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The New Male Teacher
The New Male Teacher, is a sex story that's all about a new teacher in an all girls school and it was a male.

Mr. King (the teacher) is a pervert who takes advantage of the girls innocence and make them please his sexual fantasies.

The league of female teachers in the school became aware of his adventures with the girls. Will they be able to stop Mr. King or they would fall under his trap?

Just watch out for the episodes!
I am Clinton! Act Now! I hope you love my stories.

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Re: The New Male Teacher
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Episode One

To My Paradise  
Mr. King woke up and his hand landed on the cunt of a sleeping lady. The lady was a sex worker who he booked last night.

He yawned. "Today is the day, I'm heading to my paradise".

King: I'm going to f.uck some tight holes, oh yea. Nothing is going to be compared with it.

Mr. King had applied for the post of a Science teacher in an all girls school, he had gone for the interview last week when the school wasn't yet in session.
He was the only male teacher who passed the interview.

When he received his letter he leaped up with joy, at the same time he started fantasying about f.ucking the school girls.

Mr. King woke up the sex worker.

Mr. King: Wake up, wake up.
Lady: Morning.
Mr. King: Yes, morning. It's time for we to wash up and get our bonus round in the shower.
Lady: Ya, sure.

They both entered the bathroom where they brush their tooth and immediately started kissing.

Uhm, uhm, said the lady.
King carressed her breast and as he was doing so he mistakenly checked the wall clock.
It was 7'0 clock and the school's assembly starts by 8am prompt.

King: Damn it! There's no time.
Lady: Okay then you will love a quickie.

King without saying anytime grabbed her butt and pressed her to the wall as he hurriedly and fastly  thrusted inside her a.sshole.

Lady: Aah, ahh. Damn it.
King: Oh yes? I'm gonna give more strength to this quickie.
Lady: Go on horseman.

King f.ucked her for five minutes and he released inside her butt hole.
They both kissed and hurriedly had their bath.

When Mr. King was through it was already 07:32. Luckily for him the place was just a  ten minutes walk from his place.

In order to create a first day impression of punctuality he waved to a bike man and reach the school by 07:39 am.

King: (looks at the time) Waoh! I made it!

Mr. King passed the school gate where the gateman hailed him.

Gateman: This man will finish all this girls o.

Mr. King went over to the staff room where he met the other teachers there who were all female.

The first thing that greeted Mr. King was the big bosom of the Principal who was a 35 year old lady.

He also exchanged pleasantries with the other teachers as he checked out their assets.

King: (in his mind) Wow! This teachers are as hot as lava. One day na one day.

Mr. King was shown his desk where he kept his properties.

He looked out and watched as the students trooped in.

King: (in his mind) Hahaha, more tight cunts for my enjoyment.
He thought about why the gateman was hailing him earlier when he arrived. Funny the gateman must have understood, he said to himself.

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I am Clinton! Act Now! I hope you love my stories.

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Re: The New Male Teacher
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Continuation Of Episode One

As Mr. King was thinking and looking out of the window the bell rang. It was time for Assembly.

Principal: Mr. King we are going to introduce you to the students today.
King: Yes ma'am.
Principal: Good. Follow me to the Assembly hall.

Mr. King followed her together with the other staff to the hall.

Mr. King and the other staff stood at the top of the hall. 
It wasn't time for announcement so they watched the students as they sang hymn and also said their school anthemn among their other devotion activities.

The girls were wondering about who the strange man in their midst was, they never had male teacher before.

King: (in his mind) Very good, very good. That's alot to choose from.

The Assembly came to an end and the Principal started addressing the students, and after that she introduced Mr. King.

Principal: ......and he will take class 4 to 6 on Biology.

The girls were wowed. This was the first but either way they were happy and knew he must be a competent teacher for the Principal to employ him.

Mr. King went ahead to address them.

Mr. King: .....I will make sure that you people will enjoy your stay with me. Maximum satisfaction (talking about sex) is what I will give to you all.

His address ended in cheers, his tune and accent was very cool.
The girls were beaming with smiles and most of them alreadx started falling for him.

King: (in his mind) This is just perfect. So perfect! I can't ask for a paradise more than this. This is awesome!

The Assembly ended and the staff went back to their office to check when they have classes.

