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18+ Christina Season Two
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Read Season 1 here

I hope you guys remember me saying I would write special episodes for Christina this month, but I didn't because I was too occupied.
I decided therefore that I would make it a season 2 and be updating in on Sundays starting from tomorrow.


The trio of Christina, Esther and Juvia are back again three years after the end of the first season.
The hot and adventurous girls are ready for more adventures as they seek to satisfy their sexual fantasies.

Coming Soon.....
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Re: 18+ Christina Season Two
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Episode One (1)

The Three Divas Return!!

Christina, Esther and Juvia woke up from their hotel room naked after they just had a hot video shoot the previous night.

The trio went to the bathroom and brushed their mouth as they also had a shower before going back to the bed naked.

Christina: It has been three years huh?
Esther: Yes, and we are where we have always wanted to be.
Juvia: Hmm, I'm so happy we made it. I love you guys!
Christina: We love you too Juvia.

They heard a knock on the door and they permitted the person to enter, it was one of the hotel staff bringing them their requested breakfast. The male staff wanted to go back when he saw them naked but they told him it was okay.

Christina: This is not the first time you have seen us naked, you know.
Staff: I'm sorry ma'am.

The staff left and they ate their breakfast which comprise of bananas.

Christina: These bananas reminds me of the shape of the guy's dick who fucked me in the video shoot last night.

They all laughed.

Esther: How many classes have we missed this week?
Christina: Just three, and those courses are not really important.
Juvia: Being a celebrity and attending school at the same time could be a pain in the ass.

Christina: Yes, but we have to do it. We can't be porn stars forever, remember our dream. For us to achieve that we have learn everything we have to. Being in the porn industry is just a stepping stone to make us popular.

Esther: All right, let's start heading home to have some fun.

Christina, Esther and Juvia wore their clothes as they were about to leave the hotel and make for their home which was just in the next city, and also the university they attend is in the same city.

Christina wore a very short skirt with no pant and you can see her huge ass, if you have a sharp eye like me that is. She then added it with a transparent top which you can see her huge boobs and also her sweet nipples which pointed out.

Esther also wore a short skimpy skirt which revealed her huge ass like Christina's, but she wore a bra on top which exposed her huge boobs that felt like it would burst out of the bra at any moment.

Juvia wore a dress that was torn by the side up to the waist and also in the front middle that someone with a sharp eye could see her pussy. And also the dress exposed most parts of her boobs.

And so the girls or ladies I should say walked up to their waiting car to go home as many photographers who were waiting started taking their hot photos.
And also their fans didn't miss the chance to see their stars.

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Re: 18+ Christina Season Two
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Episode One (1) Continuation

The three divas finally made it to their huge mansion after briefly attending to their fans who were outside the hotel.

Their mansion could be said to be the size of half a village as it was so large with beautiful buildings inside it, there were three upstair buildings and ten other wonderful buildings.

The grass were all green and trimmed with beautiful flowers in the entrance, one could best describe their home as a little heaven.

Christina: It feels so good to be home!
Esther: Yes, I guess it's time we gave this place a name.
Juvia: I have a suggestion, what about the little heaven?
Christina: That should be it, the name is perfect.

The trio were greeted by their house staff who all lined up to greet them, they were thirty ladies on bikini and twenty muscular men on their boxers.

They were so loved by them as they lived a simple and cool life.

Juvia: They sure are lively today.
Christina: Yes, they are always like that. I really love them.

The trio went into the house where they all changed to bikinis and a transparent top.

Christina: We just have five important classes next week, and according to our schedule we can meet up with the time.

Esther: Well, let's have some relaxation time before hitting the books. I will be at the swimming pool.
Juvia: Hmm, I will be doing my music practise.
Christina: I will be at the gym, it's time to lose some sweat.

Christina was at the gym doing some light excercises that wouldn't make her grow muscles, rather she just wanted to stay fit.

The house butler approached her saying someone called Hannah was looking for her, Christina told him to allow her in.

Hannah was Christina's coursemate, she was a shy girl that always kept to herself until she became friends with Christina, Esther and Juvia.
Christina stopped the excercise when she walked in.

Christina: Hello Hannah.
Hannah: Hi Christie.
Christina: I'm so happy you decided to come to our home today.
Hannah: Yea, me too. Your home looks just like a little heaven.

