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Re: Into The Depth Of Hell
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Episode Twenty Seven (27)

Chibueze: Off To The Sixth Gate!

Nneka was briefed of everything that happened when she passed out but Chibueze didn't tell them about his journey to the realm of no return.

Nneka: Eja, you are very brave.
Eja: Thank you, I will deal with her again if she returns from the dead.
Nneka: I know you will, everybody defeated their opponents except me.
Eja: Don't say so, you really did your best.

Chibueze: You are not alone, I was beaten blue back. And I could hardly give them a punch. I'm just so weak.
Nneka: No, you are not.
Chibueze: Don't try to make me feel better, I'm the weakest. I have to get stronger or else Red wouldn't return to me.

Nneka: What?
Chibueze: Yea.
Uchenna: I see, that was the agreement huh?

Ejikeme remembered he didn't see Chibueze and then he suddenly fell down from the sky.

Ejikeme: So can you explain how you jumped down from the sky out of nowhere? Those Ekwensu minions said they took you down for sure.
Chibueze: (Standing up) Well, I guess I'm as confused as you. See you guys later. I have to clear my head.

Chibueze walked off as he made for where to relax, as he left Ejikeme told the others about his mysterious disappearance and his sudden return as he fell from the sky.

Uchenna: So that's what happened.
Uche: And he didn't want to say a thing.
Eja: I think I have a little idea of what happened.
Nneka: Please go ahead and tell us.

Eja: Okay. If the Ekwensu minions confirmed him dead, that means they kicked him out of the underworld to another world.
Ejikeme: Is that possible?
Eja: Yes. What I don't know is how he got back, and how his wound got healed up.
Nneka: That means he is hiding something from us right?
Eja: Exactly.
Uchenna: And here we thought we are comrades.
Eja: You don't have to conclude, who knows what realm he was kicked into and the agreement he made there.

Nkem was still watching over them in her air form and she followed Chibueze to where he went to relax.
Chibueze relaxed on top of a tree, he had a feeling that something was missing immediately he returned from the realm he met Papa.

Chibueze: I wonder what's wrong with me. It seems something is missing and my power have weakened. Damn it! Could it be as a result of Papa's power?

He jumped down to the stream and washed his face and head.

Chibueze: I better catch some fish and eat. I can think about this later.

Nkem: It wouldn't be good if he (Chibueze) fights at the next gate.

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Re: Into The Depth Of Hell
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Episode Twenty Seven (27) Continuation

Eja told the others about many realms one can get kicked into from the fifth gate of hell. There were some where certain conditions must be met before someone return.

Nneka: It could be possible that he got kicked into one of those where you have to meet some crazy conditions.
Ejikeme: Yea, and who knows what condition he agreed to.
Eja: Well that's the problem. So we shouldn't conclude yet, maybe he will tell us when he feels like it.
Nneka: Yes.

** At The Sixth Gate Of Hell **

The Ekwensu minions at the sixth gate of hell became aware of what happened to the fifth gate.

EM1: It's hard to believe that humans can actually reach that far in the nine gates of hell.
EM2: You are right, maybe we should call the eighth and ninth gates just in case something goes wrong.
EM3: Nonsense, why should we bother ourselves over those tiny humans. Those at the eight and ninth gate wouldn't be happy if we disturb them over a little issue like this one.
EM1: Yes, we are going to crush those humans.
EM2: We are going to be their worst nightmare. Hahaha.
EM3: Now you are talking.

Meanwhile Nneka and the others continued talking about the fight.

Nneka: I wonder why Uvo'ma and the seven others were the only ones here.
Uchenna: Me too.
Eja: It's either they were promoted to the sixth gate or they were eliminated just like those at the first gate.

Ejikeme: Well, we can still relax for a day or more before heading to the sixth gate.
Nneka: Knowing Chibueze, he will start running off to the 6th gate when he gets back.
Ejikeme: I guess, he will be going there by himself this time.
Uchenna: Yes, we need to rest.
Uche: I wonder why he's always in a hurry.
Eja: Hmm, maybe there's something more to it.
Nneka: I think so too.

Just then Chibueze returned and told them they should be heading out to the sixth gate since they had rested for a night, but the others said they needed more rest.
Nneka made an attempt to follow him but Eja said she had to wait till she fully recovered.

Chibueze: Alright then, I guess I will be seeing you guys in the seventh or eight gate. I will clear the sixth gate before you know it.