Mr. King's first lesson would be at Class 4.

Mr. King: Class 4 huh? I'm very sure they must have all have tight cunts. And besides most of them grew up in religious institutions and they perhaps wouldn't even bother teaching them sex education.

Just then the Principal walked up to him, he stared at her large bosoms.

Principal: Mr. King you should know that a lot is expected from you. You know what I mean so don't screw up.

Mr. King: Sure ma'am I wouldn't screw up.

It was then time for his class.

Mr. King: Finally!!

Watch Out For The Next Episode To See What Goes On In The Class.

I am Clinton! Act Now! I hope you love my stories.

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Re: The New Male Teacher
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Episode Two (2)


Mr. King walked up to class 4 and he greeted the girls.
As the girls stood up to greet him he walked round past them and checked them out.
The girls skirts didn't reach their kneels and he licked his lips and he checked them out.

King: You can all sit down. Now let's get ready to do the basics.
Girls: Yes sir.
King: (To himself) I better teach a little before I go for the main thing.

Mr. King taught them the introduction of Biology and after twenty minutes he stopped.
He knew all the teachers were in their various classes and there were no cameras in the class room.

As he thought of having sex with the girls his d.ick got erect and the whole girls saw it. They didn't see it that embarrasing as they were without blemish.

King: So all of you came from religious institutes?
Girls: Yes sir.
King: So you people weren't taught sex education.
Christie: No. They said we will be thought here.
King: I see. Do you all want to learn?
Girls: Yes.

Mr. King called Christie to come over.
He pulled her skirt up and revealed her pant to the whole class.
Christie: What are you doing sir?
King: It's sex education. You will enjoy it.
Christie: (shy) Okay.

The whole class watched as they were all eager to know.

Mr king grabbed Christie back side and massage his dick on it.

King: Oh yes.

Mr. King continued it for few seconds.

King: Now you all are going to see the main part.

He pulled down Christie panties and carried her to the top of the table as he spread her legs wide for all to see.

King: Now she's going to feel a sensation she hasn't felt before.

They whole class were in anticipation.

Mr. King inserted two fingers into Christie p.ussy and she made an aww sound.

Christie: It feels good.
Mr. King: Hahaha, did you all hear that?
Girls: Yes.

Mr. King started fingering Christie so fast as she kept on moaning.

Christie: Aah sir, this feels so good. Keep it coming.

Mr. King fingered her so hard that she closed her eyes and moaned in pleasure as the other girls watched in excitement.

Mr. King checked his time and it was remaining 10 minutes for his period to end.

He fingered Christie so hard that she cum with a loud moan.

Christie: Aah. Sir keep it coming.
King: That will be all for now, next time it will be more better. Now Christie wear your pant and skirt and tell your class how you felt.
Christie: I felt so good, the feeling was so sweet that I didn't want to stop. I will need more.
King: Nice one.
Girl 1: Sir can you do it to us?
King: Yes but that will be later.
Girl 1: Okay.

King: See you girls later.

Mr. King picked a rag and wiped the mess made by Christie before leaving the class.

Mr. King: And remember don't tell anyone what happened here, it's a teacher and student secret.
Girls: Yes sir!

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Re: The New Male Teacher
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Continuation Of Episode Two(2)

Mr. King walked out of the class smiling.
King: Yes this looks too good. If I had time I would have f.ucked her.

Mr. King branched off to the toilet to release himself, he returned and met the Principal waiting for him.

Principal: Hello, how was class today?
King: (Smiles) It was fun.
Principal: You are going to move your things from this desk to the office over there (she pointed to an office near hers).
King: Wow, really?
Principal: Yes. We have decided that you would be the new Sex Education teacher.
King: Wow, thanks alot.

King hugged her and she noticed his erect penis.
The Principal looked around and there was no teacher around.

Principal: I hope you didn't do anything to those girls.
King: No o, why would I?
Principal: Good, because someone like me can't be here while you f.uck young girls.
King: What do you mean?
Principal: Follow me to my office.
Mr. King followed her to her office as she locked the door behind them.

She hugged King and held his dick.

Principal: Please, the real reason I employed you is so that you can fuck my brains out during school session.
King: I'm game!