Christina: (Smiles) That's just the name we decided to give it today, it's cool right?
Hannah: Sure. It's just the perfect name!
Christina: I will be back in a moment.

Christina had a quick bath in a shower a the gym and wore just a shirt with no pant and went back to Hannah.

Hannah: I have finished the research.
Christina: We also have, let's get down to business and call the others.

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Re: 18+ Christina Season Two
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Episode Two (2)

Hanging Out With Hannah X Christina And Hannah's Sex

Christina who was wearing just a shirt with no pant under left the gym with Hannah as they proceeded to the pool where Esther was.
When they got to the pool they saw that Juvia had also joined Esther and they were both swimming naked.

Esther: Hello Hannah!
Hannah: Hi.
Juvia: It's good to see you in our little heaven.

Christina: (To Hannah) I guess a swim wouldn't hurt.
Hannah: Yes.

Hannah pulled off her clothes leaving only her bra and pant but Christina grabbed her ass and pulled off her pant and bra as she blushed. She revealed her huge boobs and hairy pussy after that and Christina dipped her fingers inside as she moaned.

Hannah: Ahh!!
Christina: Don't worry baby, it's just fun in here.
Hannah: Okay.

Esther and Juvia licked their lips after seeing Hannah's hairy pussy.
Christina pushed her into the pool as she also entered naked.

Esther: I believe you are done with the research.
Hannah: Yes, if we combine our works it's going to be great.
Juvia: You are right, you are always good at it.

Christina clapped her hands and a male staff showed up and the shy Hannah covered her pussy and tits.

Christina: We want to have some fun, so get the goal post and the ball.
Male Staff: Yes.

The male staff brought two goalposts and four balls as Christina and the others immediately started playing a hand ball match in the pool.

With their bouncing boobs and shaking asses the girls played the hand ball game for some time before it ended with Christina and Hannah winning with two goals difference.

After the match they stepped out from the pool and dried their bodies but they didn't wear their clothes as they proceeded to the study room where they combined their study research.

Christina: Well, this makes sense. At this rate no one is going to beat us.
Hannah: Yes, we are all going to be at the top.

After they were done Esther and Juvia left the room to make some preparation leaving just the naked Christina and Hannah alone.

Christina grabbed Hannah's naked ass as she moaned and felt a little embarassed.

Hannah: Aww!! Ahh!
Christina: Do you want to have some fun Hannah?

Without waiting for Hannah's reply Christina dragged her to a bed in the study room and pushed her there as she climbed on top her.

Hannah: Christina, I......
Christina: Come on, is there any thing you want to say?
Hannah: (Blushing) Yes, it's actually something I wanted to tell you before we became friends.
Christina: All right, go ahead.
Hannah: The truth is I fell in love with you on the first day I saw at school, I didn't just know how to say it but I love you Christina! I will do anything just to be with you.

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Re: 18+ Christina Season Two
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Episode Two (2) Continuation

Christina looked straight into Hannah's eyes after she said that and smiled.

Christina: You don't have to say more Hannah, I love you too.
Hannah: (Blushing) Really?
Christina: Yes.

Immediately Christina kissed her as she responded as they both had a heart to heart kiss as they licked each others tongues and swallowed their saliva.

Esther and Juvia who were watching them through the camera inside the room smiled.

Esther: It seems our darling Christina has a new lover.
Juvia: Yes, she's going to marry the three of us after all.
Esther: Yea, let's go and get things done before they are through.

Christina and Hannah were engaged in a hot romance as they continued kissing each other as Hannah caressed her back and huge ass.

Christina stopped kissing and started squeezing Hannah's huge boobs and at the same time brushing her pussy against Hannah's as they both moaned.

Hannah: Ahh! Keep squeezing my boobs! Ahh! Oh my God! Keep doing it! Ahh!
Christina: How do you feel Hannah?

Hannah: I feel so good! Ahh! I love you!

Christina proceed to tickling her nipples with her tongue as she moaned and then she moved over to sucking her huge boobs and Hannah kept on moaning.

Hannah: Ahh!! Christina! Suck my boobs! Keep sucking my boobs! It's so sweet! Ahh!! Ahh! Ahh! I'm so hot! Ahh!

As Christina was sucking her boobs she was also using one of her hands to finger Hannah's hairy pussy as she moaned out non stop.

