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Short Story: The Stolen New Year Gift
Hello Encafe fans, I'm going to write a short new year story from tomorrow in order to celebrate our entry into 2018.
I would have written a short Christmas story but I was too busy and I fell ill (I'm still recovering).


A special New Year gift was stolen and some kids began looking for the gift as they traced the thieves.
The gift stolen is said to be able to grant any wish and that's probably why it was stolen.

Would the kids be able to get the gift before the new year comes? Or will the thieves open it and make their wish?

Coming Soon From Tomorrow

Happy New Year In Advance!!!
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Re: Short Story: The Stolen New Year Gift
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Episode One (1)

The Bald Head Gang Steals The Special Gifts X The Rescue Mission Begins

It was the 31st of December 2XXX. Luke, Sonia and Celestine received three gifts from their father and he told them to open it only when they had entered the new year.

Their dad (Daneil) had told them that the gifts would be able to grant any wish they want.

Sonia: Do you think Dad was telling the truth about the gifts?
Celestine: Yes, you saw it on the news right? They said someone bought three gold package gifts from a Chinese store.
Luke: We have to believe in him, he's our dad.
Sonia: Yea, I believe in Dad.
Celestine: All right, let's go and tell Robin and Obed about our gifts.

The three kids left the house and shortly three bald head men named Biscuit, Crackers and Wafer entered the compound.

Biscuit: Are you sure this is the place?
Crackers: Yes, the gifts are definitely here. The boss can never tell a lie.
Wafer: Let's go in already, very soon our wishes are going to come true. Hahahaha! Hahahaha!

Sonia and her siblings came back home with their friends Robin and Obed, and they noticed that the door was a bit open and the handle had gone off.

Robin: Uhm, it seem someone broke into your home.
Sonia: The gifts!
Obed: Oops!!

The five kids entered the livingroom and saw that the gifts were gone.

Celestine: The gifts! They are gone!
Luke: We are done for!
Sonia: My gift!
Robin: There goes your wishes.

Sonia and her siblings all sat on the ground as they were thinking about what their father would say once he finds out.

Sonia: Dad is going to be mad!
Celestine: Yea, he spent half of his fortune on those gifts.
Luke: It was stolen, so it isn't our fault right.

Robin: I thought you guys have security cameras?
Celestine: Yea, you are right!
Robin: Check the footage then.
Sonia: Thank you so much Robin, we forgot about that!
Luke: Let's go!

They all entered Celestine's room as he had a monitor connected to the cameras there.

They checked the camera footage and saw the three bald head men carting away with their gifts.

Sonia: Look at their heads.
Robin: I know who they are, they are part of the bald head gang. They are notorious in my neighbourhood, you should call the police.

Luke: Yes, I will call them right away.
Sonia: No! We are getting the gifts back ourselves.
Luke: What? Those guys are notorious criminals.
Sonia: I don't care, they took something from me and I'm going to take it back from them!
Robin: That's the spirit!
Obed: I hope this wouldn't turn bad.

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Re: Short Story: The Stolen New Year Gift
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Episode One (1) Continuation

Celestine and Luke couldn't stop their sister as Robin later supported her and so they had to be part of the plan.

They all took large and shot water guns with water bottles and small paint, and they were all with spectacles and wristwatches as they stepped out of the house.

Sonia: (Breathes in and out) Okay. It's 18:17, we have to get those gifts back before midnight.
Robin: Yes captain.
Sonia: Let's go!

Sonia and the others reach Robin's neighbourhood where she pointed to a bar where the Bald Head Gang usually meets, and they went straight to it.

Sonia: Okay. I, Robin and Celestine will go inside. Luke and Obed watch the door and alert us of any enemy attack.
Obed: Yes captain.

Sonia, Robin and Celestine entered into the bar in a rush and got everyone scared but they quickly realised that they were carrying water guns.

Sonia: Be calm civilians, we are looking for some criminals who frequent here.

Sonia and the others looked at the people in the bar and they saw no bald man so they went over to the barman.

Barman: What do you want kids? This isn't an amusement park and it's only for adults, there's a sign board outside that says 18+.
Sonia: This is a different issue so we didn't care, actually we didn't see any sign board.
Barman: Okay, I lied about the signboard. What do you want kid?
Sonia: We are looking for some thieves that frequent your bar. They stole our new year gifts.
Barman: There are no thieves that frequent my bar. I'm a cop.
Robin: We are talking about the Bald Head Gang.

Barman: Oh! I haven't seen them in a week and I lied about being a cop.
Sonia: I see, so do you have any idea where we can find them?
Barman: Get out of my bar.

Robin immediately brought out a smoke screen bomb and pretended that it was a real bomb.

Robin: Tell us, or we are going to blow up this bar.
Barman: (Scared) They are normally seen at the Baker's street.
Robin: Thanks for your cooperation.

Sonia, Robin and Celestine went outside to meet Luke and Obed.

Luke: How was it?
Sonia: Not good, let's go to the Baker's street.

Immediately Sonia and the others left, three men came out of the bar and removed their fake hairs. They were the three thieves.

Biscuit: We better stop them before they get to the boss.
Crackers: Yes, you are right.
Wafer: Let's go.

Watch Out For The Next Episode!!
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Re: Short Story: The Stolen New Year Gift
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Episode Two (2)

The Boss Makes An Appearance!! X Cabin Is With The Gifts X The Sweet Ending!! X

Sonia and the others made there way to Baker's street and Robin felt that someone was following them.