The principal zipped down Mr. King's trouser and held his erect cock.
King: That's more like it. Now suck it.

She sucked Mr. King's cock as he sat on a chair in the office.

King: Yes that's good.

As she was sucking him, he brought his hand down to her butt and raised her skirt up.

King: What a nice ass you got.

He remove her pants and inserted his finger inside her vagina.

Principal: Aah, please do it. It has been long that I have been fingered.

Mr. King fingered as she moaned and stopped sucking his dick.

Principal: (checks watch) Oh damn! Someone would soon knock at the door because we have a meeting today.
King: Well, that's not happening until I blow my load.

Mr. King carried her on to her table, spread her legs and inserted his penis.

King: If someone would knock soon, I better blow my load.

He f.ucked her as he moaned, she closed her eyes and tried to lower her voice down so they wouldn't attract attention to the office.

After intense three minutes of moaning and f.ucking a knock came at the door.

King: I'm almost there.

Mr. King brough out his penis and poured his warm semen all over the Principal's body.

King: Aah!
Principal: Aah, that was so good (she tasted the semen).

They both started kissing each other as the principal was rubbing the semen near her vagina, and then came the knock again.

Watch Out For The Next Episode To Know What Transpire Next
I am Clinton! Act Now! I hope you love my stories.

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Re: The New Male Teacher
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Hmm, you like sex stories o! Nice, I sent You a pm, reply asap
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Re: The New Male Teacher
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Hmm, you like sex stories o! Nice, I sent You a pm, reply asap

Seen. I'm about to reply.
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Re: The New Male Teacher
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Episode Three (3)

Class Six

Mr. King and the Principal still lied naked on the table when the second knock came.
The Principal vagina area was fill with semen and also her vagina fluid.

She told a piece of cloth to wipe it off and also the mess on the table, both of them wore up and arranged the table neatly. And then Mr. King sat on the chair like he was being interviewed by the Principal while she went over to open the door.

Fortunately for them, when the Principal opened the door it was Christie the class 4 girl that was fingered in the class by Mr. King.

Principal: Hello, how can I help you?
Christie: My teacher said I should come and take the text containing the new school guidelines.
Principal: Okay, come in.

Christie walked in and saw Mr. King.

Christie: (Smiles) Hello sir.
Mr. King: Hi Christie, how are you doing?
Christie: (Smiles) Fine sir.

Christie took the new guidelines text and left smiling and that caught the Principal's attention.

The Principal moved to Mr. King and sat on his laps.

Principal: So tell me, why is that girl smiling.
King: I taught them earlier today.
Principal: (Wraps her hands around his neck) I hope I don't have any competition?
King: Come on, do you seriously believe that a young girl like that would be your competition?
Principal: Well, men prefer younger women you know.
King: Yes, but you are good. Even if I f.uck her tiny hole she wouldn't be a competition.
Principal: Tiny hole huh? Have you seen it?
King: Ofcourse I have.
Principal: That explains why she was smiling.
King: (Smiles) It was just a little fingering and she was into it, she even asked for more.
Principal: Hmm, just don't get them pregnant.
King: I will commit that to my memory.
Principal: So would you be busy tonight?
King: Not really, I will just be reviewing what to teach next.
Principal: I will give you a visit tonight.
King: Really, I hope you don't come in when I'm bleeping a student.
Principal: Just expect me.

Someone knocked at the door and then the Principal came down from Mr. King's lap.

Principal: Come in.
Teacher: Ma it's time for the meeting.
Principal: Okay, I will be there after I'm done with Mr. King.
Teacher: Okay Ma'am.

The teacher left.

Principal: So you better be expecting me King.
King: No problem.

They both stepped out for the meeting.
During the course of the meeting they discussed the new school guidelines and subjects review.
The female teachers told Mr. King not to get too close to the girls, and the Principal silently defended him saying his records are all good.

The meeting was over and Mr. King's next class was in class 6.

King: Just my luck.

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Re: The New Male Teacher
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Continuation Of Episode Three (3)

As Mr. King walked into Class 6 he met a pleasant suprise. Some of the girls had pulled their shirts off and were only with bra.
He licked his lips as he entered the class.

They all stood up and greeted him, as he told them to sit down he feasted his eyes on their boobies.

