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Great Things I Learnt From The Anime Hero Naruto
This is an article from my old blog.

People watch movies for their own reasons, it could be because of the action, romantic or an interesting scene.
Some others don't only go for the action part but the theme of the
movie, different movies have different themes and different type of
Though I am still not through with the anime series Naruto, I have
learnt a great deal from the hero's character and the story theme.
I have watched Naruto a few times in the past but the anime series
caught my attention just last month, how I wish I figured it out
It seems it will take longer for me to finish the series due to
engagements I might have very soon.
Well enough of all the stories, let's go straight on why I took my
time to write this short piece of my favourite anime series after
Samurai X and Dragon Ball Z.

1.) The Value Of Friendship:
Naruto Uzumaki who was alone at birth became friend with Sasuke Uchiha, their friendship grew from childhood till they graduated at
the academy.
When Sasuke left the village for Orochimaru he tried his best to bring
him back risking his own live, even after Sasuke evil ways Naruto still saw him as his friend.
Apart from Sasuke Naruto has always been there protecting his friends
the Konoha 11, Gaara of the desert and the rest.
I am not yet done with the series so I can't write much on this, if
you are a follower of the anime trust me Naruto's view of friendship will change you.

2.) His Never Give Up Attitude:
Naruto rose from being the dullest student in the academy to being the finest Ninja (Shinobi) in Konoha, he never gave up no matter what.
In his fights he never backs down, he worked very hard to master the shadow clone jutsu.
And also he worked hard to show the people of Konoha that he wasn't who they perceived him to be (due to the nine tail demon fox in him),
but a person worthy of love.

3.) His Power Of Changing People For Good:
Naruto met many shinobi who never meant good and some who saw no meaning for their existence, an example is Gaara of the desert.
During the attack of Konoha by Orochimaru, Naruto fought with Gaara.
At the end of the fight with Gaara, he changed Gaara with his words.
After that day Gaara found a better meaning to live.
Naruto alro changed Granny Chiyo for good through his words and action and that made Gaara's sister Temari to confess that Naruto had the power to change people for good..
Naruto motivated Idate to win a race through his words due, he have
motivated many people in the series.

As I continue to watch the series I know he will do more great things.

This piece is dedicated to Naruto's fans!
I am Clinton! Act Now! I hope you love my stories.