After saying those words Chibueze left them without carrying anything as he was out of stock.

Uche: Is he that crazy?
Eja: He isn't crazy, he's determined. Something is pushing him forward.

Nkem: What an idiot, this is a reckless move. Or this could be the right time to show his true powers.

Red: You can do it Chibueze!

Chibueze: Sixth gate here I come!

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Re: Into The Depth Of Hell
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Episode TwentyEight (28)

Chibueze And The White Haired Girl

After the others had refused joining him Chibueze started his journey to the sixth gate of hell, but before he left he told them that the sixth gate would be cleared by him.
The others thought he was being crazy except Nneka and Eja, in what seems to be a stupid move Nkem and Red expect him to unleash his true power there at the sixth gate.

The road to the sixth gate was made up of rocks and there were mountains all over.

Chibueze: Wow! The sixth gate is sure to be toughh. All these rocks and mountains will make it hard for me to get there. (Breathe's in and out) No matter any obstacle! I'm going to get there and beat them up!

After saying that Chibueze began climbing the mountains and moving pass some gigantic rocks.

Meanwhile Eja and the others were still talking about his departure.

Eja: You guys came on a mission right?
Uchenna: Yes.
Eja: Then I think you people should keep going, I and Nneka are going to catch up later.
Uche: It seems to me that you want to spend sometime with Nneka alone, after all she has seen you naked once.

Nneka: What are you getting at?
Uche: Nothing.
Eja: Well, I still suggest that you three start moving now.
Uchenna: No, we have to train and get stronger. Chibueze was beaten blue black because he didn't train and that made him weak.
Eja: You are wrong! He's stronger than all of you.
Uchenna: (Laughs) Really? Then explain why he was the only one kicked away like a ball.
Ejikeme: That's enough Uchenna. I have my reason for letting him go alone.
Uchenna: What ever!

Nneka: So Eja, what were you saying about Chibueze being stronger than all of us.
Eja: It seem Ejikeme knows what I'm talking about, he just need the right condition and trigger to unleash his powers.
Nneka: I see.

Chibueze had climbed three mountains but he hadn't had any water yet. He lied near a shade tired.

Chibueze: Mahn! Climbing three mountains really took it out of me. I'm so exhausted, thirsty and with no water. I need water! I need water!

Just then an exact replica of Nneka who was an Ekwensu minion in scanty outfits walked up to him.

Nneka: Chibueze! (Panting) I came after you, I ran as fast as I could.
Chibueze: Nneka? You are here! Thank goodness! I need water.
Nneka: (Giving him water) Here take.

Chibueze drank to his fill and breath a relieve.

Chibueze: Ahh! Thanks alot Nneka! What's up with the outfit?
Nneka: Don't you like it?
Chibueze: (Blushing) No, it's cool. So how did you reach here?

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Re: Into The Depth Of Hell
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Episode TwentyEight (28) Continuation

Nneka: How I got here? I followed you.
Chibueze: Really? But I saw nobody behind me.
Nneka: I simply took the easy way Eja told me about.
Chibueze: That's cool, that means the two of us can go to the sixth gate together.
Nneka: No, you are dieing here.
Chibueze: What?

Chibueze felt a pain in his body and he couldn't move.

Chibueze: What's happening to me?

The Ekwensu minion who told the shape of Nneka changed back to her original form. She was beautiful white haired girl. He name was Oru'.

Oru': You idiot, I'm not your friend Nneka. I'm an Ekwensu minion from the seventh gate. And that water you took contain poison, and so you are going to die.
Chibueze: What?

** Back At The Others **

Eja told them a rumour she heard about a stray Ekwensu minion who lay ambush to people passing through the fifth gate.

Nneka: Seriously? That means she can take any of our form and deceive him.
Uchenna: He should have listened to us.
Ejikeme: We need to go after him now.
Eja: Don't worry, she wouldn't lay a finger on him.

* Back To Chibueze And Oru' *

Chibueze was still in pains and Oru's was by his side.

Oru': How does it feel? The pain must be eating you up from the inside.
Chibueze: So you are a bad person.
Oru': So tell me something, do you have a girlfriend?
Chibueze: No.
Oru': If you will agree to be my boyfriend, I will free you.
Chibueze: Really? Just that?
Oru': Yes, just that. But you have to kiss me too.
Chibueze: Kissed huh? I will close my eyes. Alright I agree to be your boyfriend, atleast for the time being.
Oru': Good. You are getting me pregnant today.
Chibueze: What??

