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Re: The New Male Teacher
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Episode Six (6)

F.ucking Continues

After pouring his semen into the Principal's v.agina Mr. King hugged her on the bed.

King: Do you like it?
Principal: I love it. You are so good.
King: Let's watch a movie before we continue.
Principal: Okay baby.

Mr. King played a porn movie on his laptop. He went over to his fridge and brought two cans of energy drink.
He gave one to the Principal while he took one.

He placed his hands on her p.ussy as they were watching the movie while the Principal placed hers on his d.ick.

King: Can you do that style?
Principal: Yes, we can try it.

They finished watching the one hour porn video. They both laughed at the way the female actor rushed to lick the male semen.

King: You haven't licked my whole semen before.
Principal: That's because you always pour inside me.
King: Yes, I love it when I pour inside you. But this time you will lick my semen.
Principal. I love it too when you release inside me but this time I will swallow your yummy semen.
King: That's my baby.

King told her to turn her ass and he poured the remaining energy drink on her ass and spanked it.

Principal: Ahh.

Mr. King stood up and the Principal knelt down and grabbed his d.ick.
She shaked it to and fro as Mr. King looked at her and smiled.

King: You are doing good baby.
Principal: I know you would love it. I love sucking huge d.icks like yours.

She started sucking the d.ick and Mr. King was rubbing her back.

King: Good girl.

She swallowed the whole dick and coughed.

Principal: Your dick is huge, I love it.

Mr. King pushed her to the bed and made her spread her legs wide.
He then inserted his finger into her v.agina as she screamed.

Principal: Aah! Aah! Ahh. Yea, that's it baby. That's it baby.

Meanwhile Mr. King neighbours who live next door couldn't sleep because of the Principal's moan.

Neighbour 1: Oboi nawa for Mr. King o. That woman wey e dey fuck no want make we sleep ni.
Neighbour 2: My brother I tire o. Every night na so e dey carry woman.
Neighbour 1: No worry, tomorrow we go carry our own girlfriends. We go know which person own shout pass.

*** Back To Mr. King ***

After fingering the Principal for a while Mr. King buried his mouth in her p.ussy as he licked it.

Principal: Eh, eh, eh. Eeee. Oh my god, oh my god. You are doing it. Oh god.

Mr. King continued sucking her p.ussy as she vibrated.

She pushed his head more in so he could keep on sucking. Mr. King continued licking and sucking her p.ussy until she gave a loud moan that woke up the neighbours near door, and her v.agina fluid poured on Mr. King's face.

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Re: The New Male Teacher
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Episode Six (6) Continuation

Mr. King licked the fluid which got down from her v.agina.

Principal: Eh, that was great.

It was time for them to try the sex style in the porn movie they just watched.

She turned upside down (her head facing down) as Mr. King held her legs and penetrated her v.agina.
The penis went very deep into her v.agina and he f.ucked her very fast.

Principal: Oh yes, you are killing me. You are killing me. Ahh. Ahh, ahh. Ahh. King.

The Principal started crying as Mr. King f.ucked her from that position.

Principal: Mummy! Mummy! Ahh! Ahh! I can't take this any more. It's too sweet.

Mr. King paid no attention as he kept on smiling while f.ucking her.

King: Be a good girl. Be a good girl.
Principal: Oh yes, my p.ussy shall worship your d.ick.
King: Yes. That's right.

Mr. King spanked her ass and let her go from that position.

He pushed her to the wall, and penetrated her p.ussy from behind. He held her two hands as he fucked her p.ussy.

Principal: Ahh. Ahh.

Mr. King kept on firing down.

King: Oh yea baby. Your p.ussy taste good. Ahh, yea.
Principal: My whole body is on heat. Yes. You are great. You are f.ucking great.

Mr. King spanked her ass again and she screamed. He pushed her to the bed, held her hands and continued fucking her p.ussy.

King: This is great! This is great. Ahhh!

Mr. King continued f.ucking her with speed.

