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Black Clothes And Red Clouds
This is one of my old poems I wrote in my former blog .

It's a nice one so I decided to drop it here.

Read and Enjoy!!

Black clothes and red clouds
A group of the strongest
A league of the fastest
A stage for the tough
A road for the rough

Few in number but with strength
Few with the strength of a thousand
Seeking for power, control and terrorities
No one dares call us an enemy
We move pass all obstacles
The low ones fear to be caught in our tentacles

We fight to bring this world under our control
With unimaginable powers
We will grow and spread our wings all over
You all will be our children

But that itself is an ardous task
With the strength of our few numbers
The commitment and our drive to succeed
We will overcome all obstacles and win.

We are the Akatsuki!

I hope you like it, the Akatsuki is a shinobi group in the anime Naruto.

I really like them and thought maybe I can write a poem describing them.
I am Clinton! Act Now! I hope you love my stories.

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Re: Black Clothes And Red Clouds
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love the title!! :D
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Re: Black Clothes And Red Clouds
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I am Clinton! Act Now! I hope you love my stories.