Before Chibueze knew what was happening Oru' came over and they had the kiss as agreed.

Oru': Now, you have to get me pregnant.

Chibueze got his energy back but before he knew it Oru' had started removing his clothes.

Chibueze: What are you doing?
Oru': Just watch and see!

** Back At Eja And The Others **

Eja told them that Oru' had always wanted to marry a human and would do anything to seduce one.

Ejikeme: I guess Chibueze must be a lucky one.
Nneka: Don't say such a thing moron!

Chibueze and Oru' lied down in a cave with their clothes covering them.

Chibueze: What did we just do? It was so great.
Oru': It's called sex.
Chibueze: Sex huh? I never heared of it. But it's not bad since it felt so cool.
Oru': Did you attend any school in the human world?
Chibueze: No.
Oru': Oh I see. We can do it next time.
Chibueze: Sure. I like it.

Chibueze wore his clothes and packed some water and food given to him by Oru'.

Chibueze: It's time for me to go. My friends will pass through here anytime, please don't harm them.
Oru': Sure. I wouldn't.

Chibueze left and continued his journey.

Oru': He got everything I need in a man. As for his friends, I guess I will play with them for a while.

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Re: Into The Depth Of Hell
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Episode TwentyNine (29)

Enter The Sixth Gate

Chibueze continued his journey after leaving Oru', and he kept treading the rocky ways and climbed some more mountains.

Chibueze: That girl is really generous, if not for her food and water I would have been a goner by now. I wonder when I will reach the sixth gate anyway.

Chibueze climbed up a mountain and looked beyond, then he saw the sixth gate ahead.

Chibueze: The sixth gate is finally in sight. I will get there very soon. Hurray!!

The Ekwensu minions in the sixth gate felt that a human presence was approaching them.

EM1: A human is approaching us.
EM2: Just one? I thought they are supposed to be five of them.
EM3: Maybe the idiot that is coming to us have gone rogue and wants to die fast. Anyway let's prepare for his coming.
EM1: What do you mean?
EM3: We have to make him feel comfortable until his friends come.
EM2: I get it now, it will be humiliating if words get round that the three of us fought one weak human.
EM3: Exactly.

** Back At Eja And The Others **

Nneka: Well guys, I think it's time we get going.
Ejikeme: It's night, we can move tomorrow.
Uchenna: Yes, there's no rush. Why the hurry?
Nneka: This is the second day since he left and you are asking me why the hurry?
Uche: Why are you defending your fireboy?
Nneka: He's one of us.
Uche: Then he should have listened to us.

Eja cleared her throat and every one turn over to her.

Eja: I think you people should go back to the human world.
Nneka: Why do you say so?
Eja: It's obvious, the team is divided. You people haven't seen anything yet. There is no way you can clear the remaining gates.
Uchenna: Hmm, we grow stronger with every fight so there will be no problem.

Eja: Stop being so arrogant, it wouldn't help you. Without team work all of you will die.

Uche: Don't talk to my brother like that. When did you become one of us?

Eja was shocked after Uche said that.

Nneka: Don't talk like that Uche!!
Uche: You should tell her to keep her mouth shot. After all, she is the enemy. Do you know if this is just part of her plan to take us down?
Nneka: Shut up! Eja will never do that. She's our friend!

Eja started crying and Nneka went over to console.

Nneka: Don't worry Eja, you will forever be my friend no matter what!

Uche and her brother Uchenna started packing their things.

Ejikeme: Where are you two going to?
Uchenna: We are going somewhere else to stay. After all, Chukwu didn't say we must work together.
Ejikeme: Hey wait!!

Ejikeme tried to talk sense into them but they left.

Ejikeme: The team is finally divided.
Eja: I'm sorry.
Ejikeme: It's not your fault. I think we should begin our journey if you two are ready.
Nneka: I'm ready.
Eja: Me too.
Ejikeme: Alright, let's go!

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Re: Into The Depth Of Hell
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Episode TwentyNine (29) Continuation

Uche and Uchenna finally saw a place to camp in the fifth gate of hell.

Uche: We are going to camp here.
Uchenna: It's just the perfect spot and we are free from any disturbance.
Uche: Yes, we two have always fought back to back after all.
Uchenna: Yes sis.

Nkem saw everything that happened and was angry.

Nkem: Damn it! They should forget trivial issues such as this and move ahead. Anyway I have to see how fireboy is doing.