Principal: Ahh! King I'm going to increase your salary.
King: Oh yes baby. Oh yes.
Principal: Come on.
King: Ahh! Ahh! Ahh! I'm about to pour it.
Principal: Let me swallow it.

As Mr. King was about to released his semen he brought his d.ick out as the principal rushed to swallow the semen he poured into her mouth.

Principal: Yummy. Yummy. I love this.

They both lied down on the bed as Mr. King carresed her breasts.

Principal: You are so good.
King: You too.

It was now 3:30am and Mr. King neighbours had a sigh of relieve as they could now sleep in peace.

King: So about the salary increase do you mean it?
Principal: Yes.
King: That's good. I will pound your p.ussy more when we wake up at dawn.
Principal: I can't wait.

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Re: The New Male Teacher
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Episode Seven (7)

6am Sex With The Principal

After fucking till 03:30 am the Principal and Mr. King slept off naked.

The principal slept with her legs wide open and the semen that were on top of her vagina have dried.

As Mr. King slept he got the morning wood as his penis was so erect.

The Principal woke up 6am prompt, she went to the bathroom and cleaned the dried cum on her vagina and also brush her tooth.

She went back to the room and saw Mr. King still sleeping with his d.ick still erect.

Principal: This man knows how to fuck a lady, I better wake him up to fulfill the promise he made.

The principal woke him up.

Princhpal: You said you were going to fuck me this morning.
King: (Spanks her ass) Oh yes. Let me go and brush my tooth.

Mr. King brush his tooth and drank some water. He went back to room and saw the Principal already fingering her v.agina.

King: You are already busy.
Principal: Yea, I'm just waiting for your dick.
King: Today is school, so we have to be brief.

Mr. King lied on the bed as the Principal climbed on top him. They kissed for some time as Mr. King was playing with her pussy with his fingers.

Ahh, ah ah, she moaned as Mr. King played with her p.ussy. The stopped kissing and they were in the woman on top position. The Principal grabbed his dick and inserted it into her vagina.

King: Oh yes, that's the way to go.

The Principal moved up and down as Mr. King's d.ick thrusted in and out of her v.agina.

Principal: Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah ah ah ha ah ah ha. Come on, that's how to go.
King: Ah, ah, ah. Early morning sex is so great.
Principal: Yea. Ah ah eh eh ehhh. I can feel it! I can feel, keep it coming. Keep it coming. I love your dick.
King: Oh yea baby, you will receive it hot.

The time was now 0650 and Mr. King checked the wall clock.

King: This is just like yesterday. I might get to school late today.
Principal: Don't look at the time. Ah ah ah, just keep fucking my pussy please. I'm the Principal remember?
King: Yes, you give the orders.

Mr. King held her ass as he fucked her v.agina very hard and fast.

Principal: You are killing me, oh no you are killing me. I love this fuck, please my life don't stop.
King: Oh yea baby, I wouldn't stop.

Mr. King pounded her pussy the more as she screamed loudly ah ah ah, suddenly she reached orgasm and fluids flowed down from her vagina to Mr. King's dick.

Principal: Oh yes, you got me baby. That was so good.
She said as Mr. King kept pounding her pussy.
Principal: Your dick is king!

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Re: The New Male Teacher
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Episode 7 Continuation

Principal: Ahh! Your dick is king. Keep digging me harder. (Crying) Ah, ah ah. King!! King! Your dick is king.
King: Ah, ah, ah. And your pussy is Queen.

Mr. King kept pounding her pussy as she moaned loudly.

King: Ah, ahh, ah.
Mr. King moaned as he poured his semen into her v.agina.

Mr. King continued hitting her pussy after ejaculating.

Principal: I want to lick your cum, I want to lick your cum.

She climbed down and dipped her fingers into her v.agina as she took the semen Mr. King deposited there and licked it.

Principal: So yummy. It tastes better than honey.

She bent down and licked the remaining semen on Mr. King's dick.

King: You are good baby.

Mr. King buried his mouth in one of her boobs and sucked it.

