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My Top Five Anime Villains
Today I'm going to list my top 5 anime villains, check the anime board and you will see my top 5 anime heroes.


1. The Akatsuki (Naruto Shippuden).

Though Naruto Uzumaki didn't make the list of my top 5 anime heroes, his enemies the Akatsuki claims the number one spot in my top five anime villains.
The Akatsuki are a group of shinobi (ninja) who wants to gather all the tailed beasts in other to unleash the terror they call peace.

I really like their mode of dressing as seen in the picture above, and I also love the way they are organised.
Each individual personality is really interesting from Itachi, Deidera, Hidan and the rest.

2. The Espada (Bleach).

Ichigo Kurosaki and Rukia Kuchiki both made my list of top five male and female anime heroes and one of their strongest enemies The Espada makes this list.

The Espada is made up of 10 powerful Arrancars gathered together by a soul reaper named Aizen. Their aim was to destroy Karakura town (Ichigo's town) in other to make a key that will open the dimension of the soul king palace.

They all have unique abilities and personality, they are well organised and extremely powerful that captains of the 13 squads in the SEIREITEI were sent to fight them.

3. Lord Frieza (Dragon Ball Z/Super).

Goku made my top 5 anime heroes list and here is Lord Frieza one of his most powerful enemies.

Frieza wants to be the ruler of the universe so he goes to different galaxies to conquer, he even destroyed some galaxies and planets (including Goku's home planet, Vegeta).
He like bragging about how strong he is and he also likes toying with someone he is beating, and that led to his downfall against Goku.
Sometimes he can be very funny.

4. Makoto Shishio (Samurai X)

Keshin Himora made my top 5 anime heroes and here one of his strongest enemies makes the list.
Makoto Shishio was betrayed, shot in the head and burnt alive by the the Japanese imperial government which he works for.
After surviving that he led a gang of strongest fighters like Seijoro who caused terror on the Japanese government.
He said the government was took weak and the country needs a strong ruler like himself.
He almost succeeded but Keshin his predecessor came to the rescued and defeated him.

5. Zeref Dragneel (Fairy Tail).

Though Natsu Dragneel didn't make it in my top 5 anime heroes list, Ezra Scarlet of Fairy Tail made it in the female list.

Zeref is a dark mage/wizard who wants to atone for the sins he commited.
He created many demons to kill him but they couldn't so he created Natsu Dragneel to end his life.
Zeref has no intent to kill but he do so unwillingly. He was cursed with the Curse of Contradition which makes everything around him die.

I'm still watching the season 2 of fairy tail but some online blogs said Natsu Dragneel was a demon created by Zeref to kill him.

I drop my pen at this point.

Note: This List Can Be Edited In The Future
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