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Sex Stories / Re: 18+ Clinton The Pervert
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Episode One Hundred (100)

Clinton Enters The Girls Restroom! X Rita Finger Fucks Her Virgin Pussy

Clinton watched as the girl pulled off her pant and threw it inside a basket full of pants, and she was just with her skirt and shirt as she went into a bathroom.

Clinton wanted to go inside immediately but he remembered something from the first time he visited the school.

Clinton: (In his mind) When did they start wearing skirts and shirts? The last time I was here it was church and mosque robes, someone is pulling some strings here. Who cares? I love it this way, but I will get to the root of the matter.

Clinton looked left and right and no one was coming, he checked around and saw that there were no visible cameras.
The school didn't put cameras because they believe that their teachers could monitor the students themselves, and Clinton was aware of that.

Clinton: What a lame belief! I will use this to my own advantage.

Clinton immediately entered the restroom, and made for the toilet the girl entered and he brought out his phone and put the video recorder on.

He could hear the sound  of urine gushing down and he opened the door slightly and started recording it.

The girl had spread her legs wide open as she lifted her skirt up while urinating, and Clinton smiled as he could see her sweet virgin pussy.

Clinton: (In his mind) Oh mahn! This is so sweet to watch.

The girl started rubbing her pussy after urinating as she moaned out.

Girl: Oh God! When will I stop being a virgin! My vagina yearns to be satisfied but I must wait for the appointed time.

The girl immediately pulled off her shirt and held her huge boobs with her pointed nipples, and Clinton smiled as he licked his tongue.

The girl squeezed her boobs and pinched her nipples as she moaned out, and Clinton was so excited.

Clinton: (In his mind) That's it girl, do more of that.

Girl: God! I face this type of temptation every day, but I will never fall as long as I have you.

The girl took a big cross shape wood kept in the toilet and started rubbing it near her pussy as she moaned.

Girl: I shall give my virginity to you lord whenever you want it. Please speak to me lord.

Clinton laughed within himself as he just had an amazing idea.

Clinton: (In his mind) This will work.

Clinton closed the toilet and silently cleared his throat, and he had seen the girl's name on the badge on her shirt. 

Clinton: (Forming another voice) My servant Rita! Your lord calls!

Rita was suprised but since she had been thought that God would speak to those who wants him, she became excited.

Rita: Is that you lord?
Clinton: Yes! Will you follow my instructions my faithful servant?
Rita: Yes, my lord.
Clinton: Good, your blessings will be uncountable like the desert sand.
Rita: Yes, so what should I do my lord?

Clinton was so excited as his dick got hard.

Clinton: (In his mind) This is great, their obsession with religion is actually working in my favour.

Clinton: Dip thy fingers into your vagina and tell me how it feels.
Rita: Yes.

Rita dipped her fingers into her virgin pussy as she moaned.

Rita: It feels so good!
Clinton: Good, keep doing that till you are satisfied. I will speak to you later.
Rita: Yes, lord!

Rita immediately started fingering her pussy as she moaned out.

Rita: Ahh! Oh my God! I love this feeling! I'm doing this for you! It feels so good! This is the best feeling ever. Ahh!!

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General Discussion / Re: Chat With The Admin
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ok bro
Stories / Re: The Seven Colours
Last post by Clinton -
General Discussion / Re: Chat With The Admin
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post Zik now

I'm yet to write it, I will post it when I do.
General Discussion / Re: Chat With The Admin
Last post by Kvng Temi Tope -
post Zik now
Stories / Re: The Seven Colours
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wehdonne bro 8)  8)
Stories / Re: The Seven Colours
Last post by Clinton -
Episode One Hundred And Fourteen (114) Continuation

As Crush and Lust were still backing each other, a large amount of rain dropped down on the place the were and it formed into a girl that just looked like Lust, and also had a little resemblance to Juvia.

Lust immediately had an unclear flashback and she trembled but Crush touched her.

Lust: Thanks Crush.

Girl: So you two are the ones making trouble for my squad?

Lust: Yea, and who might you be?
Girl: It's polite to say your name first before asking others.
Lust: Hmm, I'm Lust.
Crush: And I'm Crush.

Girl: Good, I'm Lily and I am here to put you in your place. No one messes with my squad, it's going to be me against the two of you.

Lust: Oh yea! Bring it on! (In her mind) She's strong!
Crush: (In her mind) Her water ability have evolved!