Hannah: Ahh!! I love you! I love you! Ahh! Christina! Yea, suck my boobs! Oh my God! Keep fingering my vagina! Ahh! Keep fingering my pussy! It's just so sweet! Ahh! Oh my God!

Christina: (Smiles) I'm going to lick your pussy and make you cum.
Hannah: I will lick yours too and make you cum.
Christina: Yes, you just have to relax while I work on your pussy.
Hannah: Okay.
Christina: All right, that's a good girl.

Christina kissed Hannah before spreading her legs wide open and smiled at her wet hairy pussy.

Christina: Wow! This is going to be great.

Christina dipped her tongue into Hannah's pussy and her whole body vibrated as she moaned out.

Hannah: Ahh!! This feels so good.

Christina decided to spice the fun up as she immediately began licking and tongue fucking Hannah's pussy as she began moaning.

Hannah: Ahh! Ah!! Oh my God! Ahh!! Oh God! Lick my fucking sweet pussy! Ahh!! Ah! Don't stop Christina! Ahh!! Oh God! You are so fucking great! I love you! Ahh!

Hannah continued moaned as she savoured the pleasure Christina was giving her as she worked on her pussy like the pro she was.

Hannah: Aaah!! Ahh!! Oh my God!! Ahh! Keep licking my pussy! Ahh! Ahh! Oh my God! Please don't stop! Don't stop! I'm fucking going to cum! Ahh!

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Re: 18+ Christina Season Two
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Episode Three (3)

Christina And Hannah Fucks! X A New Member Of The Team

Christina continued licking and tongue fucking Hannah's hairy pussy as she moaned.

Hannah: Ah! Aw! Ahh! Christina! Keep licking my pussy! Aaah! Oh my God! Aaah! Oh my God! This is so sweet.

Hannah grabbed her boobs with one hand and started squeezing them as she used her other hand for support.

Hannah had drown in the ocean of sexual pleasure as her crush or love if you say, was licking and tongue fucking her pussy like it's all she got.

Hannah: Aaah!! Ah! Christina! Aaah! Keep licking my pussy! Aaah! Oh God! I love you!

Christina stopped licking her pussy as she climbed on her as they kissed again and licked their tongues.

Christina: You are so sweet Hannah.
Hannah: Thanks. Let me lick your ass.
Christina: No problem, my ass is all yours.

Christina bent down in the doggy position and Hannah stood behind her, and her huge ass was facing Hannah.

Hannah: Wow! Your ass is so huge! It feels good seeing it in real life than your porn videos.
Christina: Yea, I guess so.

Hannah sticked out her tongue as she started licking Christina's huge ass.

Christina: That's it Hannah, lick my fucking ass! That's it baby! That's it! Aaaah!!

Hannah inserted her tongue inside Christina's anus and started tongue fucking it as she moaned.

Christina: Aaah! Ahhh! That's it girl! Go Hannah! Don't stop! Ahh! Keep tongue fucking my asshole! Aaah! It feels so good! Aaah! I love you Hannah! Ahh! Oh my God! Keep licking my asshole! Aaaahh!!

Hannah continued tongue fucking and licking Christina's anus as she moaned. Christina used one of her hand and pushed Hannah's head more to her huge ass, and Hannah continued tongue fucking her anus more deeper as she continued moaning.

Christina: Aahh! Oh my God! Aaaah!! Ahh! Lick my fucking asshole! Aaaahhh!! Oh my God! This is so fucking sweet! Ahhh!!

Hannah grabbed Christina's boobs and started squeezing them as she kept tongue fucking her anus, and all Christina could do was moan out from the sweet pleasure of her boobs being squeezed and her ass being licked and tongue fucked at the same time.

Christina: Ahhh!! Aaaahh!! Oh my God! You are so good Hannah! I love you!! Aaah!! Oh my God! Please don't stop! Aaah!!

Hannah: (In her mind) I'm going to give you the best Christina! You are the best! I love you! I will keep licking your ass all day if that's what you want.

Christina: Aaahh!! Aaah!! Ahh! Oh my God! Oh my God! This is so sweet! Keep squeezing my boobs and lick my ass! Aaah! Oh my God! Please don't stop! This is so sweet.

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Re: 18+ Christina Season Two
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Episode Three (3) Continuation

After much moaning as Hannah licked and tongue fucked Christina anus and squeezed her boobs, the duo switched over to the 69 position.

