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Sex Stories / Re: 18+ Clinton The Pervert
Last post by Clinton -
Episode One Hundred And Seven (107) Continuation

Ahh!! Rita screamed out as Clinton's huge dick slided into her skirt as he was sucking her huge boobs, and she was immediately blown out of this world when it came in contact with her extremely wet pussy.

Rita: Oh my God! Please penetrate my vagina.
Clinton: As you wish Rita, I'm going to fuck your pussy.
Rita: Yes. Fuck my pussy.

Clinton stopped sucking her huge boobs and climbed down on the bed, and he smiled as he saw the look on Rita's face.

Clinton: It's time Rita! You are going to get blown out of this world, I'm going to fuck your pussy just fine.
Rita: Yes, I can't wait for you to fuck my pussy.

Tears was dripping down from teacher Anita's eyes, as she was so fucking jealous that Clinton was going to fuck Rita with his sweet and divine huge dick.

Anita: (In her mind) Oh my God! He's going to fuck her pussy with his huge dick! I'm trembling! I'm so fucking jealous. I hope he doesn't prefer her over me because she currently a virgin. Oh God! I love him!

Clinton pulled off Rita's short school skirt and threw it at teacher Anita, and she gasped as she was woken up from her thoughts.

Anita: Ahh! Clinton!!

Standing before Clinton was an extremely wet and dick hungry pussy of Rita, and she was all smiles as he was going to fuck her so hard.

Clinton: Oh God! You are so fucking hot!
Rita: Yea. Do you like what you see.
Clinton: No. I love it! Your pussy is so fucking tight and yummy.
Rita: That's good to know, please penetrate me now.
Clinton: Of course.

Ahh!! Ahh! Rita moaned out as Clinton started rubbing her wet pussy with his fingers and she smiled.

Clinton: Teacher!!
Anita: Yes.
Clinton: You better hold her hands.
Anita: Yes, I understand.

The naked teacher Anita immediately pinned Rita's hands to the table, as Clinton started carressing Rita's pussy with his huge dick.

Rita: Ahh!!! Please put it in! You are torturing me!
Clinton: As you wish! Brace yourself!!

Aaaahh!! God! What is this? Aaaahhh!! Rita screamed out as Clinton forcefully inserted his huge dick inside her wet and tight virgin pussy and blood dripped down from her vagina.

Rita: Ahh!! Oh God! This is fucking so good!!

Teacher Anita immediately wipped off the blood on the table and on the floor as Rita was crying and she was excited at the same time.

Clinton: How do you feel Rita?
Rita: I feel so good! Please fuck my pussy!
Clinton: Yea, that's why my dick is inside your pussy!!

Ahh!! God! Rita immediately started moaning out very loud as Clinton started fucking her tight pussy with his huge and divine dick as they were both enjoying themselves.

Rita: Ahh!! Ahh!! Oh my God! Keep fucking my pussy! This feels so good! Please don't stop! Fuck me so hard! Please don't stop!!

Rita continued moaning out loud as she could feel the unlimited pleasure of Clinton's huge dick fucking her sweet tight pussy very hard and fast, and it was so fucking sweet!
To her it was some kind of divine sensation as she haven't felt anything like that before, and he wanted Clinton to keep fucking her pussy non stop!

She was in fucking heaven and nothing else mattered to her than Clinton's sweet, huge and divine dick fucking her wet, tight, sweet and recently disvirgined pussy hard and fast.

Rita: Oh my God! Oh my God! Don't stop! Don't stop! Keep fucking my pussy! Don't stop!! Don't stop! This feels so fucking good!

And so the sweet sexcapade continues as Clinton had now disvirgined Rita and the jealous teacher Anita was watching.

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Sex Stories / Re: 18+ Clinton The Pervert
Last post by Clinton -
Episode One Hundred And Seven (107)

Rita Is Disvirgined!! X The Divine Sensation!!

