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Re: The Seven Colours
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Episode One Hundred And Eight (108)

Seperation?? X The Promise To Angel!! X The Free Zone Magic Knights Are Being Wiped Out!!

The magic knights from the Free Zone decided to go sight seeing around the border kingdom before going on their main mission.

Shark: This is where we separate from you people. I'm leaving with my brothers.

Rambo: That's a great idea, I and my group will stay in this kingdom for a while.

Juvia: Same here, we won't move too soon.

Shark: Good. The Lion kingdom always wins.

Angel: Brother, maybe you people should stay with my squad. I don't want anything bad to happen to you guys.

Shark smiled and patted Angel on the head as she smiled back.

Shark: Don't worry, we will be just fine.

And just then, Angel hugged him so tight.

Angel: Please take care of Jacquar and Raymond and yourself.
Shark: Sure.

Angel released him as she hugged her other two brothers.

Angel: Please be okay.
Raymond: Sure. We will be just fine when you see us next time.
Jacquar: And that's a promise.
Angel: I'm going to hold you guys to that.

Crush: This is so a wonderful sight, I feel like crying!
Lust: Me too.

Skipper: She really loves her brothers so much. (In her mind) I wish she could love me like that.
Juvia: She's so sweet!

Angel released her brothers and faced everyone.

Angel: I need everyone to promise me not to die! Please!

Everyone smiled and laughed as they were so happy.

Rita: Sure! The Panda promise not to die.
Skipper: The Elephant too.
Shark: And also the Lion.
Sheron: With the Snake!
Alex: As well as the Eagle!
Crush: The Flower also makes the same promise!

Angel: Thank you guys! All of you!

And so the magic knights went to their separate ways in the border kingdom as the Lion, Snake and Panda left but the Eagle, Flower and Elephant sticked together atleast in that moment.

Shark and his brothers sat in a bar at the border kingdom as they all thought about their younger sister, Angel.

Shark: Raymond, Jacquar, we must keep our promise. I don't want anything to make her cry. I love her so much.
Raymond: Me too!
Jacquar: Yea, seeing her cry makes me sad. She's such an Angel! I remember the time we usually play together when mum was still alive.
Shark: Yea, she's just like the younger version of mum. I love her smiles and laughter.

Suddenly the barman poured a drink for them.

Barman: You can drink up! I can tell that you people are from the Free Zone.

Shark: Yea, thanks for the drink.

Shark and his brothers immediately gulped down the beer as the barman smiled.

Barman: (In his mind) Yes, drink it up! Hahahaha!

Shark: Wow! This's great!

Barman: Yes, I'm glad that you enjoyed it. I can give you more, if you want.
Shark: Yes, we appreciate!

The Barman poured them more beer as they gulped it down.

Barman: There's something you should know.
Shark: Yea?
Barman: Most of the magic knights from the Free Zone are dead while many are missing. And the few that are alive are in hiding.

Shark: I see, too bad for them. I and my brothers plan on staying alive till we finish our mission.

Barman: I wouldn't be so sure about that.
Jacquar: What do you mean?
Barman: People die here without warning especially those from the Free Zone. Your heads might get chopped off while walking on street, you might be killed in your sleep. You might also be given false information that would lead to your death or you might be poisoned by a generous stranger. Hahaha!

Shark: Poisoned by a generous stranger huh?
Barman: Yes, like me.
Raymond: What are you trying to say?

Suddenly Shark and his brothers slumped down and Angel felt that something had happened to them, but she cleared it off from her head.

Angel: They will be all right! They promised.

Barman: Hahahaha! They are fools! I better start digging their graves or maybe sell their corpses. Hahahaha! I'm evil!

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Re: The Seven Colours
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Episode One Hundred And Eight (108) Continuation

Rambo, Sheron and Odin were walking around the kingdom's capital and they came across a silent alley.

Rambo: We better hide out here for a while.
Sheron: Yea, but it's just too silent.
Odin: We can take down some street thugs.

Rambo and his team entered the dark alley which was very cool and they sat on top some tables there. 

Sheron: Wow! It's so cool here, that's very suitable for relaxing.
Rambo: Yea, I choosed the perfect spot after all.
Sheron: Yea, you did!

Suddenly some street thugs which happened to be magic knights surrounded them.

Odin: I think we got company.
Rambo: Yea, I can always blow them away.
Sheron: They don't look like ordinary thugs, they are magic knights too.
Rambo: Yea, no doubt about that.

Rambo and his squad stayed close together as the street thugs surrounded them.

Thug: My name is Coca! And I'm the leader of this kingdom underground dogs, and you are right. We are also magic knights!
Rambo: Okay, are we supposed to be impressed?

Coca: Hmm? We know you are from the Freezone. You are all weaklings, we might spare your lives if you agree to work for us.
Rambo: Never!

Rambo caused some explosion to occur around Coca's body but they were considerably weak, and he was suprised.

Rambo: What the!
Coca: Did you call that an explosion? You must be kidding me.
Rambo: The gravity in this kingdom is the same with ours, but our powers are still 100 times weaker.
Coca: Yea, let me show you real fire!

Coca threw some fire balls at them and the alley started running but they were blocked by other thugs.

Rambo: Damn it! We are cornered! We must fulfill our promise to Angel with any means possible!
Odin: Let me try my lightening!
Coca: Too late!

Suddenly the ground opened and Rambo and his squad fell inside screaming as it closed again.

Coca: Hahaha! They shall become food for our giant pet pythons! Hahahaha! I am Coca! The most evil and wicked being in the underworld! Hahahahahahaha!

Rita and her squad where walking along some quiet streets in the capital with many uncompleted buildings.

Rita: I bet we are going to find a hiding place around here.
Roland: Yea, I hope those idiots have given up on us.

Voice: Who are you calling idiots? If that's us, we haven't given up on you people.

Rita squad looked around and saw that they were surrounded by Vector's gang.
Vector's gang was a group that have been trying to kill them during there stay in the Black Zone, and it was because of them that they had returned back to the Free Zone.

Rita: What that hell! How did they find us so quickly?
Juvia: Someone that saw us coming must have told them.

Vector: You are right, someone told us. I believe you know that person already.

