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Re: 21+ The Cops And The Sex Cartels
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Episode Four (4)


Dave was getting his dick sucked by the lady that accompanied him to the cartels meeting when Conan called.
The lady's name is Maria.
Dave told Conan to bring back his trophy (policewoman).

Maria: So the operation was successful.
Dave: Yes. Now continue sucking my dick. When the police woman is being brought in here I will fuck her before she gets eliminated.
Maria: You never change.

Maria went back to sucking Dave's dick as he closed his eyes and felt the pleasure of his dick being sucked by Maria's sweet mouth.

Dave: Ah! What a nice girl.

He touched her ass and pulled down her G string pant as he romanced her ass. 

He stood up and cleared everything on the table and carried Maria there, he spread her legs wide open as he fingered her vagina as she moaned.

Maria: Eh, eh. Oh, oh, this is good Dave. Ah, ah, oh yea baby. Keep doing it. Keep doing it come on.

Dave smiled as he fingered her vagina and she moaned and started calling his name out.

Maria: Ah! Dave, Dave! Ah Dave! Ahhh!

She moaned very loud as her vagina fluid dripped down from her pussy as she had reached orgasm.

Dave licked it all and turn over to her ass and used a brush to tickle her anus area.

Maria: Ahh!

He inserted three of his fingers inside her anus as she moaned.

Maria: Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah! I love it baby.
Dave: I know you will.

He started licking her ass as she moaned and screamed.

Maria: Aww! Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah! I loved this.

David continued licking her ass as she reached orgasm again and her vagina fluid dripped down to the table.

He carried her to the bed near his desk as she bent on the doggy position and he penetrated her anus.

Ahh! She screamed as Dave's cock went deep inside her anus.

Maria: I can feel it inside me baby. I can feel it inside me. Ahh!
Dave: Oh yea. Get ready for what comes next.

Dave started pounding her tight ass with his hard rock dick as she screamed out in pleasure.

Maria: Ahh! Ah! Ah! Yea baby. Give it to me. Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah! Yes baby give it to me.

Dave spanked her ass as he continued fucking her anus.

Maria: Ah! Ah! Ah! Ahh! Dave!

Dave got hold of her boobs and pinched her tips as she moaned out very loud.

Maria: Ahh! Ah! Ah!! Ah! This feels good. Oh my god. This feels fucking good. Ah! Ah! Ah! Oh my god! This feels good! I love it god!

Dave: Oh yea, I love your fucking asshole too.

He spanked her ass again and brought his dick out of her anus and told her to lick and suck it.

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Re: 21+ The Cops And The Sex Cartels
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Episode Four (4) Continuation

Maria grabbed his dick and sucked it so hard as Dave played with her hairs.

Dave: You are such a good girl. Keep sucking that cock.

Yummy, she said as she continued sucking Dave's dick.

Dave pushed her as she fell to the bed, and he inserted his dick inside her vagina.

Maria: Ahh! Ouch! Come on dig it in.
Dave: My pleasure.

Dave fucked her pussy as she used her legs to round his back.

Maria: Ahh! Ah! Ah! I love this. Yea, yea, keep it coming. Fuck me, fuck me. Ahh! Ah! Dave! Baby! Ah! Ah! Ah!
Dave: Oh yes. It feels great.
Maria: Yes. Ah! Ah! Ah! Baby.

Marie vibrated as Dave fucked her vagina very hard.

Ahh! Ah! Ah! Ahh!! Maria screamed as she reached orgasm again and her vagina fluid flowed down from her pussy as Dave kept pounding it.

Maria: Ahh! That was sweet. That was sweet. Ahh! Ah!

Dave: Ahhh! Ah! It's coming baby! Ah! Ah!! Ah!!!

Dave moaned very loud as he released his semen inside Maria's vagina. He shaked off the rest on her belly.

Dave: Ahh!! That was sweet.
Maria: Yes baby. Yes baby.