Principal: You are fucking too much! You are fucking too much.

Mr. King told her to bend in the doggy position and she did. He spanked her ass three times.

Principal: Ouch! You are good baby.

Mr. King inserted three fingers inside her anus and he kept thrusting them in and out.

Principal: Ah, ah. Ah, ah! Ah! E, eh, eh. That's sweet baby. That's sweet!

King: Preparation have been made for the King's arrival, oh yea.

He inserted his hard rock d.ick into her black anus.

Principal: Ah! I can feel it inside me. Now bang my stupid ass, bang it till it turns red baby.

Mr. King hammered her small anus with his big dick as she screamed out loudly.

Her screaming and moans that were so loud made Mr. King's neighbours to play a gospel song advising against sexual immorality.

The Principal kept screaming as her tight anus was being hammered by Mr. King big cock.

Principal: Mummy! Daddy! Who's playing that f.ucking song.. Sex is life. Ahhh!

King: Ahh, ah, ah.

Mr. King finally blew his loads inside her anus.

King: Ah, that was good. What a nice ass you got.

He shaked the remaining semen on her butt, as the semen released inside her anus started oozing out.
She dipped her finger and took some semen from her anus and licked them.

Principal: Yummy.

By the time they were done it was 0803.

They both went into the bathroom to have  their bath.
Inside the bathroom they had a quickie as Mr. King pounded her pussy one more time.

The Principal could barely walk after all the banging her pussy took so she decided to lodge in a nearby hotel. She had called the school that Mr. King would be coming late, and they should okay him.

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Re: The New Male Teacher
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Episode Eight (8)

Another Hot Sex With Christie In The Office

Mr. King reached the school late but he was cleared because the principal had made a call to her vice in school.

In case you are wondering about what the principal wore since Mr. King tore her mini skirt during their hot fuck session, she wore the cloth she kept in her bag.
She had changed into the mini skirt when she was near Mr. King's house so that she would look more appealing to him. And she checked if the coast was cleared before she wore it, because she couldn't afford anyone seeing her.

As Mr. King reached the school all the teachers including the vice were in different classes.

When he was passing the gateman's room he heard eh, eh, eh. A girl was moaning and he recognised the voice, it was Christie. He checked the window which wasn't locked and opened it. The gateman and Christie were shocked thinking that one of the teachers caught them.

King: Don't be afraid jhoor, it's only me. Enjoy your thing.
Gateman: Oh you are the one. I was scared to death.

The gateman was wearing a condom because Christie forced him to since Mr. King told her.
He couldn't resist fucking such a young pussy so he brought out the condom he kept for a situation like that.

Christie: Teacher, I'm enjoying it. Why don't you join us?
King: No. I'm a little bit tired.
Gateman: My man! This girl pussy tight no be small.
King: Yes, I dun fuck her na.
Gateman: No tell anybody o.
King: Why I go talk? You people should be fast before someone catch you people.
Gateman: No problem, I was almost releasing when you opened the window.
King: Okay na. I'm going in.

Christie was lying on the bed with her legs wide open with her tight black pussy.
The gateman went back to her and inserted his dick inside her vagina.

Christie: Ah! Eh, eh.

The gateman fucked her vagina so fast so that he will release soon and avoid getting caught.

Gateman: Ahh!

The gateman moaned as he released his semen on the condom.

Christie wore her pant up immediately and rushed to Mr. King's office.

King: Christie, so you people are done.
Christie: Yes, but it wasn't as sweet as when you fucked me. Can you fuck me again today?
King: No. I'm feeling somehow right now. Why don't you masturbate?
Christie: Masturbate?
King: Yes use your fingers to dig in your vagina.

Christie pulled her skirt and pant down on the office floor and fingered her pussy.

Christie: Ah, this is good. Thank you sir.
King: You are welcomed.

Mr. King walked up to her as he couldn't resist the urge after seeing her vagina open.

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Re: The New Male Teacher
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Episode Eight (8) Continuation

Mr. King couldn't resist the temptation after seing her vagina.

