1: I heard some noises over this way.
Pigman2: We need to get those intruders. Let's go men!

The pigmen immediately started racing off in search of intruders.

The pigmen men are humanoid creatures with pink skin, they facial appearance is just like that of a pig and they had tails.

Green removed the camofladge after the pigmen were gone.

Green: That was too close.
Red: I wonder who they are, they are like pig humans.
Gold: Who cares? The only thing I care about is that one of them is holding a sword.
Yellow: Hmm, maybe you will have your dream come through here.
Gold: Yes, I will fight all the strongest swordsmen in the Black Zone.

Green brought out a book he bought at the border kingdom.

Green: Those guys are called pigmen. We are in the Pigmen Kingdom. The ruler is one of the king beasts and his name is Piggy. His weapon of choice are swords, arrows...

Gold immediately took the book from Green as he heard swords.

Gold: This Piggy guy is so interesting, I guess we should pay the Pigmen kingdom a visit.

Green: We are already here.
Gold: Oops!! That's the best.

Red took the book from Gold and flipped through many pages and something caught his attention as he was suprised, so he showed the others.

Gold: So they are in the Black Zone.
Green: I could feel their aura the moment we entered this world, but this confirms my suspicion.
Yellow: We wouldn't be running into them anytime soon.
Gold: Yea, I wonder how my sweet Cecilia kingdom looks like.

** At Pigmen Castle **

Piggy was in his throne with a large sword by his side and some pigmen bowed down to him to submit their report.

Pigman: Master! We couldn't find the intruders.
Piggy: Find them! No humans are allowed in this kingdom, it has been a while since I ate humans. You are all useless.

Piggy steped down and carried his large sword as those who knelt before him trembled.

Piggy: Raise your heads up.
Pigman3: Yes.

Immediately the pigmen that bowed to him raised their heads up, he chopped them off.

Piggy: Failure to catch a human is not tolerated in Pigmen kingdom! Snout!

One of his commanders named Snout knelt down before him.

Piggy: I can still smell the humans in this kingdom. Bring them to me.
Snout: Yes master!

Meanwhile Gold was trying to go inside the kingdom by himself but Yellow and Red kept holding him back.

Red: Where do you think you are going moron?
Gold: I'm going to test my strength.
Yellow: Come on buddy! We are in the Black Zone, you are a hundred times weaker.
Gold: Don't worry, I havd a trump card.
Red: Who cares? We are not about to let you die, think about Cecilia.
Gold: I won't die, trust me.

Green: (Yawns) You guys should leave him alone, it's Gold we are talking about.
Red: How can you be so calm when he's trying to commit suicide?
Green: I'm going to sleep.

Suddenly one of the weird pigs caught up to them.

Green: I think one of our friends is back.

All: Huh?

They all looked at the pig and Gold made to chop it into pieces as Red wanted to roast it but Green carried the pig as it was shaking.

Green: Leave the pig alone.
Pig: Thank you my friend!
Red: Friend. So you made friend with a pig.
Green: I guess things does happen (smiles).

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Re: The Seven Colours
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Episode One Hundred And Seventeen (117) Continuation

The pig smiled after drinking water from Green's water card.

Pig: Thanks a lot buddy, my name is Pigi.
Green: Piggy.
Pigi: No. Pigi. P-I-G-I.
Green: I see, so what does it mean?
Pigi: My pig.
Green: Okay.

Gold: Okay Pigi, now tell us why you and your friends were chasing us.
Pigi: We were not really chasing you guys. We were just telling you people to leave the kingdom before something bad happens.

Gold: Go on.
Pigi: Humans are not allowed here, you will be killed if the pigmen finds you.
Gold: We can handle them.
Red: Why are you a talking pig?

Pigi: I and my friends are rejects. We couldn't develope into pigmen before we were given birth to. So we were told to live in the forest.

Red: I see, so life is rough for pigs too.
Pigi: Yes.

Suddenly Gold caught a pin that was thrown at him.

