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Re: The Lost Island
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Episode Five (5)

The Zombies Attack The Ship

The students, the teacher and the crewmen went back to the ship around 03:00 am. They couldn't sleep so they stayed on the ship crying silently. But they made a very big mistake, they forgot to remove the ladders they used in climbing up to the ship.

*** At The Underground Facility On The Island ***

The mysterious woman went to a dark room and switched the lights on. There were many zombies kept inside the prisons in the room. What separated them from the woman was an iron protector.

Mysterious Woman: Well my failed test subjects. I have a work for you.

She pressed a button on the wall and a door opened behind the wall in the prison that held the zombies.

Mysterious Woman: Now go and destroy those humans on the ship.

Twelve zombies went out of the donr and she closed it.

Mysterious Woman: Well, the rest of you should wait. One day it will be your turn to feast.

She turned off the lights and left.

Mysterious Woman: Well, let's see how those on board will do.

She was able to control them because of chip implanted inside their heads incase they go wild.
The zombies crawled out and headed for the ship.

*** Back In The Ship ***

Michelle was viewing the photos she took with the dead students when they were alive. She cried as she scrolled on the pictures.

Michellle: (Sobbing) They were so full of life. But now they are just dead and buried on the earth. They never wished for this. They wanted to live longer. If they knew this would happen, they wouldn't have come along with us on this trip. Why? Why them?

The crewmen and the teacher were discussing.

Crewman: Everything is still the same, we are stucked in this place. Nothing to go on.
Teacher: So we just have to hope that they will send a search party for us because the parents will protest.
Michael: Yes, that's for sure especially John's Dad.
John: Yes, he always excel in stuffs like that. We that's how he got to this point in life.
Crewman: The problem is they will have a hard time locating us.
Teacher: Yes, but they will. I feel for the parents of the deceased. How are they going to feel when their children don't return home. And to make the pain more worst they are buried in a far place that will give them a hard time to find.
Crewman: Yea. One of my crew member who died was expecting a child. The pregnancy was due today and he was hoping to return and witness the arrival of his new child.

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Re: The Lost Island
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Episode Five (5) Continuation

John: Well, who knows whether we are really safe.
Michael: What do you mean by that?
John: There may be more crazier things than the cannibals in there.
Michael: Hmm, I hope not.
Teacher: John may be right.
Crewman: Yes, but as long as we stay in the ship we are safe.
Teacher: Yes.

Michael went over to Michelle and tried to console her, meanwhile John lied on the ship and looked at the full moon.

John: Such a beautiful moon on a bloody night.

The zombies approaching the ship had reached it and they started climbing up with the three ladders the students forgot to bring on board.

Ahh!!! A girl screamed as she felt a hand touch hand. Her scream got everyone up, even those who managed to sleep woke up.

The girl ran to the centre of the ship.

Crewman: What's the problem?
Girl: Something touched me.

Just then the zombies climbed on board on the ship.

Crewnan: Holy shit!
Teacher: What are this things?

The crewmen and the teacher fired gunshots on them but it had no effect.

Teacher: What the hell are this things?
John: Reanimated dead bodies.
Teacher: What?

The zombies pounced on some innocent students as they cried out for help.

The crewmen struck the zombies so hard with heavy sticks but they held their grip strong on the students they pounced on.

There were cries all over the ship.

Crewman: Sorry students, we tried our best.
Teacher: We have no choice, we have to abandon the ship.
Students get to the water we are heading back to the island. Help those who can't swim!

The students, the crewmen and the teacher dived into the water and headed for the island.
They helped those who couldn't swim back to the island.
They ran as fast as they could into some thick bush so they wouldn't be spotted.
They cried as they heared the screams of the students inside the ship as they were beaten, crushed and eaten by the undead.

John: We are totally screwed up!

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Re: The Lost Island
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Re: The Lost Island
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Episode Six (6)


The students, the teacher and the remaining crewmen ran into a thick bush in the island to avoid being spotted.
They cried as they stayed in hiding.

Teacher: Please don't cry out too loud. There maybe more of them in the island.
John: Is Michael here?
Michelle: (Sobbing) No.
John: What? Is he still on the ship?
Michelle: (Crying) Those things were about to pounce on me but he pushed me away and they got him.

Michelle kept on sobbing.

John: (tearfully) You mean they got him? We were going to complete our projects together. This is so bad.
He broke down into tears.