He hugged her.

King: I love your pussy Christie.
Christie: I love you sir.

Mr. King held her more tight.

She loosed from his grip and unzip his trouser and brought his dick out.

King: Where did you learn that?
Christie: I downloaded some videos online, and the women always suck their men penis.
King: You are such a good girl.

There was a sudden surge in sexual feeling in Mr. King's body as Christie sucked his dick.

King: Ah. Yes baby. That's how to do it. That's it.

Christie sucked and shaked Mr. King's penis and he released his semen inside her mouth and she swallowed them.

King: You are such a quick learner.

Mr. King cleared everything on the table and carried her there and penetrated her vagina.

Christie: Ah! Ah! Ah! Sir! Ah! Ah!

Christie moaned as Mr. King fucked her pussy.

They both didn't care if they would get  caught as they were inside the world of sexual pleasure.

Christie: Ah, teacher, sir. Mummy.

Mr. King continued hammering her pussy as she screamed.
She suddenly released her vagina fluid which dripped down the table as Mr. King kept fucking her.

Christie moaned as tears flowed down from her eyes.

Christie: Ah! Ah! Sir. This is too much. I love this, I love this.

Mr. King brought out his dick and made her face the wall as he penetrated her anus with his dick.

King: I'm going to cum in your ass.
Christie: Ahh! Ahh! This is good. This is good.

Ahh ahh ahh.

Mr. King moaned as he released inside her anus.

King: Ah.
Christie: Ah!

He brought his dick out and shaked off the remaing cum on her ass and the one in Christie's anus started oozing out.

King: That was so good. That was so good.

They heard footsteps all over so they cleaned up themselves very fast with a newspaper on Mr. King's office.

Mr. King saw that his office door wasn't locked but he was a little bothered. Christie dressed up and tiptoed, when she saw the way was clear she left. 

King: That was good!

Mr. King texted the girl (Queen) he fucked at class 6 to know whether she was in school, but she replied she wasn't.

Mr. King reminded her about their agreement and she said she would come to his house that night.

Mr. King was feeling a bit sleepy so he took an excuse from the vice Principal to go home for the day based on health grounds.

Mr. King went home to relax, regain his strength and get ready for Queen that night.

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Re: The New Male Teacher
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Episode Nine (9)

Home Fuck With Queen  

Mr. King returned home that morning after taking excuse from the vice Principal under health grounds.

He fell on his bed very tired.

Mr. King: I have to get ready for Queen and I'm so tired. I really need some rest. He locked his room and slept off.

Did you remember in episode 6-7 that Mr. King's two neighbours said they will fuck their own girlfriends that night, so that Mr. King would know he's not the only one who have girls to fuck.

Neighbour 1: We will show Mr. King today that our girlfriends can scream too.
Neighbour 2: Don't mind him. He thinks he is the only one who can fuck toto.

Mr. King woke up around 4pm feeling much better, he checked his phone and saw a message from Queen that she would be coming over by 8pm.
He replied the text and went over to the bathroom to urinate, then he picked his toothpaste and brushed his mouth before taking his bath.

There were no calls from the Principal but he wasn't a bit bothered about it as he was going to fuck a black asshole and pussy that night.

He cooked fried rice and chicken and digested it with a can of energy drink from his fridge.

He then read the City School story on Encafe Forums as he waited for Queen.

8pm came and he heard a knock at the door. He rushed to open it and saw that it was Queen.

She was wearing a see through polo which barely covered her ass and a G String pant.

Mr. King hugged her and felt her huge boobs.

He brought fried rice and chicken with an energy drink for her. She just drank the energy drink and didn't touch the food.

Queen: I love the way you fucked my asshole in class the other day.
King: I also love it too.

She wrapped her hands around his neck and they started kissing and licking their tongues.
They both fell to the bed as Mr. King carressed her ass as they kissed.
She pulled Mr. King's boxer and stood up. She shifted her pant to reveal her pussy. She then held his dick and inserted it into her vagina.