Gold: Some one wants to fight.
Pigi: That's the kill quick squad, you have to run immediately.
Green: Not happening, in fact they choosed to face us in a place where I can crush them without even trying.

Gold: Leave this to us Green, we can handle them.
Green: Okay, but remember that you guys are hundred times weaker here.
Gold: You can let Red and Yellow worry about that.

Gold moved fast as he targeted two swords users, and a clash between them began.

Gold: This is going to be fun!

Gold summoned a sword as he began fighting with two pigmen swordsmen.

The two pigmen attacked him above and below at the same time but Gold's sword elongated, and started spining like a fan as the the two pigmen moved back.

Red on the other hand was having quite a problem as his flames were much weaker than it used to be, though he wasn't at full power.

Pigman: You call that fire? You are a dead man! This is true fire.

The pigman was engulfed in a lot of flames as Red was suprised, but he still had a trump card left.

Red: (In his mind) I'm really a hundred times weaker here. I wonder how Gold and Green are so calm. Maybe I have to use the second nature.

The pigman charged at Red but he dodged his punches as he was trying to find a way win.

Red: I have no choice! I have to use my trump card.

A tree branch immediately grab the pigman and threw him far away.

Red: Green, why did you do that?
Green: If you use that power, everything here will turn into ashes. I can't let you burn the trees here.
Red: Nature boy!

Pigi: Your friends seems to be pretty strong.
Green: Yea, they are all strong. But they all have a problem.
Pigi: What's that?
Green: They like holding back and their powers always go out of control.
Pigi: Hmm, that's goodnews.

Yellow on the other hand was busy laughing as he was stunning the pigmen after him.

Yellow: Oh great! Look at them scream.

Green was tired of Gold, Yellow and Red fooling around as they held back their powers, so he made tree branches to throw the pigmen away.

Gold, Yellow & Red: Green!!
Green: You guys were just taking too long.
Gold: Don't do that next time.
Green: Sure, as long as you guys don't hold back.

Red and the others returned as the gathered around Green, and he tied them up with branches which sprung from the ground.

Green: I'm sorry guys, you were just taking too long.
Gold: Untie us, and maybe we will listen to your apology.
Red: I'm going crazy mode!

Green immediately stood up with a serious look.

Green: I can sense someone with an intent to destroy the forest, I wouldn't let that happen! 

As Snout as his men were about entering the forest, there was a tremor and the ground swallowed them.

Green: The threat to mother nature have been eliminated!

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Re: The Seven Colours
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Episode One Hundred And Eighteen (118)

The Fifteen Powers X Pigmen Kingdom Is Burnt Down!!

Green released Red and the others after dealing with Snout and his men.

Gold: What should we do now?
Green: We have to go into Pigmen kingdom. After all, we are here for a peace mission. And also I will like the kingdom to stop seeing Pigi and his kind as rejects.

Pigi: Are you really going to do that?
Green: Yea, it will work out.
Pigi: Thanks, but king Piggy wouldn't agree. He will order for the execution of you and your friends.
Green: Don't worry, we are going to beat some sense into him.

Gold: Now you are talking Green.
Green: Let's go already.
Red: At last, we are going to have some action.
Yellow: Some pigmen wouldn't be a problem.
Pigi: Wow! You guys are brave.

** At The Kingdom Of The Fifteen Powers **

Fury finally got back to his kingdom after infiltrating Lust, and he went into the castle where the fourteen other strongest magic knights in the kingdom were.

The kingdom of the Fifteen Powers is a kingdom ruled by Fury and fourteen other very strong magic knights, together they are called the Fifteen Powers.

Fury entered the castle and saw the rest of the Powers all waiting for him.

Clinton: Welcome boss, what took you so long?
Fury: I had to deal with some idiots from the Ape kingdom.
Clinton: Hahaha! Don't you think it's time we start the invasion already.
Fury: No, we need more time.
Clinton: As you wish.