Crewman: Sshh! They are coming out from the ship.
Teacher: Keep your voices down. Don't even say a thing or move until they get past us.

They all stood still and didn't move an inche as the zombies climbed down from the ship and passed were they hid. Their hearts were beating so fast as they were afraid they would get spotted.
Even when it was clear that the zombies have passed, they still maintained their positions as they were afraid that they may still be hanging around.

** At The Underground Facility ***

The mysterious woman opened the door for the zombies to enter.
Only eleven out of the twelve zombies came back.

Mysterious Woman: Well done my failed test subjects. Well done. Hmm, it looks like one of you didn't make it back. But I didn't see those humans take any of you down, or maybe we overlooked.

The mysterious woman went over to meet the mysterious man who was busy playing video games.

Mysterious Man: So the Zs did thier job well.
Mysterious Woman: Yes, but one of them didn't make it back.
Mysterious Man: Did we overlooked it being taken down?
Mysterious Woman: I asked myself that question too, maybe we really overlooked it.
Mysterious Man: Well, let's leave them in confusion.
Mysterious Woman: They don't know we saw them run to that thick bush, but we left them.
Mysterious Man: To us this is just a game of fun, but to them it is terror.

** At The Ship Centre **

It was morning and the parents of the thirty students as well as the family of the teacher and the crew members came to protest.
Letters were already written to the government.

John father had come with some of his family friends as he led the protest and almost stormed into the office of the head of the ship centre, but policemen stopped him.

John's Dad: I told you guys that I will shut down this place! And I'm going to do that! I'm going to do that! Bring back my boy!

Other parents raised their voices out too.

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Re: The Lost Island
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Episode Six (6) Continuation

The parents kept protesting.

** In The Ship Centre Office **

Chief Officer: Is the preparation for the search party ready?
Officer 1: Yes sir.
Chief Officer: Alright. Kick off the plan. Send the search party out immediately.

The search party were sent out to seek and find the ship, they were on water and on air.

The chief officer came out to address the parents, he told them that they had sent a search party and they were on water and in the air.

John: You people should better bring them back. I and my people will shut down this place if you don't.

*** In The City ***

Some of John's classmates who were part of another field trip and returned the previous day were very worried.

Job: What could have possibly happened to them?
Mike: Maybe their ship were attacked by pirates and they are being held hostages, or their ship sank to the bottom of the sea.
Priest: I pray it better be the former.
Julia: We just have to keep hoping that they get back real soon.
Job: Yes.

*** Back At The Island ***

Now that it was morning and the sun was so bright in the sky, the students and the others came out of their hiding place.

They have sent two crewmen and the teacher to check if the coast was clear before they came out.
They stayed near some trees so that they can hide if they spot anything coming.

Teacher: This sucks! We are in an unknown island and being attacked by unknown things.
Crewman: With the rate things are going I think only few of us will make it out alive, that's if a search party comes or else we will all die him.
Teacher: Yea, we only got fruit on the island and it's risky trying to go to the sea and take water.
John: We are all screwed up.
Michelle: Staying in the ship is better than staying here.
Crewman: Yes, but we don't know if all those things left the ship. Maybe one or two are up there.

The students numbers have decresed again from 26 to 19 (the intial was 30). The crewmen suffered no causualty this time.

Joshua: What exactly are those things? They look like zombies.
John: Exactly, they are zombies.

Teacher: Everyone hide!

Everyone hid themselves, and some climbed to the trees full of leaves.

They saw a zombie climb down the ship to the shore but he was walking like a normal human.

It was a human named Newman who disguised as a zombie to avoid being killed by the mysterious woman and man.

He removed his disguise and started washing his body.
The students and the teacher with the crew members watched in shock.

Newman: Finally! I found real humans.

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Re: The Lost Island
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Episode Seven (7)

Newman's Tale

The students were suprised as they saw a human on the shore.

Teacher: What the? Are the rest of the zombies just like him?
John: No. I think his own was just a disguise.
Teacher: Why would he disguise and be like the zombies?
John: It could be to avoid being killed, and now that he found humans he feels safe.
Crewman: So do you think we should go and meet him?
Teacher: It's too risky.
John: I think I will go.
Michelle: No John, we can't be sure.
John: If we don't take risks we wouldn't get out of this island.

After saying that John left them and walked to the shore of the island.
The man turned back and waved at him.