Queen: Ahh! Ah! Ah! Ah! Sir!

Her vagina was very tight and she screamed as Mr. King big cock thrusted in and out of her vagina.

King: Oh my god! This is my first time of having this feeling. Your pussy is more tight than Christie's. Ahh. Keep it coming baby. Ah, ah.

Queen kept moving up and down as his cock thrusted in her black vagina.

Queen: Ahh! Ah! Daddy! Jeez! Jeez! Oh my god!

Queen cried out very loud as she reached orgasm as her pussy fluid dripped down.

Queen's moans overshadowed King neighbours girlfriends as they hardly moaned and they were so embarrassed.

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Re: The New Male Teacher
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Episode Nine (9) Continuation

As Queen vagina fluid dripped down Mr. King held her ass and continued penetrating her pussy.

Queen: Ah! Sir this is too sweet. I love it, I love. Please don't stop, don't stop. Keep fuck my pussy. Oh my god! Ahh!

Mr. King kept fucking her as she moaned and screamed.

King: Ahh! Oh my god! This is sweet. Ahh! Ah! Ah!!!

Mr. King moaned as he released his semen inside her vagina.

King: Ah, that was good.

Some of the semen dripped down from Queen's vagina. She stood up and put her fingers inside her vagina as she brought out the cum and licked it.
She then grabbed Mr. King's penis and sucked the remaining semen. 

Mr. King got up and fell her on the bed and sucked her boobs and tickle her tips with his tongue.

Queen: Ah! Keep doing that baby. Keep it up you are sooo good! Ah! Ah! Ah!

Queen reached orgasm again and her vagina fluid gushed out.

Queen: Aww, Mr. King please marry me.

Mr. King laughed as she said so.

King: My cock already married your pussy.

She bent down and Mr. King spanked her ass five times.

Queen: Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah! Ahh!

He inserted his dick into her tight anus as she screamed.

Queen: Ah! This is so good king!!
King: Yes. It is so good Queen.

Mr. King smiled as he fucked her tight ass.

King: Oh yes. This is good. This is good my Queen.
Queen: Yes my King. Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah! Oh god! This is too much, I can't take it. Don't stop! Ahh!

Mr. King held her hands giving her no support except her kneels.

Queen: Ahh! Ah! Ah!

Queen moaned and vibrated as Mr. King kept fucking her ass. And her boobs shaked with the intensity of the fuck.

Queen: Ahh!!!
She moaned as her vagina fluid dripped down.

King: I'm getting there baby.
Queen: Fill my ass with your cum.

King: Ahh! Ah!

Mr. King moaned as he released his semen into her anus, he brought out his dick and shaked the remaining cum on her ass.
The semen oozed out of her anus as she took some and licked.

The both fell on the bed and held each other.

Queen: I love you.
King: I love too.

Hello Mr. King. A voice said behind the door. It was the principal!

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Re: The New Male Teacher
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Episode Ten (10)

The Threesome

The Principal called on Mr. King as he was lying down naked with Queen on the bed.

Queen: Who's that?
King: The Principal.
Queen: What?
King: Don't worry, nothing will happen.

Mr. King opened the door as he welcomed the Principal who wore a bumshot and a cloth which didn't reach her navel.

He closed the door as he held her ass and took her in.

The Principal looked at Queen and smiled.

Principal: So you are the one Mr. King was fucking?
Queen: Yes.
King: Now that you two are here we can have an amazing threesome.
Principal: Yes.

The principal climbed on Queen and removed her shirt. Her huge boobs were staring at Queen.

Principal: Now, suck my boobs.

Queen sucked the Principal's boobs as she moaned.

Principal: Aw, aw. You are good at sucking. Ahh!

Queen made the Principal fall on the bed and removed her bumshot, her wet vagina looked very tasty to Queen.

Queen: It's already wet baby.

She inserted her fingers inside the Principal's vagina and thrusted it in and out.