Rose: So how was your little infiltration at Lust?
Fury: Fine. I need someone to follow a girl for me.
Pain: And who might she be?
Fury: Angel, the half of my Diana from the Free Zone.
Cross: I don't understand. Do you mean?
Fury: Yea, sure.

Clinton: Is she strong?
Fury: Yea, she's able to cancel my fist of Fury with Death fist. And she didn't even use her true powers.

The Powers were suprised that someone from the Free Zone could use the ultimate Death fist and also match Fury.

Clinton: I will like to meet this Angel, she seems interesting.
Bubble: Me too, I will follow her. After all I can enter Lust since my sister is the gate keeper.

Fury: Thanks Bubble.
Nerd: If Angel was able to match you without using her true power, then we must prevent her from meeting Diana.
Clinton: And why is that?
Nerd: They will likely fuse and it will be the birth of an uncontrollable monster.

Pain: Nerd is right.
Fury: I know, but we have to find Diana through her.
Clinton: Come on guys, are you all afraid of two girls?
Viper: Hmm, one of them alone could be a problem. If that Angel is as strong as Diana, they can both rule the Black Zone. After all Diana is just as strong as one of the seven Queens.

Razor: This is quite a suprise.
Fury: I know, but that shouldn't be our problem now. The invasion of Ape kingdom should be.
Clinton: Yeap. I can't wait for that great day. I will beat Godson.
Fury: Godson is mine.

Dice: Tell me something, how do you see the Free Zoners that just entered our world.

Fury: They are frightening, one of them have the power of a God.

The Fifteen Powers were again suprised at what Fury said.

Pain: What do you mean Fury?
Clinton: Is it the same Angel?
Fury: No.

Seaman: You must be kidding right? You mean someone stronger than that Angel?
Fury: Yea. Angel would defeat the person in a hand to hand combat, but unfortunately the person with the power of God wouldn't give anyone the chance.

Eyes: Who is this person?

Fury called the name of the person and they all commited it to memory.

Clinton: Things are definitely to get interesting in this world, and it's all thanks to the Free Zoners.

Fury: Yes. No one should go after them until we are done with Godson. We will need them to take down my father and the seven Queens.
Nerd: I will like to study them though.

Chains: I will to see them for myself.
Radar: Me too.
Loner: We will get to meet them sometime.

Fury: Yea! Now let's begin the meeting.

All: Yes boss.

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Re: The Seven Colours
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Episode One Hundred And Eighteen (118) Continuation

Green and the three others with Pigi made it out of the forest and the Pigmen kingdom was standing right in front of them.

Green: Pigmen kingdom huh?
Pigi: Yea, it's actually the smallest and weakest kingdom in this world.
Gold: Wow, this wouldn't be fun.

Suddenly many balls of fire rained down to the Pigmen kingdom, and everyone was suprised.

Green: What the!!!
Red: Fire?
Pigi: Please, my friends are in there!
Gold: I'm on it!!

Gold summoned his swords and slashed through the air, causing a great wind to blow away the flames.

Pigi made to run into the kingdom that was now smelling of roasted pigs, but Green stopped him.

Pigi: My friends! They are in the there.
Green: Wait.

Suddenly two men jumped down from the sky, one was engulfed in red flames and the other s surrounded by ice.

Man1: Which one of you quenched my fire?
Man2: I wanted to preserve the pigs after he was done roasting them.

Pigi was scared as he saw the lightening tattoo on their necks.

Green: Why are you scared?
Pigi: They are Raiden's men! The fire and ice duo! New and Newman.

Red: Fire sounds interesting.
Gold: I can manage both.
Green: New and Newman, you are both in the way of our peace mission.

New: You haven't answered our question yet.

Green immediately tied them up with branches and they couldn't move.

Green: Who ordered you to destroy the kingdom?
New: We are not going to tell you, your tree branches are not going to stop us.
Newman: Yes.

New and Newman tried using their abilities but they got weaker.

Green: You are wasting your magic energy, the more you try to use them the more the branches suck.