Newman: Hey! Don't be scared.
John: (In his mind) Well, he doesn't look like a bad person.

John walked up to him.

Newman: Hey!
John: Hi sir.
Newman: I'm so happy to see real humans.
John: What do you mean by real humans?
Newman: I have been hiding among those zombies so that I wouldn't be discovered by the two demons that lives on the island.
John: Demons?
Newman: So where are the others?
John: They are hiding?
Newman: Call them out. I'm not bad.

John told the others that it was safe to come out. They all came out as they were being led by the teacher.

Newman: I'm so happy to see you all. I'm so happy. My name is Newman.
Teacher: My name is Franklin and I'm the students teacher.

The crewmen, John and few students introduced themselves to him.

Teacher: So what were you doing among the zombies.
Newman: It's a long story, let's go and relax in the trees and I shall tell you my tale.

They followed Newman to the shade of the trees as they got ready to listen to his tale.

** At The Underground Facillty On The Island **

The mysterious man and woman were very shocked, they never suspected a human to be hiding among the zombies.

Mysterious Man: Impossible, how did it happen?
Mysterious Woman: I don't believe it, I never suspected a human to be here. And how did he survive all this years eating raw meats we give to our failed test subjects?
Mysterious Man: Hahahaha! This is interesting.
Mysterious Woman: What is interesting?
Mysterious Man: This is a glaring proof that humans can adapt to any condition.
Mysterious Woman: Well, you are right. Afterall he didn't escape with any information.
Mysterious Man: Yes, let's keep watching how this game plays out.

The mysterious man laughed as hard as he could.
Meanwhile the lady went back to the zombies prison to check if any of them was behaving differently.

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Re: The Lost Island
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Episode Seven (7) Continuation

Newman began his tale.

He first came to the island ten years ago when a storm hit their ship. But on that night they were attacked by zombies, all his friends were all killed and he managed to survive the night.
He was so down and was in hunger since he couldn't come out of his hiding place because of fear. The next night he saw two humans and some zombies who came to drag his friends away, he overheard them saying they would be used for their experiment.
It then occurred to him that the only way he would survive was to follow the gang, so he dragged a zombie and silently with swift speed cut the head off.
He wore the zombie clothes and rub many dirty things to his body just to look like them.
He followed the zombies back to their prison where they were served raw meat everyday, he ate it to survive with the hope that one day luck will shine on him.

Newman: And today is the day. Luck shined on me today. I know right now my family thinks I'm a dead man. I was 20 when I came here but now I'm 30.

Michelle: I'm sorry, that's bad.
Newman: I'm glad I found humans. Together we can storm their hideout and find a way to get out of here.
Teacher: Storm what?
Crewman: Ah! Nah, nah, nah. I rather die in the middle of the sea than get eaten by those zombies.
Newman: That's the only way. It's only inside their fotress that we can find a way out of there.
Teacher: We will think about that later.
John: What kind of experiment were they talking about?
Newman: Bringing the dead back to life.
John: What the?
Newman: The zombies are their failed experiment.
Crewman: That's creepy.
Newman: Well I tried my best to save one of your friends in the ship. He's sleeping right now.
Teacher: That's good.
John: What's his name?
Newman: Michael I think.
John: (happy) Wow! That's so great.
Michelle: Let's go and see him.

The students rushed to the ship to see Michael, only the teacher, Newman and the crewmen stayed.

Teacher: You said you killed a zombie?
Newman: Yes.
Crewman: We shot them guns but they didn't die.
Newman: If you want to kill them, cut off their heads or burn them.
Crewman: Then, we need to start making weapons.
Newman: Yes, and fast.
Teacher: Thank you Newman.
Newman: Hmm.
Teacher: What?
Newman: The lady that attends to the zombies look exactly like one of your students.
Teacher: Who?
Newman: Michelle.
Crewman & Teacher: What?

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Re: The Lost Island
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Episode Eight (8)

The Two Demons

Newman had told the crewmen and the teacher that the mysterious woman looked exactly like Michelle.

Newman: It could just be a lookalike. What's her history?
Teacher: She lost her parents thirteen years ago, both of them were medical doctors.
Crewman: This could be a revelation. Do you know the reason for their works on the island?
Newman: Immortality and bringing the dead back to life.
Teacher: Bringing the dead back to life? Maybe someone dear to tell died.
Crewman: Hmm, I have a feeling that Michelle might be the one.
Newman: Well, we don't know for sure. We just have to burst in there.
Crewman: That can't be an option. It's like going to an enemy territory unarmed.
Teacher: Let's rest the matter for now.
Newman: Let's go and see what's up in the ship.

