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The Enlightened Mind
This poem was first written in my former blog.

Living in full consciousness
Seeing the world with the real eyes
Refusing to be corrupted by others lies
Full of love and wisdom
Quietness and peace
Humble in all things
Seeing everyone as equal
Practising and experimenting and not just reading
Oh Lord Buddha let me be awake

Knowing my inner self
Seeing the real world
Choosing to listen not speaking
Thoughtless but awake
The real world makes me amaze
The right path I walk
Free from the torments of the false world
Living the real life

Living today as the present
Mind thoughtless so I think of today only
My Lord Buddha your teachings are worth more than anything
A thoughtless mind sees the world as it is
And not as the mind directs

Expressing love
Being kind
Seeing everyone as equal
The way we are important to one another
Living the simple life
Quietness not loneliness
The real life

Oh Lord Buddha I will not only read your teachings
I will practise them
Let the light shine bright within me
Let me see the real world
And not the illusions of my mind
Awake me Buddha

I am Clinton! Act Now! I hope you love my stories.

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Re: The Enlightened Mind
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wow, miss this forum o
Wish I could be more active, but I gat work to do
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