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Re: 18+ Christina Season Two
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Episode Eight (8)

The Rape Attempt On Clara

As Christina and her friends Esther and Juvia continued their sex show, there was someone in the crowd who wanted to see them more than the others.

It was Clara! If you are a fan of Christina, I believe that you must have known who Clara was.
Clara was the former Queen of a school before Christina and her friends took it over, since then they had become rivals and were always on each other necks. At the end they became friends (I never revealed this), but somewhere along the line they lost contact.

Clara: I must see them today, no matter what.

Christina and her friends continued their naked pussy show, and they twerked their huge ass to the pleasure of their fans.

And they took in more fans on the stage and made them spill their semen and pussy fluids on the floor.

Clara: They sure do know how to get what they want, it doesn't matter what it takes. It is just how they are, Christina and friends. They three divas! I wish i could be as bold as they are.

After the show was over Christina and her girls were in the dressing room as they preparing to head off to the city they lived in, because they have a lecture in school the next day.

Juvia: Wow! I wish we could just be done with this right now.
Christina: Relax, everything will work out very soon. Once our project have been done, and our research have been completed there will be nothing stopping us.

Esther: Yea, you are right Christina. We love you so much.
Christina: I will do anything for you girls, we will always be together no matter what.
Juvia: Yea.

Esther: I hope Clark is not giving Clinton trouble as we speak.
Christina: Hmm, that dude needs to be tamed.
Juvia: We can use our connection and get him out of there.
Christina: Yea, but we will feel guilty.
Juvia: Yeap! You are right as always.

Clara was making her way to the restroom when a guard stopped her, and pushed her to the wall.

Clara: What's the deal?
Guard: Where are you going?
Clara: I'm going to see my friends in the restroom.
Guard: I can fuck you till they come out.
Clara: No, I don't need your fucking dick!

The guard made to pull off her skirt but she resisted and he immediately slapped her.

Clara: Aaah!! Leave me alone!

Clara screamed and the guard closed her mouth and forced a handkerchief inside, he grabbed her so tight as he was very much muscular and stronger than her.

Guard: Shut up bitch! I'm going to fuck your fucking tight pussy whether you like it or not.

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Re: 18+ Christina Season Two
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Episode Eight (8) Continuation

The guard pulled off her skirt and pant as she struggled and he dipped his hand inside her pussy as he smiled.

Guard: Wow! You go a nice tight pussy. Don't worry, I'm going to pleasure it for you.

He had gripped her hands and he used his legs to pin hers, and then he started fingering her pussy.

Guard: Hahaha! I'm going to fuck you and cum inside your pussy. It's going to be so much fun.

The guard was done fingering her and he pulled off his trouser and brought out his huge dick as he meant to penetrate her.

Guard: Here I come, be quiet and we are going to enjoy this together.

Back off!! Christina shouted as she spotted the guard about to penetrate Clara's pussy.

And just before the guard could turn up, Christian struck his bald head with her high heel shoe and he bled and screamed.
Esther and Juvia finished the work as they continued kicking him.

Clara! Christina screamed as she removed the handkerchief from her mouth, and Clara cried as she hugged Christina.

Christina: Don't worry darling, everything is going to be all right.

Christina immediately called her personal security details and they took away the bleeding guard to the local police.

Esther: That dude is a dog.
Juvia: Yes, we should have kicked him even more harder.
Christina: Let's get out of here, Clara is coming to our home.
Juvia: Yes.

Christina, Esther and Juvia immediately left for the next town with Clara who had fallen asleep in Christina's arms.

After they reached the next town by 0402 hours, a doctor was called to run a check on Clara and everything was fine.

Christina: Wow! I'm so happy to see Clara again.
Esther: Yea, me too.
Juvia: I'm also glad we caught that dog on time.
Christina: Yea.

Clara would had woke from sleep met and hugged them all immediately.

Clara: I'm so happy to see you girls again.
Christina: Yea, we are also happy we got to see you too.