Ahh!! Teacher Anita moaned out as Clinton pulled out his huge dick from her tight pussy after Rita said she wanted to get penetrated.

Clinton: Let's work on her.
Anita: Sure.

Teacher Anita sat down on her office chair, and started moaning softly with her mouth wide open as she was savouring the sweet pleasure of the orgasm she just had.

Anita: Ahh!! He's the fucking best! And he has the best huge dick ever!!

Rita was so shocked as she saw the size of Clinton's huge dick, as he walked up to her.

Rita: Oh my God! What is this? It's used for the penetration, right?
Clinton: Yes, it is.
Rita: It must be the rod of God!
Clinton: (Laughs) I like you Rita.
Rita: I can't wait to get penetrated. Let's start immediately!
Clinton: Of course.

Clinton immediately hugged Rita so tight and started kissing her and she responed out of excitement as they both started to lick each other tongues while he carressed her back.

Rita: (In her mind) What is this feeling? I feel so good!! I feel so good! I love this sensation! God!

Clinton stopped kissing her and pushed her over to the table and pulled off her shirt, and behold her huge and yummy boobs with erect nipples were standing right in front of Clinton's face as she blushed.

Rita: Do you like it??
Clinton: Yes, I love your huge boobs! It's so awesome!
Rita: Thank you!

Anita: That's some huge boobs she got there, you seem to have your eyes on the best, Clinton.
Clinton: Of course, I deserve nothing less.

Aww!! Rita moaned out as Clinton immediately grabbed her nipples.

Rita: Oh God! This feels so good!! Please do it more.
Clinton: Of course.

Clinton made her lie down on the table, which she did and he climbed on top her and licked his lips as he was about to enjoy her sweet and huge boobs.

Clinton: Rita, welcome to the party!
Rita: Yea! Please do it! I beg you. I want to feel the sweet sensation again.
Clinton: Of course, I will just do that.

Rita immediately began moaning as Clinton started tickling her sweet nipples and sucking her sweet boobs at the same time.

Rita was filled with lust in her eyes as she won't keep moaning as the sweet pleasure was running all over her body, and it was her fucking first time of having someone handle her that way.

Rita: (In her mind) Oh my God! This feels so good! I love this! Ahh! What sensation is this? It must be coming from heaven through Clinton, he must be heaven sent to make feel good.

Teacher Anita was salivating as she watched the way Clinton was tickling Rita's sweet nipples, and sucking her huge boobs.
She felt so jealous as she saw the look on Rita's face, and it was that of one who was feeling an awesome pleasure.

Anita: (In her mind) Oh God! I'm so jealous! I want to be the one there getting her nipples tickled sweetly and her boobs sucked.

Clinton was also enjoying himself as he was very much excited, and saw Rita as a close friend as she was now going to be a member of his clique.

Clinton: (In his mind) This is so much fun, I will conquer this school bit by bit. She got some awesome boobs.

Rita: Oh my God! This feels so good! Please don't stop! This is so sweet! Oh my God! Don't stop! Keep squeezing my boobs! Ahh!! Don't stop! This feels so fucking good! Please don't stop Clinton!!

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Sex Stories / Re: 30+ Sex And Guns
Last post by Clinton -
Episode SeventyNine (79) Continuation

Grace immediately started licking Maria's body as she moaned out and smiled as it felt so good.

Grace licked her neck, and then proceeded down to her body and started licking her belly as her body vibrated.

And the she carred Maria's legs up and started licking her thighs, and Maria felt so good as she smiled.
After that Grace started sucking Maria's feet and Maria's pussy got wetter as Grace was pleasing her so good.

Maria: (In her mind) Oh yea! She's the best lesbian partner ever! And just like her brother, she's just so good! I love her! This feels so good. Ahh!!

Grace wet back to kissing Maria as they licked their tongues and exchanged saliva.

Aww!! Maria moaned own as Grace touched her huge boobs which were hiding under the tight short shirt she wore.