Lily's squad members stepped out of the way, and Crush and Lust immediately attacked her.

When the duo punched her their hands passed through her, as her body turned to water upon contact.

Lust and Crush moved back as Lily smiled.

Lust: We should have saved our berserk mode for her.
Crush: Let's go again!

Lust and Crush continued punching and kicking Lily but it didn't work as they were just punching water.

Lust: It's time to use our powers.
Crush: Yes!

Crush and Lust used their soul manipulation technique and punched Lily, they got her real body this time as she screamed and moved back a little.

Lily: That hurts! You two must be the soul manipulators.
Lust: Yea, and with our power we can hit your real body.
Lily: You are right!

Lily sent two water fists at the two of them but they both dodged and appeared behind her back, they both punched her but it was just water.

Crush & Lust: That's a water clone!

The real Lily appeared before them, they punched her but she immediately turned into water before contact and dodged their attacks.

Lust: Stop running and fight like a girl!

Lily: Okay, get ready! Water dragon!

A water snake dragon was immediately formed by Lily and it attack the two girls, who kept on dodging it at close calls.

Crush and Lust both punched the air and caused a shock wave that shattered the water dragon, but it reformed again and went after them.

Crush: It can reform, let's manipulate Lily.
Lust: No, it won't be fun that way. I have a plan, she's going down with her own attack.

Lust distracted the water dragon and it started chasing her and left Crush alone.

Lust ran with great speed as the water dragon chased her, and she dodged when she was near Lily and the water dragon struck Lily instead.

Crush: Wow! So that was her plan.
Lust: I hope that worked.

Lily immediately started laughing as she had merged with the water that formed the water dragon.

Lily: You think my own attack will take me down, think again because that is not going to happen.

Lust: You are tough. We are not going down so easily because we are having fun.
Lily: You can come at me at the same time, I don't mind. I can handle the two of you.

Lust: You are going to regret that!

Crush and Lust started fighting Lily in a hand to hand combat, but Lily was just blocking their attacks with one hand as she smiled.

Lily: You will never be able to beat me.

Crush: I was given the name Crush because my ability was mistaken at birth, but it wasn't entirely a mistake. I just evolved!
Lily: What are you trying to say?
Crush: This!!

Crush immediately punched Lily's to the face as she screamed and crashed at a wall.

Crush: I might be called a soul manipulator but it's something more than that, my power only works on one side. The negative side!
Lust: Yea, and my power works on two sides!

Lily immediately stood up as she cleaned the blood on her mouth, and smiled.

Lily: I see. I underestimated the two of you. Let's have fun!
Crush & Lust: Yes!!

And so the duo of Crush and Lust fight against Lily continued as Angel was telling lady Margaret the truth.

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Stories / Re: The Seven Colours
Last post by Clinton -
Episode One Hundred And Fourteen (114)

Sniper Duel With Juliet!! X Lily Appears: Crush And Lust Are Cornered!!

As Lust and Crush were fighting with the girls after them, Sniper was have a duel with Juliet who happens to be a squad leader.

Sniper's eyes had increased her overall power and skills but she was still having a hard time with Juliet.

Sniper and Juliet both stopped as they were panting heavily.

Juliet: You are strong!
Sniper: You too.
Juliet: So tell me, why are you not using your guns?
Sniper: I have been trained in hand to hand combat by my big sister.
Juliet: Okay, let's finish this!
Sniper: Yea.

The two girls look at each other as their power levels rose up, and Juliet's body was engulfed in red flames.

Juliet: Let's see you fight fire!

Juliet charged Sniper who dodged her kick, but as she jumped up Juliet's fires formed hands to grab her.
Sniper immediately punched the air causing shock waves to quench the fire hands.

Juliet: Impressive.

Juliet jumped up and kicked her which she blocked with her hand, but the fire was hot that she screamed and Juliet used the opportunity to kick her down.

Sniper: Aaah!!

As Sniper was about to crash on the ground, she regained her balance and jumped up but Juliet's fire fists knocked her into a building as she crashed into it.

Juliet: I hope that didn't burn her.

Sniper came out from the burning building and Juliet was so happy that she wasn't hurt.

Juliet: I'm glad that you are okay, but I'm not done with you yet!
Sniper: Bring it on fire girl!