The four girls talked about their old days at school and how they had fared since them.

Christina: We got a big plan Clara, and we want you to be a part of it.
Clara: Sure, anything.
Christian: We will return early from the campus today, you need to have a good rest.

Clara: Yea.

Christina instructed the butler that he should meet Clara's every demand when they are off on campus.

And so Christina, Esther and Juvia headed off to campus unaware of what had happened to Clinton the nerd last night.

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Re: 18+ Christina Season Two
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Episode Nine (9)

Clark Is Dealt With! X Christina And Sophia!!

Christina and her friends, Esther and Juvia went for their lecture the next day and they learnt about Clinton's encounter with Clark's gang the night before.

Christina: Clark needs to be put in his place.
Clinton: You don't have to worry, I can manage someone like him.
Esther: No, we need to put him in his right place.

Hannah: His father is a top shot, how exactly are you going to do that?
Christina: Leave it to me.

Christina called out Clark to a corner before their lecture began.

Clark: So Christina have you changed your mind?
Christina: Yes, I wouldn't be tolerating you bullying a member of my research team.

Clark: What? Why would you choose someone like him over me?
Christina: You idiot! He's only a member of my research team.

Clark looked around and saw that no one was in the corner except Sophia who was hiding, so that she would assist him in holding down Christina in case he had to force her to fuck him.

Clark's dick rose up as he looked at Christina and saw her sweet thigh and exposed boobs in the skimpy outfit she wore.

Clark: Let me fuck you here, and I won't disturb the nerd.
Christina: No.
Clark: I have no choice but to fuck you by force.
Christina: Come and give it a try.
Clark: As you wish.

Clark gave a hand signal to Sophia and she came out of her hiding and Christina smiled as she walked in.

Christina: (In her mind) I knew he would do something like this.

Sophia: Hello Christie, how I long to have you naked as you fuck me.
Christina: You can still have me naked right now.
Sophia: Really?
Clark: Sophie, don't listen to her. You have to hold her tight if she resists, Christina I'm going to fuck you today.

Clark approached Christina and she immediately kicked his balls as he screamed and bent down, and she gave him another kick in the head and he passed out.

Sophia: Damn you!

Sophia charged at Christina but she grabbed her.

Sophia: Leave me alone.
Christina: Relax, we have no reason to fight. We ladies should be protecting ourselves in this men dominated world.
Sophia: I don't care!

Christina pushed Sophia to the wall and kissed her, and she calmed down.

Sophia: What did you do that for?
Christina: You said you wanted to see me naked, right?
Sophia: Yea, but.....
Christina: You can have me all to yourself now, the bastard is just sleeping.
Sophia: Sure, let's do it.
Christina: That's more like it.

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Re: 18+ Christina Season Two
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Episode Nine (9) Continuation

Christina and Sophia entered a room that was yet to be used but it was still quite clean with large sofa chairs and a table.

Sophia: I have been waiting for this for so long. This is so great!
Christina: Yea, you are fucking going to love this.

Esther and the others laughed as they were monitoring Christina with her phone in case things didn't go out as she had earlier planned.

Esther: We have nothing to worry about, she's having fun.
Hannah: Yea.
Clinton: Fun huh?

Esther: Don't tell me you haven't fucked a girl before.
Clinton: Uhm.
Juvia: Don't be shy.
Clinton: Well, (adjusts his glasses) I have done it only once at our high school graduation party.
Esther: Only once huh? You can fuck us when you visit our house.
Juvia: I can take you on.
Clinton: (Blushing) I guess so.

Meanwhile at the other room in the university, Christina and Sophia had already gone down into action as they had started kissing each other and licking their tongues.

The duo both grabbed their ass as Christina dipped her hands into Sophia's short jean, and Sophia dipped her hands into Christina's short skirt.

Both girls kept carressing their ass as they licked each other tongues.

Christina immediately pushed Sophia to the table and they both smiled.

Christina: You are good, I'm going to please you. I shall fulfill your fantasy.
Sophia: Yes.