Grace: It's time to take out what you are hiding in there sweetie!
Maria: Yes love, it's all yours. Suck that them so hard.
Grace: Sure. You are fucking going to love it.
Maria: Yea, you are the best Grace!

Grace shifted the tight dress above Maria's boobs, and she opened her mouth wide open as the size was impressive.

Grace: Oh my God! This is the fucking definition of huge boobs! No matter how many times I see it, I just can't believe the size.
Maria: It's all yours sweetie! Suck my fucking boobs!
Grace: You got it!

Grace immediately grabbed her huge boobs and started squeezing it as she moaned out.

Her huge boobs were so fucking fresh and soft, and one would want to squeeze and suck it forever!

Maria was moaning out so loud as her huge sweet boobs were being well squeezed and pleased by Grace.

Maria: Ahh! Oh my God! Oh my God! Yea, squeeze my fucking boobs! Ahh! This feel so fucking good. Ah!! Yea! Squeeze my fucking boobs so good.
Grace: It's time to spice things up sweetie! I'm going to suck your boobs so good.
Maria: It's all yours baby, suck it!

Aaahh!! Maria moaned out as Grace immediately started handling her huge sweet boobs.

Grace started tickling her sweet nipples with her tongue, thereby sending Maria's off to the world of abundant sexual pleasure.
And then she started sucking her boobs so hard and was squeezing one with her other hand, and Maria's body vibrated as an unlimited wave of sexual pleasure ran all over her body and she was moaning out so loud.

Maria: Ahh!! Oh my God!! Oh my God! This feels so fucking good! Please don't stop! Don't fucking stop!! This feels so good! Please keep squeezing my fucking boobs! I love this!

Grace stopped and unbuttoned her short jean as they both smiled and laughed.

Maria: Oh God! You are fucking going down there. You are the best baby.
Grace: Yea, it's time to head over to your pussy.

Grace unbuttoned her short jean and threw it away, and right before her was Maria's extremely wet pussy and she was so full of smiles.

Grace: Oh my God! I'm fucking going to eat your pussy, it's so yummy!
Maria: Yes, you are fucking going to enjoy eating my pussy!
Grace: Yea. I surely will.

Ahh! Aaah!! Maria moaned out as Grace started carressing around her vagina area.

Maria: Oh God! You are fucking torturing me.
Grace: Let's start things with a finger fuck.
Maria: Aaah!! The thought of you finger fucking my pussy is so fucking great. Bring it on baby!
Grace: Yes, sweetie!

And so the sexcapade between Grace and Maria have finally begun!!

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Sex Stories / Re: 30+ Sex And Guns
Last post by Clinton -
Episode SeventyNine (79)

Grace And Maria!! X Their Fucking Sexcapade Begins!!

After Grace had returned home and saw Mrs. Faith lying naked on Clinton's bed, she had a brief talk with him and left for Maria's house as they were both going to have a good time together.

When Grace got to Maria's house, she saw her with just a short jean and a tight shirt that just covered her boobs. And she was watching a hardcore porn as a lady was moaning out so loud as she was being fucked by two huge dicks men in her two sweet holes, her wet pussy and tight anus!

Grace: Hello Maria.
Maria: My sweetheart!

Grace and Maria kissed as they both licked their tongues, and then they carressed each other's bodies.

Grace: You are so sweet!
Maria: You too, I can't wait to eat your pussy again.
Grace: Same here.

They both turned back to the television as the lady being fucked was moaning out more louder than before.

Grace: Look at her taking it in and screaming, she's fucking enjoying it.
Maria: Yea, but your brother is better. And his dick is the definition of huge.
Grace: Yea, you are right. He knows how to handle a woman more than anyone in the whole world.

Maria was so pleased with what Grace said so she licked her neck, and kissed her mouth again.

Maria: You are very much right baby, your brother is the best.

Maria removed the porn they were watching and then played a lesbian porn video and they were both excited.