New and Newman knew they had no choice but to give in, if not they would pass out.

New: Raiden sent us. He's our boss. He wants to conquer the kingdom.
Green: Tell your boss that we are going to pay him a visit very soon.

New and Newman were both thrown away as they screamed.

Yellow: Why did you let them go?
Green: We will be paying them a visit. Right now, we need to look for survivors.
Yellow: Yea, you are right.
Red: I will fight New.
They all rushed into the kingdom in search of survivors, and Pigi led Green to where his friends were.

Pigi: I hope they are okay.
Green: I can take care of them if they are injured.

Red, Gold and Yellow could tell that no one was alive as the kingdom smelled of roasted pigs.

Red: They were totally wiped out.
Gold: I think fire was thier weakness.
Red: How did you know that?
Gold: Pigi was more afraid of you than the rest of us.
Yellow: That makes sense.
Red: So that means Pigi's friends are....
Gold: Yea.

Pigi was shocked as his friends were lying dead them right in front of him, and he started shedding tears.

Pigi: No. This can't be, they were just here to get some food.

Pigi immediately started crying as Green looked up to the sky, and Red and the others came over.

Red: There was nothing on our end.
Green: I see.

Gold: I guess things like this happen here.

Green tapped Pigi and wiped his tears.

Green: I'm sorry for your loss Pigi, we should give them a proper burial.

Thirty graves of Pigi's friends were dug in the forest as the Colours felt sorry for him.

Pigi: I don't know what to do without them!
Red: I know it's hard losing your friends, but you can join us. We can be your new friends (smiles).
Pigi: Really?
Yellow: Yea, you can join us in our adventures.
Gold: I won't use my sword on you.
Pigi: I guess I have no choice, I will join you guys.

Green: (Smiles) Welcome to the team Pigi.
Pigi: Yea, thanks.
Green: But first things first, we have to avenge your kingdom. Moving branch!!

A tree branch grew from the ground and Green carried Pigi as they both jumped on it with the other Colours, and the branch started moving fast in the air toward Raiden's kingdom.

Green: Tell us when we get there.
Pigi: Yes, I'm happy to be part of the team.

And so Green, Red, Gold and Yellow together with Pigi were about to have their first clash in the Black Zone against an unknown enemy.

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Re: The Seven Colours
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Episode One Hundred And Nineteen (119)

The Lightening Kingdom X The Colours Are Tested!!

New and Newman bowed down before Raiden, the ruler of Lightening kingdom who was ordered the destruction of Pigmen kingdom, and they told him what transpired between them and the Colours.

Raiden: I see, so they want to pay me a visit?
New: Yes lord Raiden.
Raiden: Get a welcome party ready for them, make it special.
New: Yes my lord.

Raiden smiled as New and Newman left his presence, and blue lightening was running all over his body.

Raiden: Free Zoners huh? Things have been boring here, a little fun wouldn't be bad.

Green and the others were still on top  of the moving branch and the Lightening kingdom was in sight as Pigi told them.

Green: So that's the kingdom huh?
Pigi: Yes.

Yellow smiled as he saw sparks of blue lightening in the sky, and he knew that there was going to be a strong lightening user there.

Yellow: Things are just going to get interesting.

They all jumped down as they got to the kingdom and the people there were scared.

Citizen1: Are they the four pillars?
Citizen2: Maybe, we just have to be careful and do as whatever they say.

A young boy saw them and ran away very fast as his legs could carry him.

Boy: (Smiling) Grand Pa was right all along! They are finally here!

The Colours and Pigi looked around and they could see that the citizens were scared of them.

Green: So this is the capital of Lightening kingdom.
Pigi: Yes.
Red: And for some reasons they seems to be afraid of us.
Gold: Yea, you are right.

Green: We don't know what's going on. We should head for the castle and have a word with the king here.
Yellow: Sounds good to me. Why don't we play a game of who will get there first?
Green: Sounds good me.