King: This girls wan kill me o.

The class 6 girls are the senior in the all girls school and this particular behaviour was common. But this time it was for Mr. King, they knew he would be coming.

Far back at the end of the classroom a girl was masturbating with a banana. Mr. King saw her and smiled.

Mr. King said they will just do a little introduction in the Development Of New Organisms.
As he was about to start a girl came to the front desk of another, bent down and lifted her skirt up.

She was wearing nothing! Her p.ussy was dripping with her vagina fluid. Mr. King couldn't stand it any longer so he rushed and grabbed her behind.

Mr. King: (Holding her ass) Why are you tempting me?
Girl: Tempting? Don't tell me you don't like what you are holding.
King: I love it!

Then f.uck that asshole a girl shouted from behind.
Girl: You heard her, this is your welcoming treat.

Mr. King checked and the class door had been locked.

King: Oh yes.

Mr. King thrusted his penis deep inside her anus as the girl gasped.

Girl: Ahh! Your d.ick is damn big.

Mr. King started hammering her ass as she kept screaming.

Girl: Ah, ah, ah. Ah, teacher.
King: Oh yea, your ass is so damn tight.
Girl: Teacher......

Mr. King kept thrusting his dick inside her as the other girls cheered on.

One of the girls removed the bra of the one Mr king was f.ucking and started sucking her boobies and the girl moaned loudly.

Girl: This is killing me, don't stop.

Mr. King kept on firing down in her asshole as the others cheered on.
It was just remaining three minutes for his period to be over but he keep hammering the girl's ass.

The girl cum as her vagina fluid filled the flloor under her.
And just as Mr. King's time became over he released his semen inside her ass with a loud moan.

King: Ah, ah. That was good.
Girl: Yes, I love it.

The semen released inside her starting oozing out of her anus. She turned back, held Mr. King d.ick and licked the semen on it.

King: Oh, good. It's is unreal.
Girl: I hope you like our welcome gift.
King: I love it.

After a few seconds Mr. King used paper and cleaned himself up.
The girl used her school uniform to clean herself and the mess on the floor as she changed into another one in her bag.

King: I guess that's the end of today's class.
Girls: Yes sir.

Mr. King left the class thinking about what just happened and he also remembered that the Principal would be visiting him that night.

King: I'm one lucky guy!

Watch Out For Episode Four!

I am Clinton! Act Now! I hope you love my stories.

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Re: The New Male Teacher
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Episode Four (4)

Sex With Christie

Mr. King came back from class 6 and packed his things inside the new office given to him by the Principal.

King: So I'm going to take them on Sex Education huh? Just perfect. I need to get the contact of that girl I f.ucked in class 6.

Someone knocked on the door, he answered. It was the Principal.

King: Hello Ma.
Principal: Yes, I hope you like your new office?
King: Ofcourse, I like it.
Principal: What happened? You look so tired.
King: It's nothing out of the ordinary.
Principal: What exactly happened?
King: Those Class 6 girls are something else. They gave me a hot ass as a welcoming treat.
Principal: Wow, so is the ass better than mine?
King: Who knows? But I really enjoyed it.
Principal: Hmm. I hope you haven't forgotten about my visit today?
King: No, I haven't. I can't wait to pound your kitty again.
Principal: Good. So expect me.
King: I will.

After the principal left Christie came in.

King: Hello Christie.
Christie: Yes, sir.
King: So what brings you here?
Christie: (Covering her vagina part) I just wanted to see your new office. And...
King: And?
Christie: I want you to do what you did to me earlier today.
King: Really? Well I'm exhausted.
Christie: Please sir.
King: Okay, I will finger you if that's what you want.

Mr. King carried her on top of his table. He carried her skirt up and stripped her white pant down.

He thrusted two of his fingers inside her vagina and she moaned.

Christie: This feels good sir, keep doing it.

Mr. King repeatedly thrusted his fingers in and out of her v.agina. She moaned in pleasure as her whole body shaked.
Mr. King smiled as he kept on fingering the tiny p.ussy.

Christie: Yes sir, keep it going.

The Principal whose office was near his heard Christie moan.

Principal: This man is a stud, that girl must be having the moment of her life. I just can't wait to have him pound me p.ussy again. Listening to this girl moan to his f.uck is making me feel jealous already.