Grace: Aww! This is going to be fun watching, but it's going to be the more fun doing it.
Maria: Of course, that's why you are here.

The lesbian porn video began and they watched for a while, and one of the bitches was moaning out very loud as the other girl was eating her pussy just good.

Grace: Oh jeez!! This is so cool!
Maria: Yes, I'm going to eat your pussy more better than that!!
Grace: Yea, I know you will.

Grace's and Maria's pussies got so wet as their eyes were filled with lust, and Maria immediately switched off the television and turned over to Grace.

Maria: I can't wait any longer. Let's get down into business my love.
Grace: I can't wait any longer too.

Maria and Grace immediately started kissing and licking their tongues, as they both knelt down on the large sofa.

The duo continued licking their tongues as they exchanged saliva, and their minds were just fixated on each other as they wanted to eat their fucking pussies, lick their huge asses and suck their huge boobs as well as tickle their nipples.

Maria lifted Grace's short dress up and started carressing her bare back while her hands were travelling to her huge ass, and Grace was at the same time moving her hands over to Maria's huge ass.

The two girls continued kissing as they licked their tongues, and nothing else mattered as they just wanted to please each other and cum.

Maria dipped her hands into Grace's pant and started carressing her bare huge ass as she moaned, and Grace had also dipped her hands into Maria's short jean and started squeezing her huge ass.

Grace immediately pushed Maria down to the sofa, and pinned her hands and immediately started kissing Maria like never before and Maria was so much excited as she smiled and responded.

Grace stopped as saliva was dripping down from her mouth, and Maria swallowed it and Grace patted her face as they both smiled.

Grace: I'm going to lick, suck and eat you so good.
Maria: Yea, bring it on Grace! I love you so much baby.
Grace: I love you too, Maria.

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General Discussion / Re: Chat With The Admin
Last post by Clinton -
Episodes will be updated very late today.
General Discussion / Re: Chat With The Admin
Last post by Clinton -
There will be no episode update today. #BusyTimes.
Stories / Re: Zik: The Boy With The Dragon Crest
Last post by Clinton -
Episode TwentyTwo (22) Continuation

Zik and Maria returned home in the night and was suprised to see the king with their mother in the dining table.

Maria: Mum! What is he doing here?
Zik: The king himself is here!
Maria: It's no big deal!
Mother: Come on you two, let's have dinner with the king.
Zik: That's awesome.
Maria: Hmm, I will be eating in my room.
Mother: Be a good girl Maria, and listen to your mother.
Maria: But...
Zik: Maria, you should listen to mum.

And also dinner began and they started eating and Maria got her eyes on the king.

Mother: My darling, the king has something to say to you.
Maria: He better be quick about it.

Kobo: (Clears his throat) I know you have signed a contract with a royal creature, I know your tendency to cause...
Maria: I know. My mum and brother already talked to me about it.
Kobo: Really?
Maria: Yes, and I gave them my word! So you just wasted your time coming here.

King Kobo laughed as he smiled.

Kobo: (In his mind) Wow! I'm so glad they talked some sense into her.

Maria: Why are you laughing?
Kobo: I'm so happy that's all. So let's be friends.
Maria: Sure, whatever!
Kobo: Okay, let's have a toast to our new friendship!

While they were dining, Christina, Lucy and miss Diana were heading over to Zik's house.

Lucy: I still don't believe your story sis, I'm sure he meant it the other way.
Christina: You just have to see for yourself.
Diana: I don't believe this. This behaviour of the king is not acceptable!

And just then they entered into Zik's house, and opened their dining room. They saw Zik's family and the king laughing so happily, as they enjoyed their meal.

Lucy: I said it, father wouldn't something like that.
Christina: I must have misintepreted him then.
Diana: Yea. I have always believed in the king, and he wouldn't do something like that when I'm by his side.
Lucy: Huh?

Kobo: Welcome ladies, come and join the feast.
Mother: That's food for everyone.
Lucy: Sure!