Chibueze finally reached the sixth gate of hell.

Chibueze: Hehehe! I finally made it! I finally made it! Now it's time to push!

Chibueze wanted to push but the door opened by itself.

Chibueze: Hmm, this is strange. This one opened by itself. I guess it's....

Suddenly some Ekwensu minions started clapping.

EM1: Come in human! We have been expecting you!
Chibueze: (Walking in) Expecting me?
EM1: Yes, my name is Bobo.
EM2: And I am Coco.
EM3: I am Dodo.

Chibueze: (Laughing) Your names are damn funny! Is this how you people behave in the sixth gate?
Bobo: No, you an important guest.
Chibueze: And why is that?
Coco: We simply want to make you feel comfortable as we wait for your friends arrival so that we can fight.
Chibueze: You guys are badguys then!
Dodo: Yes, we are going to kill you and your friends. Hahaha! Hahaha!
Bobo: (Brings food and drink) Now eat and relax as we wait for your friends.

Chibueze stood up and dropped his bag.

Chibueze: You want to kill I and my friends?
Dodo: Yes.
Chibueze: Well, I'm afraid I wouldn't accept your food.
Dodo: So what are you going to do now?
Chibueze: Destroy the three of you!

EJa, Nneka and Ejikeme were still walking their way to the sixth gate and were climbing a mountain.

Nneka: Do we have to climb these mountains? Eja: Yes, and fast. There's a shortcut, but I think we may have to fight Oru' before we reach there.
Nneka: Is she that strong?
Eja: Yes, very strong. After all, she's from the seventh gate.
Ejikeme: Whatever, we are going to get pass through her.
Nneka: Yes.

** Back At The Sixth Gate Of Hell **

Bobo, Coco and Dodo laughed very hard after Chibueze said he would fight them.

Chibueze: What's so funny!
Bobo: You are going to die in three seconds if you fight us.
Chibueze: Let's see about that!

Chibueze body got covered with flames and it destroyed the food Bobo brought for him and that made Bobo angry.

Bobo: There's one thing I can't tolerate! That's someone trashing my food!
Chibueze: Good. I just made you angry!
Bobo: Get ready to die human!

Chibueze: Bring it on!

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Re: Into The Depth Of Hell
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Episode Thirty (30)

The Battle Begins At The Sixth Gate!

After Chibueze left the fifth gate to the sixth gate the group back there got divided as the two sibling Uche and Uchenna went to their separate ways, while Nneka, Eja and Ejikeme headed also to the sixth gate not knowing Chibueze had already arrived there.

A battle was about to begin at the sixth gate as Chibueze had made Bobo angry.

Bobo: Get ready to die human!
Chibueze: Bring it on Bobo!

Bobo dashed at Chibueze but he dodged.

Bobo: You dodged that huh?
Chibueze: Yes, is that all you got??
Bobo: No, I haven't even begun!
Chibueze: Bring it on then.
Bobo: You asked for it!

Bobo's body was suddenly surrounded by water.

Chibueze: (In his mind) He's a water user huh? This is going to be harder than I thought.

Coco: Bobo you don't have to go this far in other to defeat just one human.
Dodo: Yes, think about your reputation!
Bobo: Shut up! I don't care about my reputation, this human just pissed me off.

Chibueze: About the food? I did it on purpose.
Bobo: Get ready to die!!

Bobo moved very fast struck his palm at Chibueze's chest. Chibueze screamed as blood came out from his mouth, and his flames went off as he fell down.

Bobo: Hahaha! It just took one palm hit to take care of him.
Coco: I would have used just a finger.
Dodo: I wouldn't have even moved. So why don't you just finish him off.
Bobo: He's dead.

Dodo: No, look closer.

Bobo looked closer and saw Chibueze hands and legs move, he became suprise because Chibueze was just a human.

Bobo: This is impossible, he's just a human.
Coco: You didn't take him down with just one palm hit after all. Let me just finish him up.
Bobo: No! I'm going to torture him, he's going to wish he died with that first strike. Get ready human!

Chibueze: (In his mind) Damn it! I can't move!

** Back At Eja And The Others **

The three others finished climbing two mountains due to Eja's and Nneka's creativity. They both used sand to make steps which they used and made their climbing five times faster than Chibueze's.