Christina took out her phone which she placed in between her huge boobs and kept it in a safe place, as she went over to Sophia.

Christina pulled off Sophia's shirt and threw it somewhere in the room, as she revealed her boobs with her erect nipples.

Christina: You got quite some nice boobs.
Sophia: Yea, but yours are way better.

Christina immediately began licking Sophia's body as she moaned and then she grabbed her huge boobs and Sophia moaned out loud again.

Sophia: Oh God! It feels so good with you holding my boobs.
Christina: Yes, I'm sure it does.

As Christina hands had touched her boobs, Sophia's pussy got extremely wet as she was so happy as Christina's hands sent a sweet sensation all over her body.

And just then Christina started squeezing her boobs and she starting moaning out in sweet pleasure, as little tears dripped down from her eyes.

Sophia: Aaah!! Oh my God!! This is so fucking good! Keep squeezing my boobs! Ah! Don't fucking stop! You are the best Christina! I love you!
Christina: Yea, I'm the fucking best. No one can fuck you like me and we are just getting started.

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Re: 18+ Christina Season Two
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Episode Ten (10)

Christina Finger Fucks And Eats Sophia's Pussy X She Cums

Sophia continued moaning as she lied down on the table while Christina squeezed her sweet and yummy boobs.
Christina really did handle her boobs like the professional she was, and Sophia was sent to the world of absolute sexual pleasure.

Sophia: Oh my God! This feels so good! Squeeze my fucking boobs Christina! Ahh! Oh my God!
Christina: Yes, I'm going to please you just fine Sophia! You are fucking going to cum.
Sophia: Yea, make me cum!

Ahh!! Sophia moaned out as Christina pinched her nipples, and then she immediately started tickling it with her tongue as her hand went south.

And just then Sophia's body vibrated as Christina dipped her fingers into Sophia's short jean, and she could feel the extreme wetness of her pussy as she started carressing it.

Christina: Oh my God! Your pussy is so fucking wet and dripping.
Sophia: Yes, I love you Christina! Please make me cum.
Christina: Don't worry, that's exactly what I'm going to do my dear Sophia.

Christina immediately dipped her fingers into Sophia's extremely wet pussy, and started fingering it so hard and fast as she moaned out of absolute pleasure.

Sophia: Ahh!! Oh my God! This feels so fucking good!! Keep finger fucking my pussy! Ah! Aaah! Oh my God! Don't fucking stop! Dig it more deeper and faster!

Christina: Oh yea Sophia, this is what you have always wanted. I know it.
Sophia: Yes, this is what I fucking want!

Sophia had been thrown into another world full of just absolute sexual pleasure, and she could feel it all over her body as she was fulfilling one of her fantasies.

Sophia had been a big fan of Christina and was so happy to see her in the university, but being in Clark's gang was a barrier for her as the boss wanted Christina for himself.
Sophia had always masturbated whenever she watches Christina's naked pictures or her sex videos as it got her so wet all the time.

She would dip her fingers deep into her wet pussy and finger fuck herself until she reaches an explosive orgasm each time, or even multiple. And it has always been her dream to get naked with Christina someday so that they could fuck the hell out of each other.

Sophia: ( In her mind) Oh God! This is really happening! I'm really getting finger fucked by my crush. I have waited so long for this day and I'm going to enjoy it.

Sophia kept on moaning out more loudly as Christina's fingers pleasured her wet and yummy pussy, as she finger fucked it deep inside.

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Re: 18+ Christina Season Two
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Episode Ten (10) Continuation

Sophia couldn't help but moaned as Christina fingered fucked her pussy like the pro she was, as Sophia almost cried when she removed her fingers from her pussy.

Sophia: Oh God! This is so fucking good!
Christina: Yea, and we are just getting started.

Christina licked her fingers and smiled.

Christina: You taste so pretty nice Sophia.
Sophia: Yea, you too.

Christina immediately dipped her fingers into her mouth as she licked it.