Zik went to his room after the dinner with the king and everyone had left, and then Maria walked into his room.

Zik: You should learn how to knock.
Maria: I don't need to knock when entering my big brother's room, after all your girlfriend left you.
Zik: Hmm.

Maria: Do you mind if I sleep in your room tonight?
Zik: You got your own room Maria, but I don't mind.
Maria: Thanks.

Ice flew over to Zik and bite him as he screamed.

Zik: Ice!!

Maria: Zik.
Zik: Yea.
Maria: Do you spend a lot of time with father?
Zik: No. He was always busy and would rarely come home. I protested many times back then but mum said it was all right.
Maria: That means our father was a jerk! I will punch him in the face when I have the chance. I wish Sonia was here.

Zik: Huh?
Maria: (Sobbing) I really miss her Zik, please bring her back! I know somewhere inside me that she isn't evil like everyone thinks.

Zik stood up and consoled her as he wiped her tears.

Zik: I know too, Maria. I want to see her again too. I long for her. I know she's not telling us something. But I promise to bring her back.

Maria: Thank you so much brother.

Meanwhile there was a group of Casters in the forest of Wand and they were all with wood torches.

Man1: So this is Wand!!
Man2: Yes, my lord!
Man1: Let's set it on fire! I'm the true descendant of Zik and Draco is my inheritance! Hahahahaha!!

And so a new turn is about to take place as a group of mysterious Casters were approaching the gate of Wand, and one of them claims to be Zik's descendant. What does this mean?

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Stories / Re: Zik: The Boy With The Dragon Crest
Last post by Clinton -
Episode TwentyTwo (22)

King Kobo And Maria X Please Bring Back Sonia!! X Zik's True Descendant??

King Kobo was in front of Zik's house in the morning and he was on full clothing this time, because of an experience he had there.

He had first went there a while back, but he was brutally beaten by Maria who saw him naked

King Kobo was fanning himself as he inhaled the early morning fresh air, and he smiled as he looked into the sky.

Kobo: What a wonderful day. I'm going to become Zik's sister my friend. This will work out just fine.

King Kobo knocked on the door and Maria opened it and she was that he was wearing full clothing.

Maria: Wow! It seems I really did beat some sense into you, naked king.
King: Oh, yea. You surely did my Maria.

Maria: I'm not your Maria!!
Kobo: Oh, I'm quite sorry if I was rude.
Maria: I don't need it! If you are looking for Zik, he's not in the house.
Kobo: I'm not here for Zik.

Maria: Huh? (In her mind) Have the council found out about Ice? Get lost naked king!
Kobo: You don't need to be rude. I'm just here so that we can become friends.

Maria: I said get lost!

Maria immediately closed the door and went to her room where Ice was.

Maria: Nobody is going to take you away from me.

King Kobo wrote down something on a short note and he smiled.

Kobo: I'm sure this will work out very well.

In the afternon Maria was returning from an errand for her mother and King Kobo immediately approached her with some snacks and cold water.

Kobo: Hello Maria, you must be tired in a hot day like this. I'm sure you will need some snacks and cool water.
Maria: Sure.

They both stayed under a shade, and Maria consumed the snacks that he bought for the both of them and made to go.

Maria: Thanks for the snacks. Maybe you should do this often.
Kobo: Yes, so will you be my friend?
Maria: No way! You are just a sweet citizen who helped a poor girl by buying her some snacks. Bye!

Maria immediately left as king Kobo called her back but she paid no attention.

Kobo: What a girl! She ate who I bought for the both of us and wouldn't even listen to what I said. I'm screwed.

King Kobo was deep in his thoughts on how to get closer to Maria, so that a check can be put to how she uses her power. And just then Christina walked up to him, and brought him back to the real world.

Christina: What's the matter father? You seems to be thinking much today. It's unlike you.
Kobo: I have a big problem.
Christina: You can always talk to me.