Dave left Maria on the best and went over to the office desk to pick his clothes. One of his militia men forgot to knock and entered the office. He saw Dave naked.

Man: Sorry sir.

The man made to go out but Dave immediately took a gun from one of his officer drawer an shot him dead.

Dave: What an idiot!

Dave had many rules and one of them was that no one should disturb him when he is fucking.

After wearing his cloth he called on some men to carry the body of the dead one away.
Maria just lied naked on the bed after using her pant to wipe off the mess on her body.

Conan called to inform Dave that they have reached the building.
Dave told him to take the policewoman to to medic, so that they will run a test to know if she was disease free.
After the result Dave will then decide whether to use a condom or not to fuck her before killing her.

Dave: Well, in just a matter of time my tonight's trophy shall be presented to me.

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Re: 21+ The Cops And The Sex Cartels
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Episode Five (5)

Fuck And Kill

Dave ordered Conan to take the policewoman to the medic to get tested.
Maria was still on the bed naked and David looked at her and smiled.
Dave: I love the sight of your pussy, no matter how many times I fuck it I still need it more.
Maria: I told you, you won't get tired of my pussy. It's so sweet, you can keep fucking it for your life time.
Dave: Hahaha, I love you. Your asshole is something else.
Maria: Well, I can't wait till the next time you are going to pound it.
Dave: (Smiles) Don't worry. It will be very soon.
Maria: Yea. Well I will just be using my vibrator till then.
Dave: How should I fuck the policewoman before I kill her?
Maria: Make her get the best orgasm ever before you pull the trigger.
Dave: That's just what I will do.

** At The Police Station That Night **

The police had lost communication with the team sent to intercept Fred, and they were all worried.

Police 1: We still can't communicate with them sir.
Officer Roland: They are the best team we have here how can we just lose communication.
Officer Prince: Maybe something unexpected happened.
Office Roland: Like?
Officer Prince: Maybe they got intercepted by the enemy.
Officer Roland: That's impossible. We had a very good plan.
Officer Mercy: Things like thing happens sometime.
Police 1: I almost forgot!
Officer Roland: What?
Police 1: The two man team.
Officer Roland: Yes call them.

They tried to call the two man team and their phone rang as they lied dead on the road.

Dave informant had told him that a special two man team would be sent in advance, and Dave also sent in his best two man team to intercept them.

Police 1: They are not answering.
Officer Roland: We are going to send in a search party first thing in the morning.
Police 1: Yes sir.

** Back At Dave's Base **

Fred had called Dave and thanked him for his assistance, as he dropped the call Conan knocked on the door and he told him to enter inside.

Dave: Well done for the successful operation.
Conan: It's my honour sir.
Dave: I believe you came here to tell me about the police woman.
Conan: Yes sir. The results are out.
Dave: So?
Conan: She's clean.
Dave: Go, drag that cunt here.
Conan: Yes sir.

Few minutes later the female police woman was dragged into Dave's large office with chains on her neck and legs.

She was naked and Dave smiled.

Dave: Tie her in mid air to the poles.

She was being tied up just the way the other girl that was sold was tied.

David: It's time I get to work.

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Re: 21+ The Cops And The Sex Cartels
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Episode Five (5) Continuation

Dave ordered everyone out of the office except Maria, and he moved closer to the policewoman.

Dave: I'm going to rape you till you pass out and then you will be eliminated.

The policewoman (PW) spit on his face.

PW: You will be brought to Justice one day.
Dave: You just made a fucking mistake, I will make your death more painful. Maria give me the second whip.

Maria gave Dave a very strong whip.

Dave flogged the policewoman and she cried out.

PW: Ahh! You son of a..... 
She didn't finish her statement and the whip landed on her again and she screamed.

Dave dipped his finger inside her vagina and started fingering her.

PW: Ahh! Stop that! Stop that!
Dave: Make me.

Dave fingered her vagina till it got wet.

Dave: You must be enjoying this, your vagina is wet.
PW: Fuck you devil! The law... Ahh!