They walked over through the water to the ship.

*** In The Underground Facility On The Island ***

The mysterious man and woman were in a romantic mood.

Mysterious Man: Sweetheart after our research have been completed we can bring back our little baby.
Mysterious Woman: Yes, we will be finally be complete as a family.
Mysterious Man: That's something about a girl on the island, she look just like our darling daughter.
Mysterious Woman: Show me her picture.

The mysterious man logged on to his system and showed her Michelle's photos.

Mysterious Woman: (Mouth wide open) They just look exactly the same.
Mysterious Man: Yes, but she can't be the one. The government showed us her burnt body. And they gave us this island to research about immortality and bringing the dead back.
Mysterious Woman: Yes, she can't be the one. Our Michelle is gone but we shall bring her back after we are done with our research.
Mysterious Man: Nevertheless, we must keep an eye on her lookalike. Deactivate any zombie that goes after her.
Mysterious Woman: That I will do darling.

They both kissed.

** The Search Party **

The search party had started looking for the students and the rest of the crew. They were both in the air and on water.

It was noon and they had found nothing.

Man 1: We have found nothing so far.
Man 2: Maybe they had a problem with the ship.
Man 1: We should atleast be able to communicate with them.
Man 3: Yes. My assumption is that they have been held captives by pirates or the network is out of range on the island.
Man 1: I don't think so. The chief officer was able to communicate with them on arrival.
Man 2: Then, I think we have no choice than to go to the island.
Man 1: Yes.

When Newman and the others got to the ship Michael  had woken up and was having a chat with the other students.

Since Michael was confirmed to be alive the students population was now 20 out of 30 which had earlier came for the trip.

Newman had covered the dead ones on the ship.

Newman: I think it's time the dead ones gets buried or they will start smelling.
Teacher: Yea, he's right.

They carried the dead bodies of their fallen students back to the island and buried them close to the place they buried the others.

They paid their last respect to them with tears.

After that they returned to the ship, some of the students watched out for the zombies as they were on the ship.

Newman went closer to Michelle.

Newman: It seems the journey wasn't the way you people expected.
Michelle: Yes, we just hope their souls find peace.
Newman: Yea. Your parents must be pretty worried by now.
Michelle: They died thirteen years ago.
Newman: Oh, sorry.
Michelle: Oh no, it's nothing.

Those of the search party on air had reached the island the students went for field trip but found nothing.

They communicated to those on water that nothing was found.

Man 1: They found nothing huh?
Man 2: Well, I guess it's time we get back home and leave it for the government.
Man 1: Yea, we are going back home. I just hope something bad haven't happened to them.

As the sun went down the students on the island were at alert, ready for what comes next.

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Re: The Lost Island
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Episode Nine (9)

Terror Unleashed

The search party went back home as their search was fruitless.

The students were on the ship watching out for the zombies.
Newman was thinking about Michelle's story.

Newman: We need to get into their base if we want to get out of here alive.
Crewman: That's not a good decision. We can just sail away.
Newman: Sail to where? You are going to get lost in the middle of the sea.
Teacher: By the way, the zombies can't climb into the ship without the ladders.
Newman: They can.
Crewman: How?
Newman: I told you people that the zombies are their failed test subjects, they implanted some chips into their heads. With those chips they can issue command to them.
Teacher: We are screwed then.
Crewman: You said they can be killed by cutting their heads off and burning them right?
Newman: Yes.
Crewman: We got a lot of fuel and matches. Atleast the guns can slow them down.
Newman: Can the fuel and matches reach all the students? You should also know that the zombies don't feel pain, that means they can attack you while burning.

Crewman: Then we have to get out of here, it's better for us to die in the sea than to be killed by zombies.

A crew member climbed out from inside the ship.

Crewmember: Sir, the ship engine have a problem. It's spoilt.
Crewman: We got to fix that thing or we are goners.

The crewman rushed down inside the ship.