Mr. King continued his fun as he kept on fingering Christie who kept moaning.

King: Your v.agina is pretty wet. I love it.
Christie: Thank you sir.

Mr. King checked out his d.ick which have gotten solid erect.

King: Wow I love my dick, it's always ready for duty.

Mr. King unzipped and brought the tip of his p.enis near Christie's v.agina.

Christie: Ouch.
King: Do you want something more better.
Christie: Is there anything better than this sensation.
King: Sure, there is? Do you want to try it?
Christie: I would love to.

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Re: The New Male Teacher
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Continuation Of Episode Four (4)

Mr. King had told Christie that there was something more sweet than just fingering and Christie said she would love to try it.

Mr. King went over to the door to make sure it was properly locked, he peeped through the keyhole and saw that none of the teachers were nearby.

He went back and place a piece of cloth on Christie's mouth.

King: Hold this in your mouth because you are going to scream.

Christie bite the cloth and as Mr. King thrusted his big cock inside her tiny p.ussy she gasped and shouted but the cloth made the noise less.
As Mr. King thrusted his cock deep down blood rushed down from Christie's p.ussy.

King: Oh yes. Virgin p.ussy.

Tears of pleasure flowed from Christie's eye.

She remove the cloth in her mouth.

Christie: Sir, I love this.
King: I knew you will.

As that was going on the Principal got aroused by their moans.
She pulled down her skirt and pant and started masturbating. She fingered herself so hard and she felt she needed something inside her pussy.

So she took one of the cucumber she kept in the office and started thrusting it inside her v.agina.

Principal: Aah, Mr. King's cock is better than this.

Meanwhile Mr. King was still busy f.ucking Christie's tight p.ussy.

King: Your tight p.ussy gives a whole different level of sensation.
Christie: I'm feeling something about to rush down from my pussy, and the sensation is sweet.
King: You are about to reach orgasm.

Mr. King continue hammering her p.ussy and in a few second Christie moaned very loud as vagina fluid gushed down, she had cum.

Christie: That's sweet.
King: Oh yes.

Christie laid down tired in the table after the orgasm but Mr. King fucked her p.ussy this time with much intensity and she got up.

Christie: Teacher you are too sweet.

Mr. King was about to blow his loads.

King: Aah, ahh.
Christie: Why are you shouting sir?
King: I'm about to blow my loads.

Just as the semen was about to burst out of his cock, Mr. King brought it out. He grabbed his cock and sprayed the little semen (because he had 3 sexcapades already that day) near Christie v.agina.

King: Aah!
He shaked his penis again.

Christie: (pointing to the semen near her vagina) What's that?
King: That's what makes a baby if it enters a woman's belly.
Christie: Wow.

They both cleaned up using some A4 paper while Mr. King used the office rag to clean the blood that rushed down from Christie's vagina.

Christie: I enjoyed it sir. Can I do it with another person?
King: Yes but tell him to use a condom.
Christie: What's a condom?
King: It is used to cover the penis to avoid pregnancy and disease.
Christie: Okay, thank you sir.

She left.

King: What a naive little girl.

Watch Out For The Next Episode
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Re: The New Male Teacher
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If you are below 16 and you are reading this, you need Jisos!
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Re: The New Male Teacher
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If you are below 16 and you are reading this, you need Jisos!

Funny you.
I am Clinton! Act Now! I hope you love my stories.

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Re: The New Male Teacher
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Episode Five (5)

The Principal's Visit

Mr. King stayed on his office chair gazing at the ceiling after the sex with Christie.

King: Hmm, so I have to f.uck that Principal today. I would prefer Christie to her but the Principal have more experience. But damn! Christie's p.ussy is so sweet. I would have ejaculated inside her if not for my extreme self control. Hmm, the Principal said I can f.uck them but I shouldn't get them pregnant. I still have more girls to f.uck and that class 6 girl, she's a tiger.

As he was thinking a knock came at the door.

King: Come in.

The person came in and it was the Principal.

