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Things You Never Knew About Clinton The Pervert Part 1
I'm so happy to have written 100 episodes for one of the best stories in my forum, Clinton The Pervert .

Below are few things you never knew about the sweet sex story.

1. Clinton's Expulsion From His First School Was Made At The Last Minute:

My initial plan was for Clinton not to get expelled, I wanted him to have his way out through the principal.
But the story would have ended quickly and and I wanted to make it more fun, so I created the school council with an authority higher than principal Vanessa.

2. The Story Was Supposed To End At Episode 37:

My initial plan was to end the story at episode 37, and in an emotional note.
But I changed my mind when I was almost done with the episode.

3. The Clinton Character Is Somehow Similar To Me In Real Life:

There are many things about Clinton in the story that are directly related to me, like Hunter X Hunter being one of my favourite anime series.
Let me not go deep, just know that I and the Clinton in the story are almost one or he's my other half.

4. King Was Suppossed To Be A Major Character:

When I first wrote about King, I wanted him to be a major role player in the story.
But the way I created his personality won't go well with how I want to develop the story.
I might bring him back in the future though.

5. Clinton's Family Are All Perverts!!:

You heard me right! Some of you might be asking about Melford since he's a priest, but don't you worry! I will focus on him in the future and you will be shocked!

That's all for now!! You can ask questions via comments.


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