Suddenly Guild stepped out in front of the gang and Rita's squad were suprised to see the Vector's gang tattoo on his left arm.

Rita: Impossible! You tricked us!
Roland: Damn it!

Guild: Why do you look so suprised Rita? This is the Black Zone, anything can happen here. Your head can get chopped off while you are walking on the streets.

Vector: Hihihihi! He's very right! Right now, your other friends are being taken care off.

Rita: Damn you! Is the old man also part of the gang.

The oldman immediately stepped out and transformed into a young man.

Table: Yes, I am. The old man stuff was just a disguise!

Juvia: We musn't fall, we must keep the promise we made to Angel.
Rita: Yes.

Vector: I don't know what you are talking about but today is your final day! There is no place for you to run.

Rita: We are not going down without a fight!
Vector: Bring it on! I love stubborn ladies, they are always good in the other room. But it's too bad that I have to waste you.

Juvia: Rita wouldn't share a room with a pig like you.

Vector: (Angry) Men attack!!

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Re: The Seven Colours
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Episode One Hundred And Nine (109)

Sword Goddess Diva!! X Clown The Immortal??

The magic knights from the Free Zone had divided into four groups as an all out anihilation against them began, and the Lion and Snake squad had fallen.

Vector's gang rushed to attack the Panda squad who were outnumbered by them.

Rita: We will fight till we fall!
Juvia: Yea, we may be overpowered and outnumbered but we won't go down so easily. We must keep our promise to Angel!
Roland: Nice one girls, let's do this!
Bernard: This will be fun after all.

The elimination threat against the Panda squad began as they went face to face to Vector's gang.

Rita tried her best as she kicked them down some of them but they were just too many, and they pinned her down and kicked her as she bled and blood gushed out of her mouth as she screamed.

Vector: Hehehe! They will pay for calling me a pig!

Vector looked at his face in a mirror he had on his hands and he laughed out loud.

Vector: Hahaha!! I don't look like a pig! I'm handsome! I'm the most handsome man in the Black Zone! She's going to pay for her insult.

Just in case you are wondering why Juvia called Vector a pig, he's a fat man with a ring on his nose and he got a little facial resemblance with a pig and his ears too.

Juvia tried her best against Vector's gang but her water ability was weak due to the Black Zone effect, though she succeeded in knocking few out she was just pinned down by the gang and they beat her up like they were doing to Rita and she screamed.

Roland and Bernard who were twins also had their hands full as their combo water attacks didn't help and they were also taken down and were being beaten.

Vector: Wait!!

Vector ordered his gang to stop and they did as the Panda squad were all down with bruises and he laughed as he walked toward Rita and Juvia.

Vector: Get the two of them naked! I want to kill them while they are naked. I'm such an evil pervert! Hahahaha! I am evil!

Roland: Leave them alone!
Bernard: Touch them and you will die!!

Roland and Bernard were immediately kicked as they both screamed.

Vector: You fools! I will kill you people last. I want to see the expressions on your faces when I cut your girlfriends naked! Hahahaha!

Rita bra was taken off and her boobs were exposed since she only wore bra and a short.

Rita: Damn you!

Juvia shirt were tored off as she screamed and her boobs were exposed as she screamed.

Vector: Hahahaha! Look at how big they are, I wish I could spend more time with them in the bedroom but I'm going to squeeze them right here. Now remove the rest, I want to see what they got in between those legs! Hahahaha!

Rita: Damn you pigs!
Juvia: Don't touch us!

Just as some members of the gang were about to strip off what remained of Rita and Juvia's clothes, their heads went off as their bloods splashed around and everyone was suprise.

Vector: What the! What happened?

Suddenly Diva, the samurai lady who appeared to lady Margaret at the hot spring appeared before them and they were all shocked.

Vector: (Trembling) It's Diva!
Guild: We are sorry!
Table: You can overlook this right?

The entire Vector's gang were trembling and the Panda squad were were suprised on why they were afraid of just one sword wielding lady.

Diva: Men are pigs! They are scums that must be wiped out from this world. As long as there is a man remaining in this world it shall forever remain cursed. For trying to violate these ladies, I shall send you all to hell!

And just in a flash everyone in Vector's gang heads went off as blood rained down, and Diva cleaned her sword.

Diva: I like cutting my enemies heads off to make sure that they are dead!

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Re: The Seven Colours
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Episode One Hundred And Nine (109) Continuation

The Panda squad were terrified of Diva as they didn't even see her move an inch, and then she moved to Roland and Bernard direction to kill them too.

Rita: Wait! They are with us!
Diva: I see. I will spare them only because you asked.
Rita: Thank you.

Diva walked toward Rita and Juvia's direction as they were still afraid of her.

Diva: I can tell that you people are from the Free Zone, you girls can come to the maiden kingdom of Lust and you will always be accepted as one of us.

Rita: Yea, thanks a lot.
Diva: Where's lady Diana? I saw her with you people earlier today.

Rita: Lady Diana? I don't know anyone with that name.
Diva: The heavenly, elegant and beautiful white haired girl that was in your midst. You are a bit older than her, her smiles makes one forget their sadness. And her speech can wake up the dead from their slumber.

Juvia: Wow! You must really be a fan of hers. You must be talking about Angel.

Diva blushed when she heard the name Angel, and Rita and Juvia were suprised and wondered if she was really the merciless samurai who just killed about thirty people.

Diva: So my lady goes by the name Angel now, that's so sweet. Of course, that's a perfect name for her. Or maybe I should pick a Goddess name for her.

Rita: You are really a fan.
Diva: So where is my lady Diana? The one you call Angel.
Rita: She's with the others.
Diva: Okay, I shall take my leave now. You can come to the kingdom of Lust whenever you please.

And just then, Diva disappeared and dropped two red stones for Rita and Juvia.

Rita: Why did you say Angel was Diana? I know we can trust the samurai girl but how did you know?
Juvia: Angel is a goddess and she matches her description. And also during the battle against Fury, he called Angel, Diana.
Rita: Are you trying to say that Angel have been here before?
Juvia: It seems that way. But if she really have, she would have told us.
Rita: Yea. We are both almost naked right now. Let's get out of here.