She screamed as Dave fingered her and she reached orgasm as her vagina fluid dripped down.

PW: Ahh! Oh my god! Ah!!
Dave: Hahaha! How do you feel knowing this is going to be your last sex. I can see you just enjoyed that orgasm.

It's time for me to fuck you.

As she was tied mid air Dave climbed a stool as he grabbed her ass and inserted his dick into her vagina from behind.

PW: No, no, no. Ahh!

She screamed out as Daved gave her pussy some pounding.

PW: Ah! Stop that! The law will... Ah! Ah!!
Dave: Hahaha, the law will moan right?

Dave pounded her vagina as it was so sweet, he kept moaning while the police woman screamed.

Ahh!!! Dave moaned as he released inside her vagina while she cried, he shaked off the rest on her ass.

Dave: Stop pretending, I love you love it.

Dave told Maria to untie her. As she untied her the policewoman was crying as Dave semen dripped down from her vagina, and she was too weak to do anything.

As she was untied from mid air Dave forced her to bend down as he penetrated her ass while Maria played with the policewoman's boobs.

Dave fucked her anus as she cried out, Maria slapped her anytime she cried out too loud.
Finally Dave released inside her anus.

Dave: Ah! That was so sweet but unfortunately for you, this is your end.
Maria: Please give me the pleasure of taking her out of her misery.
PW: Curse you two, the law will prevail in the end.

Dave gave Maria the gun and she cocked it.

Maria: Shut up cunt, this is the end of your tale.

Kpa! Kpa!

The policewoman was shot dead.

Maria: There she goes.
Dave: Well, I must say that you are as heartless as ever.
Maria: Who cares? They will do the same to us.
Dave: This will teach the police a lesson.
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Re: 21+ The Cops And The Sex Cartels
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Episode Six (6)


After killing the police woman Dave men threw her body where it would be burnt.

Early the next morning the police sent a search party to comb the area.

They did and found the bodies of the slain policemen and women, even those who ran away with gunshot wounds died on their way.

Police 1: This is very bad, all of our men being wiped out just like this.

They were doing the body counting and found out that a policewoman was missing.
They packed the dead bodies and drove off.

*** At The Police Station ***

Officer Roland: Damn it! They took all of our men down.
Officer Mercy: One is MIA, maybe she escaped.
Officer Prince: Let's hope so.
Officer Roland: She should have been in the station now if she escaped.
Officer Mercy: Are you suggesting they kidnapped her?
Officer Roland: It's obvious, that's what they did.
Officer Mercy: For them to be able to intercept our men means they have a mole in here.
Officer Roland: That makes sense.
Officer Mercy: I will contact HQ for Detective James and also for more backup.
Officer Roland: Detective Frank is more better.
Officer Mercy: Well, if you say so.

** Amanda's Camp **

I hope you people remembered Amanda?
She's a leader of a sex cartels that delivers girls to lesbian underground business women.

A girl was tied on mid air horizontally.

Amanda strip the girl of her clothes and fingered her vagina.

Girl: Ahh! Ah! Ah!

Amanda fingered the girl's vagina more harder.

Girl: Ahh! Ah! Ah! Aww. Aww. Ahh!

Amanda: Yes, scream more, scream.

The girl started crying as Amanda fingered her very fast.

Girl: (Crying) Ahh! Ah! Ah! Oh  god! Ah!

She squirted and Amanda laughed.

Amanda: That's it girl! That's it. Now I going to put something big in that hole.

Amanda brought out a police baton and inserted into the girl's tight vagina.

Girl: Ahh! Ah! Ah!! Ah!!

The girl cried out as Amanda fucked her vagina with the police batton.

Girl: God! Ah!!
Amanda: You love it, don't be shy. Tell me.
Girl: Ah! Ah!

Amanda: Well, you are still a virgin. I have to call in someone to take that away from you.

Girl: Please don't, you can lick me all you want. Please.