Hannah's sweet, wet and hairy pussy was on Christina's face while Christina sweet, wet and shaved pussy was on Hannah's face.

The duo immediately began the fun as Hannah started licking and tongue fucking Christina's pussy, Christina also started licking and tongue fucking Hannah's hairy pussy at the same time.

As the girls were both down as they licked their sweet pussies at the same time in the 69 position, they were moaning softly while they pleased each other.

As they were both into each other Esther and Juvia were in the living room looking through the research Hannah had made once again.

Esther: The three of us and Hannah are now a team.
Juvia: Yea, but we need one more person. The team should be made of five, at least that's what the professor said.

Esther: Maybe we should add a guy to the team.
Juvia: Hmm, or maybe not. The guy might think that we are so into him.
Esther: What about a nerd? A nerd won't think that way.

Juvia: Well a male nerd would be good, however they also have their crazy sides. You know what I mean.
Esther: Yea, let me think. Which nerd stands out from the others.

Juvia: If you ask me, I would say it's Clinton. He rarely speaks to people, he's just into himself. I bet it's going to be a shock to him if we invited him to our girls team (smiles).

Esther: (Laughs) Yea, you are definitely right. It's going to be a shock to him, let's try him out.

Juvia: Yea, the first step should be to get his contact.
Esther: I know exactly who to call, let's just hope he's not yet in another team.

Esther made her call and Clinton contact details were sent to her.

Esther: Bingo! I got his details, it's now time to call.

Suddenly a female staff walked into the living room.

Staff: Esther, someone named Clark is at the gate.
Esther: Tell that son of a bitch to get lost.
Staff: Yes.

Christina, Esther and Juvia had told their staff to call them by their real names.

Juvia: That guy is so persistent!
Esther: Yes, he shouldn't let us show him our bad side.
Juvia: Sure. He will regret it.

Esther: I better call Clinton now before it slips off my mind.
Juvia: And we are finally going to be five in the team.

In case you are wondering who Clark is, he's a guy who had been trying to get close to the three divas but they always brushed him off.

As Esther was about to make her call to Clinton, Christina and Hannah were still pleasing their pussies.

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Re: 18+ Christina Season Two
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Episode Four (4)

Fun Is Over X The Team Is Complete X A New Rival

Esther smiled as she was talking to Clinton who was a nerd via phone, and she was asking if he could join their team. The call ended with a "thank you" by Esther who smiled and dropped the phone on the table.

Juvia: So how was it?
Esther: He said yes!
Juvia: Wow! That was a little bit too easy.
Esther: Not exactly, everyone have their teams already and we we were the only one remaining.
Juvia: Hmm, think about this. The professor knew our number quite well, and 5 per team was good.
Esther: Yes, we will be seeing him in school tomorrow.

Ahh!! Aaah! Ahh! Christina and Hannah both continued  moaning softly as they licked each other pussies in the 69 position.

And when they were almost about to cum they stopped as they kissed each others and caressed themselves.

Hannah: I love you Christina.
Christina: I love you too, Hannah. It's time to get the double dildo so we can cum and meet the others.
Hannah: Yea, bring it. Let's both cum together.

Christina brought a huge double dildo (a dildo with two heads, i.e. if you don't know) and placed it in their middle as they spread their legs wide open and revealed their wet pussies.

Christina: We are going to cum together Hannah, just like you want.
Hannah: Yea, I'm so happy. Let's start already.
Christina: As you wish.

The two girls or ladies if I may say, moved closer and the heads of the double dildo entered their tight, yummy, sweet and wet pussy.

Christina: Blaze on!

Christina continued moving as one of the end of the huge dildo thrusted deep into her shaved pussy, and so did Hannah start pushing forward as one end of the huge double dilo became it's rampage inside her pussy and all they could do was moan.

Christina: Aaah! This is so fucking good! Aaahh!! Oh my God! This is so fucking sweet! It's like a guy with two huge dick is fucking us both at the same time.

Hannah: Yes, it's so sweet! I can't help it. I'm going to cum at any moment. Aaaahh!! This is so fucking sweet.

The duo kept pushing forward in their directions as the ends of the huge double dildo kept digging down inside their pussies as they moaned.

Christina: Aaahh! I can't hold it anymore! It's fucking going to rush out.
Hannah: Me too, it's so sweet! I'm fucking going to cum!