Teacher: I guess this means we are screwed.
Newman: Yes. Our only choice is to infiltrate their base.
Teacher: But that's suicide.
Newman: Many will die but few will survive.
Teacher: Are you seriously saying that?
Newman: Yes, it's the only option we have left. Sacrifice many to save few or we all die.
Teacher: The odds are not good.
Newman: It's the only thing we got. The choice lies on you people.

*** At The Underground Facility  In The Island **

The two demons of the island was watching those onboard on the ship with a very little drone.

Mysterious Woman: What could those fools be actually thinking? Their plans will all be in vain.
Mysterious Man: It seems the one who disguised himself as a zombie is telling them what should be their next plan of action.
Mysterious Woman: Our drone did a good work in destroying the ship's engine.
Mysterious Man: Yes. And they have no idea what's coming for them under water.

The news about finding nothing from the search party reached the parents after it got to the ship centre.

The parents protested hard that it forced the workers there to close work.

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Re: The Lost Island
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Episode Nine (9) Continuation

A group of zombies were swimming underwater with ladders and ropes.

Newman: So what do you say? Should we storm there?
Teacher: Let's wait for the crewman to come out.

The zombies quietly put the ladder on the ship and started climbing up.

A student heard noises so he went and checked under the ship.
He screamed as he was dragged into the water.
Other students stood up and looked at his direction and saw the zombies climbing into the ship.

Ahhh! They all screamed as the zombies came for them.

Newman: They are here already huh?
John: What should we do?
Newman: Give me that cutlass.

Newman was given a cutlass and he quickly chopped off two zombies heads.

Newman: I was a soldier and will always be a soldier.

The crewman came out after hearing the screams, he knew it must be the zombies so he came out with fuel and matches. He poured some of the zombies fuel and lighted them.

Newman: That's the way to go.  If we can't run then we will fight.

The students all ran behind the teacher, crewman and Newman.

Newman chopped off the heads of the burning zombies and more started coming.

Newman: They are many. We have to set fire on them and abandon the ship.
Crewman: That would do.

The student that was dragged down into the water had reached the shore of the island as the zombies ignored him.

The teacher checked a side of the boat and saw that it was safe.

Teacher: Students dive!

The students jumped into the water but unfortunately for five of them they couldn't swim and they drown as their friends left them in panic.

The crewman poured fuel on all the zombies on the ship and lighted them, after that the three of them on the ship dived into the water and swimmed to the shore of the island.

The zombies burnt to death as they felt no pain.

The teacher and the others got to the shore and watched the zombies burn.

Newman: We did it.
Teacher: I guess we can attack their base.
Crewman: Yea, me too.

They rejoiced as they celebrated victory not knowing some of them have drown.

Mysterious Woman: This is unexpected!
Mysterious Man: We have no choice than to send our three S-Class zombies.
Mysterious Woman: Yes, that's what we will do. They should watch out.

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Re: The Lost Island
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Episode Ten (10)

The S-Class Zombies

The students were jubilating as they have successfull won the battle until the teacher ask them to check if every one of them came back alive.

Teacher: Check yourselves students, just in case any one is missing.

The students checked themselves and discovered that five of them were missing.

Joshua: Five of us are missing.
Teacher: What? Then they must be on the ship.
John: Everyone jumped out of the ship.
Teacher: If everyone got out of the ship then they should be here.
Michelle: I remember, the five of them are those who can't swim.
Teacher: Damn it!
John: I'm sorry sir, we left them in a hurry.
Teacher: So they drown.

The atmosphere became sad for them as they mourned the death of their friends, the students population have now been reduced to half.

They were thirty when they first got to the island but they are now fifteen, the crew members who were five in number suffered two casualities.

The students cried silently in ther hearts as they mourned the dead.

Newman: We will look for their bodies tomorrow morning. Right now we should rest easy.

At The Underground Facility On The Island

Mysterious Man: Go and ready the S-Class zombies, send some the others with them.
Mysterious Woman: Okay.

The mysterious woman went deep underground in the facility.

She switched on the lights to a heavily reinforced room. She brought a remote and pressed the green button and three zombies woke up.
They were like cyborg, as part of their bodies were made with metal.
Their hands consist of machine saw.
They were just like the normal zombies but the mysterious one worked on the three, he replaced some of their body parts with metal. He was trying his luck at artificial intelligence, and just like other zombies the three S-Class zombie have chips inplanted in their heads.