Amanda went over and kissed her.

Amanda: Sorry, but my client don't want a virgin girl.
Girl: Please.
Amanda: Shut up!

Amanda called in a young man to fuck her.

Guy: So this one is a virgin huh?
Amanda: Yes. Fuck her and make her bleed.
Guy: My pleasure.

The guy pulled off his shorts and inserted his dick into the girl's vagina.

Guy: Oh, this pussy is tight.

He fucked her pussy as she cried out loud and blood dripped down.
The guy cleaned it and continue fucking her as her whole body vibrated.

Girl: Ahh! Ah!! God! Oh my god!
Guy: You seem to be enjoying it.
Girl: (Crying) Ahh! Ah!

The young man continued fucking her pussy very hard.

Ah! Ah! He moaned as he released his semen inside her vagina, he shaked off the rest on her belly as she cried.

Guy: I'm done ma'am.
Amanda: Okay, you can go now.

Amanda took the semen dripping down from the girl's pussy and told her to swallow it which she did.

Amanda: You are just a good girl.

Dave have heared the news that Detective Frank would be hunting them soon.

Dave: This can turn out bad for us.
Maria: I think we should call another meeting.
Dave: Yes, make the call. Tell them it's urgent.

Maria went over to call the leaders of the sex cartels.

Dave: Detective Frank huh? We have to do something or else he will bring us down.

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Re: 21+ The Cops And The Sex Cartels
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Episode Seven (7)

The Emergency Meeting

Maria called the other sex cartels leaders and told there was an emergency meeting.

Maria: I have informed all of them.
Dave: Good. We need to take this matter seriously or else that detective may take us down.
Maria: No one has seen his face.
Dave: Yes. We have to go to the meeting arena now. We must find a way out of this.
Maria: Yes.

Dave and Maria stepped out with their militia men and they drove off to the meeting arena.

Amanda was fucking a girl's vagina with a police baton when she got the call.

Amanda: What could the emergency meeting be all about? Dave is even in a panic, that means we are all in trouble. Well, he always find a way.

** At The Police Station **

The policemen were working hard on their desks trying to figure out where the location of the sex cartels could be.

Officer Roland: We suffered a great loss yesterday but the men are hardworking.
Officer Prince: Yes, the sacrifice of their comrades would never be in vain. But I wonder why someone who must have kidnappened the female officer haven't called.
Officer Mercy: Maybe they made her one of their sex slaves.
Officer Roland: Or worst, raped and killed.

A policeman came over to where the three officers were discussing.

Policeman: Hello. I just got words from HQ.
Officer Roland: What's the response?
Policeman: Positive. They will be sending us more men, and also Detective Frank would be on the team.
Officer Roland: That's goodnews. We will now nail those idiots who think they can run away from the iron hand of Justice. You can go now.
Officer Mercy: So nobody have seen this detective's face?
Officer Roland: Who needs to see his face, as long as he does the job.
Officer Prince: Yes.

** At The Sex Cartels Meeting Place **

Amanda was the first to get to the meeting place, she brought along one of her girls in chains.

The second to arrive was Dave and then the others followed suit.
They tied up Amanda's girl in the middle of the table and inserted a vibrator inside her vagina from below the table.

The meeting started and Dave told them the details and about Detective Frank.

Fred: This is bad. He's the world best Detective and he has solved every case given to him.
Dave: Yes, even my mole in the police haven't seen his face.
Hugoboss: So what do you suggest we do now? If the businessmen find out that Detective would be after us they will stop patronising us.
Dave: Yes, we have to make our dealings more secret. We will be making transactions with clients just once a week.

They delibrated on the issue and the meeting ended with all of them afraid of what will happen next since Detective Frank was now in the picture.

Dave got home worried.

Dave: Damn it! I'm not even in the mood to fuck. Maria get me a girl, I'm going to finger her pussy with all my worries.

Maria brought an Ebony girl. Dave spanked her ass many times and she kept shouting.

