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I has been a while, I'm going to make this board lively again. Enjoy!!

Born naked without a team
Now it looks like I need one as a teen
As I grew I had a goal
And I have to score in the goalpost!

Hurdles like eleven
Charging forward to reach a new level
One day I will make it even
And be the best scorer.

I want to net a goal in the goalpost
But I got hurdles like eleven
And a great obstacle at the end
And I have to start at my defence.

The journey might be rough with injuries
There may be boos from the spectators
I might be thrown cans and bananas
But I will keep training to be a goal scorer.

I will bypass the attackers
And overcome the middlemen
Even if the defence is strong I will soar high
I will break through the wall and push forward.

Finally, it will be between I and the goal keeper
Leaving my safe zone wouldn't be in vain
I will prevail in the sun or rain
I will send the keeper off and net a ball in the goalpost
I'm a goal scorer!

I hope you enjoyed it!
I am Clinton! Act Now! I hope you love my stories.