As everything was going on, Angel and the others were having fun as they were checking out the capital.

Angel: This place is so cool, I'm sure they have a place I can soak myself in hot water.
Lust: Hmm. You always look for a little opportunity to get naked.
Angel: I can't help it!
Lust: What can I say, you are a pervert.
Angel: (Smiles) Yes, that's what I am!

Silver: I wonder how the others are doing.
Angel: Don't worry, they will be just fine. They all promised to stay alive.

And just then Clown the Joker's head went flying and it fell on the floor and everyone was shocked.

Conan: Clown! Who did this!!

Angel and the others who were distracted turned back as Clown was behind them.

Angel: We were so careless!

Suddenly everyone around them started laughing and a man with a big axe came out from the shadows laughing.
Man: Hahahahaha! I did it!
Conan: You will pay!!

Alex: Wait! There's no blood gushing out of Clown's body.

Everyone including the axeman saw that there was no blood coming out of Clown's body, and they were all suprised except Conan.
And suddenly Clown the Joker's body walked up to his head and picked it, and the others were also suprised and everyone in the street ran away except they and the axeman.

Clown: Hey guys, I'm back!

Axeman: What the!!
Red: I must be dreaming!
Angel: Wow!
Skipper: Is Clown really a human?

Lust looked deep into Clown and was suprised at what she saw.

Lust: (In her mind) Impossible! Is this for real?

Conan immediately hugged Clown the Joker as they were both happy.

Conan: Clown! I'm so happy that you are okay.
Clown: Yea, me too.
Conan: I will keep my promise to you, no matter what.

Before the axeman knew what was going on Gold chopped his hands off and he screamed in agony as blood gushed out.

Gold: Nobody hurts a friend of mine.

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Re: The Seven Colours
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Episode One Hundred And Ten (110)

Angel Is Kidnapped?? X Who Is Lady Diana??

The axeman fell down as he screamed and blood gushed out from his severed hands and he passed out.
Everyone turned over to Conan and Clown as they wondered about what just happened.

Angel: Clown! I never knew you were an immortal.
Clown: Huh? Maybe.
Lust: How did you know he's an immortal?
Angel: That's the only description I can give him.

Blue: I think we should forget about what happened to Clown, we can talk about that later.
Conan: Yes!

And just then Diva appeared behind them and they all turned back. Diva immediately hugged Angel as they both fell to the ground.

Diva: I'm so happy to see you my lady.
Angel: Your lady huh? (Looks at her boobs) You are one hot samurai.
Diva: Touch it if you want to.

Angel started squeezing her boobs as she moaned out and Red wished he was the one.

Red: (In his mind) Why always her? Why am I not this lucky?

Alex: Angel is quite the pervert.
Lust: She's doing it again!

Lust controlled Angel with her secret ability and she stopped playing with Diva's boobs.

Lust: (In her mind) Even big sis can't repel my power.

Angel stood up with Diva who was so into her.

Angel: So who are you?
Diva: My lady! You don't remember me? I'm the Goddess Diva! Your personal guard! Lady Diana you must remember me.
Angel: Hmm, you must have confused me with someone else.

Gold remembered the name Diva, his mother had told him about her during their training session in the Seven World.

Gold: (In his mind) So this is her, I met her sooner than I expected.

Diva began crying as Angel said she didn't know her.

Angel: Diva, you don't need to cry.

Cards: You should try someone else.
Lust: Yea, big sis don't know you.

Diva wiped off and tears and drew out her sword and looked at them.

Diva: You must have done something to her! I shall kill the boys and spare the girls!

Angel: Wait!

Diva touched Angel and she disappeared and everyone was suprised, and the Flower squad was agitated.

Crush: What did you do to Mum!
Diva: You mean Lady Diana? She's in a place where no one will disturb her, the kingdom of Lust.

Suddenly Diva was surrounded by all of them.

Diva: My mission here is done but I will kill the men if I have to.

Angel appeared near the hot spring Lady Margeret was, and she immediately stood up naked as she recognised Angel's aura.

Margaret: Diana!
Angel: Huh? Who are you and where am I?

Without answering the questions, Margaret hugged Angel and soaked her in the hot spring.

Margaret: I miss you so much.
Angel: Really? I must as well enjoy myself. And we can talk about the lady Diana stuff later.
Margaret: Yes, my love.

Angel removed her soaked clothes and lady Margaret kissed her.

Margaret: I will never let you out of my sight again, we will be together forever.

Meanwhile, back at the border kingdom Crush charged at Diva, and Diva couldn't move.

Diva: What is this? She crushed my resolve!!

Just at the last second Diva moved and pinned Crush at the ground but decided not to harm her, because she was a lady and also Angel's friend.

Crush: Bring mum back!

Cards, Maker and Maze made to attack but her sheer presence blew them away.

Sniper shot Diva but she cut all the bullets and Diva found herself frozen again as Lust attacked her but she broke free and pinned her to the ground.

She made to go after the seven colours but Gold appeared before her, and just went she was about to cut through Gold she saw his eyes and stopped, and she pushed him away to everyone's suprise.

Gold: Why did you stop? Are you afraid?
Diva: No. It's your eyes, they look just like my teacher's, Sophia.
Gold: That's my mum you are talking about.
Diva: What??

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Re: The Seven Colours
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Episode One Hundred And Ten (110) Continuation

Diva placed back her sword after knowing that Gold was Sophia's son, and she happens to be her master.

Diva: I see, I shall spare you and your friends because of the promise I made to my teacher. Seek me when you are stronger.

The Flower squad all attacked Diva together but she disappeared.

Crush: Bring back mum!

Alex: We can still retrieve her, at least we know that the name of the kingdom is Lust.

Pink: Her speed is either Godspeed or she uses teleportation, because I didn't see her.

Lust: Damn it! Let's go to the kingdom of Lust! And only the Flower squad is going.

Skipper: I understand your point but....
Crush: Don't worry, we can handle it.

Blue: Hmm, where is the kingdom of Lust?
Pink: I bought a map.

Pink brought the map she bought and they saw where the kingdom of Lust was.

Pink: According to what I learnt, the kingdom of Lust is the maiden kingdom, any male seen would be killed on sight.

Maker: What?