Mysterious Woman: Long time no see buddies, rise and shine. I have got something for you. Go and kill the other humans on the island but do not kill the one we will send her command.
The S-Class zombies also understand human languarge all thanks to the mysterious man.

Mysterious Woman: Now go! Bring me back nothing.

The mysterious man sent a command to the zombies not to kill Michelle.

The three S-class zombies stepped out heading to the students.

Some of the normal zombies were sent together with them.

Mysterious Woman. Very well, those stupid humans shouldn't have come to this island in the first place. Now they have sealed their fate, none of them is getting out of here alive.

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Re: The Lost Island
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Episode Ten (10) Continuation

The students and the others stood at the shore of the island in the dark not knowing what's coming on their way.
There was no moon that night.

Newman: It's better we sleep on trees.
Teacher: We will sleep near the shore.
Newman: Well, I'm just trying to say. The zombies might come in more.
Teacher: Don't worry.
Newman: Well, if you say so.

Newman went ahead and climbed on a tree and slept.
The students and their teacher lied near the shore of the island as they looked into the waters.

The crew members joined Newman on the tree just in case more zombies return.

John: Hmm, this was never what we expected. We never thought of this happening. Our dear friends all full of life dead.
Michael: We never can predict what would happen next. I was scared to death thinking I would die, the feeling of helplessness they most have felt is bad.
Michelle: Well, it happened. We just have to move on. We have to keep living for their sake.
John: Yea, you are right.

A student heared footsteps and the sound of machine.

Student: Did you guys hear something?
John: No.

Just then the noise of the machine and the zombies approaching became louder.

John: I can hear it now.
Teacher: Me too.

As the student turned back to pick his cloth from the ground the S-Class zombie chopped off his head very fast. His blood splashed on other students and they screamed.

The screams woke up Newman and the crewmen sleeping on the tree.

Newman: (Shines his torch) What the? A new type of zombie? With a machine saw and they are three, I can only manage to bring one down.

The crewmen and Newman jumped down from the tree, Newman took his cutlass and chopped off the head of the a S-Class zombie who was the last to show up. Newman noticed that many ordinary zombies were coming after them too.

Newman: This is very bad.

The students screamed as the zombies got another two of them, they were all trembling in fear.

Newman: To the ruins! Let's run to the ruins!
Crewman: You heard him! Let's run to the ruins.

The students followed Newman as they headed for the ruins while the zombies chased after them.

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Re: The Lost Island
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Episode Eleven (11)

Into The Ruins

Everyone followed Newman as they ran to the ruins.

The S-Class zombies and the normal ones chased after them.

Teacher: How did they know where we are going to?
Newman: I think I know why. Maybe we have been watched all this time.
Teacher: What? How?
Newman: I guess with a little drone.
Teacher: Well that makes sense.
Crewman: That means we are doomed.
Teacher: Yes, that means they are watching all the moves we are making.
Newman: Yes, that's why we need a way to outsmart them.
Teacher: How exactly?
Newman: I don't know, I will keep on deliberating on that as we get to the ruins.

The students followed the crewmen from behind. The total numbers of students now remaining is twelve out of thirty that came into the island.

They students kept on running as fast as they could. They were crying for the loss of their fellow students and also the fear of getting killed by the zombies.

John: Did anyone of you notice that those things are after us?
Michelle: Yes, but I don't know why?
John: Maybe, there are cameras all over the island and commands are issued to them via those chips in their heads.
Michelle: I think so.

At The Underground Facility On The Island

The two demons of the island watched the students as they ran.

Mysterious Woman: I don't think it would be fun giving the zombies direction, we should better make this a hide and seek game.
Mysterious Man: Yes, that will be more entertaining. The zombies should find them on their own.
Mysterious Woman: I will set that into place.

They mysterious woman issued a command via the chips in the zombies head, telling them to find the others by themselves as they would stop receiving directions.

Mysterious Woman: All done! Now this can be entertaining.
Mysterious Man: Yes, and a chance for me to see what homo  sapiens can do in this kind of condition.

The two of the sat on their chairs as they watched the students running in despair and the zombies giving them a hot chase.

Back at home the search party had returned from their fruitless search.

Officer 1: We didn't see anything Chief. Not a trace of the kids or the ship.
Chief: Damn it! We are in big trouble then.
Officer 2: It's not really our fault sir, the ship was okay when it left here, and we communicated to them on their arrival at the said island.
Chief: I know, but the blames will be on us. And the parents might stage another big protest out here. Damn it! I hope we get out of this.
Officer 2: We will sir.