Kobo: How do one win a lady's heart? I mean how do one get close to a lady?
Christina: That's such a dumb question coming from you.
Kobo: You are a lady, you should tell me Christina.

Christina: Just do what you did to get close to mum.
Kobo: Yes! That's it!!
Christina: So who's this later you want to get close to? Is it miss Diana?

Kobo: No. It's Zik's kid sister, Maria!!
Christina: What!! I don't believe you father!! How could you think of doing such a thing! I'm going to tell Lucy, about this and miss Diana too.

King Kobo was quite suprised as Christina had misintepreted him.

Kobo: Christie! It's not what you think!!
Christina: Don't deny it! I'm going to tell Lucy.

Christina immediately left the place as King Kobo took of glass of palmwine.

Kobo: Hmm, it couldn't be helped. It was my choice of words. Now, I just know the right thing to do. What a nice tip from Christie!

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Stories / Re: The Seven Colours
Last post by Clinton -
Episode One Hundred And Twenty (120) Continuation

Red stood up after he was struck to the ground by Racy, and he cleaned the blood on his mouth.

And just as he was about to speak, Racy tried to punch him in the belly but he stopped her fist.

Red: You are really a fierce lady.
Racy: I don't have time for words, I have to take you down!

Tracy: Yes! Give it to him sis! Show him what you are made of!
Red: It seems you got someone cheering.
Racy: Get lost Tracy!

Racy immediately fired a ligtening bullet at Tracy who ran away.

Racy made to punch Red with her other hand but he still blocked it, and their fists were now locked together.

They tried pushing each other backward but none of them would move an inch, so they surrounded themselves with their elements as the battle seems to be the one between two equals.

Racy immediately removed her hands and jumped up very high in the sky, with the help of the lightening concentrated at her feet.

Racy: Lighting arrows!! Hundred spears!!
Hundred lightening spears and arrows were about descending on Red, but he had a counter attack ready for it.

Red: Fire fists!!!

Red fire fists collided with the lightening spears and arrows causing an explosion, leading to smoke filling the area.

Red used the opportunity since he could see through smokes, and he jumped at the buildings and gave Racy an uppercut as she screamed and bled.

But just as she was about to fall she covered herself with her aura, but it was too late as Red started punching her and she crosed her hands as all she could do was now defend as he wasn't giving her any space to attack.

Red: Fire fist!!
Racy: What the!!

Red immediately gave her a strong punch with his fist engulfed in red flames which broke through her defence, and she was sent crashing to the ground.

As Red was about to fall down since he couldn't stay afloat in the air for long, his entire body was engulfed with flames and he was about to give Racy a punch that would send her to the dream world!

But just in the last few seconds, Racy stood up and charged up as the blue lightening covering her body got more intense as her sheer presence collapsed a building near her.

And just then she grabbed Red's hand and gave him a lightening fist punch as he screamed, and then she grabbed him and started running through buildings as she used him to break through the walls before she threw him up to the air.

With the speed of lightening, Racy appeared above him and made to give him a finishing move but Red opened his eyes as his flames got hotter, so she moved back to the ground.

Red: That was close! It's time to pay her back! Flame blade!

Red forged a blade with his red flames and sent a red flames crescent slash at Racy, and she was able to tank the attack with her two hands but she was using up much of her magic energy.

Racy: This is strong! I need all the power I have to hold this!

Aaaahh!! Racy screamed out as Red appeared before her and gave her a punch that sent her crashing to the ground as she screamed, and then he held his crescent red flash slash and made it to vanish.

Red: I guess that was too much for her to handle, I will try that on Gold some day during a duel.

Red walked toward Racy who was very much beaten up and was trying her best to stand up, and blood was dripping down from her left eye.

Racy: Stay back!
Red: What's the problem?
Racy: You won, leave me alone!
Red: Okay, if you say so.

As Red turned back Racy charged at him with a suprise attack but he got her fist, and all the lightening in her body disappeared.