Diva had arrived at the kingdom of Lust and she heard moans in the hot spring, she checked and saw that Angel was making out with lady Margaret.

Diva: (In her mind) I wish I was the one there.

Two female samurai, Eve and Pearl met Diva as she was peeping at Angel and Margaret.

Eve: Diva!
Diva: Huh? I wasn't doing anything you know.
Pearl: Really? Then why is your hand in between your legs.
Diva: (Removes her hand) Nothing.
Eve: But your fingers are wet.
Diva: What??

Pearl: Nevermind, so lady Diana is back?
Diva: Yes, but she appears to have lost her memories and goes by the name Angel now.
Pearl: I see, it will come back with time.
Eve: So should we be expecting a challenge from her Free Zone friends?

Diva: I guess so. Two of the girls have powers that deals with the soul.
Pearl: Soul manipulators huh? It has been a while since I have heard of such specialist manipulators. We must watch out for those two.
Eve: I should be going now and check the current security status.
Pearl: I need to disinfect my swords, I just killed some pathetic men from the kingdom of Love.
Diva: What a stupid kingdom, they all deserves to die.
Eve: Of course.
Diva: And one more thing, I saw Ares.
Pearl: I see. Is he worthy?
Diva: No. Atleast not at the moment.
Pearl: Okay.

Diva, Eve and Pearl make up the three guardians of lady Margerat, but when lady Diana was around Diva was her guardian.

Diva waited till Pearl and Eve were gone and she went back to peeping at Angel and lady Margaret.

Diva: (In her mind) I'm so jealous!!

The Flower squad had decided that they would be the only ones going to retrieve Angel.
Pink, Alex, Blue and Skipper were able to calculate the exact location of the kingdom of Lust using the map.

Pink: With this deduction you can get into the middle of the kingdom. The gravity there should be 50 times higher. So you should be careful.

Sniper: Don't worry four eyes, we can handle this. And I will be back for you.
Pink: Sure.

Cards opened a portal as the entire Flower squad powered up as they entered it, to retrieve Angel from the kingdom of Lust.

Blue: There they go.
Silver: They will be okay.

Yellow: We are here on a peaceful mission but it seems we have to fight at some points.
Green: And there are monsters like Godson.
Gold: And extraordinary skilled swordsmen like Diva.
Red: I wonder if we really have a chance.

Yellow: You are the weakest here Red, so you should worry more.
Red: Weakest huh? I can burn you to ashes right now.

Blue: We need to focus morons!
Skipper: We need to start moving immediately.
Silver: Let's go to the next kingdom. We can always start from the bottom and get to the top.

Alex: No. I have a better idea.

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Re: The Seven Colours
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Episode One Hundred And Eleven (111)

The Flower Challenges The Kingdom Of Lust X Michelle: The Gate Keeper!!

The entire Flower squad made the jump to the middle of the Lust kingdom through Cards' portal, but they were repelled by a force and found themselves in the front gate instead.

The gravity was just too much for them that they had to power up even more higher than they had earlier done.

Cards: I can barely stand!
Crush: I will see if I can help.
Lust: No. I'm better suited for this.

Lust used her ability and strenghtened their souls, and they were able to walk free and were at the peak of their power.

Sniper: Wow! It feels good.
Lust: It wouldn't last long, we have to be fast.

Maze: Why are we still in front of the kingdom!
Crush: Who cares?? Let's go!!

Suddenly a lightening arrow passed through Cards' body and he screamed as he was electrocuted, and a girl jumped down in front of them.

Girl: I'm Michelle, gate keeper of the Lust kingdom. No man is allowed into the kingdom, ladies can enter after successful screening.

The entire Flower squad looked at Michelle, and they could tell that she was extremely powerful as red lightening ran through her body.

Crush: What did you do to him?
Michelle: That was just a warning shot. May you ladies please follow me inside.

Lust: No way! We are going in together to get lady Diana.
Michelle: I see, I have been expecting you! Soul manipulator!

While Angel was making out with lady Magaret in the hot spring, she could tell that something bad was about happening to her squad and she stopped for a moment.

Magaret: What's the problem?
Angel: My squad, I can feel them from here. They are in some kind of trouble.
Magaret: Don't worry. Diva!

Diva immediately rushed there naked as she was caught off guard.

Diva: Yes, my lady.
Magaret: Raise that leg up.

Diva raised her legs up as lady Magaret smiled.

Magaret: Tell Pearl to make sure nothing bad happens to lady Diana's friends, and you can join us in here.
Diva: Yes my lady.

Diva rushed down to get Pearl as she was so excited that she was going to join her beloved lady Diana and Magaret together, in a hot spring.

Diva: Yea, I finally did it! I'm going to be with the two of them.

Lady Magaret kissed Angel after Diva left as an assurance.

Magaret: Aww! Nothing is going to happen to them.

The Flower squad were still afraid to move as they know about red lightening, and the danger it can cause.

Lust: (In her mind) Damn it! I'm really low on power here, using my power here on such a scale really took a lot out of me.

Maker: I can handle his!

Maker charged at Michelle but he was struck with her red lightening, and he screamed as he fell down unconcious.

Michelle: That's one down!

Maze: How dare you!

Maze released his power immediately and the entire Flower squad charged at Michelle, and she just smiled.

Michelle was suprised as they got her and punched the hell out of her and she crashed to the ground, but she stood up immediately as she was confused.

Michelle: (In her mind) What's wrong!! I'm sure I got them!

Lust: Fist of Lust!
Crush: Death fist!!

Michelle saw Lust and Crush trying to punch her with their finishing move from the left, she tried to strike them but she got the punch from her right.

And just when she was about to fall, Sniper fired shock bullets at her as she screamed and fell down.

Cards and Maker were unable to join the fight as the were both out of commission after her lightening touched them, and Maze concentrated so that his power would have great effect on Michelle.

Lust & Crush & Sniper: We did it!!

Maze: Yes, that was nicely done girls. We can now go into the kingdom and rescue big sister.
Sniper: Yea, but we have to take care of Cards and Maker.
Lust: Leave it to me.