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Re: The Lost Island
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Episode Eleven (11) Continuation

The parents of the students had planned another protest to the government house and then back to the ship centre.

** At The Island **

The zombies had slowed down as they they had stopped receiving direction from the mysterious man and woman on the island.

Newman: It seems we are out running them.
Teacher: Does that mean they have ran out of fuel?
Newman: No, not exactly. Maybe someone wants to toy with us.
Teacher: You mean those two you called the two demons?
Newman: Yea, they probably want this to look more like a hunting.
Teacher: I see.

John and others were running from behind.

John: It seems those things have slowed down.
Michelle: Yes, it seems they got tired too.
John: I thought they don't experience pain.
Michelle: Whatever, I'm just glad we are loosing them.

They continued running to the ruins as the zombies slowly followed them from behind.

They finally reached the ruins.

Newman: Here we are, follow me.

They all followed Newman and he took them to a very large room that was yet to fall and they locked the door.

** At The Underground Facility On The Island **

Mysterious Man: What?
Mysterious Woman: Is that idiot trying to come down here? He should know that he will die.

** Back To The Students And The Others ***

Everyone sat on the room as they locked the strong metal door.

Newman: This will get us covered for the time being.
Teacher: Yes.

Michelle started sobbing.

Teacher: What's the matter Michelle?
Michelle: I don't really know. I almost died today. When a zombie made to attack me it blew off.
Teacher: Huh?

The teacher, Newman and the crewmen looked at each others.

Newman: It must be a coincidence, maybe it was due to self destruct.

Newman, the Teacher and the crewmen were thinking about what Michelle said and how it relates to their past discussion.

Newman: Well, there's a reason why I brought us all to this place.
Teacher: Tell us.
Newman: This room has an underground passage that leads into the facility where the two scientists are?
Teacher: What? That means we are not safe here.
Newman: We are. I told you people the only way we can get out of here is down there.
Crewman: I will go with you.
Teacher: I will come too.

Five students agreed to go with them knowing the risks involved.

Newman: Alright then! We shall invade the facility!

Watch Out For The Next Episode As Newman And The Others Storm The Underground Facility
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Re: The Lost Island
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Episode Twelve (12)


The crewman, the teacher and five students agreed to follow Newman and infiltrate the underground facility.

Newman: (To the five students) I hope you all know the risk involved?
John: Yes. And we are ready to take the risk.
Newman: Alright then, I think we shall begin the infiltration. As for those of you staying here, there's a possibility that some parts of the wall are weak and if the zombies find a weak spot they are sure to use it and break in. So you shouldn't feel much relaxed.

Newman removed a mat on the floor and revealed a locked underground passage, he found an iron hammer in the room and broke the lock.
He opened the door and there was an iron ladder leading underground.

Newman: Alright. Are you people ready?
All: Yes.
Newman: Alright then, let's go in.

Newman was the first to start climbing down and the others followed suit.

Seven students and two crewmen remained in the room as Newman and the others went underground.

** In The Underground Facility On The Island **

Mysterious Man: So they are coming down here after all.
Mysterious Women: This is going to be their grave yard.
Mysterious Man: Well, I suggest we capture them and use them for our experiments.
Mysterious Woman: Normally I would agree with you but they got too much guts. We will have to kill them.
Mysterious Man: Well, both ways we can still use them.
Mysterious Woman: Yes, we have to wait and see what their first move would be.
Mysterious Man: Yes, this is going to be fun. Hahahaha. Hahaha. Fun atlast.

Newman and the others kept climbing down the iron ladder to get to the underground facilty.

The zombies were still roaming about and were getting close to the room where the students stayed, they were having trouble finding them on their own so they scattered in many directions looking for them.

Seven students and two crewmen remained in the room.

Student 1: I'm not really sure I'm going to get out of here alive.
Student 2: Yea, even if they find a way out of here how are we going to beat the other zombies outside.
Student 3: Or the zombies might break in here and kill us already.
Student 1: Even if the zombies don't get us. John and the others may find a way of getting out of here and forget about us.
Crewman 1: No, they wouldn't do that. Our boss would oppose the idea, he's a good man.
Student 1: You never can tell when people change.
Crewman 1: Sshh!

The crew member told them to be quiet as zombies were passing by.

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