Aaaahh! Ahh! Oh my God! They both moaned out as they reached orgasm and their pussy fluids dripped down to the bed and the huge double dildo.

Christina: Aaahh! This is so good.
Hannah: Yea, it's fucking so sweet. I love it.
Christina: We can try it on our ass sometime.
Hannah: Yea, it's fucking going to tear my ass. I haven't been fucked in my ass before.
Christina: Don't worry, you will be just fine.

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Re: 18+ Christina Season Two
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Episode Four (4) Continuation

Christina and Hannah removed the double dildo from their pussy and they started sucking each other ends as they licked their cum.

After having a quick bath the duo entered the living room with just a shirt on, and Esther with Juvia were watching "Sex And Guns" on T.V.

Esther: It seems you both had a lot of fun.
Christina: Yea, exactly.

Juvia: We got news for you Christie.
Christina: And what's that?
Juvia: Clinton is the last member of our team.
Christina: (Suprised) What? Are you really serious?
Hannah: How did it really go?
Esther: It was actually too easy. He wasn't on any team, so had to join us because we were the only ones remaining.

Christina: Wow! I wonder how that little nerd is going to cope up with us.
Esther: Yea, and everyone is going to be suprised seeing him with us.

Christina: Don't worry girls, he will certainly come around.

Meanwhile Clark who was sent away by Esther went back to his gang of five feeling so embarrassed.

Daniel: Hello bro, you seem upset about something.
Clark: Yea dude, the three divas maid told me to get lost.
Daniel: Don't worry, she will come around.

Sophia: Why do you seek them this bad when you have me by your side.
Clark: Hmm, those divas got everything I want.
Sophia: You better what you say or my pussy will be off limit to you.
Clark: Okay, I'm damn sorry.
Sophia: (Pulls off her bumshot and points to her pussy) You can relieve yourself with a quickie.
Clark: Thanks Sophie, you are a fucking life saver.

** The Next Day At School **

The three divas (Christina, Esther and Juvia) with Hannah all stayed together in the lecture hall as they expected Clinton's arrival.

And after waiting for some time, Clinton arrived twenty minutes earlier before the lecture would begin.
After he dropped his bag he slowly walked to the three divas and Hannah, as he he hadn't spoken to any woman before except his mum and sister and so he managed to get their attention as they turned over to him.

Clinton: Hi.
Christina: Welcome Clinton, we have been waiting for you.

Clinton felt uneasy as he saw their huge boobs staring at him from their skimpy shirt, and it was like they would burst out of the shirt at any moment.

Clinton: (In his mind) Oh mahn! I know they are porn stars but this is a school.

Christina and the others noticed how he was was and they all laughed.

Christina: Have a seat Clinton, and let's start work already.
Clinton: Sure.

As Clinton sat with the three divas and Hannah, Clark and his gang of five were shocked seeing him with the three divas and so were others.

Sophia: (In her mind) Yes, this is getting interesting.
Clark: What the hell! So Clinton wants to steal the spotlight. I just have to take him down.

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Re: 18+ Christina Season Two
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Episode Five (5)

Clark Confronts Clinton X The Rape Attempt

Christina and the other girls were done with their meeting with Clinton and a lecturer entered their class and they began their first lesson of the day.

After the first lesson the lecturer left and Christina and the other girls left the hall to the rest room, and they would be having another lesson in the next thirty minutes.

Clark and his gang of five surrounded Clinton, as he was angry that he (Clinton) was able to talk to Christina and her friends while he was told to get lost.

Clinton: Hello, can I help you with something?
Clark: Shut up! Don't you know who I am?
Clinton: (Adjusts his spectacles) Yea, you are Clark.

Clark immediately slapped him and Daniel with the other two members of the gang kicked him as he fell down and bruised himself.

Clark: This suits you bitch!

The students in the hall didn't move after Clark brought out a knife and they know what his gang of five could do.

Clark: (To Clinton) Now listen nerd, I don't want to see you anywhere near Christina and her friends. They are mine, you got that?

Clinton was bleeding and didn't reply since he had nothing to say and this angered Clark, causing him to kick Clinton harder as he screamed until Sophia came to his rescue and stopped Clark.

Sophia: That's enough buddy.
Clark: No, he needs more.
Sophia: What the! You are fucking kicking a helpless dude, he got your message so let's get out of here.
Daniel: Yea, it's enough.