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Re: The Seven Colours
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Episode One Hundred And Eleven (111) Continuation

As Lust wanted to help Maker and Cards, Michelle stood up with red lightening running all over her body.
She laughed as everyone was suprised that the Fist of Lust and Death Fist couldn't take her down.

Michelle licked the blood near her mouth and spit it out, and she looked at Maze.

Michelle: You are the reason why I'm getting beat up! Your power is affecting my sense of direction. That's a good ability you got there.

Maze: You found me out! But how are you going to avoid that?

Michelle: I just have to destroy every thing, I was holding back because of the girls. But I will have to take you all down.

Crush used her power to break Michelle's resolve but she broke free.

Michelle: It's time for execution!

The sky turned dark as a strong wind started blowing and stones were lifted up to the air, and the same time Michelle got her eyes focus on all members of the Flower squad.
And the ground she stood on started caving it as the lightening running through her body got stronger.

Crush: I don't understand, our powers have no effect on the them.
Lust:  Beats me!
Sniper: It's because their resolve are just too strong.
Crush: We better go berserk then.
Lust: No, we must stick to the plan. It will work out somehow.

Stop!! Pearl ordered Michelle as she appeared before them, and she stopped.

Michelle: My lady.
Pearl: We will be taking them as prisoners, that's lady Magaret's order.
Michelle: Yes my lady.

Pearl: (To the Flower squad) Come in as prisoners or die here.

Lust: We prefer to come in as prisoners.

Ahh!! Lust and the others screamed as the gravity started taking effect on them and they passed out.

Pearl: You know what to do with them.
Michelle: Yes my lady. I'm sorry I allowed them to beat me up.

Pearl: No matter how strong someone is, there are powers which can take them down. That boy (Maze) messed up with your sense of direction, that's why they landed some blows on you. You would have killed them if I didn't stop you. Be strong Michelle.

Michelle: Thank you so much! It won't happen again.

At the border kingdom the Panda squad had found a hideout, where they would stay until they were ready to enter the main Black Zone.

Out of the six kingdoms that entered the Black Zone, only four remained as the Lion and the Snake squad were missing in action and had fallen into the hands of the evil ones.

Rita: This will make a good spot. We will be moving out in a month.
Juvia: Angel would be turning 16 in a month, I wish I could be there with her.
Rita: Me too, we will try our best to keep our promise.

The twin water brothers, Roland and Bernard returned with some foodstuffs.

Roland: These will last us for three days.
Bernard: And we can always get more.
Rita: Nice one boys, we are not running away this time.
Juvia: Yea, I just hope the others are doing just fine.

Meanwhile Lust, Crush and Sniper woke up and found themselves in a large room with everything they would ever need.

Sniper: Wait! Is this their definition of a prison?
Crush: This is like a king's room back in the Free Zone.
Lust: It's simple really, they don't see us the girls as prisoners.
Sniper: Hmm, that makes me wonder where Maker and the others are.

Maker, Maze and Cards woke up and found themselves in an underground dungeon and they heared screams of people being tortured.

Maker: Where the hell are we? It's so hot here.
Maze: We must be in hell, can't you hear those people screaming?
Cards: I think we are in a very big mess. It's an underground dungeon.
Maker: Does that mean we are going to get tortured like those screaming?
Cards: Probably!
Maze: No! I can't stay here anymore!
Cards: Relax, remember the plan. Everything lies in the hands of Lust, Crush and Sniper.

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Re: The Seven Colours
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Good day fans,

Due to academic reasons, I will be posting two stories per day instead of four.
This may increase or reduce in the future, but only time will tell.

Thanks for your understanding.

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Re: The Seven Colours
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Episode One Hundred And Twelve (112)

Prison Break!! X The Three Flowers Strikes!!

It was midnight and Angel was sleeping on lady Magaret's laps, though she wasn't really clear about what was happening she somehow felt at home.

Lady Magaret was so happy as she carressed Angel's hairs.

Magaret: I will never let you out of my sight forever, we will always be together.

Eve, Pearl and Diva walked into the room and they were all happy to see lady Diana.

Magaret: You girls need to have some sleep.
Pearl: Thank you my lady, we just want to see lady Diana.
Diva: It has been so long, I can't wait to get back to duty.
Eve: She's really an Angel like her new name.

Magaret: Yes, she is. What about her friends from the Free Zone?

Eve: The girls are kept in a comfortable place, but the boys are still in the undergroud dungeon and would be tortured soon.

Magaret: I don't know how my lady Diana will feel, so transfer the boys to the ice sector instead. If they are truely worthy of being by my lady Diana's side, then they wouldn't die.
Eve: Yes my lady.

Sniper, Crush and Lust woke up exactly at midnight as they had planned.

Sniper: It's time ladies!
Crush: Yea, we are getting mum back!
Lust: First, we have to break out of this thing they call prison.
Sniper: I can get us out of here.

The trio moved close to the door and found out that it wasn't locked.

Lust: What the hell? Did they take us for fools?
Sniper: It seems they didn't care if we broke out of the prison, well this isn't a prison.
Crush: Who cares? They are making everything too easy, we are going to get back mum.

As they got out of the room they saw a girl and they charged at her, but she appeared to be scared so they stopped.

Girl: Please don't hit me.

Lust: Huh? All the girls here are supposed to be tough.
Girl: No, not really. Not as you think at least. I was just told to look after you, in case you need anything.

Lust: I see. We need our big sister back, but it seems force is our only option.
Girl: No, we can settle things peacefully.
Sniper: Yea, you are right.
Lust: No, we are taking her by force.

Lust and the others made to go but the girl grabbed her hand.

Lust: What's it girl? Do you want to stop us?
Girl: No, it's just that your screening begins at dawn. If you go out now, you might get beaten.
Lust: Screw your screening, we can take care of ourselves.

They left immediately with the girl trying to call them back but they paid no attention to her.

Lust: It's full power girls when we get out of this building, we can't let the gravity take us down.
Crush & Sniper: Yea!
Sniper: Lust, why didn't you use your power on that girl? You know, so that she wouldn't tell anyone we escaped.
Lust: She's too sweet.
Sniper: Hmm, you are as graceful as ever.
Crush: That's Lust for you!
Lust: Let's go girls!

Maker, Maze and Cards were sweating like serious because of the heat of the underground dungeon and they felt so sick.