The four Colours immediately divided into four as each entered a different path, and Green was with Pigi.

Meanwhile the young boy (Ace) that was running finally got to a house and woke up his drunk Grandpa.

Ace: Grandpa!
Grandpa: What's the matter Ace? Your grandpa was having a nice dream where he was on the beach with some hot ladies.

Ace: Like that will ever happen with your missing tooth.
Grandpa: Huh? So why did you wake me up!!
Ace: They are here. The four heroes you talked about.

Grandpa: I was drunk when I said that, but you took it too serious.
Ace: No. They are really here.

What!!! His grandpa screamed as he heard four heroes.

Grandpa: You mean the Four Pillars?? We are doomed! Those guys are not heroes. They are going to destroy us all.
Ace: No. They are not the Pillars. They are with a pig just like you said.
Grandpa: Huh?

They suddenly heard multiple lightening bolts.

Grandpa: What was that?
Ace: It must be the heroes, the three lightening commanders must be after them. I have to watch them fight!
Grandpa: Wait Ace! Don't go!

Ace immediately ran of despite his grand father's warning as he went ahead to watch the fight between the Colours and the Lightening commanders.

Grandpa: What a kid! I can't believe those rubbish I said turned out to be true.

As Red, Green, Gold and Yellow were separated.
The three lightening commanders had charged at Red, Gold and Yellow with amazing lightening bolts but they were quick to dodge them.

Pigi: Did you hear that??
Green: Yes. Don't worry, they can take care of themselves.

Standing in front of Red was a female lightening commander and her entire body was over flowing with blue lightening, as she got her eyes on him like a predator waiting to eat its prey.

Gold and Yellow had two male lightening commanders right in front of them.

Gold: This is a waste of my time. I came here to fight swordsmen!!

LC: Too bad. You have to face me.

Yellow was very much excited as he was going to fight a lightening user.

Yellow is going to be fun.
LC: Yes, fun for me!
Yellow: Bring it on!

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Re: The Seven Colours
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Episode One Hundred And Nineteen (119) Continuation

One of the lightening commanders started moving very fast around Gold who seems to be dissapointed.

Gold: When will I get to fight someone strong?
LC: Look at me!

The lightening commander immediately started charging against Gold.

Gold: Flash strikes!

And just at that moment the lightening commander fell to the ground and he couldn't move an inch, and Gold walked passed him.

Gold: What a waste of time.

LC: What just happened to me? I didn't even see his attack. He's strong!

The female lightening commander charged against Red but he was able to counter her lightening kicks, with his fire kicks. So she stopped messing around and stood it front of him.

LC: I'm Tracy, the leader of the lightening commander. I'm here to bring you down under the order of lord Raiden.
Red: I'm Red, and I'm here to make Raiden pay for what he did to Pigmen kingdom.
Tracy: Get ready to scream.

With lightening running all over body, Tracy charged at Red who was engulfed in red flames and their fists clashed.

She made to kick him but he raised his leg up and tried to kick her instead, but she stopped the attack with her hand.

After locking down for a while they both moved back.

Red: Fire fists!!

Giant fire fists immediately started punching Tracy as she screamed and crashed into a building.
And just then lightening started moving toward Red from underground, he jumped up but she was already waiting for him above with a fully charged big lightening ball.

Red made to dodge it but it was too late, he screamed as he was electrocuted and Tracy rained down a lot of punches on him as he felt to the down.

Tracy: Lightening kick!!

Tracy's legs were enveloped with lightening and she made to kick Red but he shifted, and her kick made the ground to cave in.

Red immediately surrounded himself with his red aura to prevent her lightening from effecting him, but she had other plans as many lightening spikes rained down on him but he countered it with fire fists.

Tracy: You are impressive for a Free Zoner. I guess it's time we get serious.
Red: Yes, I was about saying that.

The duo enveloped themselves with their aura as they looked at each other waiting for who would strike first.

Tracy reinforced her aura with lightening and Red did the same with his red flames, showing that they were both ready to go all out.