Racy: Damn it!
Red: I thought you said I have won!
Racy: Shut up! Lightening is supreme! I can never lose to a fire user! Never!
Red: That's too bad, because it's game over!

Racy was shocked as she knew that he was going to give her a finishing blow.

Racy: Lightening is supreme!!!

And so Green, Gold, Yellow and Red first major fight in the Black Zone have finally begun as they were against the Five Fingers, who were strong lightening magic knights.

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Stories / Re: The Seven Colours
Last post by Clinton -
Episode One Hundred And Twenty (120)

Lightening Is Supreme??: The Colours Versus The Five Fingers X Red's Clash Against Racy!!

After taking down the three lightening commanders, the Colours could feel five strong magic knights approaching them and they looked up and saw them.

Green: Pigi, take cover. A showdown is about to begin.
Pigi: Yes.

Pigi immediately took cover as the five magic knights were heading at full speed for the Colours.

Gold: At last, someone strong (smiles).

Yellow: I can feel lightening surging through their bodies, this is going to be fun.

Red: Well, well, this is a proper welcome party.

Ace was on top of a tower and he smiled as he he saw the five lightening users as they charged at the Colours.

Ace: Wow! This is going to be a serious battle here! The Five Fingers versus the four heroes. Together they can save us from the Four Pillars.

And just then the Five Fingers landed in front of the Colours with blue lightening running all over their bodies, as the first and second fingers faced Green.

And again it was a female lightening user that was in front of Red, and her piercing blue eyes were intimidating.

Red: Wow! It appears that I have some luck with the ladies recently.
Girl: The name is Racy, state yours before we start.
Red: I'm Red.

And just then without warning, Racy appeared behind Red with the speed of lightening and punched him as he screamed and vomitted blood as he fell down.

Red: (In his mind) What just happened? She's a lot more stronger than the first one.

Tracy: Way to go sis!
Racy: Get out of here Tracy, the fight have just begun.

Meanwhile Gold was facing off against Lighter who was moving so fast and attacking him, but Gold was dodging his attacks at close calls.

Gold: Flash strikes!

Gold tried to just the attack he used against the lighting commander that had first challenged him, but Lighter blocked his sword with his two hands filled with lightening.

Gold: Impressive! You are a lot more stronger than the first one.
Lighter: Yea! It took you long to figure that out, there's no way you are ever going to beat me!
Gold: We just have to see about that.

Gold moved back and charged at him as he also rushed at him and the collision of his sword and Lighter's lightening hand caused an explosion, and they both moved back and went at each other again.

Meanwhile there were lightening shocks around Yellow and Lightman who were both going head to head with each other.

There entire body was filled with lightening as they threw punches at each other, but it was all cancelled out by their lightening.

Lightman moved so fast and went behind Yellow and made to kick him, but Yellow used his second ability and moved behind him and sent him crashing into an abandoned building with a super lightening kick.

And just then, Yellow went after Lightman inside the building as a serious showdown between two lightening users was about to begin.

Green was also having his own trouble as Bon and Clay who were a twin lightening duo were both attacking him with coordinated lightening attacks.

Green: Earth spikes!

Earth spikes made to pierce Bon and Clay but they were just as fast as lightening, and were about to dodge a second before it got to them.

Bon: You can never take us down with those lame attacks.
Clay: We are the strongest twins ever.

Bon & Clay: Lightening big balls!!

Bon and Clay sent two balls of fully charged lightening at Green, and he was able to tank both with his two hands.

Green: Petty attacks like this won't take me down!!

Bon and Clay appeared behind Green, but he immediately redirected their lightening balls back to them and they were blasted away as they screamed.

Bon & Clay: Ahhh!! He got us!!

Green: That's how to fight armateurs! I must admit that they are good.

Pigi: (In his mind) Wow! He's good!!

Many of the citizens started watching the four ways battle through magic mirrors placed by Raiden all over the kingdom, and Ace was very excited at the showdown.

Ace: This is awesome!!

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