Clark and his gang left the hall as Clinton was bleeding from his bruises, he cleaned up his blood and headed to the university clinic.

Christina and her friends entered the hall and saw the blood on Clinton's desk and they inquired about what happened, and everything was explained to them.

Christina: Damn that idiot! Why would he pick on him?
Esther: I was expecting a confrontation but not something like this.
Juvia: Hmm, we have to react somehow.
Hannah: Yea, who knows what he might do to him next.

Christina and the others visited Clinton in the clinic and he was treated already before they got there.

Christina: I'm sorry dude, we will talk to the security.
Clinton: (Adjusts his spectacles) No. There are better ways of dealing with people like him, dealing him with force will make him more agressive.

Esther: Yea, that figures. And his father is a big name, so its going to be tough.
Clinton: You don't have to worry about me, I'm already fixed.

Christina: Sure, let's go back. The next class will be starting in the next five minutes.

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Re: 18+ Christina Season Two
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Episode Five (5) Continuation

Clark and his gang didn't return to the hall after the incident and they laid in wait for Clinton during the evening time near his residence.
Christina, Esther and Juvia left after the second class because they had an appointment in the next town.

As Clinton was coming back from a convenience store in the evening, the gang rounded him again.

Clark: Little boy, it seems you haven't learnt your lesson yet. Maybe you need some beating, now tell me exactly what you have with Christina and don't adjust your spectacles when talking to me.

Clinton: I'm in her research team, that's the only thing I have with her.
Clark: Really? And why would she choose you instead of me?
Clinton: You already had a team and I was the only one remaining in the class.
Clark: I see, maybe it's because you claim to be a virgin.
Clinton: I never made such claim.

Sophia immediately grabbed Clinton and forced his face to her boobs.

Sophia: How do you feel having your face in my boobs?
Clinton: Leave me alone!
Sophia: What? Are my boobs not big enough for you? Don't you want to suck it? Don't you want to lick my nipples?

Another girl, Theresa who was a member of the gang immediately started pulling Clinton's trouser off as he struggled but Sophia held his hands so tight.

Clinton: Leave me alone, I got something to deliver at home!
Sophia: Shut up! We are going to rape you and post the video on the internet, it's your punishment for taking what belongs to our boss.
Clinton: I didn't take anything, damn it!

Theresa pulled off his trouser and boxer and started shaking his dick as he screamed.

Clark: Hahahaha! Get that dick hard let me get the cameras rolling.

Sophia took Clinton's spectacles and shattered it away since he couldn't see well without it.

Clinton: Leave me alone! Give my spectacles back! I can't see!

Clinton was immediately pushed down as Theresa pulled off her pant and grabbed his dick as she made to insert it inside her vagina.

Clark: All right, it's time for the recording to begin.
Theresa: Yea, I'm going to ride his dick so hard.

And just as Theresa was about to insert his dick into her pussy they heard a gunshot and the whole gang ran away.

It was Lisa, she's Clinton's eldest sister who is a police officer.

Lisa: Wear your clothes Clint, and who were those guys?
Clinton: Clark's gang.
Lisa: I see.

Clinton stood up as Lisa held his hand and helped him home since he could barely see without his spectacles.

Clinton: How did you know I was in trouble?
Lisa: I didn't know. I was just wondering what was taking you so long and Cecilia said she saw those bastards around the neighbourhood.
Clinton: Thanks alot sis.

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Re: 18+ Christina Season Two
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Episode Six (6)

The Three Divas Naughty Sex Show!!

In the nearby city in the same night when Clinton the nerd was attacked by Clark and his gang, Christina and her friends were having a show.

Thousands of their fans came to the arena where they were all with their skimpy outfits.
Christina wore a transparent short skirt and bra, and you can see her shaved pussy if you look well enough.
Her boobs looked like it would be bursting through the transparent bra as if it was looking for its freedom.
Esther on the other hand wore a leave like bra with her huge boobs about popping out and she wore the same skirt with Christina.
Juvia wore a pant which she made a hole on her vagina part and she wore a rope bra.

The trio were twerking on stage as their fans cheered on and their huge ass were bouncing as the perverted fans took photos.

Christina pulled off her skirt and threw it to the crowd who struggled for it and the lucky person who got it screamed out with joy.

Christina: It's time for a pussy show!