King: Hello Ma.
Principal: Mr. King you made me feel jealous today.
King: How? What do you mean?
Principal: You were f.ucking that small girl and I heard everything from my office.
King: Oh that? She begged me for it after seeing how sweet fingering her was earlier.
Principal: I see, just be careful and don't let the other teachers know.
King: Ofcourse, I always make sure the coast is clear before I strike.
Principal: Well, I hope you haven't forget about my visit.
King: (Walks up to her and dip his hand inside her skirt) Ofcourse, I didn't forget.
Principal: Aah. I feel like we should do it now.
King: (Brings his hand out) No. I have to regain my strength and get ready for you tonight.
Principal: Okay then, I will take my leave now.

Mr. King spanked her ass as she left.

King: Well, well. It is going to be another battle tonight.

As the school closed that day Mr. King catched up with the girl he fucked at class 6 and took her phone number.

As he was going the gateman called and they spoke in Pidgin English.

Gateman: Oga o.
King: How far na?
Gateman: I dey kapke! You see this girls? Some no sabi anything about... You know na.
King: Yes, I know.
Gateman: I dey knack some of them here na.
King: I just knack them today.
Gateman: Abeg you be guy man, take five!
King: No shaking.
Gateman: We go see later.
King: (Gives him N500) Take this one hold body.
Gateman: Aah! Thank you.
King: Na normal thing.

Mr. King returned home tired.

He went straight to the bathroom and had his bath.

He then cooked two packets of indomie noodles hungry man size and had two cans of energy drinks. After that he swept the room and slept for a while as he awaited the Principal's arrival.

It was 7pm and there was a knock at his door, he opened it and it was the principal. They both hugged each other.

King: Ma should I get you something to eat?
Principal: No we should go straight to the business of the day, and don't call me Ma. Call me Janet.
King: Okay Janet.

The both started kissing on the bed.
Mr. King made to pulled the mini skirt she wore but he tore it instead.

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Re: The New Male Teacher
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Continuation Of Episode Five (5)

Mr. King tore the mini skirt the Principal wore and they both didn't care about it.

He was just wearing a boxer and his erection was very much visible. After tearing the mini skirt he saw that the Principal didn't wear anything under.

The Principal held his dick and place it inside her v.agina as she went up and down as his penis thrusted in.

Principal: Ahh, ahh. Ahh. This is sweet. She went up and down fastly.

King: Yea baby f.uck me like that. F.uck me like that.

Mr. King put his hand under her cloth as he started carresing her breast.

Principal: Oh, oh. Oh, oh. Oh my god, oh my god. Don't stop doing that.

Mr. King carried her down and placed her on the doggy position. He then used a brush and insert it into her anus.

Principal: Aah, eee, ah, e.

After doing that for a minute he threw the brush away and inserted his dick inside her asshole.

Principal: I can feel it inside me, ahh. It's big.

Mr. King f.ucked her ass as she kept moaning. He increased his speed and the principal started crying.

Principal: You are killing me. Aah, ah.

He kept on fucking and the Principal's v.agina fluid flowed down to the bed.
He kept on fucking as the Principal was begging him to go on.
Principal: F.uck, f.uck! F.uck me daddy.

King: Ah, ah, ah.

Mr. King ejaculated inside her anus. He removed his dick as the semen oozed out of her anus.
The principal put her hand in the anus, took some semen and licked it.

King: Good girl. I hope you love it.
Principal: Yes baby.

Mr. King raised her leg up and stayed by the side, he inserted his dick inside and f.ucked her.

They were both vibrating with the f.uck.

Principal: Uoch, eh eh. Yes baby.

Mr. King kept on doing his thing, he stood up and spanked her ass.

He then sat on the chair while the Principal climbed on him as he fucked her non stop.
It was now 9pm and they were still bleeping the hell out of each other.

Principal: Yes, this is what I want.

And just then Mr. King blew his loads again inside her v.agina. He continued f.ucking her even after releasing and his penis got strong again.

The principal lied on the bed and raised her legs up as Mr. King penetrated her v.agina with her legs around his back.

They f.ucked in the position for a long time as they both kept moaning.  The Principal was the first to reach another orgasm.

Principal: Ah.

King kept doing his thing until he finall blew his loads in her v.agina. 
He brought out his dick and the Principal licked the remaining semen on it.

King: Oh yes.

They hugged each other as the laid naked on the bed.

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