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Re: 18+ Christina
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Episode FortyFive (45) Continuation

As they were walking Christina turned and looked at the Principal.

Christina: Are we not there yet?

The Principal realised that they had long passed his office.

Principal: Oops! My bad, follow me please.

Christina: It's just like our first day at the previous school.
Esther: Yes, just like that.
Juvia: We should torture him a little.
Christina: Sure.

They all walked into his office and there were three chairs already kept for them.

Christina: He never came for any announcement, we were his targets all along.
Esther: Yes.

The all sat down, the Principal's was out of words as the three angels were seated right in front of him.

Christina: Just say the word or we are getting out of here.
Principal: Fffuck.
Christina: You can't fuck us! We are the ones who will fuck you.

Principal Nathan stood up from his chair and his visible hard on seemed to be bursting through his trouser.

Principal: I see, the three of you understand me.

Christina: Yea, sure. You want to fuck our holes.

They pulled their short skirts up revealing their pussies and asses as they wore no pant.
The Principal could no longer hold himself, he pulled off his trouser revealing his hard and hungry cock.

Principal: Come on, let's get to it already.
Christina: No.
Principal: Why? I thought you girls understood.
Christina:  Yes, but we never agreed.

Principal: Please, I will do anything.

Christina: Hmm, the truth is you can't satisfy the three of us.

Principal: Ahh!! Come on.
Christina: Call other teachers to come and help you.

Principal: I'm going to do that, there are some naughty teachers in the school.
Esther: Make sure to include Friday, he's good at eating pussy.

Principal: Sure.

Principal Nathan called the teachers and they said they would be there once they finish their current period.

Christina: All right Mr. Principal, we can have fun with you while they arrive.
Principal: Sure, the name is Nathan.

Esther: So Nathan, what do you want to see first? Our boobs or our pussy.

Nathan: I will start from up, that's boobs.
Esther: All right, just watch as we gently pulled our shirts off.
Nathan: Oh yea, I just can't wait.

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Re: 18+ Christina
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Episode FortySix (46)


Principal Nathan watched as Christina and her friends were about to start stripping in front of him.

They started by bringing out their boobs from their clothes amd holding them.

Christina: Don't you want to grab these boobs?
Nathan: (excited) Oh yes, I want to grab them.
Christina: (Licks her lips) What are you waiting for then?

The principal rushed at the trio who brought out their huge boobs.

Nathan: Ahh!! Ah! Oh my God! I'm in heaven! I'm in fucking heaven.

Principal Nathan first grabbed Christina's boobs and put his face on it.

Christina: That's it baby boy. Come to mama.

Principal Nathan grabbed her big boobs and started tickling her nipples with his tongue.

Christina: Ahh! That's the way to go boy. Ahh!! Tickle, tickle! Ah! Oh! You are good!! Ahh!! Oh my!

Principal Nathan then turned over and grabbed Esther's and Juvia boobs and he licked them and tickled their nipples as they made soft moans.

Esther: Ah! Ah!! That's the way to go boy. Lick it! Ahh! That's it baby.
Juvia: You are doing well, ahh! Ah!! That's the way to go.

As the Principal was sucking their boobs his dick got more harder and harder and it seemed like it would burst through his trouser.

Christina, Esther and Juvia now pulled off their shirts.

Nathan: Ahh! Make haste to remove those skirts. I want to lick your pussies and asses.
Christina: (Smiles) I see, patience isn't your thing. Don't worry. You are going to see it all.

The trio slowly pulled down their skirts as the Principal was so eager to see their pussies and naked asses.

As their pussies were about to be revealed the Principal opened his mouth wide.

Christina: Be careful, you might cum before we get started.

Nathan: Aah!!

Principal Nathan pulled off his trouser revealing his hard and erect cock.

Christina: (Licks her lips) Your soldier is ready for active duty, don't let it spill its milk before we even get started.
Nathan: Sure, come on girls! I can't wait any longer.

Esther: Relax baby we are going down.
Juvia: Like Christie said, don't go spilling your milk when we haven't even started.

Nathan: Sure.

Christina, Esther and Juvia finally pulled off their skirts revealing their yummy pussies since they wore no panties.

The principal was so excited as he saw their pussies, and then he grabbed his dick.

Nathan: Your pussies are awesome! I'm going to drill them!

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Re: 18+ Christina
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Episode FortySix (46) Continuation

Christina and her friends turned back and showed him their huge asses and his mouth was wide open.

Nathan: Ahh! You girls are really what they say you are. You are all Goddess and are naturally endowed.

Christina: You can say so.
Esther: Hmm, you can't take the three of us.
Nathan: The others will soon be here, let's have a little fun while they come. I'm sure they will be quick about it.
Juvia: They better be.