Christina stepped in front of the others and she raised one of her legs up showing her pussy to the crowd who went wild.

Man1: Wow! We love you Christina! We love you!
Man2: Bring it on Christina!

Christina inserted her finger inside her pussy and moaned as she fingered it very hard and fast as she got cheers.

She brought out her fingers and bent down and gave it to her fans who licked it and smiled.

She bent down and shaked her huge ass very hard near the fans as they jumped up trying to touch her ass.

Esther: She's really enjoying herself, isn't she?
Juvia: Yea, let dance by the sideline for a while till she spice things up.
Esther: Let's go to the sides instead.
Juvia: Well, that's a good idea.

Esther and Juvia went to the sides of the arena as they twerked in front of their fams who cheered and called their names.

Lady1: We love you Esther!
Lady2: We love you Juvia!

Esther and Juvia looked at Christina and she winked giving them a signal to spice things up.

Christina took the microphone and smiled as everyone was looking forward to what she was going to say.

Christina: Who wants to rock with us!!! Who wants to enter the stage with us?

Many people echoed as they wanted to get on stage and dance with Christina and her friends.

Christina took her hands to the fans and carried out a male fans to the stage.
Esther on the hand carried in a hardcore female fans who had been wanting to see her one on one.
Juvia carried in a male fan on the stage and the three divas were about to rock with them and give them the best time of their lives.

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Re: 18+ Christina Season Two
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Episode Six (6) Continuation

The male fans Christina carried on stage and hugged was out of this world and was in the wonderland as he grabbed her naked huge ass.

Christina: Let's spice things up buddy.
Guy1: Yes, yes!

Christina sticked out her tongue and so did the fan and his dick got very hard and erect that it burst through his weak boxer, and she smiled as she felt it.

Christina: What's wrong? Can't even handle a small kiss? Huh?
Guy1: This is too much! Ahh!!
Christina: You are going to cum without touching the pussy.

Christina pulled off her bra and threw it into the crowd who fought over it.
She placed the fans face on her boobs and started rubbing it as his dick got more harder and brushed against her pussy.

Guy: Oh God! This is too much! I can't take it! I'm going to cum.
Christina: Come on, hold it for a while, we are not in a rush here.
Guy: You are too hot!

Christina smiled and made him grabbed her ass much tighter and his face was buried in her huge boobs, and immediately the fan releasing his semen as some splashed near her pussy and the rest on the ground and the fans immediately fell down screaming.

Guy: Oh my God! This is too much! I can't help it!
Christina: (Smiles) We were just getting started and you gave in already.

Christina took a marker and pulled off the guy's cloth and wrote her autograph on his body, and they she looked into the crowd naked with her huge boobs staring at the crowd of fans who couldn't wait to be the next on stage.

Christina: Who's next?

As Christina was having fun with the guy, Esther and Juvia were also having fun with the other fans.

Esther grabbed the female fan but and she did the same.

Lady: Oh my God! I have been waiting for this in a very long time.
Esther: I see, so what's your name?
Lady: Michelle.
Esther: Okay Michelle, we are both going to have a sex tape at my home.
Michelle: I love it!
Esther: I'm expecting you this weekend.
Michelle: I will be there.
Esther: Let's have a little fun.
Michelle: Yes.

Esther and Michelle immediately started kissing as they licked their tongues on stage and Esther pulled off Michelle's skirt and tore of her pant.

Esther: Don't be shy, you can pull off mine too.
Michelle: Yea. Thanks!

Michelle pulled off Esther's skirt and grabbed her huge ass out of excitement and Esther spanked hers.

Esther: That's the way to go girl. Let's make this count!
Michelle: Yes, I love you Esther!

And so the sex show continues as the three divas were having fun with their fans.

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Re: 18+ Christina Season Two
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Episode Seven (7)

The Three Divas Naughty Sex Show Continues!! X Esther And Juvia Makes Two Fans Cum On Stage!!

Esther and Michelle continued kissing as they grabbed each other huge ass on the stage as the fans cheered them on.
They both rubbed their boobs against each other and they squeezed huge ass as Michelle was enjoying her time with the one she had always wanted to be with.

Esther raised her hand down and dipped her fingers into Michelle's wet pussy as she immediately vibrated.

Michelle: Ahh!
Esther: You are going to enjoy yourself girl, as my number one fans. Now face the crowd let them see your face as I please you.
Michelle: Yes.