Ejikeme: You two are really creative you know.
Nneka: Some situations warrants one to think very hard.
Eja: Yeap, and mountain climbing seems to be one of those situations.
Ejikeme: Alright then, let's continue!!
Eja: The fight at the sixth gate have just begun.
Nneka: What? You mean you can feel it over here?
Eja: Yes.
Ejikeme: Wow, that's great. So what's the fight situation now?
Eja: Chibueze is down!

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Re: Into The Depth Of Hell
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Episode Thirty (30) Continuation

Uche and Uchenna who had left the group returned back to their camping place and realised the others had already left.

** Ten Minutes Ago **

Uche: Brother, I think we should go back to the others.
Uchenna: Why the sudden change in heart?
Uche: I feel really bad at the way I talked to Eja. And also I think we all should do this together, after all we are comrades.
Uchenna: Hmm, I was just thinking about the same thing sis. So what do you say?
Uche: Let's go back!

** At The Present Time **

Uche: They have already left.
Uchenna: Yes, but we can catch up with them.
Uche: Yes.

Uche and Uchenna left as they rushed to meet up with the others.

Meanwhile back at the sixth gate of hell Bobo walked toward Chibueze as he had promised to torture him.

Bobo carried him up with his left hand.

Bobo: Hey human, you seem to be not just an ordinary kid. Of course you have the ability to use fire, but that's not what I mean. What I mean is you being alive after that strike is impossible for a human.
Chibueze: I got comrades who wouldn't die by one of your pathetic strike.
Bobo: I see, then I will throw your chopped off him at them as their welcoming gift.

Chibueze: No, your head is what will roll on the ground.
Bobo: You talk tough for someone in your situation. I change my mind now, I will not torture you. I'm going to kill you right away.
Chibueze: You will never kill me!
Bobo: Damn you! You piss me off! Now die!!

Bobo gave Chibueze another water palm strike at the same spot, and it sent him flying as he hit a rock and fell.

Bobo: That does it! I did it with just two strikes.
Dodo: Look at your palm.

Bobo was shocked as there was smoke on his palm, and then he looked at Chibueze who was trying to stand up.

Chibueze: Like I said, you will never kill me!
Bobo: This is impossible! You are not human!!

** Back At Eja And The Others **

Eja continued giving Nneka and Ejikeme the details of the fight.

Nneka: He's up now?
Eja: Yes.
Nneka: That's amazing.
Ejikeme: If we hurry, we may catch up with him.
Eja: Yeap, we are almost at the place where the short cut is.
Nneka: That's great!

And just before them was Chibueze's body lieing down dead with blood all over, the others were shocked to their hearts.

Nneka: What's this? I thought he was at the sixth gate?
Eja: Yes, I'm sure of it.
Ejikeme: What's going on here?

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Re: Into The Depth Of Hell
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Episode ThirtyOne (31)

Flames In The Sixth Gate

Chibueze had reached the sixth gate and was still fighting Bobo who he pissed off, meanwhile after taking two critical blows from Bobo; Chibueze still stand tall.
The two siblings Uche and Uchenna were heading to the sixth gate too to catch up with Eja and the others, meanwhile Eja, Ejikeme and Nneka saw Chibueze's body lying dead on the ground.

Nneka: (Sobbing) How can he be dead? I thought you said he was fighting at the sixth gate.
Eja: Yea, even now I can feel the heat of the fight.
Ejikeme: This could only mean one thing then.
Eja: This is Oru's doing.

Suddenly th body on the ground changed to Oru' and she started laughing.

Oru': Hahaha. I knew the fight would give me away since someone like you (Eja) is among them.
Nneka: What sort of stunt are you trying to pull?
Oru': Oh my! You are the girl who loves Chibueze.
Nneka: (Blushing) What?
Oru': Bad news for you, he's all mine.

Ejikeme: What do you mean he's yours?
Oru': We both are getting married after the mission is over.

All: What??
Oru': Don't be so suprise after all, I'm already pregnant for him.
Nneka: Stop joking around.
Eja: Yes, you shouldn't say things like that.
Oru': It's the truth.

Ejikeme: Excuse me ladies, we have a mission to accomplish.
Eja: Yea, you are right.
Nneka: We should be going now.
Oru': I wouldn't let you go just like that.

Eja: What? Is there any problem?
Oru': I wouldn't let you just pass.
Ejikeme: I thought you will soon be getting married to our buddy, you should let us pass.

Oru': (Laughs) You are right, well I will just show you guys something.
Eja: And what's that?
Oru': A demonstration of Chibueze's powers.