Juvia grabbed his dick and he moaned.

Nathan: Ahh!!
Juvia: Your milk is about to get spilled.

Christina: Make him spill it baby.
Juvia: Got ya.

Juvia immediately started skaking the principal's dick and he started moaning.

Nathan: Ahh! Ah!! Oh my God!! Ahh!! Ah!! Shake it! Shake it! Ahh!! Oh my God!! Oh my God!! Ahh!!

Esther: (Laughs) Look at him moan, he's going to cum any moment now.
Christina: We are just too hot for him, I hope the others will be better.
Esther: Yea, but they can't be better than those porn stars.
Christina: Sure.

Ah!! Ah!! Oh my God!! Oh my God! Principal Nathan moaned as he was about to cum and Juvia kept shaking his dick.

Juvia: I have a feeling that you are about to spill it.
Nathan: Yes! Ahh! Ah! Oh my God! I can't hold it anymore!!

Ahh!! Principal Nathan moaned out as he reached orgasm and he poured his semen on Juvia's face.

Nathan: Ahh!! Oh my God!! Ah!! That was so good......

The principal fell down as he savoured the orgarm he just had.

Juvia: Well, you just made my face a mess.

Juvia took his cum and licked it.

Juvia: At least your cum tastes yummy.

Christina and Esther licked off the cum on her face and then she wiped off the rest with the principal's handkerchief.

The Principal still lied on the ground naked and out of energy.

Principal: (In his mind) These girls are the real deal, if their hands can be so hot I wonder how hot their pussies will be. And I almost cum as they were stripping, next time I'm going to take bottles of energy drinks. I can't miss their pussies.

Christina: When are they coming?
Esther: Maybe we should go back and have a fuck in the class.
Juvia: Sure, we are going to have many dicks in our holes.
Christina: Let's head out.

And just at that moment, the door opened......

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Re: 18+ Christina
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Episode FortySeven (47)

A Hot Fuck Session Begins

Just when Christina and her friends were about leaving, the door to the Principal's office opened, and three teachers came in with energy drink in their hands.

Christina: (In her mind) They had to use energy drink huh? That wouldn't even change a thing.

Principal Nathan managed to stand up and was suprise to see three teachers instead of the two he called.

Nathan: What's up with the increase in numbers?
Frank: We knew you can't handle even just one of them. And we got some energy drinks, we are going to fuck them till they pass out.

Christina and her friends closed their mouth as they laughed.

Frank: Huh?

Christina: You guys are the ones who will pass out.

The three teachers dicks were very much erect after seeing the trio naked.

Frank: You three are the hottest ever, even Clara is nothing compared to the three of you.

Esther: It seems you are more talk and less action. Why don't we start the fun already.

Frank: Let the two other teachers introduce themselves.

Teacher2: I am Jonah.
Teacher3: I am Phillips.

Christina: Who cares about your names.

Frank: All right then.

The hot sex began as Jonah went after Christina, Frank after Esther and Phillips after Juvia.

Jonah and the other teachers pulled of their trousers revealing their hard and erect cocks.

Christina: Nice cocks you guys got.

Christina grabbed Jonah's dick, she started tickling his penis head with her tongue and he started moaning.

Jonah: Ahh! You are so hot! The way you grab my dick is great. Ahh! Your hand is hot.

Christina continued shaking his cock as he continued moaning out loud.

Christina: (In her mind) We can't expect more from these guys, they are nowhere near our level. I know my babes understand this too, we just have to play along.

Jonah: Ahh!! Ah!! Ah!! Ahh! You are so hot! Ahh!! Ahh! Keep shaking my dick! Keep shaking it! Ahh!! Ah!!

Christina continued shaking his dick as it got more rock harder and it looked like it would explode any second.

Christina swallowed his dick whole and started sucking his dick in a hot blowjob.

Jonah: Ahh!! Ah!! Ah!! Oh my God!! This is so sweet! I'm going to cum! I'm going to cum! Ahh!! Ah!! Ah!!

Christina removed her mouth and grabbed his dick, she shaked it more harder and faster as he was going to pour his semen very soon.

Jonah: Ahh!! I'm going......

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Re: 18+ Christina
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Episode FortySeven (47) Continuation

Ah! Ahh! Jonah moaned as he reached orgasm and poured his semen on Christina's mouth which was wide open.

Jonah: Ahh! Oh my God! You are just too hot!

Christina swallowed his cum and licked her lips.

Christina: Your cum tastes good.
Jonah: Well, I guess it's my turn to swallow yours.
Christina: Of course.

Christina lied down on the floor with her legs wide open revealimg her hot yummy pussy.