Christina: That's the way to go girl. So how do your pussy taste?
Sophia: It tastes so nice! I love it!
Christina: All, it's time to eat your fucking pussy.

Christina unbuttoned Sophia's jean short and they both laughed as she pulled it off, and her sweet, wet and yummy pussy were just staring at Christina's face who just smiled.

Christina immediately began rubbing her fingers around Sophia's vagina area, and she kissed her as they both licked their tongues and swallowed their saliva.

Christina: I'm going to make you feel so good.
Sophia: Yes, I know you will.

Christina bent down as she spread Sophia's legs wide open, and her eyes were just on her wet pussy.

Christina: Here I come!

Christina immediately sticked out her tongue and dipped it into Sophia's wet pussy, and began tongue fucking and licking it as she moaned out of sweet pleasure.

Sophia: Ahh!! Aaahh!! Oh my God! Oh my God! Yea! Yea! Keep licking my pussy! Yea, keep tongue fucking it! Mummy! Mummy! This is so good!

Tears dripped down from Sophia's eyes as a wave of absolute pleasure was all over her as her body vibrated, and Christina kept on eating her pussy so hard.

Sophia: Oh God! Oh my God! You are just too hot Christina! I feel like I'm going to cum! I feel so good! Ahh! Oh my sweet Christina!

Christina smiled as she continued tongue fucking and licking Sophia's pussy as she was about to have explosive orgasms.

Sophia couldn't hold the urge any more longer, so she pushed Christina's face more into her pussy as she was about to cum.

Sophia: Ahh! Oh my God! This is so fucking great! I'm fucking going to cum! It's dripping out! I'm fucking going to cum!

Aaahh!! Sophia moaned out as she immediately had multiple orgasms which all splashed on Christina's face, and she licked and swallowed them as Sophia had more orgasms and Christina just smiled.

Sophia: What's this? Ahh!! This is so sweet! I love this!

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Re: 18+ Christina Season Two
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Episode Eleven (11)

A Secret?? X Christina Takes Action

Christina smiled as Sophia reached multiple orgasms and splashed her cum on her face as she (Sophia) moaned out.

Sophia: Oh God! This is so fucking good! I love this.
Christina: Yes, I know you love it!
Sophia: Yea.

Christina immediately started licking Sophia's cum, and she moaned out.

Sophia: Oh God! This is so fucking good!

Christina swallowed her cum and started kisring her as she carressed her pussy at the same time.

Sophia: (In her mind) My dream finally came true.

Suddenly Christina's phone vibrated in where she kept it and she opened a chat message which was from Esther.

Christina: It seems we got lecture now.
Sophia: Yea, but I want to eat you.
Christina: Sure, that will be later. You can come over to my house.
Sophia: Really?
Christina: Yea, sure.

Sophia immediately hugged Christina as they both kissed again and she carressed her naked ass.

Sophia: Count me in!
Christina: Nice one. Welcome to the gang.

Sophia wore her jean short and cloth and she held Christina by the waist as they both walked into the lecture hall on time.

The rest of Clark's gang were suprised as they saw the both of them together, and Clark was nowhere to be found.

Theresa: Where's Clark?
Sophia: He's taking a nap, he surely needs medical attention.
Daniel: You traitor!

The rest of Clark's gang went in search of him as Sophia was so close with Christina, as they went over to meet the other girls.

Esther: Welcome to the gang Sophia!
Soqhia: Yea.

Clinton and Sophia's eyes met as he adjusted his glasses.

Sophia: I'm sorry for the other day.
Clinton: No problem.

The lecturer cleared his throat to get back their attention as the entire students were suddenly suprised by Sophia and Christina closeness.

Lecture: I'm here!

While lecture was going on Christina and Sophia were needed by the campus security to determine what had happened to Clark who was still unconscious.

Security: You said he tried to rape you and Sophia here is your witness.
Christina: Yes.
Security: Okay, I will call you girls back when needed.

Christina and her friends returned home after the first lecture and Clara was all smiles.