Principal: Ahh! Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah.
Queen: Keep moaning baby, because I'm going to keep fingering your vagina.
Principal: Ahh! Ah! Oh this is good.

Queen kept fingering the Principal's pussy as she moaned.

Principal: Ahh! Ah! Ah! Ah!!

The Principal moaned loudly as she reached orgasm and fluid dripped down from her vagina.

Principal: Oh my god, that was great. That was great.
Queen: Now, come and suck my pussy.

The Principal bent down and spread Queen's legs wide open as she feasted on her yummy wet vagina.

Queen: Ah! Ah! Keep it coming.

The Principal was licking and sucking Queen's vagina very happy as Queen kept moaning.

Queen: Ahh! Ah!!

Queen held the Principal's face and pushed it more into her pussy to increase her tongue penetration.

Queen: Ahh! Oh my god! Oh my god! I love this! I love this! Keep it coming! Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah! Ahh!!

Queen moaned loudly as she reached orgasm and her vagina fluid dripped down, the Principal started licking Queen's pussy juice.

As the Principal was licking Queen's pussy, Mr. King who was videoing them dropped his phone and penetrated the Principal's anus.

Principal: Ahh! I feel it inside me. Ah.
King: Yea, baby. My dick is king.
Principal: Ah! Ah!

Mr. King kept fucking the Principal's anus as she moaned out very loud.

Principal: Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah! Oh my god! Oh my god! Oh my god! Ahh!

The Principal kept screaming as Mr. King continued fucking her anus very hard.

Principal: Ah! Oh god!

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Re: The New Male Teacher
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Episode Ten (10) Continuation

Principal: Oh, jeez! You are great King!

Mr. King brought his dick out of her anus and told her to suck it. She sucked it and Mr. King made her bend down in the doggy position as he penetrated her vagina from behind.

Principal: Ahh! Oh! King! Ahh. I love this feeling.

Queen watched them as they fucked and was fingering her vagina until she stood up and started playing with the Principal's boobs as Mr. King fucked her vagina.

Principal: Ah! This sensation! Ahh!

Vagina fluid dripped down from the Principal as she reached orgasm and Mr. King kept pounding her pussy and Queen playing with her boobs.

Principal: Oh, this is killing me. Please don't stop. Don't stop. Ahh! Ah!

The Principal moaned as she was in the ocean of sexual pleasure.

Principal: Ah! Ah! Ah!
Queen: I'm going to make you scream louder cunt.

Queen pinched her tips and she screamed.

Principal: Ahhh! This is unreal!

King: Ah! Ah! Ah!!!

Mr. King moaned as he poured his semen inside the Principal's vagina.

King: Ahh! That was good.

He shaked off the rest of the semen on her ass.

Queen and the Principal rushed to take the cum deposited in the Principal's vagina and licked it.

Principal: Yummy cum.
King: Oh yes! I'm fired up! One more round to go.

Queen lied on the bed with her vagina wide open and the Principal sat on her as she licked the Principal's pussy as Mr. King fucked her vagina.

The three of them were moaning at the same time as Queen was fingering and licking the principal's pussy on her face, as Mr. King was fucking Queen's vagina so fast.

Queen: Oh my god! Oh my god!
Principal: I love this feeling.
King: Yes baby.

Mr. King smiled as he pounded Queen's tight pussy and Queen was moaning heavily as she fingered the Principal's pussy who was also moaning.

Ahh! Ahh! The principal and Queen moaned loudly as they both reached orgasm at the same time, and vagina fluid dripped down from their pussies.
The sensation was overwhelming to them.

King: Ahh! Ah! Ahh! I'm almost there. Ahhh!

Mr. King moaned as he poured his semen inside Queen's vagina.

King: Ahh! That was great!

He shaked off the remaining semen on Queen's belly and fell down on the bed tired.

Queen put her hands into her vagina and took some of the cum and licked, the Principal also came and licked Queen's pussy with the cum.

The three of them lied exhausted on the bed.

