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Top Websites You Can Download Anime Series Free For Mobile Users

Hello Anime series lovers, I'm going to list down the best mobile websites you can download anime series free.

1.) Animeheaven.Eu :

Number one on the list is, just like the name sound it's a heaven for anime series.
There are hundreds of series on the site both English Dubbed and English Subbed on different categories.

You can also watch online if you want to, or download in mp4.
New series are updated almost on a daily basis, trust me if any anime lover visit this site they will truely agree with me that they are in Animeheaven.

2. :

3gpanime is another wonderful site that any anime lover would love.
Just like Animeheaven they update both English Subbed and English Dubbed.

New series are also added.
You can download in 3gp formats.

3. :

Animeesub makes number three on the list.
The name may be Animeesub but they upload both Dub and Sub anime series.
Just browse to the site and select the Dubbed or Subbed category and a long list of anime series awaits you.

They upload in Mp4 and avi.

4. :

Yea, yea! Fztvseries takes the number 4 spot on the list.

Log on the the website and select cartoon/anime.
The only problem with this website is that some of their download links are dead, maybe they will look into the issue. I will update this post if they do.

They upload mostly in .avi.

5. :

This is the first website I downloaded my first anime series, Naruto.
They have English Dubbed, Hindi Subbed and Hindi Dubbed.
They upload in 3gp.

This is a great website for hindi anime lovers, most of the anime series updated are in Hindi. There are also English uploads too.

They update in both 3gp and Mp4 formats.

And that's it!

I am Clinton! Act Now! I hope you love my stories.