Maker: It's too hot in here!
Maze: Why don't you guys just make some ice?
Maker: Wow! That's a great idea, I will do that just now.
Cards: No, let's enjoy the little moment of peace we still have left. If you use magic, the devils might remember us.
Maze: Oh yes, you are certainly right.
Maker: We are screwed.
Cards: Yea, it's so suprising that the six of us couldn't take down just one girl.
Maker: Remember they are originally a hundred times stronger than us. The Black Zone effect is the reason.

And just then the trio heard footsteps coming to their direction and they started trembling.

Cards: The devil finally remembered us.
Maker: We are screwed!
Maze: What are we going to do now?
Cards: Let's try to be calm, but we will fight if there's any need.
Maker: I guess so.

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Re: The Seven Colours
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Episode One Hundred And Twelve (112) Continuation

Cards, Maker and Maze were still trembling when a girl on a bikini and bra walked up to the gate of their dungeon, her snake eyes sent down shiver to their spine as they saw her.

Girl: I'm Medusa, the master of the underground dungeon. You are being transferred to a better place under the order of lady Magaret.

Cards: Thank goodness!!

Medusa brought out her whip and flogged it on the gate as they screamed.

Medusa: Don't get your hopes up! Follow me now!
Cards, Maker & Maze: Yes ma'am!

Medusa opened the door and they followed her as they looked at her naked butt.

Medusa: If you don't want to have your heads flying off, don't look at my butt!

Trio: Yes ma'am.

The trio immediately faced forward as they could feel that she was hiding her power deep inside, and she used her smiles to cover it up.

Cards: (In his mind) Every girl here must be incredibly strong.

The screams were fading away as the hotness began to cool. 

Cards: Please, can I ask a question?
Medusa: Yes.
Cards: Who were those people screaming?
Medusa: Some foolish men, they are being tortured by my squad members. Some of them are soaked in lava, some are being boiled alive. Some of them are being struck with lightening and whipped at the same time.

Cards: That's cruel.
Medusa: Men are scum, the three of you are just lucky.

Medusa suddenly stopped walking and they were scared, and then she smiled again.

Medusa: It seems the girls you came with are causing quite some trouble. Let's go!

Sniper, Crush and Lust were surrounded after they came out of the building with their aura enveloping their bodies.

Crush: It's time for berserk mode.
Lust: Yes!!
Sniper: Let's do it!

The girls charged at the trio and Crush and Lust eyes got darker and the girls all fell down.

Sniper: You should have left some for me.
Crush: Above you!
Sniper: I got it!

Sniper immediately summoned her guns and shot at the girl charging at her, the girl dodged it but Sniper just smiled.

Sniper: It's time to mark her aura! Shock guns!

Sniper shot the girl shock bullets, the girl tried to dodge it but she couldn't since her aura was already marked.

Girl: What the hell!

Ahh!! The girl screamed as she fell down after being electrocuted with the shock bullets, but Sniper caught her so that she wouldn't crash to the ground.

Lust: You are too merciful Sniper. Let's just hope someone like Michelle doesn't show up.
Crush: She can't stand our berserk mode, remember we both defeated big sis with it.
Lust: Yea, but our powers were at the normal level then. We are a hundred times weaker here.

The three Flowers left immediately so that someone as strong as Michelle won't hunt them down.

Angel immediately woke up after sensing Crush and Lust berserk mode.

Angel: They are still fighting!!
Magaret: It's just a form of training.
Angel: I see.
Magaret: Yea, you have nothing to worry about.

Angel: (In her mind) I better tell her that I'm not the lady Diana she thinks I am.

Sniper, Lust and Crush were on the run as they were being chased by the magic knights of the kingdom of Lust.

Lust: Damn! They are all over us.
Crush: Yea, we can't escape them.
Sniper: You two should go, I can hold them off for a while.
Lust: Sure?
Sniper: Yea.

Sniper removed her spectacles and her eyes glowed and her power rose up.

Lust: Nice one Sniper! You have been saving this.
Sniper: Yes, I have only used it once against big sister during our training session.
Crush: We are counting on you Sniper!
Sniper: Just leave it to me.

Sniper immediately charged at the girls chasing them with great speed, and Crush and Lust smiled.

Crush: Let's go Lust!
Lust: Sure!

And so the mission to retrieve Angel continued as Crush and Lust went ahead, while Sniper charged at the girls chasing after them.

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Re: The Seven Colours
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Episode One Hundred And Thirteen (113)

The Three Flowers On The Move! X The Clashes Begin

Sniper charged at the girls chasing after them as she was at full power, her glowing eyes had enchanced her overall ability.

She summoned her shock guns and moved very fast as she marked multiple aura at the same time and took all of the down at the same time.

Sniper: I'm sorry girls, I just want to save my big sister!

After Sniper was done knocking the girls out, she turned back and meant to go but a girl appeared in front of her.

Girl: You are not going anywhere! How dare you hurt my sisters!!
Sniper: I'm sorry!

The girl immediately charged at Sniper and made to kick her but she dodged it at a close call.

Sniper: That was close.
Girl: I'm not done with you!

The girl appeared behind Sniper and made to kick her, but Sniper immediately turned back and grabbed her leg but didn't fall her.

Sniper: I said I'm sorry!
Girl: I won't listen to you!

The girl made to kick Sniper and she dropped her other leg, as Sniper wanted to dodge the girl grabbed her neck with her legs so tight.

Sniper: You are going to suffocate me.
Girl: I'm going to do worse than that.

She threw Sniper to a wall and she fell and screamed as the wall was destroyed.

Girl: That's too easy.

The girl walked over to Sniper and grabbed her.

Girl: FYI, I'm Juliet and the girls you just knocked out unconscious are my sisters. Why are you not fighting back?
Sniper: Juliet, I'm sorry. I shouldn't have hurt your sisters, but it was the only way.

Juliet threw Sniper to a distance and walked up to her as she stood up.

Juliet: Now let's fight! I want you to be serious this time.
Sniper: Okay, I will just hurt you a little.
Juliet: Moron! You can't even hurt my hairs.
Sniper: Okay, we just have to see about that.