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Re: The New Male Teacher
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Episode Eleven

All Out Fucking

Mr. King, Queen and the principal lied down exhausted from their hot sex.

Principal: Mr. King I love you so much.
Queen: Me too. You are so good.
King: Thank you ladies.

He placed his hands on their pussies as he lied in their middle.

Principal: Mr. King there's a bad news.
King: What about it?
Principal: A teacher saw you fucking Christie in your office.
King: What?
Principal: The teachers want to settle the matter within so that our school won't have a bad reputation.
King: That's good. I just know what to do.
Principal: What?
King: I will fuck all of them tomorrow.
Queen: That's my king.
Principal: They are matured women like me.
King: Who cares? A woman loves a good fucker. I will fuck their brains out. I will start by pulling off your clothes by force in front of them and carry you on the table and penetrate your vagina.
After they see my large cock they will come begging.
Queen: I can help you too by licking their pussies.
King: You and Christie will come in and lick them too.
Principal: You are truely a king as your name says.
Queen: Yes.
King: So we shall save the early morning fuck for school.
Principal: I can't wait.

The trio slept. Queen and the Principal left around 5am in order to get ready for school that day.

Mr. King drank four cans of energy drink, and waited till just assembly was over before he walked into the school. The gateman gave him the normal hailing as he walked into the school. 

As Mr. King was about to enter his office a teacher told he that there's an important meeting. He smiled and dropped his things.

He returned back to the locked meeting room and everyone was seated and all eyes were on him.

The principal told her vice to table the matter to him.
The vice Principal told him everything that the teachers discussed and warned him not to try it again. He laughed.

Vice Principal: Why are you laughing?
King: Sex is sweet. I hope you all know that.
Teacher 1: Yes. What are you trying to say?
King: Watch me.

Mr. King carried the Principal by force to the table and pulled off her skirt and the yellow pant she wore.

Vice Principal: What are you doing?

Mr. King brought out his huge and hard rock dick.
The teachers saw it and opened their mouth in shock.

Vice Principal: What the?
Teacher: That is huge!

The Principal pretended she wanted to struggle and Mr. King held her legs and spread them wide open.

He penetrated her vagina as she screamed.

Principal: Ahh!

The other teachers had already began dripping wet in their panties as the sight of Mr. King's cock blew their mind.

Mr. King fucked the Principal as the teachers looked.

Principal: Oh my god, oh my god! Ahh!
King: Who wants a taste of my cock!

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Re: The New Male Teacher
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Episode Eleven (11) Continuation

As he asked who wants his dick the teachers would were wet started going one by one.

Mr. King brought his dick out of the Principal as he gave it to the other teachers to suck one after the other.

King: Ahh! That's it babies.

He stripped them of their clothes, the teacher were all naked with different size of boobs and ass.

He told them to bend down as he licked their asses.

Teacher 1: Ahh! Lick that ass, ah ah. Ah. Ah! Ah!

Mr. King penetrated her vagina from behind and she moaned out loud.

Teacher 1: Ahh! Ah! Ah! Ah! I love your dick, god! Oh my god! Oh my god! God, god, god! Ahhh!
King: Ahh, that's how we roll baby.

He pounded her vagina harder as she gave a loud moan as she reached orgasm and her vagina fluids dripped down.

Mr. King went over to the next teacher and fingered her pussy.

T.2: Ah, eh. Ah, dh. Ah, eh. This feels good.

Mr. King turned to her ass and started pounding it very fast.
T.2: Ouch, ah! Ah! Ah! Eh, eh! Eh! Ah! Ah!

As he was pounding her anus the principal went over and opened the door for Christie and Queen.

The two of them pulled their clothes immediately.

The Principal lied on the table as Queen fingered her vagina with her four fingers.