Red: (In his mind) I can tell that her power is just lightening but she uses it to amplify her speed. I can take her on.

Tracy: (In her mind) He's impressive, but I have a feeling that he's not showing me everything.

The both of them immediately clashed and just when their fists collided, a destructive energy was created and they both moved back before the explosion occured.

They went on against each other again as they began punching and kicking as they were both dodging their attacks.

Lightening made to strike Red from above, and just as he was about to dodge it Tracy landed a blow on his belly but he reacted immediately and punched her face as she screamed and jumped on top of a roof.

Tracy: Perimeter electrocution!

Red was immediately surrounded by moving lightening, but he cancelled it all with his aura and went after Tracy who moved away shocked.

Red: It seems you guys are the weaklings in the Black Zone, this will make things more easier.
Tracy: You are wrong! We are just the guinea pigs to test how strong you guys are.

And with that Tracy ran away as Red was suprised.

Red: Guinea pigs huh?

Yellow was quite suprised as he just knocked out the lightening commander that came after him without any stress.

Yellow: Is this a joke?

Meanwhile, Raiden was with some magic knights and they were on top his castle.

Raiden: The guinea pigs have done their work. It's now time to crush them. Go!!

And just then many powerful magic knights jumped off from the castle as they went after the Colours.

Raiden: Let the real fun begin!!! Lightening is supreme!!

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Re: The Seven Colours
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Episode One Hundred And Twenty (120)

Lightening Is Supreme??: The Colours Versus The Five Fingers X Red's Clash Against Racy!!

After taking down the three lightening commanders, the Colours could feel five strong magic knights approaching them and they looked up and saw them.

Green: Pigi, take cover. A showdown is about to begin.
Pigi: Yes.

Pigi immediately took cover as the five magic knights were heading at full speed for the Colours.

Gold: At last, someone strong (smiles).

Yellow: I can feel lightening surging through their bodies, this is going to be fun.

Red: Well, well, this is a proper welcome party.

Ace was on top of a tower and he smiled as he he saw the five lightening users as they charged at the Colours.

Ace: Wow! This is going to be a serious battle here! The Five Fingers versus the four heroes. Together they can save us from the Four Pillars.

And just then the Five Fingers landed in front of the Colours with blue lightening running all over their bodies, as the first and second fingers faced Green.

And again it was a female lightening user that was in front of Red, and her piercing blue eyes were intimidating.

Red: Wow! It appears that I have some luck with the ladies recently.
Girl: The name is Racy, state yours before we start.
Red: I'm Red.

And just then without warning, Racy appeared behind Red with the speed of lightening and punched him as he screamed and vomitted blood as he fell down.

Red: (In his mind) What just happened? She's a lot more stronger than the first one.

Tracy: Way to go sis!
Racy: Get out of here Tracy, the fight have just begun.

Meanwhile Gold was facing off against Lighter who was moving so fast and attacking him, but Gold was dodging his attacks at close calls.

Gold: Flash strikes!

Gold tried to just the attack he used against the lighting commander that had first challenged him, but Lighter blocked his sword with his two hands filled with lightening.

Gold: Impressive! You are a lot more stronger than the first one.
Lighter: Yea! It took you long to figure that out, there's no way you are ever going to beat me!
Gold: We just have to see about that.

Gold moved back and charged at him as he also rushed at him and the collision of his sword and Lighter's lightening hand caused an explosion, and they both moved back and went at each other again.

Meanwhile there were lightening shocks around Yellow and Lightman who were both going head to head with each other.

There entire body was filled with lightening as they threw punches at each other, but it was all cancelled out by their lightening.

Lightman moved so fast and went behind Yellow and made to kick him, but Yellow used his second ability and moved behind him and sent him crashing into an abandoned building with a super lightening kick.

And just then, Yellow went after Lightman inside the building as a serious showdown between two lightening users was about to begin.