Robin: We are being followed.
Sonia: Soldiers! Get ready for battle.

Suddenly the three thieves came out and surrounded them.

Celestine: What the! It's the Bald Head Gang, those three are the ones responsible.
Sonia: Yea, get ready to fire.
Obed: This is bad!!

Sonia and her crew were cornered to a wall as the three bald men approached them.

Sonia: Hmm, we are getting back the gifts no matter what.
Robin: I'm with you sis.

Biscuit: So you kids want the gifts back?
Sonia: Yea, and we are getting it back no matter what.

Biscuit: Too bad for you, they are with Cabin, our boss.
Celestine: You boss is Cabin huh? The name sounds familiar.
Biscuit: Yea, And I'm Biscuit! My brothers here are Crackers and Wafer.

Sonia: For some reasons those names sound familiar. Now get out of the way.

Biscuit: Make us!
Sonia: Fire!

Sonia and her crew fired water at the Bald Head Gang members but they kept approaching and so she threw a smoke screen and they all escaped.

When the smoke died out Biscuit and the others couldn't tell which direction they went and it was night already.

Wafer: We have to get to the boss before them, we can't let the fun end this early.
Crackers: Yes.

Sonia and her crew had finally reached the Baker's street and she ask one of her aunty who runs a saloon in the street about a man named Cabin.

Aunty: Cabin? He's in the Sweet Restaurant, he runs there.
Sonia: What? But that's uncle's restaurant!
Uncle: Your uncle have been out of the town for some days now.
Sonia: Damn that Cabin! He took our gifts and now he has taken our uncle's restaurant. Let's go soldiers!
All: Yes captain!
Aunty: Wait!!

Sonia and her crew reached the Sweet Restaurant and saw a man that just looked like her uncle but he had beards and there was no one in the restaurant.

Sonia: He must have chased my uncle's customers away with bad cooking, let's take him down.

As they were rushing into the restaurant, Biscuit, Crackers and Wafer stood in their way but they were too fast and so they knocked them down and crashed into the restaurant.

Cabin turned back and looked at them with a stern face.

Cabin: What are you kids doing here? I am Cabin! The notorious leader of the Bald Head Gang!

Sonia: I'm glad that we found you, now give us back our gifts!

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Re: Short Story: The Stolen New Year Gift
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Episode Two (2) Continuation

Cabin laughed and placed the three gifts on the table before him.

Cabin: Come and get it if you can.
Sonia: Oh yea, I will.

Sonia made to move forward but she heard Celestine and Luke scream, she turned back and saw that they had been grabbed in the neck by Robin and Obed.

Sonia: What's the meaning of this Robin?
Robin: We work with the Bald Head Gang and we want the wishes for ourselves.
Sonia: No, you can't do this Robin. We are friends.
Robin: We were. If you move your brothers are going to get hurt.

Cabin: So little girl, what are you going to do now? Your two trusted friends have betrayed you.
Sonia: I will get the gifts!
Cabin: But if you do, your brothers will get hurt.
Sonia: No. Robin can't harm my brothers, I have known her since we were kids and she's my best friend in the world!
Robin: Huh?
Cabin: Nonsense! She just betrayed you and your brothers!
Sonia: No, Robin can't betray me! And I'm going to get those gifts back right now!
Robin: (Smiles) Sonia!!

Sonia rushed at Cabin and Robin with Obed released her brothers as the five of them rushed at him. They shot water in Cabin's eyes and he lost his balance and fell.

Sonia: We got him!!
Robin: Yea!!
Sonia: I knew you won't betray me Robin.
Robin: Yea, I won't even if this was real.
Sonia: What do you mean by even if this was real?

Suddenly Sonia mum and dad (Diana and Daniel) with family and friends came out from the kitchen and clapped for them. This made Sonia, Celestine and Luke suprised but Robin and Obed smiled as they were not suprised.

Sonia: What's going on here?

Suddenly Biscuit, Crackers, Wafer and Cabin stood up and Sonia pannicked a little but her mother tapped her.

Diana: Don't worry darling, it's okay.

Cabin removed the fake beards on him and Sonia and her brothers saw that it had been their uncle all along whose nick name was Cabin.

Sonia: Will someone tell me what's going on here?

Daniel: Everything was planned sweet heart.
Sonia: Huh?
Daniel: Those three bald head men are old friends of your uncle in college, we wanted to end this year in style.
Robin: I and my brother were part of the plan, the aunty outside the restaurant and the barman were also part of the plan. I'm so happy that you trust me Sonia.
Sonia: Yea. It was fun after all!
Diana: Now, let's pass into the new year together!
Sonia: Yes mum!

The aunty they met outside and the barman as well as Robin's parents joined them and they all passed into the new year together.

When it was midnight they all cut the new year cake together and it was time for Sonia and her brothers to open their gifts.

Sonia opened her gift and saw that it was a book about different animals and their species. Celestine got a drawing book and Luke got a music book.

They were all excited as that was just what they had always wanted as Sonia have interest in aminals, Celestine had interest in becoming an artist and Luke had always wanted to be a musician.

Sonia: Thank you mum and dad. I love you both so much!

And so Sonia with her family and friends entered the new year happily with joy as they shared their first moments of the year among themselves, and Sonia and her siblings dreams were going to come true as the gifts they received were just the first steps in acheiving their dreams.


Thanks for reading this short new year story, dear fans of Encafe Forums!! I hope you enjoyed it.

Happy New Year!!!

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