Ejikeme: How can you demonstrate his powers?
Oru': He slept with me and I had his powers, so do he have mine.
Nneka: What are you trying to say?
Oru': (Smiles) Don't worry, let me transport your other friends here.

Oru raised her hands up in the sky and a portal opened with Uche and Uchenna falling down.

Oru' immediately touched them and sent everything she and the others had discussed into their memories.

Uchenna: So that's what is going on?
Nneka: What did you do to them?
Oru': I simply commited everything we discussed here to their memories.
Nneka: Alright, that's settled.
Oru': So are you people ready to see a taste of his powers?
All: Yes!

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Re: Into The Depth Of Hell
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Episode ThirtyOne (31) Continuation

Meanwhile as Oru' and the others met the fight at the sixth gate of hell was about to get interesting.
Chibueze managed to stand up after Bobo struck him with the water palm hit on his chest and on the same spot twice.

Chibueze: Like I said before buddy, you wouldn't be able to beat me.
Bobo: I doubt that you are human, so what exactly did you do to survive that?
Chibueze: (Smiles) I simply concentrated my fire energy at the spot just at the moment you wanted to strike.
Bobo: I see, anyway it doesn't matter. I'm going full power!

Bobo body all became water.

Bobo: Now let's see how you are going to fight water, I will simply quench your fire and kill you.
Chibueze: No if I evaporate you and turn you to steam.

Bobo: (In his mind) It seems he has a brain, does he have that type of energy to evaporate me? Maybe I should just bluff and make him tremble.

Chibueze: What's it buddy? Cat got your tongue?
Bobo: Hahaha! Water is still steam.
Chibueze: Really? Why don't you change to ice let me see.

Bobo: (In his mind) I have no choice, he knows I'm lieing. It's full power.

Chibueze: What are you waiting for?
Bobo: You are correct I can only be in the liquid form of water. But the question is if you can boil me up with the fire power you got.
Chibueze: You are right, but we just have to find out ourselves.

Coco: This is getting boring already. Finish him off Bobo.
Dodo: If you need help, I can come over.
Bobo: Shut up you two, I'm about to drown him.

Chibueze: Let's do this!!
Bobo: Yes!!

Just as Bobo and Chibueze were about to clash Oru was about showing Eja and the others a taste of his powers.

Oru': I will cover you all in a water shell, this may be just a taste of his powers but it's dangerous. And also it will activate X10+ in him, the entire sixth gate will burn to ashes with only him standing.

The others were shocked.

Eja: Such power?
Oru': Yes!

Oru' covered them with a water shell.

Oru: Now!

Oru' body engulfed in flames and it spread to surrounding areas and everything burnt to ashes.

Uche: This is unreal!
Oru': Really? Now get ready for a blast at the sixth gate.

Just as Chibueze was about to collide with Bobo his entire body engulfed in flames and boom!!!

The entire sixth gate was engulfted in flames and everything in it was obliterated, a huge explosion rocked the ground and the mighty fires rose up to the sky.

Chibueze: I feel unstoppable!

Red roared where he was and Nkem smiled.

Nkem: Finally!!

The explosion sent mighty shock waves and wind to all the gates of hell and everyone wondered what was going on.

Uchenna: This power! Is unbelieve!
Eja: Yes! It is!

All the Ekwensu minions looked up and wondered what just happened. The gate of the seventh gate of hell was destroyed.

Papa: Unbelievable! This energy! It must be him!!

The shocks and explosions woke up Ekwensu who was in the depth of hell.

Ekwensu: Who dares disturb my sleep!!

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Re: Into The Depth Of Hell
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Episode ThirtyTwo (32)


Chibueze had obliterated everything in the sixth gate of hell after his latent powers were activated by Oru'.
His new level of power shocked Eja and the others, it also got the attention of the other Ekwensu minions and Ekwensu himself who was sleeping.

Chibueze: Hahaha! I feel so great. I feel so strong! I can't believe this. Now I can storm the seventh gate of hell and finish them up in no time.

Nkem was still watching him from the sky.

Nkem: This changes things now. They will complete the mission sooner than expected.

Oru' was still with the others as they watched fire roaring in the sky like dragons.

Uchenna: This power level is so amazing.
Oru': Well all of you can reach it.
Nneka: Really?
Oru': Yes, that's if you all sleep with me (winks).
Nneka: You are not serious.
Oru': Anyway, I don't intend on sleeping with you people. My body is meant for Chibueze alone.
Nneka: Damn you!