Principal: Ahh! Ah! Ah! Oh yea, keep the fingers coming. Ahh! Ah!
Queen: You are going to scream.
Queen pinched her tips and she screamed, she went back and started licking and sucking her pussy.
Principal: Ahh! Ah! Ah! This is so good, keep sucking it, keep sucking it ah! Oh my god! Oh my god!
The Principal moaned out loudly as she reached orgasm and her vagina fluid splash on Queeen's face and she licked it.
Principal: Ah! That was sweet.
Queen licked the fluid and bent down on the table as the Principal licked her ass.

Queen: Ahh! Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah! Eh, eh.

Meanwhile a teacher was fingering Christie's vagina.

Christie: Ah, ah. Eh. Ah, ah. Ah. Ah, ah, oh. Eh, eh. This is sweet.
Teacher: Small girl you have a nice pussy.
Christie: Thankk youu, ah, ah, ah.

Christie's moaned as she was seriously fingered by the teacher.

Christie: Mummy! Ah, ah. Keep doing it. Don't stop don't stop. Ahh.
Queen: Keep screaming.
Christie: Ah! Ah! Ah. It's rushing down, it's rushing down. Ahh!! Ah!!
Christied moaned out as her vagina fluid poured out.

Christie: Ahh. That was sweet.

The teacher bent down and Christie started licking her ass.

T: eh, eh. Ahh ah! Ah, eh, you are a good girl christie. You are a good girl. Ahh!

Christie stopped licking her as her and fingered the teacher's vagina from behind.

T: Ah, ah, ah! Ah! Ah!

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Re: The New Male Teacher
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Episode Eleven (11) Continuation

King was through with the second teacher he was fucking and he was now fucking the vice Principal's anus.

V.p: Ah! Ah! Mr. King! Ah! Ah! Ah! Come on. You are killing me. Keep digging! Keep diging my fucking asshole. Ahh!

King: Oh yea, I love your fucking asshole. Ah! Eh, eh. So sweet baby.

Mr. King pushed her down as he penetrated her vagina as she wrapped her legs round his back. King kept pounding her harder as she screamed more than the others in the room.

V.P: Ah, ah, eh, yea. Yea. I love it, give it to me yea. Yea. Yea, ahh!!!

The Principal vagina fluid flowed out as Mr. King kept digging it.

The principal vibrated as the intensity of the fuck became harder.

V.P: Ah! Ah! Oh my god, oh my good. This is so good.

King: Ah! Ah! Ah!!!

Mr. King moaned as he released his semen inside her vagina.

King: That was good.

As Mr. King brought his dick out of the vice Principal vagina, two of the teachers rushed to lick the remaining ones on his penis.

King: That's it babies, suck it. Yea. Suck it like that. Yea, like that.

The teachers sucked his dick and it got hard again.
He lied on the floor as one of the teacher brought her pussy to his face and he licked it.

T: ah, ah, ah.

The other teaher whose vagina was very tight climbed on Mr. King and inserted his dick into her vagina.

Ah! Ah! Ah, she moaned as Mr. King's dick moved in and out of her vagina.

They fucked for minutes, and the other one Mr. King was sucking her pussy bent down and he penetrated her pussy from behind.

T: Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah! On my Gold.

She reached orgasm with a loud moaned and at the same time Mr. King released his semen inside her pussy.

They had almost gotten exhausted as they have been fucking for hours.

Mr. King managed to get to the last teacher.

King: Ah! Ah!

Mr. King moaned as he released his semen for the fifth time to the last teacher's anus. Only a little semen came out as he has released alot already.
The last teacher dipped her hands into her anus and took the little semen and licked it.

Everyone of them lied exhausted on the floor as it was almost time for the school session to end for the day.

The students had been told that the teachers were in a serious meeting.

The whole room smelled of vagina fluid and semen.

The teachers managed to move and dress up.

The school closed for the day but the teachers and Mr. King stayed behind.

They made a roster like list showing the teachers Mr. King will fuck in each day of the week.

The matter died down after Mr. King gave them the pounding of their lives.

Mr. King reached home feeling exhausted. Text messages from the teachers flooded in telling him how they like to be fucked by him again.

Mr. King laughed.

King: More vagina to fuck. Ain't nobody badder than!

The End

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