Girl: Ahh! Ah!!

He took a police baton and placed inside her anus. He fucked her anus with the police baton as she screamed.

Girl: Ah, you are tearing my asshole. Ahhh! Ah! Oh yea, oh yea. Ah! Ah!!
Oh man.

Dave spanked her ass again and started fingering her pussy.

Girl: Ahh! Ahh! That's sweet. Ahh!

Dave fingered her till she reached orgasm.

Dave wanted to insert his dick inside her anus when Maria rushed into the room.

Maria: We are in trouble!
Dave: What trouble?
Maria: Hugoboss have been busted!
Dave: What?

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Re: 21+ The Cops And The Sex Cartels
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Episode Eight (8)

The End Of The Sex Cartels

Dave was about fucking the anus of a the girl brought in his office when Maria rushed in telling him that a leader of the sex cartels Hugoboss had been busted.

Dave: How could that be possible?
Maria: I don't know.
Dave: Now I get it, Detective Frank must have been after us all this while but we didn't know. Send a message to all our clients to release the girls, and tell them detective Frank is after us.
Maria: Yes sir.
Dave: Damn it.

Dave pounded the girl's anus with anger.

Girl: Ahh! Ah!! Ah!! Ah!
Dave: Fuck you cunt.
Girl: You are killing me, ahh! Ah! Oh my... Ahh!!

Dave continued the assault on her anus until he released his semen.

Dave: Ahh! Mehn. That's good.

The girl sucked his dick as he fucked her mouth.
Girl: Ahh! Ah! Ah!

Dave lied down, she climbed on him and inserted his dick inside her vagina.

Dave grabbed her ass and fucked her tight vagina.

Girl: Ahh! Ah!! Ah!! Oh yea, give me the fuck baby. Yea. Dig in.

The assault of her vagina continued as Dave was angrily fucking it.

Ahh!! Dave moaned as he released into her vagina.

Dave: Now, go and meet Maria. You are all leaving.

Suddenly he heared gunshots outside his base and Maria rushed in again.

Maria: Sir we are under attack, all the other sex cartels leaders have been arrested.

Dave: Damn it! Let's leave through the underground channel.

** At The Police Station **

Words have gotten to the police that the cartels boss were being arrested.

Officer Prince: How could that be possible?
Officer Roland: HQ told me a long time ago that Detective Frank was after the sex cartels, but I had to keep silent because they might have a mole in here.

Officer Mercy: That's good.
Officer Roland: Now they will be brought to justice.

An officer came in from HQ and said officer Mercy should be arrested because she was one of the mole alongside a detective which have been captured.

The two officers, Roland and Prince wasted no time in handcuffing her.

Officer Roland: You witch!
Mercy: Fuck you!
Officer Prince: So all this while you were talking about a mole you wanted to free yourself and look innocent.
Officer Roland: Exactly, she must have heard me speaking to other officers about a mole.

They took her to the police cell.

Dave and Maria got out of their base via an underground channel.
They entered a car parked out for emergency and drove off.

They both removed their face masks as they drove off.

Dave: Now no one will recognise us.
Maria: Yes, hahaha. Those fools.

Gunshots immediately landed on their car tyres and the car somersaulted five times.

A group of policemen with Detective Frank dragged them out as they could barely move.

Dective Frank: You thought I wouldn't figure out who you are? Mr. Adams Thomas.
Dave: Damn you!

As the sex cartels were raided all the girls and boys kidnapped regained their freedom.

A month later the leaders of the sex cartels were arraigned and sentenced to death, others were to die by injection of lethal poison but Dave was sentenced to death by electrification.

Maria was sentenced to 20years imprisonment as there was nothing really about her except that she was an accomplice.

Damn you!! Dave screamed out as he was tied naked and electrocuted to death.

Officer Roland: We did it!
Officer Prince: Yes!

As for officer Mercy she was sentenced to death by hanging.

The Story And Reign Of The Sex Cartels Ends Here!

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