Sniper charged at Juliet who thought she was going to get punched, but Sniper ducked and kicked her legs as Juliet losed her balance and fell.

Sniper wanted to give her a shock punch but she stopped.

Juliet: Why did you stop? You could have knocked me out.
Sniper: No, you are more stronger than that. Let's become friends.
Juliet: You idiot!

Juliet's flames got stronger and Sniper moved away as she stood up.

Juliet: I'm going to take you down right now.
Sniper: I'm always ready for you.
Juliet: (Smiles) I kind of like you girl. But we are on different sides here.
Sniper: The name is Sniper.
Juliet: Okay Sniper, it's time for me to end this.
Sniper: Bring it on!

Juliet's flames circled around the two of them and just as she was about to attack, she heard a baby cry and she stopped.

Juliet: The babies!

Juliet looked around and saw that fire was spreading in many buildings, and there were babies in two of them.

Juliet: Please, I need your help Sniper. Let's save the babies!
Sniper: Babies? Where are they?
Juliet: Follow me.

As Juliet and Sniper left lady Magaret and the others smiled.

Magaret: They are sweet girls.
Angel: Yes.
Diva: That Free Zone girl is as sweet as our lady Diana.

Angel removed her face from Magaret's laps as she was troubled and didn't want to keep deceiving them further.

Magaret: What's the problem my dear?
Angel: I want to tell you something. I'm not the lady Diana you know.
Diva: No. You are our lady Diana, those Free Zone magic knights must have done something to you.
Angel: No. They are my friends.

Crush and Lust were still in their fight against the girls which had surrounded them, the girls wouldn't give up as they stood up each time they fell down.

Crush and Lust stayed back to back as they were panting and they were still surrounded by the girls.

Girl1: Give up already!

Crush: These girls are strong.
Lust: Yea, it looks like we need to go berserk mode again.
Crush: Yea, but it takes a lot of our energy to maintain the mode.
Lust: Yea, that's because it's stronger than sage mode. Maybe we can join both sage mode and berserk mode together.
Crush: Yea, but we can't go sage mode.

Suddenly rain started falling and the girls moved out to make a way for someone.

Lust: What's this? This rain is not natural.
Crush: Yea, someone tough is here.

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Sex Stories / Re: 30+ Sex And Guns
Last post by Clinton -
Episode SeventyTwo (72) Continuation

Mrs. Faith pushed him back as she seemed shocked.

Faith: I can't do it! It's against my principles, what example are my going to set to my subordinates.
Clinton: But, you just kissed me back.
Faith: It's just too fast.

Clinton immediately grabbed her hand and placed it on his boxer and kissed her.

Faith was shocked as she could feel how huge and strong his dick was, and she was tempted to pull over his boxer and started shaking and sucking it.

Faith: (In her mind) Oh my God! Who's this man? He's making me shaking! I can feel the size of his dick, I can't miss it. If I fuck him here nobody will know, I don't want to miss this.

She was taken out of her thoughts as Clinton turned his face over to hers and she blushed.

Clinton: So, what do you say?
Faith: Oh God! You are really the devil! I want to see your dick.

Mrs. Faith immediately grabbed his huge dick out of her boxer and she was so shocked and excited at the size.

Faith: Oh my God! This is so big! I haven't seen a huge dick like this before.
Clinton: So what do you say?
Faith: If we fuck nobody will know, I don't care anymore!
Clinton: That's it bitch! Nobody will know. (In his mind) I got my cameras on though.
Faith: Call me bitch! Call me whatever! What I only want is your huge fat cock.

Mrs. Faith immediately grabbed his huge cock and she climbed down on from the large sofa, and she tickled his dickhead with her tongue as she smiled.

Faith: Oh God! I love your dick.
Clinton: Yea, do whatever you want. It's all yours.
Faith: Thanks alot! You are the best.

Faith immediately swallowed his dick head and started sucking it like a lollipop sweet, and she was so excited as she licked and sucked it more harder as Clinton moaned.

Clinton: Aaahh!! Oh my God! This feels so good! I love it bitch! Keep sucking my dick! You are so fucking good.

Clinton continued carresing her hair as she sucked his huge dick more hard and fast like an expert pro, and he couldn't help but moan.

Clinton: (In his mind) Oh God! This feels so good! So this whore is a fucking expert and she was pretending! No lady can see my blessed dick without wanting it. This fucking women rights activists is a fucking slut!