Jonah: Wow! I got to lick your pussy after all.
Christina: Sure baby.
While Christina was having her own fun, Esther and Juvia were also busy enjoying theirs.

Esther and Frank hugged each other and he grabbed her huge ass.

Frank: You are just too hot, your ass! Your boobs! Just great.

Frank pinched her nipples and she moaned.

Esther: Ahh!!

Frank held his dick and made to insert it into Esther's pussy as they stand.

Esther: Not so fast baby.
Frank: I couldn't just help myself.
Esther: I understand.

Esther grabbed Frank's dick and he vibrated.

Frank: Ahh!! You are just too hot? Even your hand is so hot! I wonder how hot your pussy will be.
Esther: Just hang on and you will find out soon.

Esther knelt down and swallowed his penis head and licked it like it was a sweet.

Frank: Ahh! Ah! Oh my God! Oh my God! This is just too hot for me. Ah! Ah!!

Esther swallowed his whole cock and started sucking his dick, while she was sucking Frank's dick she used her left hand to caress his balls and suddenly Frank moaned out loud.

Ahh! Ah!! Ah!! Frank moaned out as he reached orgasm and released his semen into Esther's mouth and she swallowed it.

Frank: Ah!! That was too hot! Ahh!

Juvia on the other hand was also giving Phillips a blowjow as he continued moaning.

Phillips: Ahh! Oh my God! Oh God! I'm going to cum anytime soon. Ahh!! Ah!! Ah!! Ah!

Juvia continued sucking his dick very hard and fast.

Phillips: Ahh!! Ah!! Ah!! I can't hold it anymore! Ahhh!! Ah! Oh my! Ahh!!

Phillips cum and Juvia swallowed his semen and licked her lips.

Juvia: That was so yummy.
Phillips: You are too hot!

The three teachers had realised that Christina and her friends were hotter than they imagined and they hope to make it up when they banged their holes.

Christina and her friends though unimpressed didn't bother because many dicks were waiting to fuck their holes in the class.

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Re: 18+ Christina
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Episode FortyEight (48)

Encounter With Clara

Christina and her friends continued their hot sex with the three teachers as there was moaning everywhere.

Christina lied down and opened her legs wide open as teacher Jonah started eating her pussy as she moaned.

Christina: Ah!! Ah! Ah!! Oh my God! Ah! Yea, lick my pussy! Ahh!! Oh my God!! Ahh!! Ah!

Christina kept on moaning as Jonah ate her pussy, and then he inserted his dick inside her pussy.

Christina: Ahh!
Jonah: I'm going to fuck you so hard!!
Christina: Stop talking and show me what you are made of.
Jonah: You asked for it.

Jonah immediately started banging Christina with everything he got and the both of them began moaning.

Jonah: Ahh!! You are so hot! Ahh! Your pussy is too sweet!! Ahh! Ah!! Ah!! You are to sweet! I can't hold myself. Ahh! Ah!
Christina: Yea baby, fuck me! Fuck my pussy! Ahh!! Ah!!

Frank on the other side was squeezing Esther's boobs with his dick inside her tight pussy.

Frank: You are so sweet! Ahhh!

Frank squeezed her boobs and then started banging her pussy with everything he got.

Frank: You are so hot! Ahh! Ah!! Ah!! Ah!!
Esther: Ahh! Fuck my pussy! Fuck my pussy! Ahh!!

Meanwhile Juvia was getting her anus being fucked by Phillips.

Juvia: Ahh! Oh yea, fuck my asshole! Fuck my asshole! Ahh!!

Phillips: You are so hot! Ahh!! I just can't help myself! Ahhh!! Ah!! Ah!! Ah!!

The room was fill with moanings and screaming as the three teachers were having the best sex of their lives.

Jonah kept on banging Christina pussy till he released his semen inside and then she grabbed his dick and shaked it till it got more harder.

He went back for a round 2 as Christina bent down in the doggy style as he fucked her anus very hard as the both of them moaned.

Christina: Ahh! Ah!! Fuck my ass! Ahh! Ah!! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck my asshole! Ahh!
Jonah: Oh my God! You are just too sweet! Your ass is so hot! Ahh!! Oh my God!! 

The others also continued with their sexcapade as they got all their holes fucked.

After their hot session in the Principal's office, they were walking back to the class and were suddenly blocked by Clara and a group of girls.

Clara: Where do you think you are going to? The three of you want to steal my fame in this school.

Christina: You need to grow your boobs and ass, you may not need to worry after that.

Clara: You think you can talk to me anyhow and leave like that?
Esther: What would you do?
Clara: It's obvious, I will beat you up with my girls.

Christina: (Smiles) It seems you have forgotten about the X club incident a year ago. You girls are nothing but bones.

Clara and her goons recollected what happened a year ago at the X club and they could no longer talk.

