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My Top Five Anime Heroes
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Though I have watched just 20 anime series and you must have watched more but I'm going to list down my top 5 anime heroes.

1. Goku (Dragon Ball Series).

Goku is my most favourite anime hero anytime anyday.
He's very funny and always try to do the impossible so that he would be able to save his friends and the planet itself.
Haven watched all Dragon Ball Series (except Kai and Super), I give Goku the number one spot. Trust me he is the best anime hero ever. And one thing, he eats alot.

2. Himora Keshin (Samurai X).

The 2nd spot goes to Mr. Keshin Himora in the anime Samurai X (Rurouni Kenshin).
He was a manslayer who vowed never to kill again but 10 years later he met Kaoru a woman who changed his life for the best.
Miss Kaoru wasn't the only thing that happened to him 10 years after, he made new friends like Yahiko, Ms. Megumi and Sanosuke Zagara.
His past also came back to him, events caused by his life when he was a man slayer came back.
But he stood strong to the ground and maintained the vow never to kill.

3. Light Yagami (Death Note).

The number 3 spot goes to Light Yagagmi the protagonist in Death Note.
He found a Death Note and decided to get the world rid of evil, so he killed many criminals using the note.
This made the world best detective L go after him but L was deceived by the clever Light which led to L death.
Though Light met his end at the hands of L's successor because of a mistake made by his follower, he is one of the best anime hero ever.

4. Ichigo Kurosaki (Bleach).

Ichigo Kurosaki a high school student who later became a soul reaper after meeting Rukia.
He discovered that there were threats facing the living world and he fought along side Rukia and his other friends to keep the living world safe.
He never let anything bad to happen to his friends, this can be shown when he stormed Hueco Mundo to save Orihime and also when he sacrificed his powers in order to save his home town Karakura town and the soul society.

5. Lelouch vi Britannia (Coded Geass).

Lelouch an exiled prince who gained the power of the Geass to control people after he met a girl named C2.
With his new found power he decided to fight against his father and the Holy Britania empire just to find out who murdered his mother and create the perfect world for his sister.
This led to a very shocking revelation (his mum was never really dead) but was in the same plan with his father who he was fighting against.
Though Lelouch is seen to be killed in the final episode of Coded Geass season 2, a new season 3 have  been said to be underway with Lelouch alive.
It is my most anticipated anime series, I'm waiting for it.

And that's it.

You can also drop your top 5 below.

This List May Be Updated In The Future
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Re: My Top Five Anime Heroes
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your love for anime
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