Green was also having his own trouble as Bon and Clay who were a twin lightening duo were both attacking him with coordinated lightening attacks.

Green: Earth spikes!

Earth spikes made to pierce Bon and Clay but they were just as fast as lightening, and were about to dodge a second before it got to them.

Bon: You can never take us down with those lame attacks.
Clay: We are the strongest twins ever.

Bon & Clay: Lightening big balls!!

Bon and Clay sent two balls of fully charged lightening at Green, and he was able to tank both with his two hands.

Green: Petty attacks like this won't take me down!!

Bon and Clay appeared behind Green, but he immediately redirected their lightening balls back to them and they were blasted away as they screamed.

Bon & Clay: Ahhh!! He got us!!

Green: That's how to fight armateurs! I must admit that they are good.

Pigi: (In his mind) Wow! He's good!!

Many of the citizens started watching the four ways battle through magic mirrors placed by Raiden all over the kingdom, and Ace was very excited at the showdown.

Ace: This is awesome!!

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Re: The Seven Colours
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Episode One Hundred And Twenty (120) Continuation

Red stood up after he was struck to the ground by Racy, and he cleaned the blood on his mouth.

And just as he was about to speak, Racy tried to punch him in the belly but he stopped her fist.

Red: You are really a fierce lady.
Racy: I don't have time for words, I have to take you down!

Tracy: Yes! Give it to him sis! Show him what you are made of!
Red: It seems you got someone cheering.
Racy: Get lost Tracy!

Racy immediately fired a ligtening bullet at Tracy who ran away.

Racy made to punch Red with her other hand but he still blocked it, and their fists were now locked together.

They tried pushing each other backward but none of them would move an inch, so they surrounded themselves with their elements as the battle seems to be the one between two equals.

Racy immediately removed her hands and jumped up very high in the sky, with the help of the lightening concentrated at her feet.

Racy: Lighting arrows!! Hundred spears!!
Hundred lightening spears and arrows were about descending on Red, but he had a counter attack ready for it.

Red: Fire fists!!!

Red fire fists collided with the lightening spears and arrows causing an explosion, leading to smoke filling the area.

Red used the opportunity since he could see through smokes, and he jumped at the buildings and gave Racy an uppercut as she screamed and bled.

But just as she was about to fall she covered herself with her aura, but it was too late as Red started punching her and she crosed her hands as all she could do was now defend as he wasn't giving her any space to attack.

Red: Fire fist!!
Racy: What the!!

Red immediately gave her a strong punch with his fist engulfed in red flames which broke through her defence, and she was sent crashing to the ground.

As Red was about to fall down since he couldn't stay afloat in the air for long, his entire body was engulfed with flames and he was about to give Racy a punch that would send her to the dream world!

But just in the last few seconds, Racy stood up and charged up as the blue lightening covering her body got more intense as her sheer presence collapsed a building near her.

And just then she grabbed Red's hand and gave him a lightening fist punch as he screamed, and then she grabbed him and started running through buildings as she used him to break through the walls before she threw him up to the air.

With the speed of lightening, Racy appeared above him and made to give him a finishing move but Red opened his eyes as his flames got hotter, so she moved back to the ground.

Red: That was close! It's time to pay her back! Flame blade!

Red forged a blade with his red flames and sent a red flames crescent slash at Racy, and she was able to tank the attack with her two hands but she was using up much of her magic energy.

Racy: This is strong! I need all the power I have to hold this!

Aaaahh!! Racy screamed out as Red appeared before her and gave her a punch that sent her crashing to the ground as she screamed, and then he held his crescent red flash slash and made it to vanish.

Red: I guess that was too much for her to handle, I will try that on Gold some day during a duel.

Red walked toward Racy who was very much beaten up and was trying her best to stand up, and blood was dripping down from her left eye.

Racy: Stay back!
Red: What's the problem?
Racy: You won, leave me alone!
Red: Okay, if you say so.

As Red turned back Racy charged at him with a suprise attack but he got her fist, and all the lightening in her body disappeared.