Clara: Welcome back Christie, Esther and Juvia.
Christina: Sure. I hope you like it here.
Clara: Yes. I sure do.
Christina: Good, we have something to talk about.

Meanwhile Sophia and Clinton were still in school and she took him out to a hot meeting spot.

Clinton: Why are you doing this exactly?
Sophia: I'm trying to makeup for the awful thing that I did to you, remember the other day.
Clinton: I did say there was no problem.
Sophia: Yea, but I have a feeling that this is the best way.
Clinton: Hmm.

Sophia and Clinton with Hannah went over to Christina's house as she had asked for them.

Christina: Thanks for accepting my invitation every.
Esther: (In her mind) This might sound crazy.
Christina: I believe I can trust everyone here with what I'm going to say.

Clinton: (Adjusts his spectacles) You don't have any problem with me.
Sophia: Me too.
Christina: Good.

And just then Christina revealed her true intention to everyone in the room, and Clinton, Sophia, Hannah and Clara were shocked.

Clinton: Are you serious about this?
Christina: Yes.
Clinton: Count me in them, I like this kind of stuff.
Sophia: I'm in too.
Hannah: Same here.
Clara: And over here.
Christina: Great, that's settled!

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Re: 18+ Christina Season Two
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Episode Eleven (11) Continuation

After Christina made her plans known and everyone agreed, she immediately pulled off her clothes and were just with her underwears.

Christina: It's time for a swim.

Clinton suddenly realised that he was the only guy in the room, and seeing Christina's naked made his dick get harder.

Clinton: (In his mind) Oh God! I'm just the only guy in the presence of six hot girls, and one of them is naked. What am I going to do?

Esther noticed his hard cock and touched as his entire body vibrated.

Esthe: Someone got a boner here!
Clinton: I can't help it!
Christina: You don't have to worry darling, you are going get satisfied.

Sophia immediately started kissing him and he responded as they both licked each other's tongue.

Christina: All right, I got something to do. We can always swim later.

Christina went to her room and was followed by Esther and Juvia.

Christina: Hey girls, I'm will going to the bald head place.
Esther: Christie, so you are doing it.
Christina: Yes. I love sex and not going to let those idiots at HQ restrict me.
Juvia: Yea, we need to start attending parties.

Christina: Joining the porn industry was a bad idea after all, give Clinton and the others their roles.

Juvia: I will do that.
Esther: We are going back to our old way.
Christina: Sure.

Unknown to many, there was a reason why Christina, Juvia and Esther were no longer adventurous and they were going to end that. And our hot divas will be back.

Christina: Okay, I have to be going now.
Esther: Sure.

Christina immediately went to the garage and took a sports car as she raced down very fast to her destination.

Christina: No motherfucker can take away our freedom! We are going back to old times.

Christina arrived at another mansion and stepped out in her skimpy outfit. She wore a seen through dress and skirt, and the guards there were so out of words as they couldn't take their eyes off her.

Christina: Get your boss bastards!!
Guard: Yes, okay.
Christina: You are fucking dull.

Christina opened the door herself as bald man Thomas saw her and was so excited. Thomas was the politician who asked for her.

Thomas: Wow! You are so great Christina. I'm so glad you came.
Christiana: Yea, I'm here to satisfy you after all.

Thomas: Good, turn over! I want to see your naked butt!

Christina turned over and raised her skirt up and Thomas dick got even more harder, as her huge ass was just too much to handle.

Thomas: Oh God! You are so fucking hot.
Christina: Yes. So take me gently or else you are going to cum before I even start to suck your dick.

Thomas: Sure.

Christon dragged him by his dick.

Christina: Your sofa are not large any enough, get me to your room.
Thomas: Yes.

Thomas moaned as his dick size doubled on her hard.

Thomas: (In his mind) She's hot!

When they got to the room, she pushed him to the bed and smiled.

Christina: Now, watch me do my thing.

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Re: 18+ Christina Season Two
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Christina Season 2 is cancelled! Read more
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