Michelle faced the crowd from the side Esther was and she grabbed her boobs as Michelle moaned.
Esther: Oh yes Michelle, enjoy yourself because I'm going to please you just fine.
Michelle: Yes.

Esther immediately started squeezing her huge boobs and pinched her nipples from behind as she moaned out in absolute pleasure.

Michelle: (In her mind) Yes, I love this so much. Keep squeezing my boobs Esther, my whole body is hot. I feel like I'm going to cum soon, my body is all yours. She's just too sweet!

Ahhh!! Michelle moaned out loud as Esther dipped her fingers into her wet pussy and immediately started fingering it very hard and fast as she continued moaning.

Michelle had been blown out of this world as the idol she worships was now fingering her pussy, the feeling was unexplainable but it was exactly too sweet as her body senses heightened and she could feel her warm pussy fluids about to flow down.

Michelle: Oh God! Esther! I'm going to cum! I'm really going to cum! I can't help it, you are just too sweet.
Esther: Cum Michelle, let it all out.

Michelle continued moaning out as she had reached the point of no return as her boobs and nipples were squeezed by the one she loves, and her wet pussy was also being pleasured by her.

Aaahh!! Michelle moaned out happily as she had reached orgasm and finally let it out as her pussy fluids dripped down to the stage floor and they both smiled.

Esther continued carressing Michelle's pussy as she had finally reached orgasm and she spanked her ass, the fans had reacted wildly when the saw Michelle's cum splashing on the floor just like they did when the guy with Christina splashed his semen too.

Man1: We love you Esther! You are the best!
Woman: Esther! Esther! Queen Esther!

Michelle turned back and Esther immediately planted a kiss on her lips.

Esther: So what do you say Michelle?
Michelle: I love you so much! You are the best.
Esther: All right, it's time for us to lick your cum on my fingers.

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Re: 18+ Christina Season Two
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Episode Seven (7) Continuation

While Christina and Esther were having fun with the fans, so was Juvia.

Juvia had carried a male fan into the stage and his mind was blown out as he was standing face to face with her. He looked at her boobs and saw how huge they were and he couldn't help but want to grab them as his dick got more stronger and erect.

Juvia: What are you waiting for? Grab them if you want but remove the bra gently.
Guy: Sure.

The guy gently started removing her rope bra and she had quickly removed his belt and his trouser had fallen off as she made for her boxer. The guy's huge dick could be seen seeking for its freedom as it seems like it would burst through his boxer.

Guy: (In his mind) I can't believe that I'm on a stage with Juvia and the others. I have to make this count and reach for her pussy too.

The man immediately started tickling Juvia's nipples with his tongue as he sucked her boobs at the same time and he had also started carressing her pussy near the hole she made in her pant.

Guy: (In his mind) Yes, I'm finally doing it! Yes, I just have to dip my fingers inside very soon.

Juvia: (In her mind) What a smart guy, I guess it's time to finally throw him out of balance.

Juvia immediately grabbed his huge and erect dick and he moaned out very loud, his dick was reacting to the sweet touch of her hands as it got more hotter, harder and fatter.

Guy: Oh my God! This feels so great!! I'm in heaven! Father!
Juvia: Of course, you are in heaven. Now face the fans, I want them to see your face as you moan and release.
Guy: Yes.

The guy faced over to the crowd on Juvia's side as she grabbed his dick and was ready to start going and make him spill his milk at that instant.

Woman1: Give it to him! Let him spill it!
Woman2: Yes, let his milk out!
Juvia: Of course.

Juvia immediately started shaking his dick very hard and fast as he moaned out uncontrollably as he was about to cum.

Just like Christina and Esther, Juvia hands were just hot enough to make him ejaculate in a minute. Knowing this, she shaked his dick very hard and fast as the man could feel his semen rushing out.

Guy: Aah! Oh my God! I'm going to cum! This is so sweet! I'm fucking going to cum!
Juvia: Let the milk out!

Aaaaah!! The man moaned out as he reached orgasms and he semen splattered on the stage floor and touched some fans.

Guy: Oh God! This is so sweet, I love it! I have finally lived my dream.
Juvia: Of course, you certainly have.

And so Christina and her friends have satisfied their first batch of fans that came on the stage as the rest cheered on as their idols were right in front of them, and their naughty sex show continues.

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