Sniper aura enveloped her body with her glowing eyes, and Juliet's aura also enveloped her body and she just gazed at Sniper.

Juliet: (In her mind) Those eyes, they are still undeveloped. Well, that will give me an advantage.

Sniper: I'm ready when you are!
Juliet: I'm ready!
Sniper & Juliet: Let's do this!

Juliet and Sniper charged at each other as a showdown was about to begin, and suprisingly Sniper didn't use her gun, and the moment their fists clashed there was an explosion.

Lust and Crush on the other hand were still on the run as more magic knights were after them, they used their berserk mode abilities to knock some down but more kept on coming and the unconscious ones regained consciousness.

Lust: They never get tired.
Crush: Yea, I love their warrior spirits.

A rain of kunai fell on them and then they both jumped into a house and were immediately surrounded.

Crush: I think it was a back idea running into this house.
Lust: No, those kunai could have rained down on us.
Crush: I'm glad that they wouldn't set this house on fire since we are girls.
Lust: Yes. They can attack from any angle.

Angel was getting worried but so somehow excited at the fight going on.

Angel: I would like to go out and watch the fight.
Margaret: You don't have to worry my love, we can both see everything from here.

Lady Margaret manipulated everyone in the room and they could see the two battle fronts.

Angel: Wow! Sniper is really holding her ground. Crush and Lust are going to crush those girls.

Diva: Lady Diana, your team is the strongest that have entered the Black Zone in years.

Angel: Wow! That's wonderful, I'm so proud of them.
Margaret: So did you train them my love?
Angel: Yea. They are just so great.

Pearl: Hmm, even with the Black Zone effect and gravity they could still fight this much.

Angel: Yea, the longer they are in a fight, the stronger they get. Very soon they will get used to the gravity.

Eve: That's amazing!
Angel: So where are the boys?
Pearl: Uhm.

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Re: The Seven Colours
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Episode One Hundred And Thirteen (113) Continuation

Cards, Maze and Maker were in a ice land somewhere underground in the kingdom of Lust, and they were feeling cold like hell. They would have made fire but Medusa warned them not to.

Cards: Oh mahn! It's so cold in here!
Maze: Yes, and that hot bikini girl said we shouldn't use fire.
Maker: Yes, we have no choice but to obey.

And just then Cards started jumping up and down.

Maze: You still got some energy left brother.
Cards: Let's stop pretending, we have been to dimensions which are colder than here when training with big sis.
Maker: Yea, you are right.

Suddenly they pulled off their shirts and started jumping up and down.

Maker: This is nothing compared to what big sister put us through.
Maze: Yes, I think this place is hot!
Cards: That's the spirit brothers!

Medusa who was watching them smiled as she licked her lips.

Medusa: I guess they are not scums like other men. They truly are friends of our precious lady Diana.

Lust and Crush were still surrounded in the building and they would be attacked the moment they step out.

Lust: Crush, why don't you do your thing?
Crush: Okay, it's time to crush everything.

Before Crush could do what she wanted to do, kunai infused with aura started raining down the house.

Lust: Let's move!

Crush and Lust moved out as that was the only option left, and they were immediately surrounded and pinned down.

Lust: They got us.

Girl: Surrender now! We don't want to hurt you people.

Lust: Thanks, but we are not going to to take your advice.

Girl: Then, we just have to restrain you.

Crush: Are you ready for a crash?
Lust: Yes, I am.

Crush caused the ground to collapse and they both fell into an underground pathway.

Girl1: Nice tactic. But they can't run for long.

Crush and Lust stood up and dust their bodies after the crash.

Crush: Are you thinking what I'm thinking?
Lust: Yes, let's show the what we are made of. I'm already used to the gravity.
Crush: Me too. We are going to get back mum!

Lust and Crush jumped up and faced the girls who were suprised.

Lust: We are not running. We are going to fight our way through.

Girl1: I see. We wouldn't go down too.

Crush and Lust powered down as they were now used to the gravity and they clashed with the girls.

The duo decided to go hand on hand against the girls, who were not yet using their true powers.

Lust: This is exciting!
Crush: Yes!

Crush and Lust fought against the girls as they exchanged blows with the girls, and the ground shaked as they fought on roof tops.

Crush was pinned down by ten girls but they all flew away as she charged up with her mere strength.

Crush: These girls are tough!

Lust was chained and was punched multiple times but she destroyed the chain by her mere physical strength.

Lust: This is fun, I can still play around for some time.

Lust saw a fire ball descending on her but she kicked it to the kingdom's tower at the front gate, and Michelle destroyed it.

Michelle: It looks like they are having a party over there. Time to return the gift.

Michelle sent back a ball of red lightening but it was destroyed by Sniper and Juliet who jumped up high while fighting.

Michelle: I guess that's two parties.

Lady Margaret was impressed on how the three Flowers were faring against her girls, since they were from the Free Zone.

Margaret: I like those girls, they are strong.

Pearl: Yea, they are on a squad leader's level.
Margaret: Maybe more than that.
Angel: (In her mind) Wow! Show them what you have girls!

And so the Flower squad are engaged in their first battle in the Black Zone, and the whereabout of the Eagle and Panda squad are yet unknown and would be revealed in future episodes.

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Re: The Seven Colours
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Episode One Hundred And Fourteen (114)

Sniper Duel With Juliet!! X Lily Appears: Crush And Lust Are Cornered!!

As Lust and Crush were fighting with the girls after them, Sniper was have a duel with Juliet who happens to be a squad leader.

Sniper's eyes had increased her overall power and skills but she was still having a hard time with Juliet.

Sniper and Juliet both stopped as they were panting heavily.

Juliet: You are strong!
Sniper: You too.
Juliet: So tell me, why are you not using your guns?
Sniper: I have been trained in hand to hand combat by my big sister.
Juliet: Okay, let's finish this!
Sniper: Yea.

The two girls look at each other as their power levels rose up, and Juliet's body was engulfed in red flames.

Juliet: Let's see you fight fire!

Juliet charged Sniper who dodged her kick, but as she jumped up Juliet's fires formed hands to grab her.
Sniper immediately punched the air causing shock waves to quench the fire hands.

Juliet: Impressive.