Racy: Damn it!
Red: I thought you said I have won!
Racy: Shut up! Lightening is supreme! I can never lose to a fire user! Never!
Red: That's too bad, because it's game over!

Racy was shocked as she knew that he was going to give her a finishing blow.

Racy: Lightening is supreme!!!

And so Green, Gold, Yellow and Red first major fight in the Black Zone have finally begun as they were against the Five Fingers, who were strong lightening magic knights.

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Re: The Seven Colours
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Episode One Hundred And TwentyOne (121)

Racy Beats Red!! X Gold's Blade Of Thor!!

As Red was about to give Racy a finishing blow he was immediately kicked away by Tracy into a building as he screamed.

Red: Ahh!!! She interfered!

Tracy held her sister as she was about to fall.

Racy: Why are here? I told you not to interfere.
Tracy: Yes, but I couldn't just watch you lose.
Racy: Stubborn girl!

And just then they became frightened as Red stood up and was walking over to them.

Racy: What's the big idea, sis?
Tracy: This!!

Tracy immediately kissed Racy, and she (Racy) could feel Tracy's magic energy flowing into her and Red was kind of suprise.

Red: Hmm, what a scene. I thought they were just sisters.

Tracy stopped kissing her sister and looked at her eyes as she smiled.

Tracy: That's all I have sis! Please beat him, don't let him win.
Racy: (Smiling) Thank you so much sis, I won't lose.

And with that Tracy passed out, and Racy moved very fast and sent her to a safe location and Red was suprised.

Red: What the hell? Did she just transfer her magic energy?

And just then Racy appeared from the sky and made to kick Red, he held her let but was forced to his knees as the force behind her attack was just so strong and he was sweating.

Red: What the hell is this? How did you get this strong?
Racy: My sister gave me all her magic energy so that I can beat you! I won't fail her!

Red tried standing up but it wasn't possible, as so Racy gave him a kick as he screamed and vomitted blood and he was sent flying in the air.
She didn't give him a chance to crash and she started kicking him like a ball, and Red turned to her personal punching bag as she was now too strong and fast.

Blue lightening continued running through Racy's body as it was more intense than before, and her hairs were now spiky and Red was totally helpless against her.

Red: (In his mind) This is a power up like the sage mode, but it's weaker than the sage mode.

Aaaahh!!! Red screamed as she gave him an uppercut and punched him into a large building, and he crashed inside as the people there started running away and Racy was walking up to him.

Racy: You will never be able to beat me! Not when I carry my sister's will and strenght!

And just then Red forged a flame blade with the magic energy he had left, and sent her a very strong red flames crescent attack but she was able to tank it with one hand and threw it away and Red was shocked.

Red: Impossible! That was everything I got!!
Racy: That's too bad, it's game over!

Racy's super charged her body as her lightening was very intense, and she gave Red a finishing blow as he ran out of magic energy and passed out.

Racy: Yes! I did it! He didn't beat me! Thank you Tracy! I kept the promise sister.

Racy immediately started panting heavily as she powered down, and she took a look at Red.

Racy: He's really a strong one. I was saving that form for the Four Pillars but he just happened to show up with his trouble making friends. If I can stay a little longer in that form, I can go head to head with the Pillars.

Ace: Wow!! Racy defeated one of the heroes! I need to update her data. Her magic level is now 89000daknits.

Raiden: That was well done Racy, we must show every element user that lightening is supreme.

Meanwhile Gold was still going head to head against Lighter who was very fast, and he was using his lightening abilities to amplify his speed and strenght.
He kept on blocking Gold's sword with his lightening hand, and he gave Gold no weak point to strike.

Gold: You are quite skilled Lighter!
Lighter: Yes, Gold boy!
Gold: You will never win if all you do is defend!
Lighter: We just have to see about that, Gold boy!
Gold: My name is Gold, not Gold boy!
Lighter: That's your new nick name from me!
Gold: I don't need it!!

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