Uchenna: So is there any other way we can increase our power levels so fast?
Oru': Well, there's a way you can increase your power levels.

Oru': However, it wouldn't even be close to Chibueze's powers. Chibueze is now becoming a demi-God.
Ejikeme: A demi God?
Oru': Yes. His powers will keep increasing after every fight.
Eja: That's so great! He now has the chance of beating Ekwensu.

Uchenna: Huh?
Nneka: That's awesome!
Oru': Remember Ekwensu is in a God level, fighting now is suicide.
Eja: What if Chibueze fuse with a dragon?
Oru': What? Have he done that before?
Eja: Yes.
Oru': Then he actually has a chance. After all, a demi God can beat a God.

Nneka: So tell me something Oru', why are you helping us?
Oru': You want to know?
Nneka: Yes.
Oru': I'm getting married to Chibueze that's why.

Ejikeme: (Clears throat) So you were saying something about us being able to increase our power levels.
Oru': Yes, you have to drink a water. The water of enchancement that flows below us.
Uchenna: I see, we have to get down there now so that we can catch up with Chibueze before he reach the seventh gate.

Oru': Don't sweat it! Chibueze will be waiting for you people at the eight gate.
Uchenna: How did you know that?
Oru': That's because he has already reached the seventh gate now.

Just as Oru' said Chibueze had reached the seventh gate and discovered that the gate had been blown away.

Chibueze: Finally, I'm at the seventh gate. It's time to rambo.

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Re: Into The Depth Of Hell
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Episode ThirtyTwo (32) Continuation

Papa had communicated to Ekwensu telling him that the boy he saw with a dragon was the one responsible for the explosion.

There were only four Ekwensu minions at the eighth gate of hell, they were Papa, Mist, Tornado and Water.

Mist: So it's the human with a dragon?
Papa: Yes, such level of power can wipe the four of us out. After all, they left us the weak ones here.
Tornado: So what do you suggest we do?
Papa: Hmm, if we try to run Ekwensu will kill us.
Water: Why don't you just suck his power?
Papa: Suck such amount of power? I'm going to explode and that explosion will take the three of you too.
Mist: So we should quietly wait here for our death.
Papa: Yes, after all we have killed many innocent people.
Tornado: Hmm, we are bad guys. We always knew a day like this would come.
Water: But not so soon.
Papa: That's life for you.

Chibueze finally reached the seventh gate of hell.

Every Ekwensu minions there were terrified of him.

Chibueze: Let me pass through peacefully, and I promise I wouldn't burn this place.

The Ekwensu minions knew Ekwensu would kill them if they allowed him to  pass, either way they will die so they all rushed at him.

Ekwensu Minions: Die!!!
Chibueze: I warned you people!

Boom!!! Just in a flash the entire seventh gate was obliterated.

Chibueze: Eighth gate, here I come.

In a flash Chibueze appeared at the eighth gate as Papa and the others were terrified.

Papa: Oh no!
Chibueze: I hope you remember me buddy.
Papa: Yes, I'm going to kill you now.
Chibueze: If the four of you let me pass peacefully, I won't even burn a hair in your head.

Just like the ones from the seventh gate they knew they would die either way so they charged at him.

Chibueze: I warned you people.

Boom!!! Chibueze's body engulfed in flames that spread to all part of the eighth gate and everything was obliterated.

Chibueze: I guess, I have to wait for the others here. I don't have to leave them that behind.

And just then the others appeared together with Oru', she used her teleportation skills to transport them all. The others had also increased their energy levels.

Chibueze: Welcome guys.
Oru': Darling! I brought them to you.
Chibueze: (to Oru') Hi, I was thinking of seeing you after we were done here.
Oru': You will take me with you to the human world right?
Chibueze: Yes.

Nneka: (Clears throat) You seem to be doing well fireboy!
Chibueze: Yes. In fact, I feel more better than before.
Eja: Let's hurry guys! We are almost close to saving my mother and Chukwu's son.

Oru': Let me take you all them.

Oru' used her teleportation ability and they all appeared at the ninth gate.

Eja: (Excited) Here we are guys!
Uchenna: Our mission is almost over!
Nneka: Let's go in!
All: Yes!!

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Re: Into The Depth Of Hell
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Re: Into The Depth Of Hell
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Episode ThirtyThree (33)

The Revelation

Chibueze and the other had finally made it to the last (ninth) gate of hell, they were all standing in the gate ready to break in.