Juliet jumped up and kicked her which she blocked with her hand, but the fire was hot that she screamed and Juliet used the opportunity to kick her down.

Sniper: Aaah!!

As Sniper was about to crash on the ground, she regained her balance and jumped up but Juliet's fire fists knocked her into a building as she crashed into it.

Juliet: I hope that didn't burn her.

Sniper came out from the burning building and Juliet was so happy that she wasn't hurt.

Juliet: I'm glad that you are okay, but I'm not done with you yet!
Sniper: Bring it on fire girl!

Sniper charged at Juliet who thought she was going to get punched, but Sniper ducked and kicked her legs as Juliet losed her balance and fell.

Sniper wanted to give her a shock punch but she stopped.

Juliet: Why did you stop? You could have knocked me out.
Sniper: No, you are more stronger than that. Let's become friends.
Juliet: You idiot!

Juliet's flames got stronger and Sniper moved away as she stood up.

Juliet: I'm going to take you down right now.
Sniper: I'm always ready for you.
Juliet: (Smiles) I kind of like you girl. But we are on different sides here.
Sniper: The name is Sniper.
Juliet: Okay Sniper, it's time for me to end this.
Sniper: Bring it on!

Juliet's flames circled around the two of them and just as she was about to attack, she heard a baby cry and she stopped.

Juliet: The babies!

Juliet looked around and saw that fire was spreading in many buildings, and there were babies in two of them.

Juliet: Please, I need your help Sniper. Let's save the babies!
Sniper: Babies? Where are they?
Juliet: Follow me.

As Juliet and Sniper left lady Magaret and the others smiled.

Magaret: They are sweet girls.
Angel: Yes.
Diva: That Free Zone girl is as sweet as our lady Diana.

Angel removed her face from Magaret's laps as she was troubled and didn't want to keep deceiving them further.

Magaret: What's the problem my dear?
Angel: I want to tell you something. I'm not the lady Diana you know.
Diva: No. You are our lady Diana, those Free Zone magic knights must have done something to you.
Angel: No. They are my friends.

Crush and Lust were still in their fight against the girls which had surrounded them, the girls wouldn't give up as they stood up each time they fell down.

Crush and Lust stayed back to back as they were panting and they were still surrounded by the girls.

Girl1: Give up already!

Crush: These girls are strong.
Lust: Yea, it looks like we need to go berserk mode again.
Crush: Yea, but it takes a lot of our energy to maintain the mode.
Lust: Yea, that's because it's stronger than sage mode. Maybe we can join both sage mode and berserk mode together.
Crush: Yea, but we can't go sage mode.

Suddenly rain started falling and the girls moved out to make a way for someone.

Lust: What's this? This rain is not natural.
Crush: Yea, someone tough is here.

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Re: The Seven Colours
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Episode One Hundred And Fourteen (114) Continuation

As Crush and Lust were still backing each other, a large amount of rain dropped down on the place the were and it formed into a girl that just looked like Lust, and also had a little resemblance to Juvia.

Lust immediately had an unclear flashback and she trembled but Crush touched her.

Lust: Thanks Crush.

Girl: So you two are the ones making trouble for my squad?

Lust: Yea, and who might you be?
Girl: It's polite to say your name first before asking others.
Lust: Hmm, I'm Lust.
Crush: And I'm Crush.

Girl: Good, I'm Lily and I am here to put you in your place. No one messes with my squad, it's going to be me against the two of you.

Lust: Oh yea! Bring it on! (In her mind) She's strong!
Crush: (In her mind) Her water ability have evolved!

Lily's squad members stepped out of the way, and Crush and Lust immediately attacked her.

When the duo punched her their hands passed through her, as her body turned to water upon contact.

Lust and Crush moved back as Lily smiled.

Lust: We should have saved our berserk mode for her.
Crush: Let's go again!

Lust and Crush continued punching and kicking Lily but it didn't work as they were just punching water.

Lust: It's time to use our powers.
Crush: Yes!

Crush and Lust used their soul manipulation technique and punched Lily, they got her real body this time as she screamed and moved back a little.

Lily: That hurts! You two must be the soul manipulators.
Lust: Yea, and with our power we can hit your real body.
Lily: You are right!

Lily sent two water fists at the two of them but they both dodged and appeared behind her back, they both punched her but it was just water.

Crush & Lust: That's a water clone!

The real Lily appeared before them, they punched her but she immediately turned into water before contact and dodged their attacks.

Lust: Stop running and fight like a girl!

Lily: Okay, get ready! Water dragon!

A water snake dragon was immediately formed by Lily and it attack the two girls, who kept on dodging it at close calls.

Crush and Lust both punched the air and caused a shock wave that shattered the water dragon, but it reformed again and went after them.

Crush: It can reform, let's manipulate Lily.
Lust: No, it won't be fun that way. I have a plan, she's going down with her own attack.

Lust distracted the water dragon and it started chasing her and left Crush alone.

Lust ran with great speed as the water dragon chased her, and she dodged when she was near Lily and the water dragon struck Lily instead.

Crush: Wow! So that was her plan.
Lust: I hope that worked.

Lily immediately started laughing as she had merged with the water that formed the water dragon.

Lily: You think my own attack will take me down, think again because that is not going to happen.

Lust: You are tough. We are not going down so easily because we are having fun.
Lily: You can come at me at the same time, I don't mind. I can handle the two of you.

Lust: You are going to regret that!

Crush and Lust started fighting Lily in a hand to hand combat, but Lily was just blocking their attacks with one hand as she smiled.

Lily: You will never be able to beat me.

Crush: I was given the name Crush because my ability was mistaken at birth, but it wasn't entirely a mistake. I just evolved!
Lily: What are you trying to say?
Crush: This!!

Crush immediately punched Lily's to the face as she screamed and crashed at a wall.

Crush: I might be called a soul manipulator but it's something more than that, my power only works on one side. The negative side!
Lust: Yea, and my power works on two sides!

Lily immediately stood up as she cleaned the blood on her mouth, and smiled.

Lily: I see. I underestimated the two of you. Let's have fun!
Crush & Lust: Yes!!

And so the duo of Crush and Lust fight against Lily continued as Angel was telling lady Margaret the truth.

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