Christina, Esther and Juvia walked past them laughing.

Christina: Anyone stupid to come in our way will be given the X club treatment.
Esther: Sure, they must have been shocked after you told them about that.
Juvia: At least, they would stay in their lane and stop disturbing us.

The X Club incident happened a year ago when Christina and her friends were challenged by a group of jealous girls, and they were given hell.

I will only write about the incident upon request.

As Christina, Esther and Juvia entered their classroom everyone was happy.

Christina: Who wants to have fun?

Watch Out For The Next Episode As The Whole Class Turns Wild
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Re: 18+ Christina
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Episode FortyNine (49)

We Made It!

After returning back from the Principal's office and being fucked by the three teachers, Christina and her friends were not satisfied so they went back to the class and asked them if they wanted to have fun.

The whole class was except and the door was locked and Christina and her friends stripped down and started twerking, the other girls followed suit and the class was turned into a fucking hall.

The boys pulled off their trouser and inserted their dicks into the girls holes as they fucked them.

Ah!! Ah!! Fuck me! Keep fucking my pussy! Ahh! Oh my God!! Oh my God!! Ah! Filled the air as there was banging everywhere.

Christina, Esther and Juvia received a huge share of the dicks as their anus and pussy were being fucked at the same time and the trio kept on moaning.

Christina: Oh yea, keep fucking my pussy! Fuck! Fuck! Don't stop boys! I can take all your dicks! Ahh! Fuck me harder! Don't stop! Keep it coming! Ah!!

Esther and Juvia were also being pounded by two dicks at the same time as their assholes and pussies were being drilled.

Esther: Ahh!! Ah!! Ahh!! Ah!! Fuck my pussy! Keep fucking my ass! Ahh!! Oh my God!! Oh my God! Keep fucking my pussy! Ahh!! Ah!! Oh my God! Keep fucking my holes! Don't stop! Don't stop!

At the same time Juvia was also being fucked in her holes by different dicks.

Juvia: Ahh!! Ah!! Fuck my pussy! Fuck my ass! Keep fucking my holes! Ahh! Oh my God! Oh my God! Don't stop!! Don't stop! Keep fucking my holes! Ahh! Oh my God! This is so sweet! This is so sweet! Ahh! Oh my God! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Ahh!!

Christina and her friends continued moaning as they reached multiple orgasms, they were fucked by many dicks which released their semen into their anus and pussies.

At the end of the day the whole class was smelling of semen and vagina fluids.

Christina: Ahh!! This is so great!
Esther: Yea, it is so much fun babies.
Juvia: Sure.

The class cleaned themselves up after their hot sex session.

Christina: You know what's next babies?
Esther: Yea, we are finally going to get there.
Juvia: The next level!

Christina and her friends went home that day and were preparing for their meeting with Thomas and his boss David.

It was going to be a dream come true for them as everything they ever wanted will finally be theirs for the taking.

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Re: 18+ Christina
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Episode FortyNine (49) Continuation

Christina and her friends finally went for their appointment, and their deal was signed and they had their first nude photo shoot and their video with the other porn stars was released.

Ahhh!! Christina's father who was a porn fan screamed after he saw her nude photo shoot and video.

Christina's Dad: How did this happen? Ahh! Christina!!

He calmed down and took a glass of water.

Christina's Dad: Wow! My daughter is so hot! Who cares if she is now a porn star! This means new opportunities for my company, if I use her as our face we are going to have more customers. And I am going to be super rich! This must be why she's doing this. Hahahaha! I'm too smart for my own good!

Esther and Juvia fathers both had similar reactions.

Esther's Dad: What a girl! I knew it would come up to this. It's her life after all, she should live it as she likes as long as she is happy.

Juvia's Dad: Wow! Juvia! She finally has want she wanted huh? She should live freely, this also means more opportunity for me.

Christina, Esther and Juvia moms met together when they heard the news, they laughed and partied together.

Christina's Mum: Our girls finally did it!
Esther's Mum: Yes, there's going to be a huge feast for them when they return.
Juvia: Sure! I can't wait to see my darling.

The news, photos and videos rocked the country and the planet. Not only was Christina and her friends super hot, they out fucked the best porn stars in the world.

Many immediately started digging up their background and Clara was really pained as her girls joined Christina's clique.

Christina, Esther and Juvia were nicknamed the three Goddess.
Many deals immediately started flying in their way.

Christina: (Smiles) It took a while girls but we finally made it.
Esther: Yea, I was thinking we won't get here. But now the whole planet know us as the three Goddess.
Juvia: Yea, we are in the spot light babes. So why don't we (three of them together) get married already?

The End!

Note: I will start writing special episodes of Christina next month
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