Chibueze: Let's do this guys.
All: Yea.

Suddenly the gate melted.

Chibueze: Who did that?
Oru': I did darling.
Chibueze: Well, I didn't know you had many abilities.
Oru': (Smiles) I have more.
Eja: Let's walk in guys!

Eja and the others walked into the third gate of hell and found it empty.

Eja: What the hell happened here?
Oru': This is strange! Where is everyone?

Nkem who was watching them from the air appeared before them in her teenage form.

Nkem: There's something wrong here.

Oru' looked at Nkem and knew many things about her.

Nkem: (To Oru') You can't read everything about me.
Oru': I guess so.

Chibueze: Nkem you are here.
Nkem: Yes.
Chibueze: Are you the one who took out the ninth gate minions?
Nkem: No! I'm suprise just like you people.

Eja: So what are we going to do now?
Nkem: Hmm, I overheard the eighth gate minions say that only the weak ones are left.
Oru': Bingo!!
All: What?

Oru': If you ask me, they went to invade another world, and my guess is heaven.
Nkem: They will be so foolish to do that.
Oru': Except they get help from inside right?
Nkem: Are you trying....

Just then Eja saw a green glow of light a little bit far.

Eja: Hey guys, check out the light.
Oru': That's your mother and Chukwu's son over there.
Eja: (Excited) Really?
Uchenna: Our mission has finally come to an end.

Every one raced down to the place and saw Ali and Chukwu's son in a green crystal.

Nkem: What the? Ekwensu couldn't break the crystal and Ali managed to protect Chukwu's son.
Eja: What does that mean?
Nkem: I don't know.

The crystal dissapeared and Ali stood in front of them carrying Chukwu's son and Eja went over to hug her.

Eja: Mummy! I missed you so much.
Ali: Me too dear.

Uchenna: Our mission is now over, we should now take the child to Chukwu.
Ali: No.
Uchenna: Why?
Ali: There is something you all must know.

Ali: You must be wondering why the entire ninth gate is empty and why there were only few minions in each gates.

Nkem: You are right, so do you know why that is?
Ali: Yea, it's something terrible. The balance between the worlds is going to crash.
Oru': Just go straight to the point mother.

Everyone looked at Oru' after she called Ali mother.

Eja: You called her mother?
Oru': Yes.
Ali: Oru' happens to be one of the kids I trained when I hadn't had you.
Eja: Well that clearifies things. 
Oru': So what is going on here?
Ali: All the strong minions have gone to invade the heavens.

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Re: Into The Depth Of Hell
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Episode ThirtyThree (33) Continuation

Everyone looked at Ali after she said the strongest of the Ekwensu minions have all gone to invade the heavens.

Nkem: That's crazy, there's no way they can win.
Ali: Under normal circumstances, yes. There is a rebellion in the heavens led by Lucifer, many God (s) are not satisfied with the way Chukwu rule the heavens. So Ekwensu joined forces with them so that he would be part of a new league of God(s) that would rule all the worlds after destroying their barriers.

Nkem fell down on her knees after hearing that.

Nkem: This can't be happening, is it because he gave powers to humans?
Ali: No, it is just an excuse to hide their real goal.

Chibueze: So what's next about our mission?
Ali: I shall take care of the child. And if the current leadership of the heavens fall, it will be left for you humans.

Nneka: Us?
Ali: You will all have to become demi God (s) .
Uchenna: Are you really saying we are going to fight real God(s) ?
Ali: Yes.

Uchenna: I'm getting out of here, I didn't sign up for this.
Uche: Me too.
Ejikeme: Well, the mission said we should just rescue the child. Goodbye.
The three of them started walking away and Nneka wanted to follow them but Eja held her hands.

Eja: It will be okay, I promise.
Nneka: Well we haven't delivered Chukwu's son to him, so I'm staying.
Chibueze: I'm staying!!

Oru' appeared to the others and opened a portal to the human world for them, and then she returned back to the others.

Oru': Well, I guess this is all of us.
Nneka: I'm looking forward to the outcome of the battle.
Eja: We will be fine together.
Nneka: Yes.

Nkem: Hmm, what a drag!!
Chibueze: I'm ready for anything!

Red flew over to where they were and roared, he had grown so big to an adult dragon.

Chibueze: Red!
Ali: I guess the party is complete.
Nkem: Yes.

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