Mrs. Faith continued sucking his huge dick as she was so excited at getting the chance to suck it, and her pussy was getting wet as it soiled her pant.

Faith: (In her mind) Oh God! This is the best dick I have sucked before! It's so fucking sweet! I love it! I can't stop! This dick is so fucking sweet!

Mrs. Faith stopped sucking his dick and started shaking it as she looked at his face, and she laughed.

Faith: Ahh! I love the look on your face! The look on your face while you moan is so sexy, it turns me more on.
Clinton: Oh God! You are so fucking sweet!
Faith: I'm going to keep sucking your huge, yummy and fat dick!

Faith immediately went back to sucking his dick very hand and fast as he moaned out very loud, as he kept on carressing her hairs.

Clinton was suprised that it was the lady that didn't want to fuck, that was now sucking his huge dick like her life depended on it.
Mrs. Faith kept on sucking his huge dick as he moaned out uncontrollably, and then she immediately started carresing his balls and Clinton's entire body was overflowed with the sweet pleasure as he continued moaning like never before.

Clinton: Ahh! Oh my God! You are so fucking hot and sweet whore! You are the best!

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Sex Stories / Re: 30+ Sex And Guns
Last post by Clinton -
Episode SeventyTwo (72)

Faith's Arrival! X Clinton Seduces Her! X She Sucks His Huge Fat Yummy Cock

A few days after Clinton fucked his sister, he received a reminder on phone that Faith would be visiting.

Clinton: Oh yea, today is the day. Let me see how that women rights activist is going to play out. It's time to set the cameras on, this is going to be a fun session.

In case you don't remember who Faith is; she's a women rights activist who visited Clinton in his office in some episodes back.

They had both discussed about how sexual immorality, rape and molestation but Clinton's replies didn't help her purpose. And so he told her to visit him on a certain day, so that they will finish their discussion.

Clinton: There's no going back now, it's time to see what she really got.

Clinton prepared everywhere and was just with his boxer as he waited for her arrival, so that they could finish their discussion, or maybe not.

He heard his door bell ring and he smiled as he walked up to the door, and opened it as Mrs. Faith was standing right in front of him.

The first thing that caught Clinton's eyes were her boobs which were exposed as she didn't close the upper button on her shirt, and he just smiled as his eyes caught hers.

Clinton: Hello Mrs. Faith, welcome to my house.
Faith: Yea, but why are you just with your underwear?
Clinton: It's my house after all, you can come in.
Faith: Okay.
Clinton: Ladies first.
Faith: Thank you.

As Mrs. Faith walked into the house, Clinton looked at her ass as it bounced and he touched it and removed his hands immediately as Mrs. Faith turned back.

Clinton: (In his mind) Not bad. My dick can do just fine inside that hole.

Faith: Don't be a pervert!
Clinton: My hand was just moving so fast because it is attracted to sweet things.
Faith: Huh?
Clinton: Relax, you are in my house.

They sat side by side in the sofa as they gulped down a wine Clinton brought, and he licked his lips as he looked at her boobs.

Clinton: (In his mind) They sure do look tasty enough.

Mrs. Faith adjusted her spectacles as she handed him a magazine, it was her organisation magazine it showed photos of girls being raped by huge dick men as they cried and bled.

Clinton: So this is what is happening huh?
Faith: Yes, and the world government is doing nothing about it.
Clinton: I see, do you expect them to do something when most of the officials are perverts? They buy girls and boys to be fucked, even mothers and fathers are not spared.

Faith: Yes, that's why I need your help. You hold a strong position in the world government woment affairs section, you can help us.
Clinton: What's in for me? What do I stand to gain from this?
Faith: You are going to gain peace, we are going to gain a world without rape and molestation.

Clinton: Hmm, that's really idealistic. A world like that isn't possible in this present generation.
Faith: We can make it possible.
Clinton: Really?
Faith: Yes.
Clinton: Why don't you show me some commitment.
Faith: Commitment? What do you mean?

Clinton lifted her skirt up and started carressing her laps and face and she was somehow suprised.

Clinton: This is what I mean. If you want something, you got a price to pay.
Faith: No, it's against my believe and I'm...
Clinton: Sshh!! You need my help don't you?
Faith: Yes, but....
Clinton: You will have it.

Clinton immediately kissed her and she relunctantly responded and kissed him back.

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